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  1. Cant remember bud. All i know is club should be challenging this.
  2. There is previous for this. In the late 80s or very early 90s pretty sure jim bett was booked twice against us but allowed to stay on the field. Ref was jim duncan. From memory. Think he got bumped off the list.
  3. Struth. Ok. So who at the club decides what score to give? The manager? SG in our case? So i would assume we are frequently awarding the minimum 3 or else we deserve all the shit. I promise u the taigs will be.
  4. Cheers mate. Is this documented anywhere? I would expect some sortof public facing documentation outlining how they assure standards, the roles of assessors, 4th officials etc.
  5. Serious question. Have looked on sfa website but cant find anything about their quality assurance procedures for how they track referee performance and take corrective action to constantly improve standards. Anyone have dealings with them and know how this is done?
  6. You sure? Been in it a couple of times on saturday nights. Absolutely no indication of any footie allegance. U not confusing w star inn on grahams road? Is nearby.
  7. Nah. No real allegiance i think. Fair bit of trouble most weekends to be fair.
  8. Rumours of a someone in a bad way with severe injury outside northstar pub on vicar st. Lots of blood and guy in and out of conciousness. There was rumours he had died but think that hopefully not the case. Hearing is football related but not confirmed. Just pray it was not a bear. Anyone heard anything?
  9. Correct. I fucking hate these cheating bastard referees. Well done the guys tho.
  10. "The big crosses are not working...." Not just sunday. We rely too much on this with small strikers.
  11. More pish. Its up to us to have someone running in to get on the end.
  12. Absolute fatalistic pish. I was doubtful watching morelos on the run up. U dont think if morelos has his it more to the side he would have made the luck of avoiding the goalie? If he had been watching he may have spotted the cunt off his line and had a biy of luck getting the cunt pulled up. So take it u agree we dobt need to improve? Just wait until we get lucky?
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