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  1. Chucked it down. Got the flu now. Stood and got soaked through. But had to show support come rain or shine.
  2. Heading over with a few friends to support the parade.
  3. Maybe a wee run in the early rounds of European football can bolster some needed revenue for January signings. I had to cancel my season ticket due to work and silly early kick offs. In saying that, I left it until last minute to email them that I wont be renewing. Don't know if I was too late in doing that as I have not heard anything back from them regarding the email? Anyhoo, we need to spend big to compete, can't do it on a shoestring.
  4. At least Kenny got him back later in the game. Not an elbow in the face, but decked the lego muncher all the same
  5. Same as some posters said, I believe the players thought there was going to be a minutes silence. Think the ref told the players otherwise and so they went back to doing what they do pre kick off.
  6. Was this Houston in the jail for something? Just thinking about his comments about how hard it is to find work due to being "a noted Rangers fan" What? Don't Rangers fans run garages/mechanics? Was he not an oven cleaner, not a mechanic, before becoming a "noted Rangers fan"? Or am I mixing him up with someone else?
  7. Once all the renewals are done, then you can ask for a transfer. They take a fee for it. Cant remember what mine was?
  8. The last few games showed Waghorn up as a non striker. If playing, he should play on the wing feeding Miller. Waggy has had his chance to show his worth but failed in the striking role. Happy to see Miller blag two goals. I would be happy as Miller being the main striker for now. Age will not always be kind to him, but experience can be. The team may not have been at their greatest today but they did play as a team and fought for each other. Not always pretty, but they worked. So happy for all the fans there today as well. Should have won the last game up there this would have been sweet for them.
  9. Always love the facade bricks glowing in the golden hour.
  10. Not another split FFS!
  11. Glad I got the reminder as I lost my card recently and got a new one. I needed to change to new details on the Rangers website. St's will go up. I will be surprised if they are frozen. If we get European games, tickets will be charged separately just like the cup games Friendlies and such.
  12. I bet Op didn't celebrate the Goughies equaliser as well in the 2_2 game back in the day.
  13. Had this £40million wankstain looky looky bheggar not dived a few times and other smelly players going down like a ton of bricks when it was clear they were not hurt at all. Maybe the ref would have given a penalty. But it did look from the refs point that Hill got the ball. Anyway, if the other bheasts had not been diving and play acting, the ref may have given a penalty. Tough though. He didn't and end of. Plus, who's to say had they been given a penalty, they would have scored?
  14. shit after shit hits the fan. It must be a big fan like a windmill to take all the shit we are being hit with... Could be worse, could have woke up as a taig this morning.
  15. Sorry Warbs. You have to go. When my 9 year old nephew can see what the faults are, then maybe he should be manager. Can't do any worse than Warburton. His team and tactics are so predictable. A junior team could give us a run for their money because they would know how to play against us.