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  1. CoopsLaud

    delayed transmission of the game tomorrow

    Bit shit that but rules is rules spose.
  2. CoopsLaud

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    Just shows that he cares.
  3. CoopsLaud

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Halliday

    Stevie seems very downbeat and down in the mouth but I did like the attitude halliday shows in terms of needing to be of a higher level consistently.
  4. CoopsLaud

    Laughing stock

  5. CoopsLaud

    Mark Warburton on Open Goal

    Guy is a bellend.
  6. CoopsLaud

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    This. Always has Rangers best interests at heart and is a shrewd and cutthroat businessman. Lucky to have him at the helm.
  7. CoopsLaud

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    Souness was sent off in his first game getting in about hivs. Club were fined 5 grand but he took the title back to ibrox. Not fucking comparable as a benchmak.
  8. CoopsLaud

    Mega Rangers raffle for RYDC

    A good cause but I cant afford the £10 unfortunately.
  9. CoopsLaud

    Richard Gough

    This reeks of bullshite.
  10. CoopsLaud

    Our crossing

    Middleton is a cracking crosser of a ball. Hopefully he can push on a level soon and maybe end up being our regular corner taker/crosser into the box. Barasic is also a decent crosser, when on form!
  11. CoopsLaud

    Treatment room

    Seem to remember Jonas Thern came to us injured and hardly played. We do have a terrible record of signings being injured. Rossiter is the one that really annoys me after all the hype around him.
  12. Must win game for management especially.
  13. CoopsLaud


    Would stick with the guy at lb and use halliday as utility. Wallace is done unfortunately.