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  1. We dont need a captain. Everyone is a leader dont u know. 🙄
  2. I agree with this. Remember defending us to taigs about plating shite but still winning.....
  3. You show ur ignorance here. Define "better". Football is a team game.
  4. There is no fucking hope for u. There really isnt. U dont understand how opposition is different in europe from here ffs.
  5. Well it fucking is now. Opposition adapt.
  6. No. Most of the losers are his. No fucking more. He would only by cints to slot into his pish 433.
  7. Would like this mate but none left.
  8. See i keep hearing this without any sort of reason. Going by current situation is there not a reason why Rangers should not play 433 anymore.? Its all pish. Its eleven against eleven ffs.
  9. This boils my piss. Was ot importNt enough to try two up front? No. Just important enough to chew some balls assuming he is not at fault.
  10. So leadership is everyones job. That means its no ones ffs.
  11. Correct. Cause gerrard is from a less aggressive better refd league than this. If he cannot change tactics to suit an opposition then he is not a manager. Fuckit. Get rid.
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