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  1. goaaaal

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    As a ST holder who only attends home games I can sympathise with those supporters who also attend away games keeping this hateful cesspit going all the while supporting The Rangers whilst most probably don't look for thanks from these Bastards who profit from Bears who do first & foremost support The Gers but get no acknowledgement from these Bastards. They continue to bite the hand that feeds them it remains to be seen just how many Rangers will accept they have to adopt the same policy for away games as they did with Timothy & pretty soon their house of cards will come crashing down when the collusive elements realise they are now being hurt in the pocket any mandatory requirement regarding minimum ticketing should be rejected also to bring Scottish Football to heel as any such move would clearly define just how much reliance on the Blue Pound is needed & no amount of whingeing from Timmy FC should dictated otherwise their stranglehold needs broken provided we back the club to the hilt we will win through of that I've no doubt only then can we see a return to the system where quislings are eliminated from the corridors of power.
  2. goaaaal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    https://goo.gl/images/CnhX72 All those dangling carrots make a man forgetful.🙄
  3. goaaaal

    Three Cheers For The Red, White and Blue

    That's already oot the Windae with the alteration to the act of succession & act of settlement . Besides the Anglican ethos is one stop from Popery even our own Presbyterianism has been infiltrated in outlook betraying the original Knox ethos & tenets which is the foundation of our very own COS of which they are only too happy to trade off for The PC idealisms of today. Damning that we can't even maintain the freedoms that underpin The Protestant ethos in either a religious or pragmatic way without being compromised or demonised of which This Country was respected in relating to the outside world after bloody battles to rid this country of ours of the enslavement of popery in mind & deed.
  4. goaaaal

    Sir Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish

    Billboard Companies have been after him for years. What's the secret to ripping posters down in a rapid style .
  5. goaaaal

    Mo Ross - Video

    Dragging ma leg abit & Franny Jeffers The ultimate in a potent attack formation 🙄
  6. goaaaal

    GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - What would you take?

    I'll go with that & its a treble treble 😎
  7. goaaaal

    Season Tickets

    Club Deck renewed a few weeks ago .
  8. goaaaal

    sfa bigot exposed

    Anything that newspaper does ultimately has an ulterior motive . The Rev Mike McCurry was forced out his job for a supposed Sectarian act whilst conducting a religous service by the equally rancid Sunday Liam . Of course the Day Late Retard will tell us it condemns all forms of sectarianism it just depends who's doing it oh & they don't mind being propagandists for the SFA or Inclusive Fitbaw n afletic club
  9. goaaaal

    BBC Article

    Aye so are The Grammar Polis.
  10. goaaaal

    BBC Article

    Once the trials over then Rangers imo have enough grounds to go after these cunts at the BBC & or Daly he's clearly manipulated whatever story the man relayed to him therefore he's not only blown his own wee agenda but totally betrayed the man at the centre of the story he's either a Fucking Idiot or doesn't give a Fuck for the man's situation either way he's now one for the watching although the Men who Sold The Jerseys was a mountain of "factual info ",shored up by Daly 😏
  11. goaaaal

    BBC Article

    Bang on ,Rangers statement whilst advisory in its publication is also unequivocal in its condemnation of the twisting of the situation by that little prick masking as a journalist. The statement is reasonable enough given what we already know in a factual sense regarding what should have been done before this cunt arrived at Rangers The Embra Mankies failed to notify anyone therefore the Implication techniques of that rancid prick Daly typify the gutter mindset of cunts like him in so far as how low he'll go to Implicate others & exactly who he's doing it for . Therfor I reckon the statement is reasonable to the extent of the current position of RFC showing understanding of the person's situation but also nailing the malicious little scumbag kiddie on Journo at the same time.
  12. goaaaal

    Lemon - too fat to fly

    Lemon cited for taking to the field also says he'll gladly take the fine for the so called abuse he took. Different when your spitting on a scarf or calling supporters orange bastards . The Spineless Wankers already playing the victim card 😏
  13. goaaaal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I wouldn't want the wee cunt anywhere near Ibrox. This is the cunt who whilst playing for St Mirren was dancing around his dressing room with a few other like minded rancid Bastards celebrating The Mick's winning the League.
  14. goaaaal

    No comment

    Fuck they cunts for that performance today & fuck radio snide the last cunts I'd be looking to for anything regarding Rangers.
  15. goaaaal

    The defence rests.

    McCrorie was woeful today on the two counts that matter The Hearts goal & on the effort from Lafferty good shot though it was . I reckon last week has dented his confidence when it comes to those one on one situations. I still maintain that wasn't a penalty last week that cunt dived watch how he engineered it during the tussle he sprang on his toes as he always does it certainly wasn't momentum from Contact with McCrorie both were still moving at speed amidst the tussle so that & getting sent off has probably made him wary of a one on one but he needs to learn from it albeit those two Bastards will try it on again next week now that their training ground routine has been bought for the umpteenth time the referees are shit scared to call it any other way for fear of reprisals from the mob. its Fucking outrageous just how blatant those two bastards were last week its some of the worst officiating Ive seen where a physical tussle is deemed a penalty Irrespective of the slight shirt pull contrast Jason Cummings today literally brought down by a shirt pull bounces up & gets on with it that' was more physical against Berra than the tussle last week big credit to Jason Cummins for showing how real men go about their business not some wee dirty Bastard intent on looking for a penalty who should be booked as Morelos was & rightly imo against Dundee.