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  1. nine4eight

    Semi final allocation

    Emails are out.. Just got one
  2. nine4eight

    Ticket office for scum tickets.

    Thanks for the positive comments @jintybear . Happy to have helped you out
  3. Pm me details please . Will make a donation
  4. we are more than capable of scoring 4 , may be wishful thinking but still think its worth a punt.
  5. no. but £50 on minus 2 @ 4/1 sounds good to me...
  6. nine4eight

    The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Won't be wong till we find out.
  7. nine4eight

    The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    Well that's the reply I got from the email i sent.. . So hopefully yes
  8. nine4eight

    The Semi Final Draw **Rangers vs Taigs**

    ccs members that have been to the last 4 cup games get priority Thank you for your email, yes members which have purchased the four previous matches will be given priority to those that have not. Edward Wong | Ticket Centre Administrator T 0371 702 1972 | F 0141 580 8504 www.rangers.co.uk
  9. nine4eight

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    William hill today rangers -3 goals .. 13/10 rangers to win by 4 or more goals .. 7/2 same bet, so my £50 is on 4 or more
  10. nine4eight

    Number of season tickets sold

    two ST's renewed tonight ...there was 5 in front of us renewing.