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  1. GRFC96

    Fucking media at it again.

    Definitely a keeper
  2. GRFC96

    Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout

    Did samuel No 1 get sparkled?
  3. GRFC96

    Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout

    Was this argument serious? 😂😂
  4. GRFC96

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    They done what anyone of us would do and tear the team that day and Murty a new arsehole and quite rightly so, it was humilating. Murty's a shitebag and should have a bit of backbone but doesn't. Should be nowhere near the youths.
  5. GRFC96

    Fenian ref

    We all know the refs are shite and Collum is a bead rattling cunt. We hardly created anything but the refs are the least of our worries. We were shite today and thats it
  6. GRFC96

    Calm down ffs

    Right on the fucking money
  7. GRFC96

    Proud of my team.

    Any cunt that thinks thats acceptable is a fucking crackpot. That was fucking gutless and unacceptable, thats twice his tactics have fucked us. Everyone saying we'll beat them at ibrox what evidence is there to suggest we'll beat them? If we put in that level of performance at ibrox we'll get beat again.
  8. GRFC96

    Lee Wallace

    I remember when he was suspended, and I thought to quote a well known loyalist song 'His only crime was loyalty'. If anyone deserves to lift the league title its Lee Wallace. Loyal to the core, a legend for this alone.
  9. Fuck wanting the tarriers to win ever. Pedo bastards
  10. Hopefully he's bitter about the war and gives us decisions our way 😬🇬🇧
  11. GRFC96

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Welcome to the worlds most succesful club Nikola 🇭🇷
  12. GRFC96

    Twitter Celebrity Z lister Aberlourbear

    That Peter Frome's a dick
  13. https://rng.rs/2I5Qw4t
  14. GRFC96

    Pubs near Hampden

    Was in Armstrongs for the Final against hibs and the semi final against them and you couldn't get moving. All the cultural songs were belted out, so don't think the owners are Tarriers
  15. GRFC96

    Second Statement

    Need to commend the board in getting rid of them when they'd rather be somewhere else. We're turning into an absolute joke.