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  1. Missed this thread somehow!! That is my favourite youtube vid and watch it all the time. Love it. 'I played for the club I loved'. Gets ye every time!
  2. Think he will do well here and will work well in front of barisic. Belter of a signing yet again from management.
  3. Disgraceful from the op once again.
  4. Aw fair enough. I go to mass 3 times tomorrow so have no problem with it.
  5. Without reading the op, cant see how him leaving could possibly be construed as a blessing. Unless it says in the op he is defo leaving for 500 million?
  6. Had to google to see it was maryhill way. No my stomping ground at all. No really any Rangers pubs in govan to speak of which is sad. Couple of notorious taig dives though funny enough.
  7. This could be the numer 10 the management have been talking about so they could be planning to play him in that role.
  8. Very bad feeling about this game but hopefully a performance like last time can be dragged out of the shisters and we can scrape a 1 goal victory.
  9. Have loads of family in both places. Proper staunch presbyterian parts of the country.
  10. Worth a punt for a laugh.
  11. No surprised he gets wound up when he sees the nick o the outfield cunts flambering about like a bunch o fucking pansies.
  12. Worth giving the guy a decent run imo, but dont think he is some kind of answer who will change the team.
  13. Not overly excited by that midfield. Bit worrying.
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