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  1. That only applies to dividends. Nothing to stop directors taking large salaries and bonuses.
  2. Yeah, "The Director feel the blog contains inaccuracies". Couldn't make it up. Corporate experience but failed O grade English.
  3. Don't forget it is in the public record in SA that he also claimed all £20m back against his SA tax return thinking he would get 100% tax relief and was horrified that SARS would not accept it. He therefore thought he could gain a seat on the board of a well know UK Plc and most successful football club in the world leading to credibility and gain plenty of shares for absolutely fuck all. As I said 2 years ago, hell hath no fury like a conman conned out of £20m.
  4. Big Clint making our day.
  5. Seriously, if we get a result against the jacobites next week I would consider keeping him as coach.
  6. Today we saw Rangers back on form. Slaughtering the other teams in the league as it should be. Maybe Murty's methods took a while to sink through but he should take a bow today. Hats off to him and the team and long may it continue (especially against the jacobites).
  7. King has admitted he did not follow Rangers as a boy in Castlemilk. He stuck 20 million into one of Murray's companies around 2000 because he thought he would get 100% write off for SARS tax while SDM could use him as a lead investor in the next round of share issues. King saw this as a way of gaining legitimacy as the director of a UK Plc at no cost. Unfortunately SARS did not see it the same way and King has been waiting to get his money back since that day. This is the reason he invested IMHO and his plan was always to sell his shares on to some other gullible fool, probably in China.
  8. These Lads are staunch as fuck and the Elders show them the way.
  9. even the Muslim Loyal love this great Loyalist song.
  10. What I would say on this topic is that auditors main role when reviewing the true and fair nature of accounts is that the assets and liabilities in the balance sheet at the reporting date can be reconciled to prove their legitimacy and that the retained profits are not being overstated or understated by assets and liabilities being over/under valued. Actual transactional amounts reflected in the p+l activities are regularly not inspected in detail so costs and incomes can be manipulated and distorted and depending on the diligence of the audit firm could be missed. When we inspect distressed companies we regularly find financial activity which is not recorded or is coded to cost centres they have no relation to. This is usually fraud by the owners / directors. Funnily enough the auditors never seem to pick up on theses matters. Having said that, when it comes to the accuracy of wage cost transactions the auditor has the year end paye liability to reconcile within the balance sheet and the new real time reporting of PAYE system clearly shows the total gross, tax, and NI liabilities cumulatively throughout the year, updated live to HMRC within days of each payment run so this is one area that the auditors would have to be very incompetent to miss. Campbell Dallas are a pretty good firm so I would say it would be inconceivable for the wage costs to be inaccurate and I think English is crazy to make his statement.
  11. Well this is an entertaining Friday night.
  12. Fair enough, that is indeed how he put it. I looked up his quote on SKY back in August. Maybe these stories in the press are just to keep the pressure on now that we in in January and know where we stand in the league. He still has time to come good I suppose. "I think we haven't finished doing business yet and given the fact we are in the Premier League, it's a more competitive league, I think we'll keep more in reserve for January as well and just look at where we think we are league wise at that point in time".
  13. As I said yesterday , these press releases are approved by the Glasgow based board. This was the transfer window when money was going to be spent according to King back in the Summer. As it's not going to happen the board who actually have to walk the streets of Glasgow are about to make King's lies about investment their scapegoat.
  14. You're right there. Back in my Clydesdale Electrical Store days we used to pay the Sunday Mail / Record something like £1m a year in advertising to compete with Curries/Dixons/Comet/. Any time the Sunday Mail received a complaint about us to "the judge" section of the paper they would phone us and if we did not want the complaint published they would bin it. Only if the customer was wrong would they print it. All for the sake of their advertising revenue. One thing I've learnt recently is if a company is performing well you hardly see any press coverage. Only when a company is doing badly do you see positive press stories springing. Companies which are doing well don't need press officers.