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  1. He had a good game tonight,I think he's one those players who found it hard to cope with the pressure of a being a Rangers player and maybe being away from Rangers will help him make a decent career for himself.
  2. Fraser Aird
  3. Good luck to Lee Wallace and Fraser Aird tonight.
  4. You have to give the Aussies massive credit for bouncing back after the humiliation of Sri Lanka and defeat by South Africa. I pretty much wrote off the Aussies but they've proved me wrong no matter what happens in the final test against India.
  5. The next couple of months will give the whole squad the opportunity to either secure a future with us or put them in the shop window to make a move elsewhere. Waghorn is one I'm undecided on mostly because like some others in the squad I don't think Warbuton's style gave him a platform to show his true worth,hopefully Pedro's style will make it clear who is worth keeping or not.
  6. Steve Fulton.
  7. What if we give Barry the job and then a big club like Blackburn come in for him?
  8. If mobility motors were permitted on the pitch Nico would run amok.
  9. Better than Amy MacDonald.
  10. 10/10 to the promoters of the Haye Bellew fight that they've created so much interest in this non fight.
  11. Ref

    If Kiernan is suspended for Saturday then he's done us a favour.
  12. I hope you didn't tip the tarrier taxi driver that told you that.
  13. He proved tonight conclusively that he is worse than a man down.
  14. His biggest problem apart from being a shite footballer is he's as thick as pig shit,please never again in a rangers shirt.