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  1. Never really been keen on the Irish pub jolly craicster thing . It's an identity crisis and a myth rolled into one . I'd rather just not go there .
  2. Graham Rix might come back for a few games Child Molestor .
  3. I believe it's true . Shit like that must go on all the time at clubs . That wee shite Griffith's is an annoying bigot , so not surprised ....if it's true of course .
  4. Lennon always implodes and loses the dressing room . The higher he takes them now the bigger the fall . Good will triumph over evil .
  5. McGuire was probably hoping they'd get round a table and quietly get a deal sorted , that's why he's shot his mouth off . Bluff now called . Put up or shut up time .
  6. Geez a brek ! I need to read some of my posts before I post . I feel a total wallpaper .
  7. Aye , absolute rockets , filmed inside the paedo dome with the club ambassador . Total wallpapers believe this shit .
  8. As Dart posted , this should have been a watershed moment . The safety of our fans was seen as irrelevant and the usual haters moved in , including the Kilmarnock bevvy merchant director . We have been told before that we should pick our battles ? Well this was one we could have won and pilloried the haters with. Great opportunity missed .
  9. Too late Leckie , you hate Rangers and we know it . Football fans are the scum of the earth , none of whom can be trusted to behave . A rambling pish stained article , it looks like we have got to him . Result .
  10. Hmmm , maybe Broonie should give the pope a shout and find out what the RC church think about gays before opening his mouth . He'd be better just trying to play football and solving the palestinian problem , but maybe it's more fashionable to support gays now . I'm maybe just bitter the arse bandits have highjacked the rainbow colour combination , must be a few thousand Rasta men having to change their wardrobes now .
  11. Fucking Radio Snyde giving it large with that tweet , bastions of moral integrity by fuck . Wee boys getting shagged and these twats want to stick up for the perpetrators What was done was illegal and a jailable offence , not to mention worthy of a serious doing they'd never forget . Absolutely sickening immoral lies we are reading now , sickening . A shocking disgrace .
  12. Daddy supported the Nazi's during the war son , that's why scum fans were called H*** .
  13. A mucking fagic signing for sure . On second thoughts I'd better wait to hear what Macnamara and Sutton have to say about it ....
  14. Presumably this is AFTER he was kicked out of the scum by BJK ?. If so , this is big Jock endorsing a known Paedo's business , wow . Only thing most sensible people would do would be to torch the place , not publicly associate with the guy . It should have been an attack on sight mentality not this creepy apologist shite .
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