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  1. I'D SAY 1) put someone in charge of the whole thing like a apr b) need to talk to the manager about what went wrong and how hed fix it if he had the job next year and then you need to judge them answers. so you need football people for that proper football people and people u can trust too so the sun isnt' putting it all in the papers. maybe you could even ask walter to do this bit? i now he's seventies but he could maybe do that bit him and a few pals c) then you have to trust what they say and if he says he can fix it you need to let him go and fix it d) need to agree key key key positions anad key other things they ppl have (leaders) e) fill them in. need to take a kent chance a couple times i now that scary but its time to just take that crazy chance because the other bit doesnt stand thinking about f) if walter says 'nah hes no a clue' need to trust that too im and go and get someone else. thats when youd go to another thread like "manager to lead us forward" thread and pick out the right man because fuck nose about that now. its a nightmare finding the right guy on the day before. but better to do it now so he at least has a chance on it to get stetled in before game 1. g) do d and e for the new manager. thats a bit fucking garbled lads. ill try to say it a bit clearer. get a football man (walter) in to find out if the manager nows wtf is going on. ppl you really trust. then you have to trust whatever they say and act accoridng. need to take a chance in buying players but not 10 fucking players just 3-4 real key players that are leaders. stick or twist now so the new guy at least has a chance at getting in before game 1.
  2. I now the 9 is gone now but its got to be minded that the first part of the season it felt like we could stop it 100 % so what do you in your opinion think needs to be done to stop the ten. just what needs to happen sort of realisticly iyo for the ten to be stopped. or what kind of things do you think the club should do to stop then ten? or how could it generally be stopped in your opinion. how do we win the league next year what needs to happen and what do we need to do? stopping the ten is everything imo.
  3. tbf to SG the old boys been front and centre for the games this season at least sg put a bit of belief back in. turns out its all for nothing but at least he got front and centre again. just wish we could play them at ibrox tomorrow get a chance to put it all right. they dont scare me at all any more but we cant go machine like them against the rest.
  4. i think this season was my last chance for my grandad to see us do it
  5. Rumblepack


    no way will that happen again he should hundred % play in the next derby he will hundred % score i will bet on it 2 big its at theres so fuck nose if we will win but he will definitely definitely definitely score
  6. Would have taken even on points on the last game day in october no problem at the start of the season we are right there if we take something from the pit we can go again in the ny
  7. They just said looks like a muscle injury
  8. he will live foorever at ibrox
  9. hes never given up its so great and breaks your heart
  10. think he spoke pretty well saying about the motherwell game being the wake up call too thats good. still what can you really say.
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