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  1. Hummel

    People just assume because a team wears a certain brand that there's a sponsorship deal in place. It's basically teamwear these clubs have. Not too different to all these amateur clubs running around on a Saturday/Sunday morning wearing Nike and Adidas gear.
  2. Only because you know I can't be angry at you x
  3. Even the thought of anyone singing one Lee Wallace makes me cringe like fuck. Murty is a clueless halfwit and should be chased but getting Wallace and Miller to fuck is one of the few things he's actually got right.
  4. Hummel

    Remember seeing that and another team having a kit that looked like a pint of lager out at the same time. I just googled it hoping that was a Hummel effort as well. It wasn't
  5. Hummel

    By "about 5" do you mean 6?
  6. Hummel

    All been known to make decent kits tbf.
  7. Follow Rangers Speak Out

  8. Hummel

    If we're getting one then it should be orange shorts as well imo. That mock up is barking though.
  9. Hummel

    Believe it when I see it. I just don't think our club have the balls to release such a kit now that we can't claim it's a tribute to our Dutch players.
  10. Barton as a manager

    When you consider how often even experienced managers get sacked down south then it's hardly a failure lasting that long in your first job.
  11. Admin

    I know who that was 100% taig
  12. Barton as a manager

    Is that a typo? If not then you're giving him a season and a half. Not bad going at all for a first managerial job.
  13. Hummel

    I didn't realise people still bought that shite tbh.
  14. Hummel

    If the deal is actually good value for money for us then I don't see the issue if Mike Ashley/Sports Direct are involved.
  15. Hummel

    Thanks mate.