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  1. After the build up the outcome is disappointing. Mirrored many of the recent performances against them under different managers. Some very loose passes. Absolutely no one able to take some control in the midfield. Second half the performance picked up but not enough to seriously challenge. Still a work in progress.
  2. Decent first half performance let down by a poor goal to concede and Morelos acting like a child. If he can't show some self discipline (and there is little sign he is able to do that) then the club should get rid of him.
  3. Before yesterday I had big concerns about the appointment because of his lack of managerial experience although I recognised it was a big coup for the club. However I was impressed by his press conference (I think he gets what it means to be associated with this club) and his meet the fans was first class. Now looking forward to next season and hope the board support him with the required funds.
  4. Up there as one of the poorest displays of the past few seasons. Over to the board to sort out - soon.
  5. Fantastic again from the team. 6 points from two difficult games is really first class with a temporary manager.
  6. Player doesn't commit himself/is half hearted in challenging for the ball ends up getting hurt. Fairly common I would say and a harsh red.
  7. Great performance and a deserved three points. Bright point in an otherwise dismal season. Just hope it is the start of a consistent run of good results.
  8. I can't say my view has changed - without significant investment in the squad it will be struggle to get a trophy and virtually impossible to win the league. I would like to be more positive but the evidence is there for all to see.
  9. Showed grit and determination when under attack in the second half and then scored 3 great goals. Absolutely delighted.
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