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  1. The tables have turned we’re profiting of the fat bastard with a better deal he’s not controlling us now.
  2. Our over reliance on Morelos will cost us. No doubts in his ability
  3. I think we would if it was in the megastore
  4. Morelos is real quality but if we get a really good offer for him it would be wiser spent improving us all over the pitch. Still think we have a real issue in central midfield of a solid player who can add goals and perform defensive duties we seem to have one or the other at the moment. Hagi for me is a must buy.
  5. How does it make sense to end the league right now but say we must finish the cup?
  6. Aye just crack on like get the fitba back on as Bob Marley said don’t worry be happy 🎣
  7. Ano mate but just get the fitba back on cheers
  8. Don’t know about anyone else but can you honestly be bothered going through yet more court cases I know it’s probably necessary but this is never ending. just bring the fitba back
  9. Pretty excited by this to be honest. Quality gear on their website you can imagine they’ll follow suit with footy kits training gear etc I think this will really take off rather than some cheap template shite
  10. IMO Barton Shat it realized this wasn’t a stroll in the park and got out before his reputation got any worse
  11. Listen we either need to get our hard evidence out there or it’s all just talk which won’t stand up in a court. Deloitte aren’t stupid they’ve either been given a very narrow scope for investigation to cover tracks or there is no evidence of wrongdoing.
  12. Investigation, no investigation whatever you can clearly see the muppets in charge cannot run a simple Yes/No vote properly without fucking it up never mind the corruption behind it. If these people stay in charge there is no hope for Scottish football progressing. It’s quite clearly been setup to progress one team and that must come to an end.
  13. can a list of them be made so they can explain
  14. They're going to have some reconstructing to do when half these clubs go under
  15. we could but i think it would the 12th division
  16. Imo this may be a good thing Let them investigate themselves and 'find no wrongdoing' or have to admit to whatever has gone on. *If they find no wrongdoing we then call again for an independent inquiry and show our hand then they are really in the shit.
  17. Wouldn't be shocked in the slightest, no doubt the IT boys have already had a look for themselves and passed on some info 😉
  18. I said this before what is the hold up here. You can verify email timestamps in 10 min job on either side one from the SPFL side and one from Dundee's to see what happened or who's lying.. I do this all the time something is not right.
  19. RWB72


    Taken from FF companies under GV Ladbrokes, Coral etc https://gvc-plc.com/about/business-overview/our-brands/ Jessica O’Reilly, Head of PR Email: jessica.o’reilly@ladbrokes.co.uk Nicola McGeady, Head of Racing PR Email: nicola.mcgeady@ladbrokes.co.uk
  20. I still can't believe what a fucking mess this is 😂
  21. Anyone reckon they purposely leaked they will vote yes to the press to see what the general feeling was from the Dundee supporters?
  22. Also how the F can they come out with the below on Friday and then say on Tuesday actually ignore that we've voted yes, and claim nothing influenced their decision "Fundamentally, we believe that in these exceptional and uncertain times, no member club should be worse off as a result of this proposal than they are today. The current proposal will see member clubs cumulatively have in the region of £3.5-£4 million pounds of lost revenue. This loss of revenue will land at a time when clubs are coming out of the crisis and striving to get back to normalcy. We can’t imagine that any member club would intend to cause such harm to colleagues; indeed, in the face of a world-wide crisis we should all be helping each other get through these difficult times. It is a time for integrity and impartiality, which we have been witnessing every day throughout society and should be the same in football."
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