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  1. To use a word like emancipation to describe the effect that the win had on Irish Catholics in Scotland is actually beyond parody.
  2. The KIllie goalkeeper that day Gordon Marshall got chinned by his ex team mates for only conceding 4 goals and trying too hard whilst Sutton was calling Dunfermline cheating bastards for not trying hard enough.
  3. Stretcher bearer has a woolly hat on,it's roasting FFS.
  4. Rocky Dennis off
  5. Kuate
  6. Pressure's getting to baldy.
  7. Owen Coyle on BT tonight,fucked if I can understand his Irish accent.
  8. One fan felt that in 1967 the Irish Catholic community was Scotland's dirty secret. 50 years on and still being associated with dirty secrets.
  9. Just seen a report on the BBC national news exploring the social significance of them winning the European cup Professor Tom(I blame Protestants for everything)Devine described their win in 1967 like the Pope's visit as a stage post in the emancipation of Scotland's Catholics.
  10. A Spanish mason cleared it off the line.
  11. Barca
  12. Bet you John Terry does
  13. Thats it go on Madrid.
  14. Relieved to see Ronaldo back on his feet after that savage tackle