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  1. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Failure is an option at Aberdeen and that's why he's still in a job.
  2. Mo Johnston selling his 9 in a row medal for charity

    Hope he raises a lot of money,well done Mo.
  3. SPFL To Ditch Rangers EBT Probe Today

    They're in perpetual meltdown,the poor downtrodden wee things.
  4. Candieas

    It was a howler but he didn't hide after and showed a bit of character to have an assist,a goal and kick a lump of turf out the ground when shooting late on. A Ted McMinn like performance
  5. Candieas

    If McKay had shown half the hunger and desire Candieas has he'd still be a Rangers player.
  6. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    Correct we take half the chances we create in the 90 mins and we win by at least 3 or 4,that's not a failure of the system we did the same on Friday playing 4-4-2
  7. Candieas

    But some on here can't backtrack after a meltdown.
  8. Candieas

    Showed composure with a goal and an assist and never stopped trying tonight despite having an up and down performance.
  9. Candieas

    Had an absolute howler of a miss but it didn't stop him scoring later on and continuing to have a go whilst our other winger was posted missing.
  10. It's frustrating that we can't take our chances because the difference in us when we got that two goal cushion was there to see,we have to be more clinical and stop throwing leads away and ultimately it's up to Pedro to sort it or he will be gone.
  11. To be fair I though John was given a fair crack of the whip on Friday because it was at least 30 mins into the game before he written off as a dud.
  12. Windass

    Accrington Stanley should be compensating us.
  13. If you slaughter the team at the end of the 90 mins(which I did )you then you have to give credit for the way we played in extra time instead of continuing to throw the toys out of the pram.
  14. Paul Wilson dead.....

    The first Asian/black player I remember playing in Scotland so he did take a bit of stick and just got on with it from what I remember, so fair play to him and RIP.