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  1. Tough crowd in tonight.
  2. I remember there was a lot of stunned Rangers supporters including myself that morning but by that night there was a lot of happy bears and a lot of beasts who were apoplectic.
  3. Oliver Reed's brother and long time tennis commentator.
  4. "Come on Rafa" Get it right up you.
  5. I thought it was Leon Smith the Davis cup captain.
  6. Rafa
  7. If you want to watch Sky Sports in HD the minimum you'll pay is at least £60 a month because it's part of a bundle.
  8. Rangers kit launch 25 years ago
  9. That documentary he done whilst at Rangers where he chapped a random door with all the Rangers gear on saying he was filming the Daz doorstep challenge His football was immense as well.
  10. Shane McGuigan has a decent stable of boxers and is doing well with them.
  11. The DUP should just give Rangers that billion pounds and sicken those manky bastards.
  12. @the_r_sole just did
  13. No prize money to steal or tv deal to pillage this time though.
  14. Walter knew how to deal with the bastard
  15. If he tell lies about our club they should be highlighted and challenged but his opinion pieces are of no significance given his hostility for our club.
  16. Those players who won't be here have more reason than any to put in a performance as prospective buyers maybe watching them, or are they just going to piss away their careers by taking our money and sit in the stands every week.
  17. Put simply I don't think Pedro knows what he's doing and on the football side the club is a bit of a rudderless ship.
  18. Defo my favourite female tennis player
  19. RIP wee man.
  20. Ya fucking jonah
  21. Aye Rogan was a nine in a row legend,
  22. Anton Rogan was on an EBT in the 1980s,fuck knows how much he owes the taxman.
  23. The EBT that made the tarriers employ Tony Mowbary did give us a sporting advantage to be fair.
  24. That's a bold statement to make.