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  1. Aye, let's improve the matchday experience for women by shovelling some pointless less stats at them, that'll get them through the turnstiles in their thousands, especially if they also start doing baked tatties.
  2. He doesn't go on nights out, for obvious reasons.
  3. The RSC RSC. One RSC to rule them all.
  4. Aye. I usually arrive 15 mins before kick off, buy a bovril, take my seat and remain there until the final whistle, then leave. If we've played good football, scored goals and won the game then I'm happy. What other 'experience' am I missing out on that will improve my 120 minutes inside Ibrox?
  5. The term 'matchday experience' always makes me laugh. It's a 90 minute game of football with an overpriced shitey pie and bovril, not a fucking day out at Disney World.
  6. Matters not a jot if we're still watching dross on the field.
  7. Feels like some kind of Russian style revolution is brewing in here, the disgruntled lower classes starting to rise up.
  8. I've come to the conclusion that the members of the platinum club are just over compensating for their lack of trouser filler. Expect PCG to donate a grand.
  9. To be fair, it was only LochendBilly who was genuinely moaning.
  10. I was only having a wee joke mate But just to be clear though, my cock is definitely the biggest.
  11. You don't see Lenny Henry creating social class divisions on Comic Relief. Lenny loves us all equally
  12. Were either of those pictures taken at Glasgow airport?
  13. I agree mate. My first time donating and already I'm deemed as a cheapskate. Can't believe I feel bad about myself after donating to charity
  14. This is what Monty gets for not staying off the grid.
  15. Judging by this thread then it appears I'm not the only one stalking Ian Black.
  16. I think he might be having a shite mate, but it's hard to tell because his bathroom window has frosted glass.
  17. I'm hiding behind a bush in Ian Black's back garden as I type this.
  18. I thought it was some kind of spinal problem that was causing him pain?
  19. At least half of that must be Buckfast.
  20. Apparently it's a bit of a fluke this year due to poor harvests in South America. Still, would love to try it, just for shits and giggles.
  21. Good chance they taste exactly the same.
  22. Bizarrely, China features at number 6 in the list, before South Africa and Chile! Chinese wine, mmmm....
  23. Wish they would also introduce time-outs.
  24. Portugal is the 11th biggest wine producer in the world apparently, sandwiched between Germany at 10 (nobody likes a Reisling) and Russia at 12 (Russian wine ffs!!!).
  25. Wine poofs are up in arms I see. As it happens Inigo, I am currently enjoying a vintage 2016 £5.50 bottle of white wine which may be from Australia but seems to have an Irish name. First glass was bit harsh, but my taste buds are now numbed and ready to receive the rest of the bottle.