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  1. Club 1872 Meeting.

  2. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Yes. Assets are owned by the CIC there ard strict asset lock rules
  3. Rangers First

    I will assume others are just as bored as yourself and ignore what ever it is that is trying to be said and instead if you have any questions actually about RangersFirst then i will see if i can answer them for you. If you have signed up you should have recieved a copy of the notes from the first presentation.
  4. Rangers First

    hence the reason it was in quotation marks " " quoting you You ready to ask a question yet?
  5. Rangers First

    You "blame the Schools" for what, maybe inability to phrase questions. Please explain what you want to know about my schooling AND why and i will look at answering a question....simple....we get past this issue then we can move onto the rest.. Over to you.
  6. Rangers First

    you missing me are you? still here, still happy to answer any questions, but you have yet to tell me what difference it makes what school I went to?
  7. A question about the SDS

    On your first point this is possible in various ways
  8. A question about the SDS

    it is different in this case as Rangers is a PLC. If you have no more money to buy shares you simply buy no more shares.
  9. Rangers First

    To get to 5% there is going to need to be thousands and thousands of your fellow Fans members. It will be upto those members democratically elected to decide what to do if they get past the 5%. I expect not to be involved at that point
  10. Rangers First

    I am a volunteer and do not get paid....that ok by you? If you read the Blog about what I have said re fanownership you can see for yourself. I define Fanownership as "Community ownership and Fan Governance" it is all about however many shares a CIC owns them being controlled Democratically and Trasnparently. This could 1% of the Shares or 100% of the shares It will be upto Rangers Fans taking part to decide not me
  11. Rangers First

    be specifc, what more do you want to know......dont know what you mean by saying an answer is "soft".
  12. Rangers First

    Any more questions? or can you answer just one....do you accept the answers as the final word on the matter?
  13. Rangers First

    see the problem is that when i answer a question you seem not to be able to accept the answer. What is in it for me? I believe in Community Ownership and Fan Governance (ergo Fanownership) When i believe in something i am inclined to try and do something about it and work with anyone that is interested in the same things that I am.....and that is what is called job satisfaction....that is what is in it for me. Please let me know if that is good enough for you?
  14. Rangers First

    what questions have i not answered? ask away?
  15. Rangers First

    well i am interested in why you are interested....transparency and all that.