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  1. Depends how the rest of this season goes tbh. We're slowly falling from fighting for the title to fighting for 2nd place again and didn't even get as far as Hampden before fucking up the Scottish Cup this season. We've not won any of our last 4 games and since beating the taigs in December, a game that was supposed to put us right back in contention for the title, we've dropped 9 points in as many games. The honeymoon period is over.
  2. You know you don't mean that x
  3. Paul the tim would have probably needed a smaller strip as well.
  4. Fed up reading about Kris Boyd and his shite, hypocritical opinions on any of our players anyway. I'm still haunted by the sight of that disgusting fat fuck coming on in the play off final when we were being ripped a new one by a piss poor Motherwell side and waddling about the pitch in his XXXL strip looking and performing like a fan that had won the chance to get subbed on.
  5. Lee Wallace is fucking atrocious Barisic certainly isn't shite but he does appear to be lacking confidence and/or interest. Until he sorts that out then it has to be Halliday at left back. An inferior player but at least he puts the effort in.
  6. You're only calling that now because I said it to you days ago
  7. He's probably completely fucked at this point. I'm sure I read around August/September time that he had already played more games for us than he had in the previous 2 seasons at Brighton.
  8. I'd bite your hand off for 2-3 million for Tav. No chance anyone is paying £5m for that.
  9. I'll rephrase that. They should have had no impact on the game. Cunts claiming I'm not a Rangers fan because I don't buy into the big conspiracy theories are laughable though
  10. Because they're irrelevant, that's why. They had no impact on the result as we could and should have still won the game comfortably.
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