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  1. No he's just shite.
  2. I used to be a half decent keeper when I was a boy but I struggle to keeps shots out of five a side goals now I'm the same though it's always been an area of the team I've enjoyed watching, even more so nowadays because the way the balls are designed to move in mid-air makes some of these saves even more impressive. This boy has looked the part from day one and the constant comparisons to Buffon don't seem to phase him at all. For me, Buffon is the best ever. This boy might go on to be just as good as him but he'll never, ever be as cool.
  3. Best thing that boy could do is move to Juventus and work with Buffon on a daily basis before he retires IMO. His agent is that same fat cunt that's got Pogba, Zlatan and Lukaku on his books though so expect him to be whored out to whoever is paying him the biggest cut of the transfer fee. He's already pricing him out of a new deal at Milan apparently.
  4. He's just a laughing stock. Mocking Bellew for having the body of a bus driver when he's out there fighting them.
  5. Rangers died.
  6. What an absolute helmet.
  7. Chris Eubank jnr calling out Tony Bellew
  8. Aye he wasn't going to be their first choice striker so he turned it down. A £40m back up striker People get paid to make this shit up.
  9. The man is an absolute class act.
  10. Tedious.
  11. Haven't read the full thread so not sure if it's already been said but I'm pretty sure this has been doing the rounds for a while and it was a hoax question someone made up to wind up his mate. He shared it online looking for the answer and it went viral.
  12. That's towards the end of his time with us. Earlier in his Rangers career he wore Patrick boots. There's several pics to back it up if you can be bothered searching. One of them being my avatar
  13. Brian also wore them. I'd have thought with it being a Rangers forum it would be obvious which brother my name refers to