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  1. Open corruption and getting away with it. No wonder the world laughs at this league.
  2. They just didn't want to Thank Rangers for coming up with a better solution. That's how much we are hated.
  3. I feel he is having a dig at certain players whom he says is doing a lot for them and is not getting the returns from them. Morelos being the main I believe. A lot of times people got shot down for picking out his flaws. The fans gave him all the support in the world , who would say a bad word about him, and rumours are he is having a hissing fit 'cos he is not playing. Well, that was his own fault. Walter Smith always said he needed a team for Europe, and one for the league. Gerrard does not have that luxury and can only do what he can with what he's got. He i
  4. mchammer


    His constant falling down and diving is doing my nut in. Why does he do it? Then waiting on the ball, he is blocking the opposition player instead of getting the ball first. I think he just wants to get booked all the time to have more time off to spend with the missus Seriously, South American players do not seem to fare well in Scotland for some reason. Cannigia was ok though
  5. mchammer


    I know he has been missing a lot of chances and Gerrard was not a happy chappie when he missed another sitter and took him off. My worry is Morelos is lazy now. Hardly runs for a ball, minute he loses possession, which is happening a lot with him, he gives up. Walks about pouting. If you drop him for a few games, he puts lots of weight on. Don't know what's going on in his head, but he needs to snap out of it right now.
  6. Credit where it is due. Great individual goal. Hagi's was no bad as well.
  7. Or 20 hours community service. Rangers fan would be jailed.
  8. We are getting better as the Gaffer understands now what it is all about. Taking no nonsense anymore. That deserves an award on it's own Be interesting to see who we get in the transfer window.
  9. Not the best year for me losing someone to cancer recently, but time for a new year and time for us to get 55. Let's do it Rangers. Happy New Year to all. except the paedos.
  10. The other camera angle from the first replay made it look as though it was in. This one shows it didn't. Thought Davis had a great second half. Didn't see much of the first half so cant comment on that
  11. Why is the picture in squinty mode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOZyzwlQoA0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3shTSmCzMxzYw7msvo1RhkEiMLsnDNVtzZ1U83dxhvPDlIMU4r3SZSGEs
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