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  1. Thanks very much, I really appreciate the support 🙂
  2. I don't get offended by any "biased" reports from the BBC because I don't watch or read any of them. I don't get offended by any "biased" reports on Clyde 1 because I don't listen to them. It's a fairly simple concept that some people really need to adopt instead of continuing to give them an audience when they obviously don't like the content.
  3. They're my favourite threads on here tbh. Can't wait for the next one.
  4. Sometimes when you read a thread on this forum it's easy to forget that we're all supposedly on the same side.
  5. What a strange thing to be bothered about.
  6. As entertaining as a good internet argument can be, this is just uncomfortable viewing now.
  7. Too high maintenance for me, sorry. She's all yours micropenis @ForeverAndEver
  8. Whoa! Don't be throwing the L word around like that. I simply thought he was a good signing that wasn't really given a proper chance. I also thought he had changed his aggressive ways too though and he was charged with ABH last week so you might have a point here.
  9. Whatever he's charging I'll undercut him by 50%. Twice the boaby for half the price.
  10. The irony of this post is staggering.
  11. Imagine liking a @ForeverAndEver post about catholic education and then following it up with this. Awkward. I'm still waiting on an explanation btw.
  12. That'll be eejay logged off for the day now lads. You're welcome xoxox
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