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  1. Correct. And the manager hasn't mentioned Naismith as far as I'm aware so fuck up about him.
  2. Being "choosy" is exactly what we need to be. It's crucial that we get our signings right in this window if we want to avoid another season like this one and the last thing we need to be doing is bringing in a player who will be 31 in September, divide the support and probably be our highest earner by a considerable amount just because he was good for us over 5 years ago. He's pish now. So pish in fact that Norwich paid £8.5m for him only a year and a half ago yet they're reportedly willing to let him leave for free just to get rid of him and still there doesn't seem to be any interest from anyone in taking him off their hands.
  3. Going by that post I think she probably left him after realising he was pumping one of them.
  4. Agreed.
  5. It's bullshit because no football club is bigger than the fans. Prick.
  6. Like his predecessor, he seems to have a lot of time for the fans. It's great to see. I just hope that's where the similarities end.
  7. Cunts posting absolute garbage on here pretending to be ITK. Tragic.
  8. He's not a spastic. The spastics are the daft cunts that read into every tweet from him as some cryptic Rangers related nonsense.
  9. Bullshit.
  10. He could have a £2.70 release clause he's still not coming here.
  11. The more you earn the more you spend. It's really that simple.
  12. Weiss will never play for us again. He's the new Gattuso.
  13. Command the box more and improve on his positioning and he won't concede as many daft goals. A better defence will also help him a bit although I think that's been used as an excuse for him maybe a wee bit too often.
  14. The one that sticks in my mind that irritates me was that goal Morton scored at Ibrox. Not a chance that should be getting past him. He does make some very good saves from time to time but imo the soft goals he concedes definitely outweigh them.
  15. Of course but the point is there's more to being a good goalkeeper than just being a good shot stopper. That's about the only attribute he has.
  16. Doesn't command his area enough and as I've said plenty of times on here before his positioning is atrocious as well. He's a good shot stopper, very good at times, but I think that's all he is.
  17. Hopefully mate. Coming to play for free because he's made his money over there and he pure loves the club. He's even got a tattoo to prove it!
  18. Aye but hes class mate. We're all deluded if we mention his obvious faults.
  19. The amount of tragic bastards that have replied to that tweet asking if he's coming to Glasgow make me cringe like fuck. Gullible retards.
  20. Found it a bit strange myself mate
  21. Crazy logic from some on here. He's just to take a massive wage drop just because he supports us Doesn't quite work that way.
  22. Rui Patricio
  23. Wouldn't need 60k a week mate. He's made his money and would be expected to play for free to prove his love for the club. A tattoo of 5 stars would also be required.
  24. Defoe free to speak to other clubs now and can leave Sunderland for nothing. We could get a few users from here to handle the negotiations which I imagine would consist of them responding to every question from his representatives by screaming "We're Rangers FFS!". It's worth a try.
  25. I always thought he was a bit of an arrogant wank who wasn't half as good as he thought he was.