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  1. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Allardyce specialises in avoiding relegation. He's not what we need. And his teams play horrendous football.
  2. The problem is pure and simply financial

    The whole thing is just a shambles from top to bottom. I actually had a bit of excitement coming in to this season, I didn't realistically expect us to win or challenge for the league because I'm not that delusional but I hoped we would at least get a comfortable 2nd, close the gap on them a wee bit and maybe get a trophy. The money we spent should have made that a possibility but it really does look like we've spent millions and stayed in exactly the same condition we were in last season.
  3. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Spot on. A stat flashed up on the screen today around 30-35 mins into the game. We had 30% possession to their 70%. Unless it's Barcelona, Real Madrid or PSG coming to play us then no team should be coming to Ibrox and controlling a game like that. We set up against them like a small team hoping to avoid a pumping and because of that I find it difficult to imagine us beating them any time soon. The thought of going to face them at their shithole turns my stomach.
  4. The problem is pure and simply financial

    It's more than just a financial thing IMO. The whole mentality of our club is wrong. You just need to look at the 2 loan signings we made over the summer to see how far apart we are. They got Roberts, a 12 million pound player who is easily one of their best, if not their best player. We got Nemane, a youth player who's contract is running out and at 19 years of age hadn't played first team football for anyone until we gave him 4 mins against Dundee and another 7 today. And we're supposed to be happy with signings like that.
  5. Union bears display

    Oh, how original.
  6. Union bears display

    Aye, me. Hence why I'm asking the question. If you don't then there's a variety of other threads you could post in instead. Hope this clears things up for you.
  7. Union bears display

    Seen a few things on Twitter about them supposedly being "mugged off" by the taigs today. What happened?
  8. The thumb

    Being pedantic here as well but that ball is supposed to be inside the arc for a corner. Several of their corners today weren't, including the one that leads to their 1st goal.
  9. The thumb

    UEFA fined him for it against Linfield. Nothing was done about him doing it at Ibrox and nothing will be done about this incident either. They can do whatever they please.
  10. Another stonewall penalty turned down

    Tbh I didn't think it was a penalty at first either. It certainly isn't a stonewaller. I was surprised to hear Walker saying it could have been given as well.
  11. Them celebrating

    I've mentioned it myself and seen a couple of others mentioning it already too but that challenge from Dorrans in the dying minutes of the game should have been made in the opening few minutes instead. Set the tone and lay down a marker for the rest of the fucking game that these bastards are in for a scrap. Instead it was made when we were 2-0 down and the game was all but over and just made it look like Dorrans was spitting the dummy. We played like a small team that was intimidated by them today and it makes me cringe like fuck watching it. It's embarrassing.
  12. Them celebrating

    The supposed captain of a national team openly disrespecting a rival club's manager on social media and nothing being said or done about it. Imagine that happening down south or any other league for that matter. The media would be all over it but up here it's just cheeky chappy Scott Brown having a bit of banter with poor hapless Pedro.
  13. Them celebrating

    Pedro has more fight in him than any of the players but he needs to be more clever about it. Running up to confront opposition players just makes him look like a bit of a laughing stock tbh and makes our players look like wee boys needing their daddy to fight their battles. Get the players in the dressing room at half time and instruct one of these so called men he's signed to get out there and go through him at the first opportunity.
  14. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    This. Don't know if he is carrying an injury or not but seemed reluctant to get involved in a race any time there was space to run into.
  15. Pedro (gif)

    OP has always been a bit of a strange character tbh.