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  1. Some team. McCann not out of place in there as a winger either pinging balls in for Cannigia and Wallace.
  2. Ginger fuckpig needs his baws toed.
  3. Fucked off with the whole fucking shebang.
  4. McGregor Poster. Goldson Edmunson Barisic Davis Arfield Aribo. Hagi. Kent Morelos.
  5. Got the fear already thinking about wes in goal.
  6. Mcrorie would make a big improvement in energy level.
  7. Kent makes such a difference in energy to the team. Others need to step up a pace.
  8. Need to be playing full out here to keep the junkies down.
  9. Still the best left back at the club by some margin. Hoping his swansong is a few games and not just random 5 minute cameos at end of games.
  10. Good to see Wallace getting such a warm reception. Wonder if he will get a full game yet this season. Would like to see it.
  11. Happy with that against a shitebag team who refuse to come out and play football. Genuinely detest mcinness. We miss alfie hold up play in these stifled games.
  12. If the sheep sat any further back they would be on fucking helen street! This is how that trampy mcinnes cunt plays gerrard, a sneaky break or set piece. Hate these cunts!!
  13. Like the shape of thst team a lot. Very strong midfield.
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