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  1. I am hoping its becauses the arbiters are considering the legal outcome of mass corruption.
  2. Yup. I suppose the nagging question I have is if these senior legal guys find that there has been major corruption (and laws broken), what are they obliged to do? Inform the police? Given that there are financial consequences of the decisons the SPFL took, it would not be that much of a stretch to deduce the manipulations were attempted fraud. In that case what happens? The legal guys cant just sit on it!!
  3. My imagination may be in overdrive here but: 1. Time is of the essence due to the new season 2. Hearings all done and witnesses heard 3. We all know that even looking at it with blue and orange glasses on , there has been corruption and dishonesty on the part of the SPFL and some of that has been admitted in court. 4. There is major social interest in this case. If the chair of the arbitration panel (senior legal guy with 10 yrs experience etc) agrees with point 3 above, I wonder if this could cause a delay in the release of the results?
  4. Well we should start legal proceedings against them. This compo would be incurred because they never n&v'd the league. All directly linkable back to them.
  5. Sorry but this is wrong. They have been attacked on one very narrow front to date. They are fighting like fuck i will give u that. The whole maladminstration and company law thing has yet to play out.
  6. Not sure if mentioned but cannot see doncaster going without the others. Stikes me: 1. He is in a job way above is worth and will not get another like that 2. He could sink the jap with what he knows. Hence he will be defended till the bitter end 3. Point 2 applies to rod and mclennan as well. It really is going to need to go back to court. Reckon we will get involved whrn hearts win and sfla spfl have to find compo from the clubs. At that point we will refuse to pay our share (remeber only us and the tims have money of any serious amount). Dont think the sfa spfl will have the strength to punish us either.
  7. Arbitration meet starts tomorrow?
  8. Suspect he never slipped up as so much as his hand is forced. He must feel fucked. If nothing to fear spfl and sfa would want this cleared properly. Not this stench and brand damage even if they are successful.
  9. Its called corruption. Just enough clubs bought off
  10. The way to think of it is surely: Hearts/PT went in wanting all the evidence disclosed and reviewed by legal minds. They have achieved: all the evidence disclosed and reviewed by legal minds. The fact that one of the legal minds is chosen by the enemy means little. In a court you cannot guarantee the judge will be of same mindset as you anyway. Spfl and clubs have little money to buy petitioners off. If petitioners stick to guns n and v is only way out.
  11. Suspect the judge knows that doing this removes spfl ability to appeal cause sfa arbitration not enacted. When hearts finally win this, no appeal.
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