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  1. Was he not holding us to ransom over a new deal before he left?
  2. Ah, sorry mate. Didn't realise you were playing hard to get with him.
  3. I see K.A.I being away from the forum for so long has done nothing to ease the sexual tension between you two.
  4. I wasn't writing him off. It was a genuine question. I see plenty in the thread have got the wrong impression and dived in though
  5. Of all the articles I've read from them I'd honestly say there's been more about the taigs than there has been about us. I guess that's what has to be done when they're "defending the club" though?
  6. I don't think them defending the club is the issue, I think it's the way some of their statements are worded. Some of them come across as very petty and childish. Others come across as though the person writing it is trying too hard to seem intelligent and it actually gives the opposite impression.
  7. Read the first paragraph and a bit then lost interest. Cringeworthy to say the least.
  8. If anyone is reading that as them saying he's shite then they need their head checked
  9. Bates or Aidan Wilson for me, they might not be as good as Danny Wilson currently but they are still young and gaining experience. Danny Wilson is a liability and not likely to get any better imo.
  10. To be fair he's nearly 26 and has around 200 competitive games under his belt already. He's not the raw youngster that's still learning the game anymore, he's now an experienced player and still not very good so I don't think we can make that excuse for him anymore.
  11. Good. I hope more of our opponents say the same about him after they play us this season. I don't want playing against our defence to be a nice experience.
  12. Yes. I'd very much like it if I never had to see Danny Wilson or Rob Kiernan playing for us again. 1 of them seems to be heading for the exit already so just need his pal to follow him now.
  13. Aye that's a fair point. Hopefully the younger boys will improve with the experience of training and playing alongside Alves. Danny Wilson, although he's still quite young, isnt going to improve much though imo.
  14. You're slating Tav's pedigree because he's spent most of his career playing in League 1 down south but then saying Wallace has a great pedigree when the bulk of his career with us has been spent playing against Peterhead, Alloa, Dumbarton etc. Absolutely clueless.
  15. I just don't rate him at all, I'd actually prefer Bates to be brought on instead of him whenever we need to take either Alves or Cardoso out.