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  1. Klos Robertson B.Ferguson. Laudrup Mols.
  2. CoopsLaud

    Sasa Papac

    May as well ask him nothing to lose.
  3. CoopsLaud

    Paul Gascoigne

    He seems to be one of those sad cases who will possibly never recover from his illness. Doesnt seem to be able to get the help he clearly needs. Hop he has a full recovery some day.
  4. CoopsLaud

    Anyone remember this?

    Cannae remember that.
  5. CoopsLaud

    15’s Hit Aberdeen For Five

    Quality. Youth teams are pretty decent right now. Good to see.
  6. CoopsLaud

    John Hartson

  7. CoopsLaud

    John Hartson

    This post is gonna be the one to do it.
  8. CoopsLaud

    John Hartson

    Posting in an attempt to get the thread to 2nd page.
  9. CoopsLaud

    Drone Racing

    Can imagine this being huge if it goes mainstream. First I have heard of it but looks brilliant.
  10. CoopsLaud

    Talksport rank Ibrox in top 10 in Europe!

    A know, was being facetious tbf.
  11. CoopsLaud

    James Bond Son of William

    Casino loyal.
  12. CoopsLaud

    The Rangers FC

    I like it.
  13. CoopsLaud

    Talksport rank Ibrox in top 10 in Europe!

    Heard loads of times that selic park was the bestest in the world so not sure how legit this list is. New spurs ground has a cheese room and a micro brewery? Bonkers!! The monaco stadium is an amazing setting, have never seen that pic before.
  14. CoopsLaud

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Think he may be a fenian by all accounts imo.