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  1. The picture proves nothing. He couldn't influence any of the games. He's said as much in his statement and also said the fa accepted that.
  2. 18 months for betting is an absolute joke. You get less for biting or racial abuse.
  3. No issues with this. I'd hope he's no more than a bit part player next season though.
  4. 1. Miller 2. Garner 3. Dodoo. I think he's better out wide tbh. I'm not rating Waghorn as I don't have the patience to type out the names of every other person employed by us before I get to him.
  5. He said he was on twitter using his "windup account" and talking to them about Scott Brown being suspended before supposedly "revealing himself" to them. Once he started taking abuse for it he started backtracking like fuck and saying it was only 1 tweet from his own account. He's weird as fuck.
  6. I always find it strange that when stupid polls like this come about that if you check the list of people that have voted to bring him back it's full of usernames that rarely ever post on here..
  7. Lafferty is fucking shite. He was shite when he was here apart from the last few games of the season and he's even worse now. He can fuck off and so can you for even starting this poll. Go back to pretending you're a taig on Twitter.
  8. Wasn't subtle about it either.
  9. I think he seemed to develop a "Billy big baws" mentality for a while after that episode tbh thinking he was untouchable.
  10. He's hardly going to say he was shite and he never rated him though tbf otherwise he just comes across as being disrespectful and it could put managers off him.
  11. Yes, no, maybe, no.
  12. Wouldn't be against Ball signing for us again. Could be a number of reasons why he chose Rotherham over us and I wouldn't be surprised if Warburton was one of them given that he seems keen on the idea now.
  13. The taigs are the majority in my workplace. Thankfully I'm off this week.
  14. I'd stay and do everything I could to prove my critics wrong tbh. If I was Halliday I'd probably stop rolling about the ground like I'd been shot every time I lost the ball too.
  15. Seen it shared on a fb page earlier today. Was started by someone called David Keith, not sure how much support there is for it yet though.