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  1. Robinho

    Sentenced to 9 years in Italy. Currently stays in Brazil. Makes note never to go to Italy again.
  2. Robinho

    He'll never see the inside of a prison.
  3. What the hell is going on?

    I reckon the board are absolutely shiting themselves at the thought of making an appointment. It's a fucking embarrassment how long this has dragged on for.
  4. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    Wouldn't surprise me if the club are deliberately leaking this because they want him gone and off the wage bill in January.
  5. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    Dear Mr Murty, Please write a letter to Kenny asking him not to pick Lee Hodson ever again. Best Regards, The Entire Fanbase.
  6. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    Can someone please write a letter about Hodson?
  7. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    Don't talk down to me ever again.
  8. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    @Murty Get this read.
  9. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    I don't think he really wrote a letter to Murty mate.
  10. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    Think the letter should have been addressed to Mr Miller, who is apparently running the entire club.
  11. Players we nearly signed...

    The lad's got potential.
  12. Tony Pulis

    Totally agree, but I would say that our current financial figures suggest that we're not managing to do this. However, even if we were breaking even without European money, we're never going to be challenging vatican fc unless we have a bit of extra cash to buy a special player or 2. It would be great if we could all just be patient and accept a strategic 5 year plan back to the top, but the pressure of stopping 10 in a row is just far too great.
  13. Tony Pulis

    Given our current financial situation then I'd say that a decent run in Europe is essential if we just want to break even each year. It might not be the mega millions of the Champions League, but a few extra packed houses at Ibrox and a wee slice of extra TV money is not to be sniffed at.
  14. Tony Pulis

    Can anybody see Tony Pulis taking us on a European run?
  15. Billy Davies should be in Carstairs, not Ibrox ffs.
  16. Simmer doon fella, it's ok, we will get there.
  17. David Murray

    Give him his due though, he knew how to find money for players.
  18. It was a conversation I was having with my old man about how shite we were at the moment. His response was "Ach, we've been shite before, and eventually we'll be great again". Made me realise these things have always been cyclic.
  19. David Murray

    I'd take him back.
  20. I'm just saying. Point being, most people on here have probably spent their whole lives seeing us finish either first or second every season, winning numerous cups along the way.
  21. Finished 4th and 5th in his last 2 seasons in charge. If we finished 4th or 5th these days there would be riots.
  22. I was referring to 'on the field'.
  23. I'd wager that the majority of people on this forum (myself included) have grown up in the 'golden era' at Rangers that started with Souness, so have never been through this before or known anything except for success. Older bears will tell you that it's been this bad before, if not worse.