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  1. I prefer defoe to afredo if i am honest. 3 goals from amidfielder in open play at a venue we usually struggle.at. we had less posession but were able to create the space to score. Whats not to like?
  2. Spot on. We have no sleekit streak about us at all. That is an issue.
  3. Sorry but this is wrong. It took us 7 or 8 years to build a team, the dynamics of which, delivered 30 goals from the same striker. Many factor influence this such as the strikers ability to stay on the pitch and the service and dynamism of the rest of the team. No such thing as 30 goal striker. How many goals did boyd score 2nd time around?
  4. It is actually ok . Aye. Naive to think otherwise.
  5. Sorry but heard all this pish with boyd. Best striker in scotland etc etc. He is no fucking use to us if he cannot be relied on to stay on the fucking pitch.. it is no surprise we played better when he went off. The world never imploded when boyd left. It wont do with this guy either.
  6. I think you will find defoe is more clinical and, importantly, given he can stay on the field, needs marked by defenders which creates spare for others.
  7. Agreed. Tav and morelos are the first areas of change for me. Also worrall. There are others ie midfield but these three are the lowest hanging fruit.
  8. Pains me to say it but i agree with this. When is on his game he is very good. Just not often enough for me.
  9. Said it in another thread and got shit for it. Guy is a liability and for some reason everyone thinks the priority is to pass to hom instead of shoot. Get shot of.
  10. Forces us to try other things than just get the ball to morelos at all costs. Telling u. Fucking ditch him. Sick of it.
  11. My reasoning is that if we lose an old firm game, the taigs will lie down to aberdeen. If that happens then the gap starts to look shaky. Very pessamistic at watching us against the likes of motherwell and kili etc. Hope am wrong. There are no games i have us odds on to win now.
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