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  1. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Charity Auction

    Seems like a strange question to be asking but yes, I do.
  2. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Europa League

    I think you're being generous by saying only half tbh.
  3. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Europa League

    I'm a bit less concerned about Osijek now after they scraped through this round but if we get past them then I fully expect us to get hammered in the next round unless we get a really fortunate draw.
  4. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Poor signing. Bang average player who occasionally manages to look decent due to the fact he runs around a lot. Not much there in terms of footballing ability.
  5. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    When was this top used? (Red McEwan's lager)

    Agreed. It looks cheap as fuck IMO.
  6. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Players out

    Docherty won't be missed tbh. Another bang average player that we've wasted money on
  7. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Players out

  8. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Harry Forrester gone

    Why does his new club say they're from Azerbaijan on their instagram page? Surely he's not tagged the wrong team?
  9. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Harry Forrester gone

    That will catch on a bit better if you spell his name properly.
  10. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Harry Forrester gone

    Annoying waster. All the ability in the world but an attitude that will have him kicking about the lower leagues for the rest of his career. In fact he's the type of cunt that will end up signing for Salford or Billericay just to get himself a few quid.
  11. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Ovie Ejaria

    I've not been that impressed with him in all honesty. I feel he wants too much time on the ball and that he'll get found out against the teams in our league. Reminds me a lot of Nathan Oduwa for some reason.
  12. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Charity Auction

    Thanks very much mate, really appreciate it.
  13. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Football basics: everyone makes a cunt of something sometime

    Heading the ball isn't anywhere near lesson one tbh.
  14. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    The team doesn't look great, we're a bit boring to watch and there's a few players who really shouldn't still be here but the bigger picture is that we've just got through a European tie and kept a clean sheet over the 2 legs in the process against a team that, like it or not, could have been a potential banana skin for us.
  15. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    It was Bury. If you watched that game and thought that's how we were going to look in every game then you're the problem tbh not the team.