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  1. CoopsLaud

    SPFL Board Changes

    Thought Budge would be on it as the token uggo.
  2. CoopsLaud

    *** The Official Open 2018 Thread ***

  3. CoopsLaud

    RM Nickname XI

    The praise is well deserved. Sterling work.
  4. CoopsLaud

    RM Nickname XI

    In the whole of the close season the only thread to have bettered this classic is the 'who wants a moustache ride' thread in the ot. Rm scaling new heights here.
  5. CoopsLaud

    The Great Dane

    My memories are of him constantly breaking through and being in a one on one with keepers. 100%confident the ball would be in the back of the net every time. Majestic player.
  6. CoopsLaud

    Greg Docherty

    Sunderland is a decent enough move and should give him good experience in a fairly competitive league. Scottish lower league would be an utter waste of time I agree.
  7. CoopsLaud

    Greg Docherty

    Hope it works out for the lad.
  8. CoopsLaud

    Europa League

    Possibly pass next knockout but worry after that gerrard will realise he is no way gonna get the budget he hoped and will be the end of this whole experiment. Hate to be such a pessimist/realist.
  9. CoopsLaud

    Club statement

    Dave is going for 55. Statements.
  10. CoopsLaud

    Well done Alfredo

    Bottom line. He is rubbish.
  11. CoopsLaud

    Gerrard in training

    Halliday running about like Mr Bean. What a fucking poof!
  12. CoopsLaud

    ***UEFA Europa League Third Qualifying Draw***

    Least we know for sure we are unlikely to get very far now.
  13. CoopsLaud

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Crying out for creativity.
  14. CoopsLaud

    Well done Alfredo

    He is particularly woeful.