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  1. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    This thread highlights how many idiots we have in our support.
  2. 1st of June approaches

    I'm still undecided now that the fanfare has died down a bit. The hope is that he attracts some big signings and challenges for the title but part of me is expecting these "marquee" signings to go the same way Kranjcar etc have done and Gerrard will probably be off before the end of the season once he realises the budget he's been promised won't materialise.
  3. Jordan Rhodes

    I'd much rather we signed him over McBurnie.
  4. Murphy deal permanent

    How did this end up being news again? I thought it was confirmed when he joined in January that the deal was already in place.
  5. Charlie Adam (Stoke)

    I wouldn't take him but wouldn't be at all surprised to see us signing him.
  6. James Collins (West Ham)

    Collins is bald and ginger though. I feel like that's the worst kind. Even Bates wouldn't want to be seen with him.
  7. James Collins (West Ham)

    Him and Alves would be a great partnership imo. 5 years ago.
  8. Morelos tweets about Besiktas

    That doesn't say anything about a loan, just that they're following him* *according to Google translate.
  9. James Collins (West Ham)

    Is it though?
  10. James Collins (West Ham)

    Underwhelming as fuck going from Skrtel to this but I'd take him if his wages weren't too much.
  11. Cummings

    That doesn't really mean anything.
  12. Bruno Alves.

    They're ranked even lower than Scotland
  13. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I don't really care if you have a problem with it. It's my opinion, if you disagree with it then that's your choice.
  14. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I'm fixated on the tarriers because you're moaning about us reducing their allocation because it harms your chances of getting a ticket for away games against them. You'd happily have a stand full of them and see our own fans missing out on tickets just to have a better chance of a ticket to their ground yet when I say I'd happily cut every teams allocation at Ibrox to the bare minimum and if they do the same back to us then so be it you've went all defensive because it's potentially you missing out on tickets. Bit hypocritical but you can't seem to see that.
  15. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Correct, I would as it would damage the other clubs. How is me being happy to see away fans missing out on tickets any different to you, and others, being happy to see fans missing out on games against the taigs at Ibrox just to increase your chances of a ticket to their dump though?