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  1. Wasn't subtle about it either.
  2. I think he seemed to develop a "Billy big baws" mentality for a while after that episode tbh thinking he was untouchable.
  3. He's hardly going to say he was shite and he never rated him though tbf otherwise he just comes across as being disrespectful and it could put managers off him.
  4. Yes, no, maybe, no.
  5. Wouldn't be against Ball signing for us again. Could be a number of reasons why he chose Rotherham over us and I wouldn't be surprised if Warburton was one of them given that he seems keen on the idea now.
  6. The taigs are the majority in my workplace. Thankfully I'm off this week.
  7. I'd stay and do everything I could to prove my critics wrong tbh. If I was Halliday I'd probably stop rolling about the ground like I'd been shot every time I lost the ball too.
  8. Seen it shared on a fb page earlier today. Was started by someone called David Keith, not sure how much support there is for it yet though.
  9. Doesn't matter who says how much money we need it's not going to change the fact that King has none. He needs chased and hopefully the protest that's supposedly happening this week will be the start of that.
  10. Liverpool did value him at around £8m iirc but his time here will have shaved a zero or 2 off the end of that figure.
  11. No chance it will happen but if they've even discussed the idea it's mental.
  12. I'd say he's a big worry. The cunts made of weetabix
  13. I'm not too sure tbh mate, I'd imagine they would all be involved in discussions.
  14. If it's the same guy I think he was only ever really mentioned because of the Liverpool/McParland link tbh. We could do a lot worse though.
  15. Someone else on here mentioned this on Sunday night. Kiernan was accused of the same.