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  1. Voted for Chelsea but the best team won on the day
  2. Well done the gunners. Well deserved
  3. Can only see a Conte inspired Chelsea win here 2 or 3 -1
  4. Think this is more positive news. Things seem to be moving forward in a good way
  5. Cracking post op
  6. Wish the young fella all the best. Reckon there is a decent player there if played in the right position.
  7. Brilliant day remember watching this in a Paisley pub. Glorious. Those were the days 14 fuckin years eh!
  8. Can only see this as a strong positive statement from c1872. Pity this wasnt how they started out and consistently came across then this whole shitstorm sirrounding them could have been avoided.
  9. Dont really listen to Radio 2.
  10. Like the look of this a lot. Positive change.
  11. Maybe missed it but didnt notice Lewis Macleod mentioned. Of all that era he was the 1 i thought would go on to make it big. Now just another lower league england casualty i believe. Boy had some fine performances for us. Didnt realise he was now with Brentford. Dont follow english football that closely.
  12. Not half the player his auld man was and he was a fat cunt. Says it all. Accrington is Josh's level.
  13. Like the look of him so far. Wouldnt be gutted if Fod moved and Alnwick was between the sticks
  14. Gaun yersel Pedro