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  1. This is our year BRU, I can feel it....
  2. Happy New Year, 2020, the year we are back on top.💪
  3. Sorry for your loss mate, may Andrew rest in peace.
  4. If you read the notes to the accounts you will see that this was 100% normal turnover from the sale of products, Nothing to do with Puma.
  5. Great result. Hope these wee tarriers in the crowd in their filthy hoops enjoyed the game.
  6. It's a situation much like Arnold schwarzenegger and devito in Twins as far as the funding is concerned.
  7. His were harsher. I've not stopped greeting since I read his insult.
  8. Are you serious "STEPPS FAG" or was that the drink talking last night?
  9. The talks followed on from initial discussions held in recent weeks with Gerrard, his representatives and Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson and director of football Mark Allen. Gerrard has been seeking assurances on the size and scale of his transfer budget and it’s believed his decision has been based upon the promise of fresh investment. Rangers chairman Dave King has offered guarantees of the sums available to mount a credible challenge to celtic - and Gerrard has intimated he’s up for the challenge.
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