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  1. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Can you smell it......

    Maybe need a massive paedo legal and compo fund.
  2. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Apparently he only found out a couple of hours before maribor game. Sorry Josh. Hope u don't think that punting u like that will turn us against SG cause it aint going to happen. My be wrong but I think I detected a bit of that.
  3. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    Actually don't think that would have changed much mate.i have always felt this was part of a long game to protect us from a longer one to destroy us. Given the supreme could stitch up of overulling actual tax experts we were better off with the kiddy oan toxic debt isolated in the old wrapper co.
  4. We have just had 2 takings expelled from the sfa. We are on the heels of another. We have had vindictive pursuit of trumped up charges. I am shocked anyone doubts there is a vendetta.
  5. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Cast your mind back

    Plus liverpool legend as manager
  6. Oh agreed. He was a dick it was still not a red tho. Then all the other decisions.....
  7. Yup. And Nancy took the fucking cowards option of two yellows.
  8. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Gerrard “it’s been happening for seasons”

    I think this statement was prepared by the board AND sg for delivery by him. I suspect part of a "strategic" initiative.
  9. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Gerrard “it’s been happening for seasons”

    Abergreen fan I work with said exactly the same
  10. Defo. All the evidence points to it. Sfa using sellick lawyers Accusations at title stripping time that someone allegedly said to mccoist I think "you bastards have been ripping us off for years" re Rangers. Uproar at retard offices when we won 1st tax tribunal. Well fucking dodgy decisions. Goes on and on. We are too unlucky to be so unlucky.
  11. crazy bob swollenbaws

    McInnes's shirt today

    Morelos given them an advantage mate. They would have been hammered if not for that. Apparently commentators saying morelos may just be on way out as sg is ruthless.
  12. crazy bob swollenbaws

    McInnes's shirt today

    Disgusting wee fat bastard
  13. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Pack It Up Everybody Go Home

    All the more galling if we drop points today.
  14. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Pack It Up Everybody Go Home

    Agreed. but he gave the cunts the chance. Needs to realize it's not about him. It's about Rangers.
  15. crazy bob swollenbaws

    Club Statement

    To get a major anti Rangers scalp off the fucking spfl board. They will make more money from Europe than us. This have more to lose than us that way. We can't tolerate these vermin infesting the corridors of power. We fight on and OFF the field.