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  1. Who best for captain now

    That's embarrassing. From him of all people.
  2. Who best for captain now

    Has he actually complained it's too physical for him?
  3. Cardoso

    Apologies, Dan. Never noticed. Take me back?
  4. Cardoso

    And why the fuck has nobody mentioned that taigs haircut yet?
  5. Cardoso

    Maybe that's why he never understood the taig then?
  6. Ryan Hardie

    I agree. It's always been a problem for us though, our youth players never seem to be able to cope with the step up.
  7. Ryan Hardie

    Maybe he's on the bench because he's the best of a bad bunch. There as a last resort. Only Murty knows. If he hasn't made the breakthrough by now then it isn't going to happen imo. He isn't exactly a wee boy just breaking through, he's less than a year younger than our main striker yet he's been on the fringes for a couple of seasons now and done nothing.
  8. Cardoso

    See if it was a Scottish player then I'd agree. It's not. Probably never even realised what "moan a celtic" meant until the taigs had walked away laughing at him.
  9. Cardoso

    Who gives a fuck. Probably no idea what he's saying "Sack him" fuck sake
  10. Ryan Hardie

    That doesn't really mean anything. Murty will have seen him doing a job in the development team. It's a different situation stepping up to the first team.
  11. Ryan Hardie

    I'd agree with him being ok for a lesser team. I've just never seen anything from him to suggest he's capable of making it here. Even when he's went out on loan he's never appeared to be anything better than average.
  12. Who best for captain now

    He's always been pretty slow as far as I can remember. I'm not sure what people were expecting but perhaps unrealistic expectations are playing a part in the criticism he's getting. His distribution and long range passing was supposedly among the best in Serie A last season. Maybe it's the players around him. Maybe he just finds the game here a but harder. Who knows? I don't believe he doesn't care though.
  13. Who best for captain now

    Still the new scapegoat. Hibs goal on Wednesday for example, he was slated for letting Murray get the better of him (rightfully so) but then also slated for not closing down Stevenson quick enough. Where were the rest of our defenders? Can't expect Alves to deal with 2 players at once but it's cool to criticise him just now so that's what we'll do.
  14. Ryan Hardie

    He's pish tbh.
  15. Who best for captain now

    Correct. The experienced international with almost 100 caps and who has captained just about every club he's played for. Seems an obvious choice. He's the latest scapegoat though isn't he?
  16. Fod

    He's fucking brutal. Been saying it for ages and genuinely can't understand how anyone can say any different. For every good save you can find from him there will be 2 goals he should be stopping. He looks like he dives in fucking slow motion.
  17. Candeias

    Probably one of Pedro's best signings in the beginning but for whatever reason he looks pish now.
  18. UB Display

    That wee bit missing at the bottom corner due to the segregation really distresses me.
  19. Who best for captain now

    I want to believe this is sarcasm but with you I just never know.
  20. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Ah I see. I thought I was being accused of posting the embarrassing shite midweek. Apologies.
  21. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

  22. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Ssshhh he's pure dead brilliant and exempt from criticism.
  23. Marcelo Bielsa

    Aye, someone else did last week. You at least managed to get his name right though.
  24. If, buts and maybe...

    We never though.
  25. Who best for captain now

    Even if you've listed that back to front I still think it's too kind on Wallace.