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  1. Like you were on mine to find out I stay on the Isle of Bute? 😂 Juvenile response but okay we’ll leave it at that 👍🏻
  2. You’ve clearly posted something ridiculous on Feb 25th (I’ll give you a couple of minutes to go through your posts and come back saying ‘what post have I said thats ridiculous’) Also I don’t go through months worth of your posts because tbh I couldn’t give a shit what you have to say. You get upset over what a random guy says on a forum 😂
  3. Says the one that’s getting upset over what a random guy on a forum says? 😂 You without doubt were one of those that stood up and applauded Gerrard on 8 minutes last night, probably tried to get people beside you to do the same.
  4. So you’re checking my post history now? You know I hardly post because there’s always moron’s like you on. Boils my piss that people like you are allowed on the internet. Apologies I can’t be on here 24/7 like you seem to be, you know with work, family commitments and life in general.
  5. Tbh going through someone’s post history is weird and embarrassing😂😂
  6. They held up this organisation’s banner but changed ‘rosse’ meaning red to ‘verde’ green. Upto their usual of supporting terrorists
  7. GRFC96


    I never said he was humiliating them or that it wasn't the truth i said that could be why the players are not playing the way they can because they're pissed off that he 's criticised them in public which shouldnt be the case but thats what players are like nowadays.
  8. GRFC96


    He wanted a reaction from the players but he isn't going to get that by threatening them publicly in post match interviews. By all means do it in the dressing room, I think you could get away with that if you're a top manager at a top team like Ferguson but it can have a detrimental impact on the squad too like Mourinho. He criticised his players in public at Chelsea and eventually they stopped playing for him and the same could be said about Man U.
  9. McGregor Worral. Goldson. Katic Middleton Arfield Coulibally Kent Ejaria Morelos Lafferty Try something new for a change
  10. Hopefully he's bitter about the war and gives us decisions our way ???
  11. Need to commend the board in getting rid of them when they'd rather be somewhere else. We're turning into an absolute joke.
  12. Shocked by this. Heard so many stories about the website and twitter being hacked etc. Warburton didn't seem the kind of guy to resign, but if he has tried to engineer a move to Forrest then backtracked then he should go. If he wants to be somewhere else then let him.
  13. Well played Emmerson! McGhee will be calling samaritans tonight
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