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  1. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Opposition teams with serious injury problems. Wonderful. Esp if balls in the face or feet left in such as sutton on arteta.
  2. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Correct. From a business perspective these players are: 1. Our investements 2 our employees. The club and sfa have a duty of fucking care inder health and safety. The club exercise theirs by pursuing the sfa. The sfa exercise theirs by fixing the shite refs.
  3. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    So wish alves had done something like this. Will get a retrospective red anyway. If for a fucking penny in for a pound.
  4. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Lets live in the real world tho mate. Not the world as it should be.
  5. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Correct. Do it back. Put the cunt in hospital. Take the red. Then respond publicly re why we chibbed him.
  6. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    Alves is correct but pedro should have known this before bringing these guys. This is indeed scotland ffs. 2 things need to happen now. 1. We complain through official channels about mclean performance and beaton and get the cunts struck off.a picture of cardoso should help. I would threaten sfa with lawsuit for negligence. Every dodgy call against us we get the hampden cunts by the throats. Win or lose. 2. When we have more confidence of equal treatment we will feel more confident giving as good as we get. Cant do that just now.
  7. Central Midfield

    Said this during the game. Jack comes back. Holt drops out and it all falls to shit. Was predictable.
  8. I hope 'Pedro's backers' wake up now

    I agree with this. I reckon odds are 80% or higher
  9. Referee today

    Can disagree but the litmus test will be what our board does about the cunt. Prob nothing.
  10. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Superb gers. Gelling well.
  11. SPFL statement

    Yup While we seem to be doing stuff behind the scenes and that is welcome, the end game for me has to be to achieve: 1Sacking of doncaster 2Replacent with neutral and competant individual 3Highly visible and credible link between our issues and sellick such that they are persona non grata when it comes to admin matters 4General acceptance by other clubs that sellick have led them a dance to do us That will be them neutered for a long time and leave the road open for us to do them on the playing field.
  12. SPFL statement

    Ffs. This will not be near being over until doncaster is sacked.
  13. SPFL statement

    Ur last paragraph is spot on. Spfl if by taigs for taigs. Not a real league. Needs trashed. Not to act is kicking into the long grass.
  14. Bheast FC: Statement

    Is there not an spfl board meet coming up? When is that? I reckon doncaster will get fingered there.
  15. Bheast FC: Statement

    My thoughts exactly. Trying to stack the cards in their favour to survive whats coming.