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  1. Another puke inducing piece on the Riverside fan club website . I'm surprised in these times of viral containment his straw was permitted but then again the hypocrites deserve each other . Yet another fawning portrayal of a scumbag amidst a backdrop of recent events . Irish Tom hasn't missed a trick here all the woes of Lemon real or made up/exaggerated to the point that the two Arseholes blatant ambivalence of the contradictions of them & their clubs utterances of late fly in the face of decency it's yet another pack of lies to placate the diseased mentality that obviously emanates from them. A pair of Scheming Bastards.
  2. Outstanding result given the opening 60 odd minutes to the 1 st leg was shocking tonight they bossed it . This team would drive you to drink this season they've been so disjointed but tonight was a massive display . Mon The Rangers .
  3. Absolute shite performance . Gerrard needs to get these Useless cunts trained in basics this side to side rubbish is costing us games . If the management can't see the individual errors this system causes they should be sacked . it's unacceptable to continually justify as these subbstandard performances lead to stupidity when it comes to even defending a 1-2 lead the throw in up their end lead to stupid head tennis & piss poor ball control this leading to a corner from an easily defendable ball instead they make a total cunt of it again. How many times does the management get away with selling the fucking jerseys before enough is enough they clearly cannot motivate that team into any cohesive force the continual error strewn performances aren't good enough.
  4. Chronic today far too many players not in that game. Kamaras pissing about cost us the game he was caught in possession in exactly the same way earlier in the game. Goal build up & a few half chances the pattern of play today was horrific never turned up second half at all no one willing to get on the ball, passing & decision making in the final third was pathetic . Today's performance was terrible unlike Wednesday we got away with it ,today we were shit overall against a side we should have beaten if we win those loose balls retain possession actually link up with some decent passing like we can do then that's where we should be most weeks but when players don't look up for it they are too easily beaten.
  5. Happy we won but far too flat tonight allowing them to regroup with our slow forward play. Some of the bookings for our players tonight bordered on ridiculous.
  6. Great result today cracking goals with some decent build up play amidst the many chances created. On Alfredo it was a stupid gesture as he was coasting his position, however as pointed out the lack of any similar indiscipline being punishable previously sums up the shitebags @ Hampden. Cue another concerted campaign of condemnation on Alfredo from mostly outwith our own but who gives a Flying Fuck given what's went previously they can all go Fuck Themselves. Listening to those Sheepshagging Bastards a fortnight ago reflecting on last December's game where they systematically sought out our star turn to get him sent off given the ridiculous treatment of him & lack of protection prior to that game against the whole lot the of the hammer throwing cunts in this league but good at feigning injury or wasting time when it suits them today had all that from Murderwell . ironic doesnt even begin to sum these cunts up so I'll take no lectures from a bunch of media hypocrites on discipline issues of our team or individual players so despite what SG says overall last season the problem lay not entirely with Alfredo but what he had been subjected to as long as we as a support give him our full backing he'll keep thriving as he's delivered far more than he's taken for the team & that's what those cunts despise him for.
  7. Very Astute Business from Rangers as The Face Painter must be owed that with interest.😁 Cannae Afford a CF so Alfie stays! Win Win
  8. Down to London for the friendly with Fulham Big Dados goal was superb. Scorching hot July day Supporters Bus down on Friday Midnight from Dumbarton then flew back up on The Sunday.
  9. goaaaal

    Paul McStay

    Sure it was during the Souness era McStay was linked to Us. Seem to recall a back page plea from The Roman or Liam Urging the player to remain when The Inter Milan story was being touted. "A please don't go Paul ",or words to that effect 😒😉
  10. Any organisation that employs a Fenian Apologist as a local Government corrospondentlest & is Instrumental in conniving with Police & Glasgow City Council to try to curtail OO parades is an enemy. As was/is the case of their sustained campaign started in the mid 2000's it started in The Gerald & filtered through to The Evening Times with tales of disorder,arrests etc yet comparative events yielded far more serious criminality but was conveniently ignored with uneccesary authoritarian policing rather than tackling root causes of those who brought trouble with them easily solved by more robust policing of anti social behaviour before it kicks off not after the event as was the case even then it was mostly trivial things but unwelcome amongst the vast majority who wanted to enjoy their day out. Yet T in the Park events were riddled with anti social behaviour & more serious criminality down the years but that particular media group was clearly doing the Police & Councils bidding for them.
  11. Cheer up Stevie Gerrard oh what can it mean to be ,in charge of the world's most successfull Football team .😁
  12. I still reckon the lad was hard done by whereas the wee Bastard Roberts was nothing but a diving cunt. Three times we were on the end of piss poor decisions by not seeing the build ups to the incident in that he was jockeyed it's not that the contact was sufficient enough to send the cunt flying. Never in any of the three were they a penalty If officials can't differentiate between a clear foul & simulation based on a genuine attempt on the ball from a defender then that sums up why their wee kid in Man City loanee was such a cheating Bastard & got away with it. More Importantly imo why such decision making isn't factored in even in real time when it's patently obvious the difference between an attempt at the ball & pre planned simulation based on his last touch as a defender goes for the ball, brace faces boyfriend goes to ground is blatant cheating . Three decisions involving that prick cost us such was the leniency afforded to their team when they were nothing more than a bunch of cheating Bastards. It was clear as day Timmy had adopted these tactics & still do to this day built around the myth of their hyped up status.
  13. Hitman Blood Money & Absolution pack in HD available to download from PS Store for £24.99.
  14. Got an email this morning regarding this year's Florida Cup from the organisers having registered last year. Suffice to say The Badge of the famous isn't on show 😒.
  15. That's a Fucking Hideous Image. Idolatrous Imagery is still being foisted upon the uninitiated. Rosary Beads & a Swinging Jimmy can't be far behind.
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