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  1. Huge tin hat on but i think aberdeen will take points off them at some point.
  2. I was concerned when i found out he was the ref. He always overcompensates for being a supposed blue nose. Really shit ref. We did not do enought to win the game tho.
  3. Honoured to have the wife and sons at the trafalgar bar with Hong Kong RSC today. Good hunting bears.
  4. Madden over compensates. Dont think will matter tho.
  5. This. Still too many instances of players just outside the box passing sideways rather than shoot for my liking.
  6. Anyone know what happened to big jock knew thread in bears den? Can find it. Cheers
  7. Correct. Mutants all saying it was a red. Absolute pish. Watched it over and over. Contact looks more to upper chest to me. Not a deliberate elbow attempt and not to face.
  8. Agreed. No way am i clapping tomorrow.
  9. I prefer defoe to afredo if i am honest. 3 goals from amidfielder in open play at a venue we usually struggle.at. we had less posession but were able to create the space to score. Whats not to like?
  10. Spot on. We have no sleekit streak about us at all. That is an issue.
  11. Sorry but this is wrong. It took us 7 or 8 years to build a team, the dynamics of which, delivered 30 goals from the same striker. Many factor influence this such as the strikers ability to stay on the pitch and the service and dynamism of the rest of the team. No such thing as 30 goal striker. How many goals did boyd score 2nd time around?
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