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  1. Yeah was puzzled about that earlier this morning up at Tesco having a wee browse through the back pages. Given all the talk about their 10IAR celebrations I thought that my flux capacitor had kicked in and I was a year into the future. Sadly, unless Gerrard can really pull a rabbit out of the hat next season (whenever that is) I cannot see the current squad of Bottlers in Blue stopping THEM, although God knows they need to be stopped. Their arrogance is beyond the pale and if ever a bunch of pricks needed slapping down it is THEM. One can only hope that this supreme arrogance and self confidence of theirs may play a part in their eventual downfall.
  2. To use an old analogy, Doncaster & McLellan are two wee boys desperately trying to plug the ever increasing numbers of holes in the dyke, but as they will soon find out, the damage done is already too great. No one can now deny that the SPFL is not fit for purpose and its demise is inevitable sooner (hopefully) or later. Although it is obviously far too simple, any new League body should be simple one club, one vote system with a simple majority required to pass any votes, none of this 75% required to pass nonsense. Full transparency should be the keyword, with all business of the League open to scrutiny, with the obvious safeguards in place to protect a persons or a business' privacy or justifiably confidential information. Needless to say any new League should be completely clean of any tint of the old, and the Clubs will have to ensure that the people they employ to run the thing are up to the task, something that has become abundantly clear as not to be the case with the current set up.
  3. From all that I am hearing the SFA/SPFL have absolutely no intention of declaring the season void. If they go ahead then apart from the obvious legal action they would be facing, I would also hope that the fans of those Clubs directly affected by deciding the Leagues as per March 13th, would seriously consider giving their support in the future to a clearly corrupt game. I would go to my Clubs home games, but certainly would not put a single penny into any other part of the game.
  4. Nightmare for those who booked up of course. My neighbours teenage son was hyper the other day when his ticket confirmation came through, it was going to be his first Euro jaunt with his Old Man. I realise that this virus is a killer, however I still cannot help but feel that the Sledgehammer has been wielded a bit too soon in this matter.
  5. Good call on the modded Stellaris. I played way too many hours as the Klingon Empire in the Star Trek New Horizons, Into the mirror darkly Mod. Superb stuff from the creators, I found myself playing that wee bit longer of a night hoping to get the next upgrade to my fleet as the Klingon Empire has some smashing toys. Also playing as the furrowed fore headed guys, you are not hamstrung by the pishy pacifist doctrine of the Federation races, any cunt gives you lip, send in a fleet and blow the shit out of them. Anyone who has Stellaris, I thoroughly recommend the Star Trek mod, even if you are not a Trekkie.
  6. I thought I had started to cry watching this, it was acually my eyes bleeding.
  7. My respects for what they are worth for those who are travelling today. Many will not even bother to watch that bunch of imposters on the TV never mind making the journey to support them, spending a great deal of money in doing so. Perhaps in my younger hardcore days I would have made the journey regardless, in fact I know that I would have, but not now, time and circumstance have taken their toll. I just hope that the current hardcore can stay the course until we finally see a proper Rangers team on the pitch again. With regards to today, now that all of that beastly pressure of trying to win something has been removed, it would not surprise me to see a reasonably comfortable win hopefully give those travelling Bears something to make the effort worthwhile.
  8. Just as well we are fucking it up. If by some miracle we turn this around it will only prolong the agony.
  9. Jakes Pal


    How long did you sit thinking that one out?πŸ˜€
  10. Getting ridiculous now is it not? Only surprise is that it was not one of our guys to be the first actually lifted for scoring against THEM.
  11. Whilst THEM and taking a defeat with some dignity have always been strangers, having a player arrested for scoring against them is a wee bit extreme, even for THEM. I would imagine that in the interest of good PR the PF will not proceed with any case against the two Danes arrested, otherwise it could be interesting the next time a Scottish/Plastic Irish club play in Denmark.
  12. Got to keep playing him, only way to get him out of the dip in form. For once we need a wee bit of luck to go our way, a deflected shot bouncing in off his arse or a two inch tap in just to get him back on the scoresheet and restore some confidence.
  13. Very civilised of HSV in their sentiments. We are going to need all the luck we can get against Leverkusen.
  14. All the glee of Wednesday aside, this is our most vital game of the season so far. Fuck this up and we will have handed THEM another treble. We should all have learned by now that no matter how crap the form of the opposition, when it comes to playing us it is game on as our recent visit to Tynecastle demonstrated. I would imagine it will be all of the usual tactics from Hearts, and no doubt Farmer Giles has been invited to let his cattle herd use the pitch today to make sure of an ideal surface for the home team. Will be tight I reckon, perhaps even a replay.
  15. It seems that we allowed/invited Copenhagen to use Auchinhowie, an invitation that was accepted to treat some injuries. Just makes it all the sweeter. I have to say though, THEM's "fixer" really should be getting his jotters this morning, he clearly failed in explaining to Copenhagen that THEM were on an unstoppable charge to Gdansk and quadruple glory.
  16. You will be gutted that THEM are oot then? Could not have got a shorter trip. 😜
  17. The odds on that stat must be in the several hundreds to one.
  18. Whilst not overly confident of progressing against what proved to be a very good team last week, I think that we will make a game of it tonight and stand a fair chance as long as our defence turns up. Europe seems to have been like a pressure release valve for us this year so hopefully we can do well again tonight. With the backing of over 5000 very boisterous Bears, hopefully our guys can give us another night to remember.
  19. Best game ever has to be Horace goes skiing on the ZX81, closely followed by the original Halo, my mind was blown. Game of the last decade I would say would be The last of us
  20. I am amazed that we scored from outside the box where it was not a direct free kick. Perhaps we should try this shooting malarky a wee bit more often.
  21. The drastic plastic, pishy weather, our current lacklustre form and another parked bus point to another potentially tight affair, I will just be happy to get through with whatever it takes.
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