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  1. Pretty sure this was my first strip. Definitely the earliest one I can remember having anyway.
  2. You never imagined it.
  3. I don't know what he said but there's no doubt in my mind the ban is fully deserved. In fact he probably got off lightly.
  4. Can't remember the full story mate but I'm sure it was something like the boy they were winding up was getting the answers to everything so they came up with this one just to fuck with him basically. If it's the same question, it ended up getting shared on Twitter and all sorts by celebs and ex pros who had been sucked in by it as well.
  5. Thanks mate. Always nice to hear from the fans.
  6. I'm not passionate about them at all. I haven't genuinely cared about a qualifying campaign since we missed out on Euro 2008. If the question is would I rather see Scotland win or lose then my answer is I'd want to see a win. I just find it pathetic that people would actually want their own national side to lose just because the team is full of tarriers just now. How does that work if we end up with good Scottish players at our club and they break into the national side and end up outnumbering them? Would it then be ok to support Scotland again? Each to their own, some care about the national team and some don't. That's fair enough IMO but actually supporting their opponents is beyond childish.
  7. No. Fuck him.
  8. No, he actively supports England as his national football side. I don't think he realises how retarded it makes him look.
  9. I find that sad tbh. That's what I don't get. I've got a guy on Facebook who, when it was the rugby, he was on giving it all the "c'mon Scotland, get into these English bastards" patter yet when it comes to the football he'll be supporting England to beat us. It's weird as fuck IMO.
  10. As I said, strange.
  11. I done the same thing mate. Cashed out for pennies when Poland conceded the equaliser.
  12. That is not even in the same league as the tackle from Bale let alone the tackle that broke Coleman's leg
  13. I always want Scotland to win regardless of who is in the squad. I absolutely despise Scott Brown, the thumb and that other overrated wee cunt they seem to think is the best left back on the planet (yet he got shoved out to right back because Roberston started ahead of him) but I was always taught not to look at them as Rangers and Celtic players in these games but as Scotland players. Admittedly it's getting a bit harder to want them to do well nowadays though, I found myself switching over to the Northern Ireland game before the match had even kicked off the other night. The wee pre match feature with Scott Brown was vomit inducing. Still though, I'll always be happier with a positive result for them than a negative one. I find it strange that anyone would actually want their own country to lose.
  14. He's by far the best player the tarriers have.
  15. Seen a wee article from the Daily Mail shared on Facebook this morning. The best 50 players in Europe under the age of 23. They actually had that Dembele cunt at number 11
  16. I have the commentary for this goal as my alarm for work. Minus the gay titanic music. Start every day with the sound of a goal against the tarriers.
  17. I used to have about 5/6 seasons worth of these from '96 onwards, don't think there was a single issue missing. Kept them for years before binning the lot when I left home. Thought they might have carried some value but as it has been touched on above, they're pretty much worthless other than sentimental value.
  18. Absolutely brilliant
  19. No he's just shite.
  20. I used to be a half decent keeper when I was a boy but I struggle to keeps shots out of five a side goals now I'm the same though it's always been an area of the team I've enjoyed watching, even more so nowadays because the way the balls are designed to move in mid-air makes some of these saves even more impressive. This boy has looked the part from day one and the constant comparisons to Buffon don't seem to phase him at all. For me, Buffon is the best ever. This boy might go on to be just as good as him but he'll never, ever be as cool.
  21. Best thing that boy could do is move to Juventus and work with Buffon on a daily basis before he retires IMO. His agent is that same fat cunt that's got Pogba, Zlatan and Lukaku on his books though so expect him to be whored out to whoever is paying him the biggest cut of the transfer fee. He's already pricing him out of a new deal at Milan apparently.
  22. He's just a laughing stock. Mocking Bellew for having the body of a bus driver when he's out there fighting them.
  23. Rangers died.
  24. What an absolute helmet.
  25. Chris Eubank jnr calling out Tony Bellew