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  1. At least we now know what they spent Barrie's transfer fee on.
  2. He's mostly average and occasionally above average, but not sure that replacing him with an unknown Mexican would be better than keeping him.
  3. Never gone into a season with as much fear as I have for this one.
  4. Barrie wasn't happy about training with the youths...
  5. Footage from inside Auchenhowie now being leaked to back up Barrie's story.......
  6. Won't be the first young Rangers player to have ruined his career through laziness and complacency. Maybe the club aren't doing enough to make sure the young players are doing all the right things off the field?
  7. This doesn't sound any truer now than it did the first time. Gutted to see you back by the way.
  8. Just hearing that ISIS members destined for Guantanamo Bay have been diverted to Auchenhowie instead. Head ISIS member Mohammed Al Karashi Bakhtadi was quoted as saying "For the love of Allah, please do not take us to the Auchenhowie Concentration Camp. We are not animals."
  9. Hey yo to you too mate. Didn't realise we were on hip hop terms. I do occasionally like to pop into the Bears Den and spread my seed around.
  10. Summary: "Beeg cloob" "Fantasteek Stadioom" "I want to ween trophees" Answers a few journo questions about how good celtic are.
  11. Bruno announces "I'm going home, as I've been treated in a way that no human being should".
  12. Can't wait for man of steel Stewart Robertson to get in there and boss the fuck out the place.
  13. My money is on a cruciate injury within the first 3 games of the season.
  14. Wonder whose old top he got given.
  15. Thought I had gone back in time to Friday there for a moment, started getting my drinking head on again. Alas....
  16. Has Allen actually been seen anywhere near the club since the news of his appointment? I wonder if he was watching last night. Does Pedro report directly to Allen? Obviously he will be taking Pedro to task for this debacle....
  17. What a load of dugshite. If you don't like it then don't read it, or click on it, or whatever. Nobody is forcing you to click on the links.
  18. True, but I think the lion's share of the 1km zone will be residents with on-street parking. There's an argument to be made that it's only for a few hours every other week (and the odd midweek night), so maybe the residents are over-reacting a bit and should maybe just plan around it. I still sympathise though, i wouldn't want to be lugging my shopping for half a mile because I couldn't get parked outside the house.
  19. I think it's probably more about making sure residents can get parked near their homes on matchdays, and I can see why these people are pissed off. It would also help ease the after match traffic chaos which grinds the whole area to a standstill for an hour or so. However, the problem with these parking restrictions is usually that you just move the problem elsewhere. For example, they recently introduced parking restrictions around Byres Rd for residents, but all they did was move the parking problem to Partick instead.
  20. I can imagine places like Asda and Toys 'R' Us would be complaining about this, because more people would just use their car park on matchdays.
  21. I can hear all the tarriers right now typing up their objections.
  22. 4 days into the job and still no word from Mark? I realise the first 2 days is just orientation; getting his security badge photo taken, finding the best toilet, sorting his desk out, reading the safety guidelines etc, but 4 days in I would at least expect him to have told us all his vision for the footballing dept by now. Starting to think the guy is a spiv.
  23. Personally think we should just raffle the titles off for charity. We've got 54 ffs, it's not like we can't spare a few.