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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It used to be hilarious when it was posting genuine stuff from their forum. It's mostly made up shite now though unfortunately.
  2. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    These threads pretty much always end up going the same way.
  3. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    I cringe like fuck whenever our support make up a new song and have to squeeze "fuck the pope and the ira" or similar into it somewhere. Seen a video the other week of cunts on a supporters bus doing a version of that daft Liverpool fan's Salah song and they even done it with that Apart from that, none of the other stuff bothers me. If it puts people off supporting us then that's their choice but I don't expect anything to change or believe that it should.
  4. Injury Update

    If McCrorie is good enough then he'll make it there. I don't think fast tracking young players is a great idea at the best of times never mind doing it with a goalkeeper. Recipe for disaster.
  5. Injury Update

    We can agree to disagree. I hate it when we argue x
  6. Injury Update

    He's due a good performance against them tbf given that his last one was in 2012.
  7. Injury Update

    Agreed. An upgrade in the goalkeeping department would be good as well imo but I know most on here probably disagree with that.
  8. Injury Update

    He isn't though.
  9. Injury Update

    Classic RM. Wallace was utter shite when he was in the team but gets better with every game he misses. Fucking awful player.
  10. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    People still claiming Hibs beat us cos he cheated?
  11. Russell Martin

    If he can't get given a chance in the coming weeks after that display yesterday then he'll never play for us again.
  12. Russell Martin

    Martin and Bates = the new Kiernan and Wilson. Both as shite as each other.
  13. New deal for Wes

    Not fussed over this one tbh. Unbelievably overrated by a large section of our support. Tends to pull off top class saves for shots that should be going past him yet too often he gets beat by efforts that Stephen Hawking would save.
  14. Liam Burt to Dumbarton

    What ever happened to him? I'm sure he was better than Dani Alves at one point according to this forum.
  15. The beeb

    So the thread about McLeish getting the Scotland job gets moved out of the Bears' Den but this shite gets left in?