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  1. I prefer to read all of the pain in one convenient thread.
  2. Any chance of merging all these threads? Embarrassing that such a shite wee diddy club have multiple threads on our forum tbh.
  3. Watched them against Partick in March and I can say with some confidence they would be the easiest points we would pick up all season had they actually managed to get promotion today. They're embarrassingly bad.
  4. I know you did. Some will fall for it though and that's fairly tragic.
  5. Irony appears to be your forte today. Sorry, that was too easy not to take it.
  6. The irony in this post is staggering.
  7. Also, the amount of people on Twitter raging about that video of Jack being blootered at the pool is cringeworthy as fuck. He's on holiday ffs, that's what you do on holiday.
  8. So in the space of 24 hours the stories we've had (on here as well as Twitter) are: Dorrans was bottled. Dorrans was punched. Dorrans was attacked from behind and laid into while he was on the floor. Dorrans was steaming and fell and banged his head. Dorrans was pushed from behind. Jack was arguing with a Dundee fan and Dorrans was pushed to the ground after stepping in and banged his head. I've also seen it being blamed on taigs, Dundee Utd fans, Dundee fans and, for some unknown reason, Falkirk fans. In other words, social media is full to the brim of like whoring, lying bastards and nobody actually knows the full story except those there at the time.
  9. Winding you up mate. You might not have picked up on the theme of the thread.
  10. He's slagging Easterhouse. If you're getting off your arse to back up anyone it's me.
  11. I'll punch the monocle right off you
  12. @ForeverAndEver is this cunt suggesting we can't afford our own transport?
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