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  1. Rarely misses a game,always wants to play no matter the competition.
  2. But the Premier League is the best in the world
  3. I hate Barca but that wee guy is incredible.
  4. I don't fucking believe it.
  5. You rarely feel short changed after these games.
  6. Barca went to sleep there.
  7. Tonight kind of makes Barca's season so far look even more ridiculous.
  8. Red again Ramos.
  9. I know Madrid are losing but some of the stuff from Modric tonight has been brilliant.
  10. What a goal
  11. Cristiano Waghorn.
  12. If it was the Sun that reported it as sectarian then that means it definitely wasn't.
  13. @cushynumber has put away more bodies than the Co-op
  14. I wouldn't say they were sentational either.
  15. Enrique going straight to the dancing after this?