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  1. Got the fear already thinking about wes in goal.
  2. Fuck is he playing at the dozy bastard.
  3. Mcrorie would make a big improvement in energy level.
  4. Kent makes such a difference in energy to the team. Others need to step up a pace.
  5. Need to be playing full out here to keep the junkies down.
  6. Cb said in the other thread you were a chubster of bp9 proportions. His words not mine tbh.
  7. Heavyweight battle in full flow.
  8. Smile and cb slugging it out here!
  9. Surely the answer is joey barton.
  10. That is so sad. Best wishes to all the family and friends.RIP karen.
  11. Yet Morelos will keep getting played on his own and will keep getting sent off. Defoe's stats there are proof he is up to the job.
  12. Fair enough, always came across as a gent the times I have seen him.
  13. He is becoming more of a dick every season.
  14. Always came across as a sound guy. Hoping he has a full recovery.
  15. The guy is quality first team regular just around the corner.
  16. Utterly bizarre that shinnie is not on that list!!
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