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  1. Out of order , totally wrong . Need to get the full story here . The guy that started all this shite better have something to say , likewise the bigot Spiers .
  2. Yeah , he has played a blinder here . Is there some Traynor PR war being waged with stories like this being drip fed ?.
  3. Wow , that's a ruddy right there . What's caused the bell end to have this meltdown all of a sudden ? Must be something behind the scenes or are we just getting to him . Guy was a wreck on that programs . I like this .
  4. Was that the first Lambo they'd towed ? Hear what you're saying , but this is wrong . An established business for over a century and all of a sudden it's toys out the pram with parking . What about the rugby at Scotston or a rock concert at Belahouston park , are they all no parking zones now . There will be some counterfeit badges doing the rounds I think .
  5. Shower of shite . You tax your car you park and drive where you want , is the road not public property ? What happens if you go and visit a mate who stays local , does yer motor get towed if there is a match on ? This will likely inconvenience the locals as well . Not to mention the "watch yer car mister" guys - anyone spare a thought for them and their families ....#metoo
  6. Someone tell me that wasny Traynor that tweeted that 😏 Childish pish seems to be the order of the day with these journo types .
  7. Bloody hell , bloody hell . That's been taken a bit too far . The gloves are off . What's the story with these twats all having a big meltdown all of a sudden ?
  8. Could and should be a great manager for us . I'd say he already is well or his way to being one , but results might say different at times . Seems to be some problem with our squad which has existed since Pedro . We can have some cracking games and look like world beaters , then suddenly go on a 4 or 5 match run of total dross . Not sure what's going on , but it's the players that are downing tools and it's not a new thing .
  9. Check the nick of the guy , looks like he's been locked in a room cold turkey for 3 month with the screaming ab dabs . He looks a total shambles , that's no gambling that's done that . And btw I'm no a qualified addiction therapist either 👍 I heard keevins going on about the abuse the players get today and nearly booted the tranny off the wall . It wasny that when Alfie was getting pelters . The thumb dished it out large , he's going to have to take it back big time .
  10. Sick of it all , fed up and questioning the meaning of life . One look at the thumb and you can see he's no right . A wee ned bastard who'll ultimately end up in the gutter .
  11. Aye , was listening to it earlier . Don't know who the guy was that was defending it on clyde , but he needs to have a word with himself . That article is the worst I have read in years and is basically declaring open warfare and hatred on Morelos . Shocking .
  12. Bloody hell , that is just wrong in so many ways . That's a hate piece , plain and simple . Young guy from Columbia playing football and he gets that written about him . No way .
  13. Absolutely loving the timplosion . Guys a dirty bastard and any right minded person would have no problem with him getting banned . He did it , he was caught , he's rightly been punished . Canny work out what the big problem is . Listening to Clyde on the way home and it's defcon 4 with the terrorist paedo sympathisers . Quality 👍
  14. Graham Spiers , a whataboutery article about whataboutery 😖 He's feart to call them out because he knows he'll get given hell by the scum fans . Hope he discussed this with his sectarian bigot pal Angela .
  15. Nice one Jules , thanks , really enjoyed that 👍 The passion that the players , manager and staff showed at the end really gives me hope , we are seeing the start of something really special here . Brilliant .
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