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  1. The defence rests.

    McCrorie was woeful today on the two counts that matter The Hearts goal & on the effort from Lafferty good shot though it was . I reckon last week has dented his confidence when it comes to those one on one situations. I still maintain that wasn't a penalty last week that cunt dived watch how he engineered it during the tussle he sprang on his toes as he always does it certainly wasn't momentum from Contact with McCrorie both were still moving at speed amidst the tussle so that & getting sent off has probably made him wary of a one on one but he needs to learn from it albeit those two Bastards will try it on again next week now that their training ground routine has been bought for the umpteenth time the referees are shit scared to call it any other way for fear of reprisals from the mob. its Fucking outrageous just how blatant those two bastards were last week its some of the worst officiating Ive seen where a physical tussle is deemed a penalty Irrespective of the slight shirt pull contrast Jason Cummings today literally brought down by a shirt pull bounces up & gets on with it that' was more physical against Berra than the tussle last week big credit to Jason Cummins for showing how real men go about their business not some wee dirty Bastard intent on looking for a penalty who should be booked as Morelos was & rightly imo against Dundee.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Its a replica of Bitter Lemon acting the tough guy against The Dunfermline Defender about a decade ago who just happened to play for Rangers Greig Shields I think it was. Big shots when they are getting away with it.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    As pointed out earlier regarding our players where was the condemnation ! Now Lemons sounding off about the latest payback for Broon The Plastic Hardman . Fucking Laughable listening to these clowns who clearly advised similar tactics against our players but played dumb on it had the question been raised by a credible Journalist.
  4. Did We Miss a Trick With Davie Moyes?

    All I ll add to these two posts are in relation to Warburtons team against the present lot is night& day imo. In terms of goals scored & an emphasis of both defence & attack in their capabilities we are streets ahead in strengths than we were under MW . All that mental & physical & more Importantly Footballing shortcomings has been addressed to a far greater degree than MW ever gave it any thought for. Apologies about the quoting ,mobiles going wonky
  5. Former players guesting in The Fan Zone

    Neil Lennon when Jimmy Nichol taught him the Sash his Father never wore
  6. Former players guesting in The Fan Zone

    Having Andrie Kanchelskis & Bobby Brown a few weeks ago was a nice wee eye opener why should it be all about players of the last 20 years or so especially in the case of Bobby Brown who like most have something to promote are no less a Ranger probably more so than say AK. Guys like BB are a link to our distant past & considering the concern for guys like Johnny Hubbard on this forum shows the utmost regard in which the old guard are held equally worthy imo to any foreigner coming to Ibrox in more recent times.
  7. Collum

    Did anyone at the game today catch collum reach for his yellow after a bad tackle on a Gers player around 60 mins in around the centre circle ? He looked as if he was about to book one of them but didn't produce a yellow despite looking as I f he was writing something onto a yellow card half out his pocket wouldn't mind seeing that again as his initial reaction of the hands into the pocket suggested a yellow was forthcoming.
  8. Sellouts v Aberdeen & Hibs

    Anyone who saw the swell in Manchester should be convinced a potential 40k plus is available over what we already have had coming through the turnstiles even in the last 30 years. Good or bad the Introduction of ST sales have been pretty steady at an even average of 30k since the mid to late 80's it's how the club tap into retain & boost those we all know who follow Rangers but can't or don't Follow on a regular basis the same plan was formed by Minty albeit backed up by decent funds & the situation post Hysel at one time the waiting list was if I recall a good few years for a ST. This standing room idea could be a winner but it has to be sustainable ditto the Scottish game in terms of quality of product but like most Bears I'd rather we form our own expansion plans of the stadium get supporters back but the fickle nature of our support is a conundrum many have witnessed down the years when things aren't going well & I include myself in that. I still believe we have way more of a support than the other lot it's bringing that back even allowing the tailing off of attendances I reckon RFC have at core support way in excess of even most of the current EPL teams & some European teams its realising that potential.
  9. MSPs recommend repeal of OBFA

    Ill be in the minority despite its initial targeting amidst robust policing it only started tackling the Scum the last few years hence why I think these patsy politicians got involved on their behalf only & for one reason only. I was always of the opinion that if you screwed the nut then you'd be less likely to be singled out in whatever methods plod employed there's plenty of cases where our supporters & more Importantly RFC should have taken plod to task!¬ the hanging effigies was one at The Scumdome it was patently obvious nothing was going to be done about it until a real fuss was kicked up about it otherwise it would have went like a lot of their antics the last few years conveniently ignored. Just for the fact most of the scums antics have been with tacit approval from within assembly of such disgraceful displays "poppy banner" their farc mouthpiece claiming to represent all supporters clearly no friend of a Rangers Supporter so even allowing for individual input from bears in reality it meant Fuck All as this isn't being proposed for the greater good & Bastards like Lennon get off scot free having been one of the major instigators of the ill feeling both on & off the park the facts surrounding his west end incident are in stark contrast to what was portrayed in the court case . Anyone who thinks this legislation good or bad in repeal is something celebratory is kidding themselves on imo the only ones celebrating are the Scummy Bastards who spent all their time & still do to blacken our supporters for the last 15 years at home & abroad we'd do well to remember that. it was by no means perfect but provided our supporters screwed the nut then the legislation was biting into those Bastards despite their blaze attitude in thinking they were untouchable so any time there is a discrepancy in policing it should have been highlighted but a combination of whipping up a pre derby with doom ^& gloom from plod in the media played to their advantage to employ whatever tactics they felt appropriate with a clear sanction from Holyrood however it never was applied convincingly across the board will a repeal make them more accountable not imo something the scummy tims have been all too ready to exploit with tales of woe & victimhood to get this repealed yet the Hypocritical Bastards have been the biggest exploiters whilst playing the victim card it not only shows how Fucking bad the politicos in this country are its time our supporters really made these Bastards accountable at the ballet box I Fucking despise the Nationalists but on this I agreed with their stance only for the point of how the tables were being turned as they bastards as always never take heed of the old adage of giving them enough rope that alone was always going to be their undoing .
  10. The Loving Cup

    Maybe the face painter could forego a fee for a last hurra for the weans party as they mourn the passing.
  11. There's a League Semtex could be in . They'd love to be right up their **** 5 pts behind ?
  12. Ryan Jack Red

    If you've already committed yourself to a 50/50 then your eyes are in the ball your as much a challenger as your opponent until contact in this case it was all done & dusted in the space of some 3-4 seconds you might have a look at the point of a loose ball but once you've commited yourself how the opponent is physically going into it is secondary you have to make that ball yours & clearly the Aberdeen player was not as committed instead opted for a block tackle driving his studs in to the turf so the following through from Jack is certainly not reckless imo.
  13. Yahoos Vandalise Fir Park

    Anyone catch Rodgers yesterday citing that phantom award for fair play . That ll be the one his deluded hordes votes themselves for despite being unofficial record holders in crowd disorder at their supposed base & abroad yet not one of the media challenged this Fucking Clown on that ridiculous statement.
  14. Denis Law

    I don't think I've read a more outstanding statement about Rangers. The Lawman is a class act clearly in awe of the Men before him if only we had more Scots like him. His more recent statement when the club was in turmoil also spoke volumes about his regard for Rangers F.C but the highlighted quote is without doubt superb. Makes ye proud to be a Ranger & a Scot. ☺️
  15. This is how it feels to be Rangers

    Billy McBungle adopted dementia to stop him being in the know ! ?