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  1. Shite keeper who is very fortunate to have been given the chance to play for us.
  2. They're generally popularity contests or in some cases done to appease folk. You rarely see players doing these things more than once and actually going with the same XI, it changes depending on who's asking the question. Basically it's a lot of shite.
  3. So he picked his best 11 on Blackpool TV and picked Blackpool players? I'm shocked and appalled.
  4. Barcelona and Real Madrid have great starting XIs though. I don't disagree that we should have squad players I just disagree that we should be targeting them for that specific reason. Our team isn't good enough as it is so we should be going after players who are going to turn one of the current starters into a squad player rather than signing someone to supplement the current shite.
  5. We should never be looking to sign squad players. If they aren't good enough to get into our starting 11 then they aren't good enough to be signed.
  6. I don't know what to say about Firth other than, even if McGregor retired tomorrow and all we were left with was Robby McCrorie and Andy Firth, I'd still see Firth as 3rd choice.
  7. Which of the 2 will end up at a bigger club for their next move?
  8. Firstly, no. Secondly, he might well have done but looking at the dates on the games he actually played for St Johnstone it would suggest he was in and out of the team quite a bit anyway.
  9. Of the 6 players released today Flanagan was probably the most useful. I know that's an unpopular opinion on here though for a number of reasons but it's true. Halliday was nowhere near good enough to play for us. He's made out to be much better than he is because he's one of us and we all wanted him to succeed which is fair enough but he wouldn't be a regular starter anywhere else in our league either IMO. He'll go back to the Scottish Championship or League 1/2 in England and I wish him all the best when he does. Holt is pretty much in the same boat, decent in the Championship but miles off it in the top flight. Only featured in just over half of St Johnstone's games and will probably end up dropping down to the same level as predicted for Halliday. Rossiter should have been released long ago. Made of pringles. Alnwick and Foderingham? Both equally below average keepers who can consider themselves fortunate to be able to tell people they played for us when they are retired and have the luxury of listing us in amongst the Swindon, Scunthorpe, Leyton Orient, Salford City type clubs they're destined to see their careers out with. For the record, this isn't a ringing endorsement for Flanagan. He wasn't good enough either. Done a fairly average job when called upon and had more than his fair share of mistakes. Always good for a meaty challenge though and better than the other 5 going out the door with him.
  10. I'd strengthen everywhere. The current bunch aren't good enough. Also, it's squad.
  11. Why even share this shite on here? That's exactly what they cunts want.
  12. Sharing that video of the tarrier breaking into Ibrox on here is just doing their dirty work for them ffs get that to fuck
  13. An official announcement on a sunday morning to tell us something we've known for ages.
  14. So you've based this on Walter Smith playing him out of position for a few games? Cool.
  15. Same mockup strip that has been doing the rounds for about 3 seasons just with this new brand's logo
  16. The stripes being on the same shoulder doesn't mean it's the same template. That mockup is awful, the shorts especially.
  17. Possibly. Maybe I'm just being naive but if we can see through a Twitter account as bullshit within a day or 2 then I'd fully expect whoever conducts this independent investigation, if it happens, to do the same. If all it takes to "muddy the waters" is someone to post a bit of fiction on social media then the games a bogey anyway.
  18. Were the abusive emails sent in a PDF format though?
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