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  1. Nothing but positive press for these cunts just now. No mention of the fact that an idea to have armed forces present at the Scottish cup final this weekend had to be pulled over fears of their fans causing trouble though
  2. Why's this turning into Halliday v Barton again?
  3. We need a new left back as well imo. Wallace has been the weak link in our defence on numerous occasions.
  4. This. As bad as he's been I think it's worth remembering that he's been played out of position 99% of the time. That being said, rolling around like you've been shot any time you lose the ball is unforgivable in any position.
  5. Never thought he was that great in those games. He was pretty average actually, it just looked good because he had been total dogshite previously.
  6. I would imagine Kilmarnock would struggle to sign 1 of them due to wages never mind all 3. They'll all head down to League 1 or lower end Championship clubs imo.
  7. He's in Glasgow all the time
  8. Don't think he's anything special tbh
  9. And he'd just be one more howling player on a big wage to add to it.
  10. That's fair enough mate. I just think a lot of people that would take him back are still looking at him as the player that left us but I personally think he's well past his best. That's not to say he couldn't possibly improve our squad, I just don't think he would improve it that much, if at all.
  11. The Steven Naismith that left us would improve us. Steven Naismith as he is today? I'm not so sure.
  12. You're right mate. That's exactly what I said there
  13. If you think Naismith will make a difference then you're beyond delusional.
  14. Explain.
  15. He was actually found not guilty because he never raped her. Nothing to do with the jury not being able to convict him. Maybe read up on the trial.