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  1. sandyinroyalblue

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    All about scoreboard pressure mate.
  2. sandyinroyalblue

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Are we the best team in the world now? Brilliant Scotland
  3. sandyinroyalblue

    Possible leak kit???

    How long does it take these weans in Indonesia to make the kits FFS? Cut their pay to one grain of rice a day until they get our kits sorted.
  4. Simon Mignolet has been concussed for the last five years.
  5. sandyinroyalblue

    SFA Director to step down

    The irony of a guy who calls us the great unwashed and drinks in that stinking midden Heraghtys
  6. sandyinroyalblue

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    I felt like applauding Hagi for Steau but couldn't do it,the wee man was incredible that night at Ibrox.
  7. sandyinroyalblue

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    Another underwhelming transfer target,if true of course.
  8. sandyinroyalblue

    Vidal sassoon

    @Rfc52 see what yae fucking started?
  9. sandyinroyalblue

    So with Stevie in France....

    On the smack with Gary Mac.
  10. sandyinroyalblue

    Vidal sassoon

  11. sandyinroyalblue

    Neale Cooper

    Tragic news,RIP.
  12. sandyinroyalblue

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Terrific bowling from Pakistan.
  13. sandyinroyalblue

    Another Article From Rangers Hater Waddell.

    Waddell playing to the gallery in terms of their vile Rangers hating demographic. Shithole of a paper which reflects the toilet that Scotland has become.
  14. sandyinroyalblue

    Barry Ferguson

    Kevin Barry.