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  1. Just unlucky getting caught so many times in a year.
  2. Optimism should always be tempered with the same amount of realism. Scum have it in their hands.
  3. Hearts are gash and levein is a clown.
  4. Ok he is no hodson when it comes to wingplay and solid no nonsense defending, but he is proving he is still up to the standard needed to win titles and cups.
  5. Hearts are woefull tbf. Kamara and davis are cracking muddielders.
  6. CoopsLaud


    Always knew he would come good. Will only get better now. Best midfielder in the league.
  7. Shambles but would stick with barisic.
  8. I think Davis is going from strength to strength now and will have a great game. 1-3 the famous.
  9. Anyone would be proud to have the bold broxter as a companion. When is he due back at Ibrox?
  10. Broxi is thinking "when they telt me I was going to be a veterans companion, this is not what I had in mind".
  11. At a guess I would say curious delusion to start with, then quickly flowing into confused denial as he read further, then finishing up with unadulterated hilarity as he came across a blueavenger post. imo.
  12. I was thinking there would be no way on earth he would ever read anything on this or any Rangers forum, but then again, 1 of his best friends and confidantes is a long term member and poster on this very forum. Perhaps BA could advise 'Dave' of this thread and enlighten us with his response?
  13. Would love for Dave to read through this thread. Cannot even imagine his response.
  14. The boy is good but he is no Nathan Coombes.
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