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  1. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Srllick have complained aboot the ref and goat him changed
  2. Murty’s tactics

    Agreed. Given that We were forced to play a niko with chocolate legs and lost ryan jack and still won against a motherwell that should have been down to 10 men, we did well. Finger crossed for saturday.
  3. Mark Allen: My role at Rangers has been greatly misunderstood

    Did u read the article? What does the DoF role provide that was not done by other people before? Sorry but the way the article reads , DoF is a waste of money.
  4. Mark Allen: My role at Rangers has been greatly misunderstood

    Certainly has that feel about it.
  5. Mark Allen: My role at Rangers has been greatly misunderstood

    This sounds like a made up job to me that is just a consolidation of things into one role without adding any real value. Question - what are the objectives against which he will be assessed a success or failure every year? That a scouting system exists or that it has x no of players in first team at any one time for example? I would expect that the DoF provide a level of assurance that the footballing strategy is sound for the demands/ambitions on the club and that the players the manager buys fit that strategy. I would have expected him to question pedro plan re building a team around a clearly fucked niko for example. If the article is really his remit, bin him and split the duties up among board members.we used to have all these things before DoF. Sounds like the board have tried to outsource their own fucking jobs to DoF. So they sit happy doing fuck all. A common scenario in bisiness nowadays.
  6. Could there be more to the rumour ?

    Correct. Hate to say it but with my business head on ashley was our best option. Tons of money and would not want to be associated with failure.
  7. Could there be more to the rumour ?

    In late nov i heard that dk was trying to sell his shares and was close to it. That was holding up new manager appintent. I still think this will happen. Clue is length of murty appointment. I reckon we are actually an attractive option to buy. Because we are so shit and in such a shit league it would not cost that much to add value to us.
  8. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    Sorry but we do not need 3 or 4 new players to beat the likes of st johnstone who we turned over 3-0 in perth. Esp after recent resulta. We will get into a cycle of constant clearouts. By all means clear out the lame ducks such as niko and rossiter etc then replace those. We should xo that no matter how we are playing ho.
  9. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    Our biggest problem was trying to walk it into the net.
  10. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    Creative midfielder and a manager who appreciates there is more than one way to carve open a defence is all we need
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    Think we need to start with same system and see if the othwr team can beat it. If not looking good then change. Problem is we have not the players to try other systems easily.
  12. Ross McCrorie

    Any news about ross injury? Will he make hivs game?
  13. 4-4-2

    Ffs it does matter. Thats why u have a manager. To get the best out of players. Football is not just abput throwing dosh about.
  14. 4-4-2

    I fear u are correct. If murty thinks like that tho i would argue he is naive. Thw reason we get overrun is because we have so little threat up front so opposition midfield can just focus on attack. So few outballs for our midfield.
  15. 4-4-2

    Agreed. I thougjt that as well. The concern i have is that the more omplex the system, it just seems to me , the more difficult it is to play that system or commumicate a players role while maintaining flexibility.. Also it limits the scope for players to adapt as the game changes. I would keep it simple. 352. Flood the midfield so we do not get overrun. 3 massive centre halfs. The 2 strikers doubles our chances of connecting with a Rangers striker over what we have now.