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  1. They were 1-0 down as well. He came on as a sub in the 46th min and by the 60th min they were 5-1 up.
  2. I knew as soon as I posted that you'd reply with this tbh
  3. The tarriers are the closest football team to me but I'm better than that.
  4. Most of Liverpool's current team aside from TAA who's superb. I don't even have anything against Liverpool as a club, I just find it really difficult to like their players for some season. Dele Alli is another one I can't stand. Overrated dross.
  5. Katic and Edmundson are the future but for now it's Goldson and Helander as our best pairing. Look to be getting stronger the more they play together.
  6. Don't see the logic in playing him out wide at all. If he can't get a game in one of the central positions then he should be on the bench.
  7. Probably still more chance of McGinn pushing him around the park in a wheelchair than Jack starting.
  8. McGinn, McGregor, McTominay will all be ahead of him in Clarke's pecking order along with a few others.
  9. No need to worry. It's not like they'll play him anyway.
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