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  1. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    People still claiming Hibs beat us cos he cheated?
  2. Russell Martin

    If he can't get given a chance in the coming weeks after that display yesterday then he'll never play for us again.
  3. Russell Martin

    Martin and Bates = the new Kiernan and Wilson. Both as shite as each other.
  4. New deal for Wes

    Not fussed over this one tbh. Unbelievably overrated by a large section of our support. Tends to pull off top class saves for shots that should be going past him yet too often he gets beat by efforts that Stephen Hawking would save.
  5. Liam Burt to Dumbarton

    What ever happened to him? I'm sure he was better than Dani Alves at one point according to this forum.
  6. The beeb

    So the thread about McLeish getting the Scotland job gets moved out of the Bears' Den but this shite gets left in?
  7. Morelos to leave before the end of February [Rocksport Radio]

    He's shite. The thought of having him replacing Morelos, even for a few months, makes me want to take my eyes out with a teaspoon.
  8. Morelos to leave before the end of February [Rocksport Radio]

    Calling bullshit on this tbh. Why aren't we naming the 2 teams from South America? It's all a bit vague and it's also hard to imagine 2 teams from that region willing to spend that sort of cash on a player plying his trade in Scotland. Swap Rangers and Morelos for the taigs and one of their players in that story and everyone on here would be laughing at it but because it's us we're supposed to believe it.
  9. Morelos to leave before the end of February [Rocksport Radio]

    Hutton was nowhere near 13 million.
  10. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    The only one out of all the ones that left that I would take back and it's only because he's miles ahead of what currently have in his position. And I mean he's miles ahead of them as in the player he is today, not the player he was when he left. I know some on the forum struggle to differentiate between the 2.
  11. Jordan Rossiter

    Can't even feel sorry for him at this point. Enough is enough.
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Can't stomach the thought of Eubank winning an actual world title. He's already an unbearable prick with that meaningless one he's got.
  13. I've quit watching most football

    I'll watch any football I can get tbh.
  14. Warburton on his signings

    Fuck up
  15. Warburton on his signings

    Why is all this suddenly coming out the woodwork again anyway? First it was Stubbs in the papers the other day talking about Warburton and now the man himself is giving interviews now. They're both old news.