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  1. Pedro: Time to go?

  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    Any idea what the gap is between us and Aberdeen,not being sarcastic just interested to know.
  3. The thumb

    That little bastard is getting away with murder and his antics have been indulged by the football authorities,the police and his club,we all know that when their run ends and a Rangers player tries anything similar they'll be a riot at the piggery and the same authorities who turn a blind eye will down on us like a ton of bricks. Decades of playing the victim is cashing in big time for them right now.
  4. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Too little too late, Mrs Brown can fuck off.
  5. Man United's racist Lukaku chant

    I know what they mean now when they say he was 2 footed.
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The dirty smelly flea ridden cunts. But enough about their owners.
  7. Rangers hugging beggars

    But even foreigners have come in and understood our club to know what that other abomination of a club stands for,but as others have said the air of defeat permeates right through our club from the boardroom on to the pitch.
  8. Rangers hugging beggars

    A slap in the face for every Rangers supporter that had to watch their scum players goad our support yet again,until they start acting like sportsmen I wouldn't even shake hands with the bastards.
  9. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    What a surprise it wasn't a penalty and Morelos is a cheat,I've yet to read one post of yours that makes me think you're a Rangers supporter.
  10. Union bears display

    Only wee lassies reading twitter.
  11. Are celtic really that good?

    Good post, I would just add to it winning the vast majority of 50-50 balls and second balls has nothing to do with a superior budget but a better understanding of your job and what is expected from you in terms of fight and desire but Pedro just can't seem to translate his passion he shows on the sidelines through to his players on the park.
  12. Broon and the Maggot

    Not having a go at the OP but maybe time to move the topics specifically dedicated to them.
  13. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Agree with you both we don't seem to getting anything at the moment.
  14. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Penalty calls,offsides,etc are tough always to call right but the most alarming thing for me is the lack of protection for our players and the reluctance to punish tackles that are dangerous to our players.
  15. The thumb

    When we eventually beat them I would do a huddle right in front of their support because apparently anything goes now,even if we were fined for it again it would be worth just to see the manky bastards faces.