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  1. CoopsLaud

    Domain issues

    Interestingly cushy did not deny this when questioned earlier.
  2. CoopsLaud

    Jordan Rossiter

    No too bothered as he probably wont play more than 60 minutes all loan.
  3. CoopsLaud

    Cushynumbers 5 mins of fame

    Heard badger is gonna change his username.
  4. CoopsLaud

    Cushynumbers 5 mins of fame

    A wiz blocked off for near 2 days. No happy with him now tbh.
  5. CoopsLaud


    'Had a wee moment', sounds like a menopausal woman.
  6. CoopsLaud

    Cushynumbers 5 mins of fame

    I always said cushy would go far.
  7. CoopsLaud

    Problems accessing RM desktop

    Mine is going off and on and I have bt wifi. Also, when are you going to sort out the docspiderman issue with his user name? I told him ages ago to pm you but he said he was scared to!
  8. CoopsLaud

    Problems accessing RM desktop

    It came up on my phone 20 mins ago but fine now.
  9. CoopsLaud


    No happenin. Thank fuck.
  10. CoopsLaud

    Adam Lallana

    Cracking player but canny see it happenin.
  11. CoopsLaud

    Fire at Training Ground

    Heard this on news earlier. Mental.
  12. CoopsLaud

    Problems accessing RM desktop

    Knew cushy would suss this in no time.
  13. CoopsLaud

    Mark Allen Interview

    Lucky to have him here and operating at such a high level. Consumate professional.
  14. CoopsLaud

    Kevin Thomson

    Another fantastic appointment.
  15. CoopsLaud

    Ravel Morrison

    Get him in asap.