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  1. Tbh I can't be bothered reading back to check all the ones I've mentioned already and I'm running out of ideas. I hope he ruptures his testicles though.
  2. I hope he picks up a serious injury that hasn't been mentioned previously in the thread.
  3. Exactly. His best days are well behind him and I'd guess he'd still expect to be our top earners as well. Even setting aside the fact that I can't stand him, I still don't think he would be a good signing. The fact that Norwich paid £8.5m for him and are willing to let him go for free yet they still don't have teams lining up to take him off their hands should tell you enough about him as a player now.
  4. Shite is a bit OTT but certainly not as good as he was when he left us.
  5. They did say that.
  6. Think the drop in weight took too much out of him this time. He looked like he was running on empty in the latter stages of the fight other than the odd burst.
  7. He should never have went back down to welterweight after taking that fight imo.
  8. It was a disappointing end to a great fight. Kinda feel like Brook shat it and quit but I've never tried to fight someone with a broken eye socket so that's easy to say.
  9. Spence was a class above there. Brook is finished now IMO.
  10. I think so mate. Think the writing was on the wall after that though, you can't waste chances like that.
  11. Thought he had a good game other than his sitter. We all see the game differently I guess.
  12. Been quite impressed with both Jack and McLean so far today. Other than McLean's finish, obviously.
  13. He'll float around the lower leagues in England now for the rest of his career
  14. He's rotten. Even the likes of Scott Allan are better than him.
  15. Maybe debatable if he's the best in the list but certainly top 3 imo.