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  1. Met him at one of these speakers night events last year and when he walked into the room my Mrs gave me a sly dig with her elbow and said "you don't even look at me the way you're looking at him" The man is an absolute hero.
  2. They're being promoted when they're only top by a single point. Of course they're voting in favour of it.
  3. Good on them. The more clubs speaking out against this shit the better.
  4. Scottish football will be the biggest laughing stock in the world if this goes through. Partick would be relegated from the Championship when they're only 2 points adrift and have a game in hand All so they can build up to giving the tarriers the title.
  5. Of course but the fact we came from behind twice in this one just made it special for me.
  6. Clubs are facing the prospect of zero income for the foreseeable and with wage bills the size of theirs you'd be surprised how quickly that can eat away at a club's bank balance. It's a nice romantic notion that players could take pay cuts and the money coming away from them would cover the other staff wages but you'll probably find that most clubs will be asking players to take a pay cut and placing the non playing staff on furlough too. The government have made the help available for anyone that earns up to £2,500 a month, that applies to staff working for football clubs too. The argument that big earners could take a pay cut to supplement the wages of these people could probably be applied to most of the companies taking advantage of this scheme but it seems we're only applying it to football clubs.
  7. Saying no just because you want to make the tarriers look bad is fucking idiotic. If clubs like Tottenham and Liverpool are having to do this with the riches they have then we should be doing so too. Fuck risking our finances to get one over on they cunts. Bizarre mindset.
  8. He won't answer. The guys a throbber.
  9. You not got anything to say about the highland league in Scotland, you know, the country we actually play our football in or does that not suit your twisted wee argument?
  10. I had a replica of this top. Gave it to a wee Spanish guy on holiday last year and the Mrs reminded me once I got home that it was the top I had on the day our youngest was born. Needless to say she was seething
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