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  1. You've really let yourself down in this thread. Dropping the N bomb and then admitting to hating the West. You're just a hate filled maniac.
  2. Is that even possible?
  3. I'm so glad I managed to quote the post before his edit. Hopefully enough evidence to get him banned from here.
  4. I'm shocked and appalled by his conduct to be honest, Frank.
  5. Edit your post all you want mate but that quote won't go anywhere.
  6. It's a perfectly good thread showing concern for The Dalcio's whereabouts and it was going so well until this cunt showed up.
  7. I'm not the one using racial slurs though. You seem confused.
  8. So because you're labelling us racist that means it's ok for you to use racial slurs? What a warped mindset.
  9. K.
  10. Are you aware that white trash could be considered a racist term? Ironic considering you've came into this thread and called just about everyone else a racist.
  11. Why not just refer to him as your son instead?
  12. What's "my kind" exactly?
  13. Should've stuck to the asterisks. That word has no place on here whether there's a line through it or not.
  14. Behave yourself ffs "White trash" I find your story very hard to believe also. It's 2017.
  15. I dont know what you mean. It's not my fault you're stuck in the dark ages. No pun intended.
  16. I'm hearing that he's addicted to meth and that's why he's not involved at the moment. I know a lad that's on the fringes of the development squad and he feeds me some info.
  17. There's no such thing as bi-racial you fucking animal. They're to be referred to as milk chocolate or half-caste
  18. @Frank Harrison
  19. Seems like a good enough reason to me. Hopefully he'll embrace it and get it on the back of his shirt if he ever plays for us again.
  20. Homophobe.
  21. Ok x
  22. There's no racism here.
  23. When and why did he become "The" Dalcio? Not that I don't love it, I'm just curious.
  24. Who's the racists?