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  1. Don't just appear in the thread and start spouting facts.
  2. If Xavi/Puyol weren't legends as players for Barcelona they wouldn't even be in the conversation to be the new manager. Setien would be.
  3. That's a cracking we rant you've went on there. Spending 75m euros always looks a wee bit worse when you ignore the fact that they brought in 60m in the same period. Looks even worse when you want to compare his transfer record with a club who are notoriously shrewd with their money. He's a good manager who had Betis punching above their weight at times during his spell there, playing some good football and picking up some results over the big clubs in the process. He obviously wasn't 1st choice on this occasion but it's not the first time Barcelona have shown interest him so he's obviously impressed them enough. It's a good appointment IMO, certainly better than taking a punt on Xavi/Puyol.
  4. Finished 6th in La Liga with a bang average Betis side. Got a few decent results over the big clubs as well and was linked with the Barca job during his time there too. Only a poor appointment if you don't pay any attention to Spanish football and it's pretty mind boggling to think Xavi would have been a better option.
  5. And they try and claim it's one of the biggest in the world. It's practically a friendly.
  6. Bad enough now that the likes of Alex Rae and Kevin Thomson called him out on it last week. Bizarre that the media still allow him the platform to spout his nonsense.
  7. Nearly a week on from the game and Sutton is still tweeting about Morelos and his gesture.
  8. One of my favourite wins over them ever. Maybe even the favourite.
  9. Without properly thinking about it. Favourite Game: The semi final against them under Warburton. Favourite Player: Morelos Favourite Goal: Barrie McKay against them.
  10. No it doesn't. He only done that in the Midtyjlland game because Sviatchenko plays for them obviously.
  11. Fuck starting off new year's day by starting a thread complaining about what they cunts call us. Nobody cares what they think.
  12. The time announced on the board for added time is a minimum and that's no doubt the answer we would be given despite it being pretty much unheard of for that time to almost double unless there's been another lengthy stoppage after the board as been held up.
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