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  1. MSPs recommend repeal of OBFA

    Ill be in the minority despite its initial targeting amidst robust policing it only started tackling the Scum the last few years hence why I think these patsy politicians got involved on their behalf only & for one reason only. I was always of the opinion that if you screwed the nut then you'd be less likely to be singled out in whatever methods plod employed there's plenty of cases where our supporters & more Importantly RFC should have taken plod to task!¬ the hanging effigies was one at The Scumdome it was patently obvious nothing was going to be done about it until a real fuss was kicked up about it otherwise it would have went like a lot of their antics the last few years conveniently ignored. Just for the fact most of the scums antics have been with tacit approval from within assembly of such disgraceful displays "poppy banner" their farc mouthpiece claiming to represent all supporters clearly no friend of a Rangers Supporter so even allowing for individual input from bears in reality it meant Fuck All as this isn't being proposed for the greater good & Bastards like Lennon get off scot free having been one of the major instigators of the ill feeling both on & off the park the facts surrounding his west end incident are in stark contrast to what was portrayed in the court case . Anyone who thinks this legislation good or bad in repeal is something celebratory is kidding themselves on imo the only ones celebrating are the Scummy Bastards who spent all their time & still do to blacken our supporters for the last 15 years at home & abroad we'd do well to remember that. it was by no means perfect but provided our supporters screwed the nut then the legislation was biting into those Bastards despite their blaze attitude in thinking they were untouchable so any time there is a discrepancy in policing it should have been highlighted but a combination of whipping up a pre derby with doom ^& gloom from plod in the media played to their advantage to employ whatever tactics they felt appropriate with a clear sanction from Holyrood however it never was applied convincingly across the board will a repeal make them more accountable not imo something the scummy tims have been all too ready to exploit with tales of woe & victimhood to get this repealed yet the Hypocritical Bastards have been the biggest exploiters whilst playing the victim card it not only shows how Fucking bad the politicos in this country are its time our supporters really made these Bastards accountable at the ballet box I Fucking despise the Nationalists but on this I agreed with their stance only for the point of how the tables were being turned as they bastards as always never take heed of the old adage of giving them enough rope that alone was always going to be their undoing .
  2. The Loving Cup

    Maybe the face painter could forego a fee for a last hurra for the weans party as they mourn the passing.
  3. There's a League Semtex could be in . They'd love to be right up their **** 5 pts behind 🤔
  4. Ryan Jack Red

    If you've already committed yourself to a 50/50 then your eyes are in the ball your as much a challenger as your opponent until contact in this case it was all done & dusted in the space of some 3-4 seconds you might have a look at the point of a loose ball but once you've commited yourself how the opponent is physically going into it is secondary you have to make that ball yours & clearly the Aberdeen player was not as committed instead opted for a block tackle driving his studs in to the turf so the following through from Jack is certainly not reckless imo.
  5. Yahoos Vandalise Fir Park

    Anyone catch Rodgers yesterday citing that phantom award for fair play . That ll be the one his deluded hordes votes themselves for despite being unofficial record holders in crowd disorder at their supposed base & abroad yet not one of the media challenged this Fucking Clown on that ridiculous statement.
  6. Denis Law

    I don't think I've read a more outstanding statement about Rangers. The Lawman is a class act clearly in awe of the Men before him if only we had more Scots like him. His more recent statement when the club was in turmoil also spoke volumes about his regard for Rangers F.C but the highlighted quote is without doubt superb. Makes ye proud to be a Ranger & a Scot. ☺️
  7. This is how it feels to be Rangers

    Billy McBungle adopted dementia to stop him being in the know ! 🤔
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Charlie says always tell your Mummy before you go to Parkheed!😉
  9. Your first experience of Hampden

    Sure it was 1978 Rangers v Hibs a semi final. 8 yrs old also first Rangers game in the Mt Florida End . Remember being hoisted over the fencing onto the grass verge on the way out as it got a bit close on those stairs down from the Rangers end. Watching the game standing on the barriers was something else as was the singing that night.
  10. Whats the maddest bus you've ever been on

    The #4 that ran between Balornock to Drumoyne was a journey usually didn't get home from Ibrox till well after 6-30 easily an hour & a half as it passed so many areas on route to the N/E of Glasgow back in the 80's. Regularly full of lads you went to school with & older bears from Balornock,Springburn & Barmulloch passing Royston was an event usually with the bus getting pelted with bricks as the top & bottom deck gave it laldy assisted by a few fluters & drummers from the local FB's on route home . I don't know how the Corpy put up with all the carnage on that bus it was regularly stopped with windows being opened or crashed in by jolly craicsters ,regular piss ups, fare dodging if someone bought a ticket they got slagged or they had way too much dosh. Looking back as there was not really a local supporters bus for Springburn apart from the old Peasie Club or Bishopbriggs they would probably have been bombed out with all the nutters who used the public transport instead. Absolutely Fuckin Mental times going to follow Rangers but it showed the depth of unity between 3 schemes who were for the most part in a Majority back then & knowing who the enemy was.
  11. "The Glorious 12TH"

    Agreed on the rural parades, we had a cracking day a few yrs ago following the parades starting in Ballymena then onto Antrim, Colraine & Limavady had a great wee afternoon in the Legion before return parades. Yet to try Belfast but would easily do another wee tour of NW Ulster very laid back even better when you've someone to drive you back to Ballymena after a few sherberts😀
  12. 2nd leg Florida

    The Tilted Kilt on Int Drive is handy massive Sports Bar. The I RideTrolley Bus is ideal either way dependant on where you are on Int Drive. About 10-15 minute walk down from The Orlando Eye towards the McDonalds Restraunt ,The Bars on the Right hand side of International Drive
  13. sfa balls up again

    Aye might just do that !how about you ?
  14. sfa balls up again

    For hosting a Euro final as stated there's different conditions but if Rangers didn't meet current criteria then I doubt we'd still have a 4* rated stadia . Having read what I can here & elsewhere I don't see any reason why the club shouldn't be informed if it has to come via the SFA common courtesy at the very least but when they finish off their publicised statement with No Further Comment then that sums the cunts up in how they conduct themselves behind the scenes & in a blatant disregarding fashion in public with pithy statements finished off with a no comment. Someone ought to tell these Bastards they are the face of a public entity & when & where required they are obligated to explain decisions not palm off or divide & rule the press with titbits to suit them this isn't communist Russia.
  15. sfa balls up again

    When they suddenly appear as they did midweek to announce the Intention regarding staging of International Games it's no co incidence where it could be headed given the amount of patsies infesting the SFA now this story indicates who benefits in gaining a 5* rated facility with Internationals citing biggest capacity but have done Fuck All to upgrade to it themselves but as usual it's looking like another subsidised stitch up for the tight fisted Bastards who have been revelling in how cash rich they aren't but won't upgrade unless there's someone else or route to pay for it . Rangers should be asking questions regarding the conduct of these Bastards as many countries have held a Final more than once in any given decade.