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    Context - previous position at this stage...

    All this does is show how superb the previous managers really were.
  2. CoopsLaud

    Memorabilia Hunt

  3. CoopsLaud

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Always thought his dad came across as a thicko but josh is a whole new level of dumbo. The mum must be a whopper as well. Imagine at christmas they place their seats around the tree and sit staring at it, after someone else has decorated it and switched the lights on for them. His football boots are probably slip ons or velcro jobs.
  4. CoopsLaud

    sportscene disgrace

    First I have heard of this book, may get it ordered. Take it is a continuation of the train spotting boys?
  5. CoopsLaud

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Hopr it all goes well for the big fella and there is a full turnout.
  6. CoopsLaud

    Make Us Dream

    Sounds good.
  7. CoopsLaud

    Rangers charged by uefa

    Fucking ridiculous. Wonder how much the fine will be?
  8. CoopsLaud

    Best referee all season

    Aye good point.
  9. CoopsLaud

    Andy Gray

    He has links to stornoway. I have family who knew him. Some header of a ball by the way.
  10. CoopsLaud

    Best referee all season

    Good point. Also helping that alf has screwed the nut and not giving them the chance to bin him. Hoping this is stevie's influence. That aside, aye the ref was ok.
  11. Always feel totally confident when tav takes a penalty. Imagine his pen stats are very impressive.
  12. CoopsLaud

    Lest We Forget - Walter Tull

    Lest we forget.
  13. CoopsLaud

    Scott Arfield

    He is easily good enough for spl and europa standard. Good professional.
  14. CoopsLaud

    With the hysterics

    Defo getting there.
  15. CoopsLaud

    Lest We Forget

  16. Even loving the thread title now.k
  17. Thats what you call putting a marker down.
  18. Fucks everyone simpering over katic confidence like he needs wrapped in cotton wool? If he is goid enough the confidence comes natural.!
  19. Middleton shaping up to be a guaranteed pick.
  20. The way the league is panning out this is really a must win home game.