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  1. GRFC96


    I never said he was humiliating them or that it wasn't the truth i said that could be why the players are not playing the way they can because they're pissed off that he 's criticised them in public which shouldnt be the case but thats what players are like nowadays.
  2. GRFC96


    Katic is the better out of him and Worrall and his early performances didnt merit him being dropped so maybe Gerrard just prefers Worrall more but I feel sorry for Katic because he was good beside Goldson and I thought Goldson looked better beside him too. If his confidence has been affected no wonder, playing well and then being dropped for a loanee. Katic is better in the air too and always looks dangerous in the oppositions box at set pieces.
  3. GRFC96


    He wanted a reaction from the players but he isn't going to get that by threatening them publicly in post match interviews. By all means do it in the dressing room, I think you could get away with that if you're a top manager at a top team like Ferguson but it can have a detrimental impact on the squad too like Mourinho. He criticised his players in public at Chelsea and eventually they stopped playing for him and the same could be said about Man U.
  4. GRFC96


    Thts right, everyone seemed to rate Grezda as you say the Albanian manager, Osijek and people in his homeland. Something doesnt seem right.
  5. GRFC96


    Don't understand why gerrard dropped Katic. there surely has to be a clause in worrall's contract about the number of games he has to play.
  6. GRFC96


    halliday ahead of flanagan every time
  7. GRFC96


    Think Gerrard's overspent getting Grezda, pays 2 mill for him and doesn't play him. I know he was struggling for fitness but surely he's fit now? Seriously concerned he's now realised he's signed another dud.
  8. GRFC96

    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    McGregor Worral. Goldson. Katic Middleton Arfield Coulibally Kent Ejaria Morelos Lafferty Try something new for a change
  9. Does anyone know if Novo's bar is ticketed today?
  10. GRFC96

    Fucking media at it again.

    Definitely a keeper
  11. GRFC96

    Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout

    Did samuel No 1 get sparkled?
  12. GRFC96

    Lafferty stealing MON cardboard cutout

    Was this argument serious? ??
  13. GRFC96

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    They done what anyone of us would do and tear the team that day and Murty a new arsehole and quite rightly so, it was humilating. Murty's a shitebag and should have a bit of backbone but doesn't. Should be nowhere near the youths.
  14. GRFC96

    Fenian ref

    We all know the refs are shite and Collum is a bead rattling cunt. We hardly created anything but the refs are the least of our worries. We were shite today and thats it
  15. GRFC96

    Calm down ffs

    Right on the fucking money