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  1. H&H Podcast 15.1.2018 (McInnes rumours)

    Hoss shit. .
  2. Murty Talks About Cummings

    Feel confident he is going to be an excellent signing.
  3. Did We Miss a Trick With Davie Moyes?

    Just seems bizarre to me to even consider him. He wouldnt stand a hope in hell here for the scum connection alone without even taking his recent managerial record into account. Will be surprised if west ham are not in this seasons relegation battle.
  4. Did We Miss a Trick With Davie Moyes?

    No even sure why anyone would even think about moyes having an office in ibrox.
  5. Scummy Evening Times

    Fuck the evening times.Another shitty rag prob out of business in 5- 10 years tops.
  6. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Fair point but in general you could say they are generic. Well I do anyways.
  7. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Oops sorry didnt even know there was one. We only played cooncil but honestly thought it looked like a couple of the holes at barshaw. Suppose courses are pretty generic things.
  8. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Was going to ask is that Barshaw. We were there 1 evening and a squad car belts onto the course to chase neds who had just nicked the grass cutter out the keepers wee garage bit. The drive on one obv. Wee cunts coped it into the fence and legged it through the fields. Think there was about 4 of them and the polis trudged back to their motor empty handed. Never see this kind of action at the Ryder Cups. Used to love a round at barshaw.
  9. Nacho Novo

    Geez, at 38. Really makes ye think. Glad the wee fella is on the mend.
  10. DJ and the 1978 World Cup

    This covers it. The manager was a clueless mong.
  11. Fraser Aird - Video

    No a bad wee player tbf albeit it the lower leagues.
  12. Halliday

    Aye Jocky Wilson scares the fuck oot me.
  13. Halliday

    Dunno, bit too rough for ma liking.
  14. Halliday

    Naw, darts.