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  1. Fund just hit 40k fantastic gesture from the boys that we're driving the Adairs at the weekend.
  2. That statement confirms to me what most people on here already think, you are not like any of the Rangers supporters I know ( particularly in your alleged base of West Lothian were I know hundreds ) not one of them would make that statement.
  3. Sorry Greg but when your dad portrays himself as "Lord Louden" I am afraid to say that when it comes to social media there is no personal capacity, people will always connect his comments with the pub. And for the record in 23 pages not one poster has said that the wee Jay posts we're not out of order.
  4. But he is not in our ranks he is our "fans spokesperson & leader " and is courted by our esteem board at every opportunity.
  5. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
  6. Was being flippant K.A.I remember I got pelters on here for slagging the garner thing after Hamilton hope your non attendance tomorrow is nothing serious
  7. Any chance of your season tickets tomorrow your obviously not going to the game because your way to busy being baa humbug
  8. Fuck the game did you manage to make it to the Luna bar in Graz
  9. Remember my offer on this one still stands 


  10. Donation made Mark. PM when your auction is coming up I am sure I have some signed Rangers memorabilia I will send you for it good luck mate.
  11. Don't worry that thick cunt spiers probably doesn't know what it means either.
  12. That their is a fairly in-depth analogy of why the Tories gained an overall majority and thank you for that. However,the real reason the Tories won is actually a lot simpler than that. Actually, there is two reasons; one, that you touched on, the SNP completely wiped out Labour in Scotland and the second, David Cameron at an early stage realised that wiping Labour out in Scotland still might not be enough to give him the overall majority he so craved so he cleverly put the fear of death into English voters, particularly in the South of England, about a Labour Government propped up by SNP running the UK Government and quite literally they shat themselves hence why I made the comment "I really don't think they could have done it without the help of the SNP"
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