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  1. Dale Pryce In Custody

    They've already told him to stay clear whilst police are conducting investigations. Saw something about in one of the scuddies yesterday.
  2. Dale Pryce In Custody

    There's a lot of evidence against him. BBC and Sky will have a sufficient amount and his face has been all over the scuddies.
  3. Dale Pryce In Custody

    It's not giving me the option. Maybe I have to log in on my laptop. Using my Kindle Fire here.
  4. Dale Pryce In Custody

    I can't. Or if I can I don't know how to. Lol.
  5. Dale Pryce In Custody

    Just noticed the typo in the title. Fucking Kindle Fire ? Admin can change it if they don't mind.
  6. Dale Pryce In Custody

    That's the Hibs fan pages caught onto it and started retweeting it now. Fucking notifications tab is going to be chocca with these bastards now.
  7. Dale Pryce In Custody

    I'm sure the Bears in Polmont or in Addiewell will be arranging that.
  8. Dale Pryce In Custody

    Aye, he's deleted his Twitter account along with the Colin McGarry shitebag. I also have that Pryde's phone number here, his WhatsApp hasn't been active since 4:22pm. Probably been in the cells since around then.
  9. Dale Pryce In Custody

    Shared this on Twitter. 100% legit, Bears. One Hibee down, many more to follow hopefully.
  10. Bheggars on the park ?????

    Colin McGarry's employers email address: enquiries@mactag.com
  11. Dundee Utd For The Drop?

    I bet you're so happy to be wrong, mate. I thought the same as you did a while ago too and couldn't be more pleased with them going down tonight.
  12. *** Official Snooker World Championship Thread ***

    Selby showed tonight why he's world number one. Ding Junhui played well but it just wasn't his year. Looks like Selby missing the Players Championship and the China Open helped him out a lot at this year's worlds. A good tournament overall, IMO.
  13. If we had gained promotion last season?

    I remember around this time last season on here that I was slaughtered for suggesting that another season in the Championship might be a blessing in disguise, which it's quite obviously turned out to be. A lot of you sure have changed your tune since. Don't know whether to take a shit or go for a haircut.
  14. Our very poor defence of late..........

    I agree, mate. That triangle of the GK and the CBs is pivotal in any team. We're missing a Richard Gough/Davie Weir type at the back.
  15. Our very poor defence of late..........

    Bring back Emilson Cribari.