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  1. We got him because he was available to us at a fraction of the price English clubs would have had to pay. Much like the taigs with Dembele.
  2. I'd be fucking delighted if it's either Wallace or Wes.
  3. I'm sure their owner/manager is loaded.
  4. Aye it's a strange one, I can't imagine they'll get away with that for much longer. A part time club paying wages like that is a joke.
  5. Jermaine Pennant just knocked them back to sign for Billericay Town instead
  6. 400,000 for booing an anthem. Behave ffs I don't agree with it either but it's nothing more than pantomime nonsense.
  7. Just read that he's not even allowed to play in the charity match for the Grenfell Tower because it's an FA sanctioned game. What a shambles
  8. Length of the ban was disgraceful imo and still is even after they've reduced it.
  9. They were unbeaten domestically, that's why they call themselves the invincibles. It was the same with Arsenal. Stop being tedious.
  10. Shit like this is just clutching at straws tbh
  11. Reading some of the patter in this thread makes me envy the blind.
  12. Not only a much better topic than the last article but better written as well.
  13. Sorry Martyn x
  14. Apparently the mix up was due to Waghorn eating Holt before he scored so they're sharing the credit.