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  1. I suppose that I am not the only one out there gorging on this schadenfreude feast. THEM really, really, really are not taking their defeat very well at all. It is almost as if they believe that some law has been passed that we are not allowed to beat THEM, especially on their own midden, and they simply cannot accept that it happened. They are reacting like the typical arrogant bully who has had his own way for way too long, who has finally came up against someone prepared to stand their ground, they are confused and are lashing out blindly at those around them. Here is hoping that we can go on and add to their confusion in the coming weeks.
  2. I am sure that Mr Unpronounceable based his valuation on tried and proven methods of reaching a players potential valuation, rather than the Dembele Dollars system currently used to value THEM's players by the Scottish Mhedia.. No doubt that this Chlamydia character will soon be worth three times the value of Alfie when he scores a dodgy penalty against Clyde.
  3. In our case it would technically be up to the Highland League (Pedantic Loyal 🤨), more likely we would be sent to the Lowland League or even the Juniors. However I cannot see that happening as they have already played that particular card, I doubt that they would get away with it again. Obviously I would love to see it happen, but having been taught to be cautious in all things I will resist the temptation to get carried away about our chances of winning the Title fairly & squarely this year and would urge others to do the same lest they be let down. Cliché I know, but there is still a long way to go.
  4. Someone should be having words with the "decorator" for a start. As for the rest...………...😮
  5. They were not great, however after a three week break I will not read too much into their performance, just as I am not concerned at our below par display on Friday, albeit with 7 changes to the starting line up. Just a pity that they had such an easy draw, would have been interesting to see how they would have got on away to Killie. As usual though, if we are going to win the Cup this year, it will be up to us to stop THEM.
  6. I have come to the opinion that there must be some person sitting there at the Propaganda Ministry sending out instructions to all of the THEM minded types out there. They are all literally singing from the same hymn sheet, firstly it was that Alfie should be banned forever, just because, then the revisionism about the referee, now they are all going on about THEM coming back stronger from the break, the break came at the wrong time for Rangers and that we will buckle under the pressure, normal service as far as they are concerned to be resumed in the second half of the season. Dr Goebbels could have learned a lot of lessons from this mhob.
  7. THEM, really, really are not taking their well deserved defeat very well at all, are they? All joking aside about Erskine Bridge, you really do have to think that someone will come to harm when we eventually win our next trophy if this is how they react to losing one game.
  8. Of course, had it been the other way around and THEM were making allegations of racist abuse towards one of their black players at Ibrox, the morning after would have seen us found guilty and condemned without question, with the usual crowd of politicians and campaigners demanding that we be severely punished.
  9. Oh dear. Just when you thought that it could not get any better.
  10. As I mentioned in another thread, it is a pity that the outrageous skill of Aribo in taking down that long ball seems to have been lost in all of the bedlam. Had Messi done that we would be seeing endless repeats on Sky Sports. The boy has talent, an inspired signing.
  11. But, but, he is a Catholic.😁 He was immense yesterday.
  12. Superb stuff, the highlight for me was Aribo's control of that pass, genuine World class, a pity it seems to have got a wee bit lost in all of the euphoria. Many thanks for the video JS./
  13. He did the same when he rinsed Sky for highlighting a nothing incident involving Alfie at the Motherwell game. Perhaps now that he is no longer playing he feels he can speak his mind rather than tip toe around issues for fear of upsetting his club. More power to your elbow Boydie.
  14. Great point, especially about Clancy, over six minutes of 4 minutes stoppage time, had they scored in the sixth minute it would have destroyed us psychologically.
  15. Popcorn Teeth, Chairman Kim, Cockney Wanker, Franciscus, BBC Scotland, Hamza Useless, Nicola Sturgeon, Tony Roper, your Bhoys took a helluva beating. Get it right fucking roon ye.
  16. Disagree, we have the desire and momentum to win, their manager is a Bawbag.
  17. THEM are slowly, but surely beginning to realise that their masturbatory fantasies about us not existing anymore are just that. A fantasy.
  18. Disagree, let them bump their gums about how good they are to the compliant press, let them believe that they are superb in every way. The truth shall be soon be known.
  19. Happy days my man, and do we not deserve it after everything we have went through over the last few years. We are back, and THEM and the rest of the scum out there know it.
  20. Naughty, naughty, the cunt is an imbecile, not a terrorist, although, now that I think about it, they do like their terrorists down Piggery way.;
  21. Pine Martin Loyal, however today it was a stoater.
  22. The arrogance of these cunts will be their downfall, they seem to believe that they have become invincible, hopefully they continue to believe this after todays minor setback.
  23. I think that it is a Stoat, although I may be wrong. However, this season may well be a stoater, after today I believe that there may be no stopping us.
  24. A confident prediction following their League Cup robbery.
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