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  1. Dave King

    The rights issue has been voted through twice but has not been followed up for some reason. The resolution 11 which King has tried and failed twice to get passed would allow the removal of pre-emption rights meaning that King and co plus external investors can give themselves a huge number of shares at whatever price they want while the other shareholders can do nothing. This plus a large investor from China is where King sees his £20m being paid back. Until then he is treading water and spending the minimum.
  2. "Just Another Saturday"

    Fucks sake, I just watched this last night after finding the box set of mcdougal's plays in my garage. Remember watching it in 1975 when it was first shown as a play for today. Some classic lines in it and great to see the Glasgow I grew up in.
  3. Sad news -- Bear passing

    Sorry to hear this, may his friends and family have strength at this time.
  4. Banners on staircase

    Well the screen shot is from their SPD website. They have been members of the Chairman's Club for years. If you look at companies house they have a sister company which has one Walter Ferguson Smith on the board. Surprised Walter didn't advise them to refuse the work due to the horrendous tacky nature of it.
  5. Banners on staircase

    Its not a secret though, they use the banners to market their website so they're not hiding it.
  6. Banners on staircase

    I wonder if any companies in this line of business have a table in the Chairman's Club and a sister company with a formers Rangers director on the board.
  7. New banners at Ibrox

    One of the members of the Chairman's club who is involved in the project. The new glass will actually be plastic for health and safety reasons but will act like self tinting sunglasses. The glass will be clear normally but only turn green if the sun is out. Not sure how much they will be selling the original glass for but it would be nice to build one into a house as a window.
  8. New banners at Ibrox

    The glass is being replaced with solar activated tinting glass, unfortunately it tints a green colour however apparently the original glass will be for sale later in the year.
  9. Marseille at Ibrox - 22nd July

    Looking forward to this game. I remember being 2-nil down at half time in November 1992 and coming back to the draw after big Mark's header. Probably my favourite European memory sorting these cunts out. The fact we were entertaining 2 directors from a prominent French bank at our table in the Thornton made it all the sweeter.
  10. Pedro: WATP will be stamped on the walls

    At this point I'm willing to share in your optimism BABN
  11. Pedro: WATP will be stamped on the walls

    Feelings of Magic Hat coming back. If it wasn't for Kenny's aging but still great reflexes on Thursday we could have been looking at an embarrassment. Less talk and more action please Pedro.
  12. Right Whos down at the megastore

    I just hope the cunts at SD do not ration the stock going to the Megastore to boost their profits by supporters having to go the SD route. We need volume via the Megastore to cover the overheads then £20 per shirt sale is pure profit going to our Club.
  13. Dear Mr King

    Beyond help for reading the financials and listening to King's speech ? SD make a huge margin before the stuff even gets to us and now we're lumbered with the overheads of the shop. We can do well over the next 12 months but MA will do better if you apply simple arithmetic. Fuck sake man I'm delighted that the deal is over in 12 months but once I turned 12 my need to look up to another man as a hero was behind me.
  14. Dear Mr King

    Ashley is going to make a whole lot more over the next 12 months than that we will. He controls the supply chain with huge mark up, the club is burdened with the over heads of the Megastore while he still shares the profit and he only has to give 6p in the £1 for sales via SD. He will make far more than he could have squeezed out of King via litigation. I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote the terms of exit himself and let King take the credit to get everyone buying again. Having said that, its fuckin great that the deal is over in 12 months.

    Holy shit, fuckin excellent to be fair.