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  1. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Johnny Hubbard

    Rip Mr Hubbard. A Rangers legend.
  2. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    So that's 2 from sfa gone. When does the spfl head roll that is the biggie for now.
  3. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Rangers seek clarity regarding unwashed Hughes role

    So I reckon they are being boxed into a corner. If they say Hughes had nothing to do with it Rangers will demand to know who did and why. Then no confidence. If they fess up it was him we will ask how he was getting away with it and still cry no confidence. Way to go.
  4. crazy bob swollenbaws

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Could it be that he knows he is not in SG plans anyway and has played his last game for us?
  5. crazy bob swollenbaws

    A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Feels like this is a concerted attack on Rangers revenue earning capability. Snp coonsul?
  6. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Gerrard wants us to play Klopp's way

    The league we are in is the big factor imo. Rough times with the authorities ahead methinks.
  7. crazy bob swollenbaws

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    We u should. They fight off the pitch as well as on. Remember the bullet and bomb shite?
  8. crazy bob swollenbaws

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Need another 6 goals hibi wankers
  9. crazy bob swollenbaws


    Agreed but we don't move enough to do that. Of the ball I think our movement is crap. Too much passing to a man rather than to space for a man to run onto.
  10. crazy bob swollenbaws

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Who could step in for mccrorie? Barjonas perhaps?
  11. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Conspiracy anyone?

    As I said to an abergreen fan at the weekend, they are Celtics useful idiots. If helping them hurts hibs then aberdeen will get trashed. Idiots that they are.
  12. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Ross McCrorie

    Exactly. Not putting him back there cost murty his job. Totally idiotic.
  13. crazy bob swollenbaws

    LET'S GO!!

    Well put it this fucking way. I am confident we won't be worrying about playing kili Dundee and fucking hibs and abergreen.
  14. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Gerrard agrees terms - unconfirmed

    U say that but most from the Rangers youth team have never let us down. The so called stars however.....
  15. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Gerrard agrees terms - unconfirmed

    I have felt for a while that there is money there. I don't know who is putting it in tho. Look at the dosh we have wasted on Niko Pena alves etc. If we had a proper return from those and rossiter we would still be fighting for first place not second. We plead hardship and rightfully so. Waste has been our biggest issue. SG would not come without suitable budget.