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  1. Aye he's been released. He was a strange signing for them in the first place, almost as if it was done as some attempt to get one over on us despite the boy being nowhere near good enough for us. He'll be playing junior football soon enough.
  2. Fuck him. If he's intent on signing for them then let him sit on the bench for the remainder of his contract and see how that helps his development.
  3. Linked with some big clubs in the past was he not? Hopefully get a bit of money if we're shifting him. Quite a few on twitter predicting him doing a Liam Burt though.
  4. Milner would gain absolutely nothing from signing for us. He's got his eye on moving up the all time appearances list in the Premier league and he's hardly going to give that up to come here and be dismissed as shite within a couple of weeks because he isn't single handedly winning us games.
  5. Happens to most players against Leon Bailey tbh.
  6. New crest is bad enough without seeing all of the cringeworthy shite the club is bombarding us with on social media. Pictures of the crest and players photoshopped on "landmarks" all over the city, "people make Rangers" photoshopped on to the old college building and then there's this shit... See instead of worrying about a crest maybe get a wee bit of maintenance done in the stadium because that looks fucking rank.
  7. Time for Clint Hill to dust off the boots?
  8. Few reality checks needed here. What our thoughts on SD are will matter absolutely fuckall to Castore. Castore need to look after themselves and if they want to make more moves into the football market then refusing to deal with the biggest sports retailer in the country just to keep Rangers fans happy would be brand suicide for them.
  9. That's not even the best Roberto Carlos goal ever.
  10. Wanted to add my opinion here but there's about 20 goals popped into my head already and I can't decide Thread needs more videos though.
  11. I'm a Real Madrid fan mate, he's a superb appointment.
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