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  1. Cheer up Stevie Gerrard oh what can it mean to be ,in charge of the world's most successfull Football team .😁
  2. I still reckon the lad was hard done by whereas the wee Bastard Roberts was nothing but a diving cunt. Three times we were on the end of piss poor decisions by not seeing the build ups to the incident in that he was jockeyed it's not that the contact was sufficient enough to send the cunt flying. Never in any of the three were they a penalty If officials can't differentiate between a clear foul & simulation based on a genuine attempt on the ball from a defender then that sums up why their wee kid in Man City loanee was such a cheating Bastard & got away with it. More Importantly imo why such decision making isn't factored in even in real time when it's patently obvious the difference between an attempt at the ball & pre planned simulation based on his last touch as a defender goes for the ball, brace faces boyfriend goes to ground is blatant cheating . Three decisions involving that prick cost us such was the leniency afforded to their team when they were nothing more than a bunch of cheating Bastards. It was clear as day Timmy had adopted these tactics & still do to this day built around the myth of their hyped up status.
  3. Now available on PS4 as a download for £24.99 from PS Store.
  4. Hitman Blood Money & Absolution pack in HD available to download from PS Store for £24.99.
  5. Only once have I sat & watched R o'S fully in a world final where his snooker did the talking & thought good on you you've worked your arse off to achieve it sure it was his fifth title where his kids came on. Even when he made his mark by the mid 90's I always favoured Henry to still be the more resilient player given the storming battles in he was involved in with Jimmy White an outstanding semi final in 93/94 coming back from the brink & the epic finals both were involved in Ro'S never had enough of those type of duels yet the players were there probably had more against John Higgins & Mark Williams but so did Hendry. He is without doubt an outstanding player but I'd take an Alex Higgins or Jimmy White for sheer entertainment at their peak . Ro'S like Hendry has a great all round both players encompassing Davis, White & Higgins but there's just something I could never take to with Ro'S. I mind we went to am Exhibition match involving Steven Hendry & Steve Davis in Glenrothes some 10 years ago it was a superb laid back night with both players going toe to toe. Hendry as usual out the traps early leaving SD looking like a has been builds a decent 3-4 frame lead . Hendry opens the next frame goes onto reach 15 reds & 15 blacks stops & asks Steve to stick the Kettle on which he duly does & as he often did he buried the colours to achieve a 147. Even that night he was on fire Davis clawed a few frames back ,it was a very competitive game but Hendry is & was Scotland's best. SD gave us a superb display in trick shots & Pool with his knowledge explaining as he went both players out on a fantastic 3 hours entertainment for £15 a head easily a few hundred in the auditorium that night.
  6. He'll be back doing his Arabaic by Friday. He doesn't give a XXXX for anything else ! 😏
  7. Roger Sanchez staunch as Fok 140 BPM 😁
  8. Got an email this morning regarding this year's Florida Cup from the organisers having registered last year. Suffice to say The Badge of the famous isn't on show 😒.
  9. That's a Fucking Hideous Image. Idolatrous Imagery is still being foisted upon the uninitiated. Rosary Beads & a Swinging Jimmy can't be far behind.
  10. Not sure if the bus is still running from the bowling club in Alexandria maybe check supporters bus forum . Travelled down with those lads in 2006 for the Fulham friendly boy's name was Allan sure they pick up as said @ The Stags Head will find out if they are still on the go.
  11. It's like the pre referee strike all over again only this time the decision was wrong from both the linesman & referee whereas a witch hunt on a linesman lead to a referees strike when the referee & linesman were duped into awarding a penalty that never was despite the indecision the initial decision was wrong resulting in a witch hunt against officials by one club with no class shouting about dossiers on officials as a form of blackmail. FF to 2018 they still try to manipulate things that don't concern them citing the same paranoid shite. The officiating is piss poor enough in this country without their quislings pandering any further to the insidious bastard of an entity disguised as a football club.
  12. Indeed all they need to know is there are documented facts of players signing for Rangers as far back as 1878 of a Catholic Persuasion. To further dampen their paranoia the majority of the players stayed a few years some around a decade as far as I'm concerned there was no lean periods or anything else these cunts try to twist as having a particular policy on who to sign. Down through the years I don't think there hasn't been a period we haven't had a player of that persuasion where it was known on the books. The scum tend to highlight certain periods without actually proving anything when you give them the 1878 scenario it's aye but MoJo comes into play. You could go through the pre post war years but what's the point your belitteling yourself . As said the best way to leave them for dead is remind them who started up as a religious & politically divisive entity & still are. If only they knew what we know ?
  13. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ! ??
  14. Absolutely he tries to act the hard man then spins out a situation he created by getting in a players face off the ball hoping Gullible Collum notices it or one of their wee Fucking clypes points it out it's typical of the way that fucking team cheat & get away with it so I've no problem with our players letting these would be widos know we aren't taking any of their shite. It's what they've been allowed to get away with play hard man / wido / victim in any given order to get players booked because overall their teams full of wankers.
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