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  1. All we want is a level playing field.
  2. Michael Stewart in full meltdown on the radio castigating Rangers,Morelos and our support.
  3. He said last night Brown did nothing wrong by celebrating in front of our support,he hates us and simply can't hide it.
  4. John Kennedy suggesting Brown celebrated in front of our support because that's where the game finished. Is there anyone at that club that understands the concept of the truth.
  5. I understand the anger aimed at him but the reality is that there's two sides to Morelos, one being the brilliant centre forward who has scored a barrel load of goals the second being the guy who presses the self destruct button and lets us down too often. Up till now the manager has told us the two sides of him can't be separated and he needs to play on the edge which sadly has just enabled his behaviour. Morelos is ultimately to blame hence his apology but we've managed him badly as well.
  6. @pcbearputting the football into perspective,hope everything works out alright.
  7. Morelos Sparks Football Fans Riot.
  8. Lustig is fucking vermin, well in big man.
  9. FFS we've had a player sent off by the RE teacher for unsporting behaviour
  10. They mentioned 3 were arrested for sectarian abuse aimed at Steven Gerrard,no condemnation of course.
  11. Send that to our Justice minister Humza Bawbag.
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