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  1. Niko is gone

    Don't agree with me again. It feels wrong.
  2. What the Fuck is This.

  3. Niko is gone

    I'd imagine he'll be back off to the US. Nothing against him and wish him well but he should never have been here to begin with.
  4. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    Massively overrated.
  5. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    He's managed 3 clubs and been a monumental failure at 2 of them. It's a no from me.
  6. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Anyone thinking McInnes or De Boer needs their head checked.
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    Everton were an absolute shambles when Walter Smith was there. Selling players behind his back etc. I wouldn't read much into his stats there.
  8. Michel Preud'homme

    Aye but taking into consideration Kilmarnock were dugshite when he took over that's still an impressive ratio. Not endorsing him as our next manager, just sharing an opinion.
  9. Michel Preud'homme

    52% for a club like Kilmarnock is some going tbf.
  10. Michel Preud'homme

    2 shite foreign managers = No more foreign managers. 3 shite British managers = we need a British manager. Aye, sound logic.
  11. Michel Preud'homme

    Do the people dismissing the idea of a foreign manager realise that our last 3 British managers have been fucking dreadful?
  12. Would Allan McGregor be an improvement on Wes Foderingham?

    Not enough of an improvement to justify signing him. Plus he's getting on a bit now.
  13. English Player of the Year

    Salah. Sure he's only a few goals away from breaking the record for most league goals in a season and, unless he gets injured, I can't see him not getting them so it's fairly straightforward IMO.
  14. Craig Thompson

    No such thing as a minor kick on Scott Brown. It's obviously been a vicious assault and Motherwell will be wasting their time if they appeal it.
  15. Craig Thompson

    What's he done?
  16. Jack Ross

  17. Cummings is not good enough

    Amazes me that so many people go on about how good a finisher Cummings is when he's still yet to prove he can do it regularly in the top flight.
  18. Too many handwringers

    I cringe like fuck every time I see the word "handwringers" on here. Other than that the OP has a point.
  19. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    I don't know why but I found this quite funny.
  20. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    How can we be losing? I was reliably informed last week that if Cummings starts over Morelos he would score for fun.
  21. Lee Wallace Interview

    Drinking pish must improve your eyesight then because John is a far better player.
  22. Lee Wallace Interview

    He isn't getting back into the team unless John gets injured or we shoehorn him in elsewhere.
  23. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    Stop fishing
  24. Wallace at CB

    Not if he actually seen the build up to their goal it doesn't. And I wasn't being serious anyway
  25. Wallace at CB

    I'm not sure if you're being serious here.