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  1. We need an enforcer

  2. We need an enforcer

    No. He's not that sort of player and never has been.
  3. Am I watching a different game

    People constantly complain about there being no fight at our club nowadays yet we have a manager who actually shows some and gets criticised for it.
  4. Am I watching a different game

    Either full of shite or just trying too hard to be different.
  5. Cardoso and Candias

    Hodson and Foderingham were the worst for me. Closely followed by Dorrans and Jack.
  6. Cardoso and Candias

    Windass always seems to start well but then just falls completely out of the game until he's eventually subbed.
  7. Ban them from ibrox

    Never going to happen. More chance of the cunts running our club increasing their allocation.
  8. Defence

    Wouldn't have been a run to match if the pass had been cut out. Still, Foderingham should be saving it so he takes the blame for me.
  9. Naismith

  10. Us And Them

    I give this thread 10 staunch points.
  11. News on Alves

  12. Defence

    Knowing what it means to play for us and having the ability to play for us are 2 different things though as we've found out several times. A young and inexperienced pairing at centre half could make even 2nd out of reach for us of it backfired.
  13. Defence

    Not denying he's been dodgy mate but blaming him for both goals yesterday is harsh to say the least.
  14. Defence

    Must be mate. Hodson at the first goal for me and Foderingham shouldn't be getting beat at his near post for the second. I'm one of these strange guys that doesn't need to blame every error on 1 player though.
  15. Defence

    No bother Paolo. Disagree with your ridiculous point so I've never played the game.