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  1. The price of football 2017

  2. The price of football 2017

    Wondered why you were called that. He will love every inch i'm sure.
  3. *****Joshua Burns Adair petition*****

    What a horrible disease. Done
  4. The price of football 2017

    Gaz52 obv.
  5. 3-0 home win. Backflip, double axle, headstand and cartwheel with no pants on.
  6. Bit too faggoty for my liking.
  7. Charlie Adam

    Fair enough kai its all opinons. Thought he was very good myself.
  8. Charlie Adam

    Macleod is a decent player and showed that for us often enough to be rated, albeit in the lower leagues. Ok he was often against cloggers and journeymen but he would hold his own as a young lad
  9. October Player of the Month

    Wasnt the first player to come to mind but well enough deserved spose. The boy does always put a shift in.
  10. Club1872 well done

    Dregs of society about sums them up. Aye fairplay to c1872 on this one.
  11. Derek McInnes

    Should be upgraded to a warning asap.
  12. Derek McInnes

    Does this warning go on babns record? Think it defo should imo.
  13. Was gonna say Macleod. seriously talented boy, another waste.
  14. You know you should so I guess you might as well

    another positive in a damn fine day.
  15. that will do nicely thanks very much. starting to look like a team under Murty and a decent team at that compared to last few year. Happy Saturday, good weekend. lovely.