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  1. GRFC96

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Welcome to the worlds most succesful club Nikola 🇭🇷
  2. GRFC96

    Twitter Celebrity Z lister Aberlourbear

    That Peter Frome's a dick
  3. https://rng.rs/2I5Qw4t
  4. GRFC96

    Pubs near Hampden

    Was in Armstrongs for the Final against hibs and the semi final against them and you couldn't get moving. All the cultural songs were belted out, so don't think the owners are Tarriers
  5. GRFC96

    Second Statement

    Need to commend the board in getting rid of them when they'd rather be somewhere else. We're turning into an absolute joke.
  6. GRFC96

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    Shocked by this. Heard so many stories about the website and twitter being hacked etc. Warburton didn't seem the kind of guy to resign, but if he has tried to engineer a move to Forrest then backtracked then he should go. If he wants to be somewhere else then let him.
  7. Well played Emmerson! McGhee will be calling samaritans tonight
  8. GRFC96

    ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    Shite, Warburton's not got a fucking clue. Has to go.
  9. Foderingham Tav Hill Senderos Wallace Halliday Crooks Waghorn Windass McKay Miller
  10. GRFC96

    All Barton Chat.

    He's not finished he's only 28!!
  11. GRFC96

    All Barton Chat.

    Looks like he's finished
  12. Should be beating pub teams like Thistle blindfolded. Foderingham Tavernier Senderos Hill Wallace Halliday Waghorn Windass Forrester Miller Garner Subs: Gilks Wilson Hodson Holt Crooks Kranjcar Dodoo
  13. GRFC96

    ****The Official Aberdeen v Rangers thread****

    The decision that led to their winner was complete shite, never a foul but the performance wasn't good enough regardless. The formation doesn't work in Scotland against shite players who have 11 men behind the ball and we don't have the players to break them down. We dominated the first half but we can't afford to not take our chances, there was too many missed opportunities notably Garners and Holt's. Possession means fuck all if your not winning and Foderingham's distribution to the defence has got hearts in mouths, would prefer to play the long ball as if we lose it at least its going to be in the oppositions half. Thought big Hill had a good game but his partner at centre half is slow as a week in the jail and just not good enough but could say that for a few in the squad. Kranjcar's passing when he came on though was outstanding, apart from the one at the end that went to their player. Can't last a full game though and doesn't seem to have the legs for it anymore. Waghorn doesn't look the same player as last season, maybe because we're up against better teams, same goes for McKay and Wallace. Hope Warburton changes the 4-3-3 to a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1 as its not going to work in the Premier League, he's really stubborn and if he doesn't change it he needs to leave, 7th in the league is nowhere near where we should be.