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  1. As gay as a maypole dance. That is all.
  2. He looks quite spritely in that picture to be fair, but there's another one where he's hanging about an ice cream van and he looks ancient.
  3. Aye, ok, only because deep down I have a heart of gold. So who you hiding from?
  4. Shut it Wallace. I see you failed to turn up at the statue again today. Expected.
  5. Women and children, acceptable. Grown men, unacceptable. As an aside, and if the opportunity presented itself, I'd probably insist you wore it when we were having intercourse.
  6. It's a fucking tammy with a pom pom ya wee chubby munter.
  7. That's not the type of hat I'm on about, but any man wearing any tammy with a pom pom is clearly comfortable rummaging his tongue around in other men's arseholes.
  8. Dalcio loan

    To be fair, I think we've only seen him play in one game. He can't be completely useless if he made it to Benfica in the first place.
  9. What you can't see out of shot is the wee Asian guy behind him munching his dirtbox.
  10. The biggest bonus of Warburton going was that it eliminated the risk of you being stuck behind some tit with a wizards hat on.
  11. I'm sorry mate, but the planet sized pom pom just looks ridiculous. The wee stunner probably only talks to you because she doesn't think you're a threat, due to your apparent homosexuality.
  12. First bentshot arrives on the thread to out himself.
  13. Home Disadvantage

    I also had a wean kicking the back of my seat for 90 mins. Today was not a good matchday experience.
  14. Home Disadvantage

    Not really. I was in BR5 and the only fans I could hear for most of the match were the Hibs fans, plus the nasally voiced banger behind me who spoke utter shite for the entire match.
  15. Gazza

    He looks older than Walter.
  16. Thinking about @Moody Blue Legend last night (not in that way) sitting amongst the Fraserburgh fans, singing their songs and booing us, it made me wonder what it would be like sitting in the away section at Ibrox as a Rangers fan. Longshot (and possibly slightly spasticated) question, but anyone ever done it and is brave enough to admit it? Maybe some mate/relative who supports the away team gave you a free ticket?
  17. Dave King will buy the Queen Vic.
  18. Thread title says 'Away Section', not 'Govan West'.
  19. I've pretty much disowned the thread now. It's only a matter of time before posters start arguing about Dave King.
  20. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much abuse did you get from the stands on either side?
  21. Fraserborough lockout?

    I don't think you can get apps in Fraserburgh.
  22. Fraserborough lockout?

    Assume you need some kind of back end verification system?
  23. Fraserborough lockout?

    Do we also have a scanner system at the away turnstiles? We obviously don't at the home turnstiles. To be honest, scanner systems for paper tickets at all seated stadiums seems a bit pointless, unless you go the full hog and have smartphone ticketing.
  24. Fraserborough lockout?

    For paper tickets?