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  1. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Saido Berahino

    Last I seen he looked about 2 stone overweight. No thanks.
  2. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    players to spain

    He literally doesn't look any happier/unhappier than the rest of the squad.
  3. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    players to spain

    You're either fishing or just an idiot
  4. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    players to spain

    Cunts will find literally anything to moan about on here.
  5. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    Players not going to Spain

    Certain players will be there to make up numbers in training and nothing more.
  6. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    players to spain

  7. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Has he stopped shouting "he's got to score" at Rebic yet?
  8. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    That's awfully dramatic. I mean I don't like either of them so it doesn't apply to me. But aye, awfully dramatic.
  9. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    I'm not going to lie mate I never read that.
  10. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    I don't need to make assumptions. I've already said that. If you insist on quoting me then at least read my replies. Rude.
  11. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    No but they make up other shite reasons like some other have in this thread. But you can ignore that and continue being pedantic if you like x
  12. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    You support Wales as well then aye?
  13. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    That's a cracking point you're trying to make there mate but the wee flaw in it is that I never said it's petty to refuse to cheer on Scotland. Not supporting Scotland is understandable. It's petty to support England purely because you don't like Scotland though.
  14. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    Having vindaloo as your ringtone. Not a real fan otherwise.
  15. LaudrupsPatrickBoots

    David Mellor

    That's literally nothing to do with supporting England.