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  1. I bet you're so happy to be wrong, mate. I thought the same as you did a while ago too and couldn't be more pleased with them going down tonight.
  2. Not long home from the match. Bloody outstanding, even though it was against a League One side. We could easily have taken more tonight if we wanted/had to. Five flattered Airdrie, IMO. It's a good time to be a Bear. WATP.
  3. I think we'll be lucky to get a win against Hearts. They are by far the much better team going into this match. Our squad is unfit, played out of position, too old, stale and in need of some form of management. Right now, I'd happily take a scrappy 1-0.
  4. Be careful, mate. I said something similar right before the Hearts game and out came the forum crusaders. Terrified, so I was.
  5. Well, bookies have us as hot favourites. But as usual, I don't see us winning this at a canter. Anything but a win isn't good enough, though.
  6. I'm thinking McCoist will field a basic 4-4-2, with a similar selection to the Hearts game. Simonsen; McGregor, McCulloch, Mohsni, Wallace; Aird, Black, Law, Macleod; Boyd, Miller. I'd take a 1-0 with the winner being scored by anyone. I reckon it'll be another game that'll be tough to view and Killie will make it hard for us. A good crowd would help carry the lads, but I can't see the attendance being anything more than 25,000. The game is live on TV and management and recent performances have been dire. Also, a lot of fans are using the convenient excuse of current boardroom antics as a reason not to show up.
  7. What's your predictions for the match against Kilmarnock later today? Formation, full-time result, goal-scorers, etc...
  8. I'd take a 1-0 win right now. I think it'll be another game that'll make for tough viewing, though. A decent crowd would help carry the team through but attendance will probably be low on account of recent performances, fan's dislike for the management, the game itself being live on TV and the current boardroom ramblings (which shouldn't matter when we're supposed to be supporting a football team).
  9. It'd be great to bag a win over them, but heart and head say different things. The heart, of course, sees Rangers grabbing the three points. But my head says that we have no chance. Hearts are the best team in the league. They are better than us in terms of points, defence, fitness, organisation, tactics and management. I hate to say it, but we have no chance. I'd be honestly surprised if we managed a draw, never mind a win. Bad times when you're bricking it in the build up to a game against Hearts. If we do lose, then Ally must either be sacked or resign. That would make us nine points behind Hearts at only fourteen games in. In my opinion, the last straw. But let's see what happens later. Best of luck, Bears. WATP.
  10. I wish I could like that post more than once. Spot on.
  11. I've got 10,000+ 'Vote Naw' stickers, if any Bears want some. Need to get the message out there for the last few weeks of campaign, so any takers who can distribute them (sticking them onto lamposts, etc) would be much appreciated. I'll be at Ibrox tomorrow, so private mail me if you're after some.
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