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  1. I certainly hope they and everyone else does too . This guy is certainly tainted .
  2. Why not work with the English on this one , same problem a day apart . Lets get twice the number of people thinking about the problem I hope that we can also get a clear list of what is acceptable to sing or isn't . I would like fan groups and even lawyers to have a look and see what is actually offensive or sectarian . Would the billy boys not pass the test , fenian not actually being a sectarian word ?
  3. Ach , he's just a daft auld bastard from edinburgh who supports hibs . It's only celtic and Rangers , aye right .
  4. I remember Graham Rix managed Hearts , it was non stop Child Molestor chants , cos it was true . If we sung " Catholic " instead of Fenian that would make it all right then . Not sure of his mothers Marital status at the time of his birth mind you .....
  5. I watched the Clarke Boyd summit thing yesterday and it was really just about someone getting called names . The coin throwing was the only piece of substance . I'm glad King has issued an apology , I'm waiting for other club chairmen to do similar . Has Boyd had an apology yet ?
  6. Give em enough rope ...... It's really starting to get to the taking the piss stage now , makes me want to sing the songs even louder and prouder . I'm from the West Coast as well mind .
  7. That's a fucking riddy that article . Guy should be fucking jailed Light abuse FFS , my skin is crawling .
  8. They have appointed a person with no football knowledge based on the fact they need more gender equality in the SFA . It's not worked out too well , even a blind man knows it's fucked . What Steve Clark was on about is the same as we are saying , not saying I didn't see him as an arse at the time , but it's the same . Inconsistency . The SFA know it , the refs know it and something will change , it canny go on like this , it's all we talk about . Cue a CO assistant ? Is Lennon out if work ......
  9. Who decides what incidents the compliance officer looks at ? Can I phone up and ask it to be looked at , or is it actually Sportscene who decide ? Would I also get a written explanation of the decision explaining the reasons etc . Sorry if it was explained earlier in the thread .
  10. I have worked with Aberdeen fans for nearly 30 years . Bigoted bastards , hate Rangers and hate Glaswegions with a passion . Their greatest ever manager was born in Glasgow and came from Rangers . Willie Miller himself was born in Glasgow . The list goes on , but the bulk of the cup winners cup team came from Glasgow area . Glasgow's so shite they canny wait to come down with the blonde for a wee weekend shopping trip . Must be some complex they have , but I love it when Rangers win , it's great 👍
  11. Just seen him and Lennon sitting in Kelvingrove Park , 6 cans of Skol each and Buckfast chasers . Drowning their sorrows together . Griffiths was away to put a line on ...
  12. Stole the gif from dougie76 , but these boys were partying last night . Man Utd job still open ?
  13. Nice one Sir , nice If we can get through tonight and be saying the same tomorrow I'll be even happier
  14. If we don't get the land we could just buy all the houses and knock a few of the walls through 😀
  15. Was this no a vital part of the local community and that's why we couldn't use it for a fan zone ? Now the fucker is up for sale ,FFS . Who exactly is selling it and how will the community survive without it ! What's the bellend MP saying now the sectarian bigoted racist.
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