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  1. Good statement . Brown went down looking for a red card and made the most of it , it was cheating . I would like Rangers to minute the meeting and state what was said in response and any other relevant details . The fee paying punter deserves to know what is being said behind closed doors . Until we know that i'd say the S|PFL is treating the punters like mugs .
  2. Is it owned by the RC church ? Wondered if the Vatican were chipping in with a few hundred mill ?
  3. The pf are all RC . On the army I always wondered how a scum fan could join the forces . Indeed I knew a soldier who had tours of NI who supported the scum . I found it unbelievable and still do .
  4. Watched a few of his interviews on youtube recently . Saw he had a Johny Adair one that I've still to watch Who is James English and am I the only one that hasn't heard of him ?
  5. Bloody hell , they have a brass neck , they really do . As sparkle says , we have a right to highlight child abusers and that surely cannot be taken away . Sing it loud and sing it proud . They are paedo harbourers and need reminded of this FACT on an hourly basis .
  6. Nice to hear you don't just talk about big bad Rangers Queersy . Thanks , but at the same time no thanks you sectarian bigoted twat .
  7. Brown should be done with breach of the peace for that . He must have a mental age of 5 or something , is he for real ? At some point he'll be out on the town or on holiday and someone is going to start on him . Not saying its right , but he will get someone giving him peltors or worse . Even after he retires he'll still be getting it .
  8. In the name of fuck , Hope the guy gets caught and done in pronto . Out with the wife and some twat with a knuckle duster sets about you , FFS . Nay wonder some people are feart to go out at night .
  9. I certainly hope they and everyone else does too . This guy is certainly tainted .
  10. Why not work with the English on this one , same problem a day apart . Lets get twice the number of people thinking about the problem I hope that we can also get a clear list of what is acceptable to sing or isn't . I would like fan groups and even lawyers to have a look and see what is actually offensive or sectarian . Would the billy boys not pass the test , fenian not actually being a sectarian word ?
  11. Ach , he's just a daft auld bastard from edinburgh who supports hibs . It's only celtic and Rangers , aye right .
  12. I remember Graham Rix managed Hearts , it was non stop Child Molestor chants , cos it was true . If we sung " Catholic " instead of Fenian that would make it all right then . Not sure of his mothers Marital status at the time of his birth mind you .....
  13. I watched the Clarke Boyd summit thing yesterday and it was really just about someone getting called names . The coin throwing was the only piece of substance . I'm glad King has issued an apology , I'm waiting for other club chairmen to do similar . Has Boyd had an apology yet ?
  14. Give em enough rope ...... It's really starting to get to the taking the piss stage now , makes me want to sing the songs even louder and prouder . I'm from the West Coast as well mind .
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