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  1. Armstrong, at least at the moment, is comfortably the best Scottish midfielder. Don't see how that's laughable at all.
  2. Dumbert.
  3. Exactly. Should be banned for his blatant lies.
  4. He doesn't count.
  5. On loan. He signed permanently after Mendes though.
  6. Davis was signed after Mendes I'm sure.
  7. Yet here you are on page 96.
  8. He's staunch but he didn't grow up on Copland Road unfortunately.
  9. As soon as I see a post that starts with "I'm hearing" or similar I just automatically assume it's bullshit.
  10. Ordered mine on Thursday, arrived this morning. Fuck collecting on the day of the game.
  11. I've not seen Dalcio or Candeias in a competitive game yet and I already know I'd take either of them over McKay. Lazy wee shitebag who, despite playing out wide on a regular basis still can't learn how to cross a ball. Getting 7 figures for him would be tremendous business.
  12. Hopefully we get him to fuck soon. I'd be delighted if we managed to find a club stupid enough to pay over a million for him. Shitebag.
  13. Poor. I win.
  14. You definitely get a fruit shoot with your meal at McDonald's.
  15. Give us back what we paid for him and they can have him. Fuck taking a hit on him just to get rid.
  16. Delighted with this one. Will easily be one of the best midfielders in the country imo if not the best.
  17. Remy will sign a new deal before the 2 year loan goes through ya cunts it's not fucking rocket science. Stop doubting Frank.
  18. One of the best days I've ever had supporting us. All downhill after that though.
  19. No.
  20. I wonder if him being told he can go out on loan means that Pedro is giving him a chance to improve or if it just means we know the level of club he'll attract couldn't afford his wages so we'll still be paying some of them.
  21. Treble and at least the quarter final of the Europa league.
  22. You lied to us all.
  23. I cringe like fuck any time I see that clip
  24. Hearts will collapse.