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  1. Fucking Radio Snyde giving it large with that tweet , bastions of moral integrity by fuck . Wee boys getting shagged and these twats want to stick up for the perpetrators What was done was illegal and a jailable offence , not to mention worthy of a serious doing they'd never forget . Absolutely sickening immoral lies we are reading now , sickening . A shocking disgrace .
  2. Daddy supported the Nazi's during the war son , that's why scum fans were called H*** .
  3. A mucking fagic signing for sure . On second thoughts I'd better wait to hear what Macnamara and Sutton have to say about it ....
  4. Presumably this is AFTER he was kicked out of the scum by BJK ?. If so , this is big Jock endorsing a known Paedo's business , wow . Only thing most sensible people would do would be to torch the place , not publicly associate with the guy . It should have been an attack on sight mentality not this creepy apologist shite .
  5. Has the Lurgan Bigot actually signed a contract with the Paedos yet ? I heard him saying he was minded to sign , but seems strange there hasny been a big to do about him signing up for a ten year rolling deal with Lawell waiting in the showers for him .
  6. Their teams been shite since new year , bad ju ju going about . They were playing shite before the bigot appeared . . There might be a couple of good showings to come before the bigot kachs his own doorstep and he loses the dressing room again . Him and myalby can always hang about jintys trying to shag random birds till he gets the boot .
  7. I think it's great they have Lennon , but I never saw it coming . This is the guy that will represent the scum in hundreds of interviews on TV and radio . A bitter bigot who's antics have caused untold trouble in Scotland . A guy that threatens women with knives . A serial adulterer . And out of all the people they could get they've gone back and signed the Lurgan Bigot as the face of the scum . You couldny make this up 😀
  8. Good statement . Brown went down looking for a red card and made the most of it , it was cheating . I would like Rangers to minute the meeting and state what was said in response and any other relevant details . The fee paying punter deserves to know what is being said behind closed doors . Until we know that i'd say the S|PFL is treating the punters like mugs .
  9. Is it owned by the RC church ? Wondered if the Vatican were chipping in with a few hundred mill ?
  10. The pf are all RC . On the army I always wondered how a scum fan could join the forces . Indeed I knew a soldier who had tours of NI who supported the scum . I found it unbelievable and still do .
  11. Watched a few of his interviews on youtube recently . Saw he had a Johny Adair one that I've still to watch Who is James English and am I the only one that hasn't heard of him ?
  12. Bloody hell , they have a brass neck , they really do . As sparkle says , we have a right to highlight child abusers and that surely cannot be taken away . Sing it loud and sing it proud . They are paedo harbourers and need reminded of this FACT on an hourly basis .
  13. Nice to hear you don't just talk about big bad Rangers Queersy . Thanks , but at the same time no thanks you sectarian bigoted twat .
  14. Brown should be done with breach of the peace for that . He must have a mental age of 5 or something , is he for real ? At some point he'll be out on the town or on holiday and someone is going to start on him . Not saying its right , but he will get someone giving him peltors or worse . Even after he retires he'll still be getting it .
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