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  1. sandyinroyalblue

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Christie's bio mechanics were all wrong there.
  2. sandyinroyalblue

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Cheating tarrier.
  3. sandyinroyalblue

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Quick call a independence referendum before Albania equalise.
  4. sandyinroyalblue

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Grezda's in the mood.
  5. sandyinroyalblue

    No Surrender Liam Neeson

    Nesbitt is an apologist,Charlie Lawson is the only actor I know who doesn't hide his love for Rangers.
  6. sandyinroyalblue

    James Bond Son of William

    Frank McGarvey's wife's a Roger Moore.
  7. sandyinroyalblue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    When they win the Fans With Best Personal Hygiene Award we'll know UEFA are taking the piss.
  8. sandyinroyalblue

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    It's not over yet
  9. sandyinroyalblue

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    Reminds of eco warrior Swampy.
  10. sandyinroyalblue

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    Just for a noise up we should have made the complaint in Latin.
  11. sandyinroyalblue

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    The loaves and fishes story he teaches had more credence than the yellow card for a gesture pish.
  12. sandyinroyalblue

    Gerrard: I’ve got two teams in my heart now

    Alright calm down.
  13. sandyinroyalblue

    Candeias Red Card

    Lying bastards.
  14. sandyinroyalblue

    sportscene disgrace

    Stewart is only days away from being sectioned.
  15. sandyinroyalblue

    sportscene disgrace

  16. sandyinroyalblue

    sportscene disgrace

    @BBC Rangers News
  17. sandyinroyalblue

    sportscene disgrace

    There was 8 goals in our game and none in theirs,nae time for fannying about before it.
  18. sandyinroyalblue

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Aye but that was before the clocks went back.
  19. He's getting like a drunk in the pub arguing with no logic in what he's saying,the man is an absolute arse.
  20. sandyinroyalblue

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    Don't be surprised if we come out of the hat with cel**c in the first Scottish cup draw to boost subscriptions. However it wont make a difference to me I won't be subscribing.
  21. sandyinroyalblue


    Harvey Proctor and Isla St Clair's love child.
  22. sandyinroyalblue

    Motherwell Highlights

    Back in the day on Grandstand's vidiprinter the score would have read Rangers 7(seven) Motherwell 1
  23. sandyinroyalblue

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    The growing number of female pundits on tv covering football,the ones in Scotland in particular are awful.
  24. sandyinroyalblue

    Ross McCrorie what’s the script here?

    Coulibally looked strong before his injury but looks weak at the moment McCrorie deserves a chance.