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  1. I was with a couple of fellow CA's this afternoon who are linked with Rangers (internal or external, I can't divulge) and Warburton has offered 3.5million for 2 or 3 of our team. It took 6 pints to get that out of them so I assume they were telling the truth. Maybe the OP is right.
  2. He lived in the Whitehouse in Kilbarchan when he played for us and I worked nearby in Johnstone. I remember on of my female staff members who was only 17 had a puncture on her way to work one day and Gazza was driving past and stopped and offered her his mobile phone to call her dad. When he realised it was only a puncture he changed her tyre for her. She was starstruck for the rest of the day. He was a supreme talent and a very kind human being who unfortunately ended up with alcohol problems but I hope he has overcome his demons and has many more birthdays.
  3. The man gave great service to Rangers for many years and was then dumped out on his arse. He has a chance to make a few quid for a couple of years before retirement and for that you call him a cunt ? Take a long look in your mirror and you'll see the definition of a true cunt looking back.
  4. Its the one for the roasters of Greenhills. They started coming to my school, Claremont High, in the 70's but their educational standards brought the school down so Ballerup was built to house them and keep them away from civilisation.
  5. Funnily enough I was told on Monday that an offer has been received via Warburton for unspecified players for several £ million. This came from a member of the accountancy community connected to the club. Whether of not it comes to anything I don't know but he is definitely in discussions and I wouldn't be surprised if McKay and Wallace are on his list.
  6. It was going to be "Partick Thistle beaters and second best club in Glasgow". Not now though.
  7. Tom English is a cunt. In this article he speaks the truth. If only we had boardroom leaders who did not give him the ammunition to write such article.
  8. The cunts a charlatan that the board thought would make us pay up our season tickets. Hopefully they will be proved wrong.
  9. I agree 100%. I believe last year the board did a deal with Joey Barton while Warburton was in hiding to come in for a few months to help hype his book then piss off. This year we have Pedro for the same reason..... to milk the blue pound. Pedro is a fuckwit who the board think would fool good Rangers supporters into parting with their season ticket money. I don't think so.
  10. Pedro was brought in to hype up the faithful as a mysterious foreign manager with a big payoff to his former club (probably glad to see him go so no pay out) for one reason only. To hype up season ticket sales. In reality he is an unknown wee fella. It's Joey Barton again. The board need to pretend they are hiring the big guns when in reality they are hiring a manager who in my opinion is light in his loafers, not very good and in love with his hero the tranny shagger of the septic cunts.
  11. Quite right. He actually thought he would get 100% relief so it would cost him nothing. SARS rejected this and wee Davey has been raging ever since.
  12. I certainly didn't see any sign of the devil he promised would come out if performance was poor.
  13. That only applies to dividends. Nothing to stop directors taking large salaries and bonuses.
  14. Yeah, "The Director feel the blog contains inaccuracies". Couldn't make it up. Corporate experience but failed O grade English.