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  1. Wouldn't be surprised mate although I think most of them are doing it because they think they'll get in the papers for it.
  2. Strange that celtic fans can't go over to Ibrox and pay their respects to Fernando unless they're in full kit.
  3. Should be hitting double figures against this Watford side. They're dreadful. Still time...
  4. On the bench today but I'd imagine he just needs to get up to speed before starting for them.
  5. They're one of the better sides in that Lowland League as well. Probably why none of the teams from that ever seem to win the promotion playoff. Auchinleck could probably win that at a canter get themselves into the SPFL if they didn't prefer being a big fish in a small pond in the junior league.
  6. Can we stop calling him by his wee pet name the taigs give him please.
  7. Replace "big games" with Old firm games and that's what people are clearly getting at
  8. 99% of Rangers fans will say Morelos I'd better. 100% of taigs will say Eduoard is better. /thread
  9. Porto should just claim it's not racist and they only do it to put off opposition players. That's what the Italians do.
  10. Admittedly Facebook and Twitter are the worst places for it but you get those sort of fans everywhere. There was plenty on here that wanted to drop Morelos for Jason Cummings
  11. Never even noticed til it was mentioned on here that he was a GB member but that cunts trainers are a dead giveaway IMO
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