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  1. I don't know exactly what he, and others, have said about building bridges. What "bridges" exactly do they mean? Only thing that annoyed me about Sandy when talking was his long "ehhhh's" Absolute gentleman and sad loss ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I will like the v neck as it sits better than the round neck. Wont be buying the red top. Too sheepish looking. Like the home and the black one. If these indeed are the real mccoy?
  3. I forgot it was on so only saw the last 15 minutes.or so. Couldn't believe one of the players for them was crying. Get a grip :)
  4. I like it but I am easy pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Morelos is not the only player or even, fan, who have grown up in poverty. They all don't behave like this this. He is a bad tempered little git who cannot listen or be told. Basically turned into a spoilt brat. No more Alfredo, time to grow up and learn. You are not 10 years old. Give as good as you get, retaliate by being sensible and scoring goals. Scott brown is a coward like Broadfoot. Rise above it Gerrard is correct in saying he cannot defend him anymore. He has done everything to help him, players have constantly tried to help him. He can only help himself now. And well done to Halliday. He is one of our own, and one who defends his own. And also took in what Gerrard has been telling him.
  6. Can you imagine the ugly weans these two would have produced. Scary thought.
  7. Hopefully a good crowd turns up. But it's not an FF or UB thing so most will ignore, mores the pity.
  8. SFA said they could not afford it. Clubs should offer to help pay for VAR then if they feel they need it?
  9. Kent was frustrating me tonight. Taking on one too many players when he could have made a simple pass. Not blaming him for the result as a few others like Morelos wanting to do too much inside the box. Players missing the target completely when it was easy enough to shoot straight at goal. Halliday was unlucky with his free kick hitting the bar. Another night, it probably would have went in. Should have had a penalty. I always see it as if the ball hits your hand or arm when it is heading towards goal, it is a penalty. Going by the way things went tonight, probably would have missed it anyway. No chance of winning league now, so just make sure we get into Europe next season. Scottish Cup would be a bonus now.
  10. Worse news ever. Letting the lurgen Bigot come back. That's Scottish fitba going even further back with bigotry.
  11. Bloody awful team out there today. Some tried but others fecked up. Simple passes is all that was needed at times and they couldn't that. Ref didn't help the game much either.
  12. This all makes me really angry considering this vile club should be sent to hell and never ever darken our doorsteps again. Waco was nothing compared to what this shower of paedophiles are/have been getting away with. The fact they never took it to the proper authorities is a disgrace/ I include the parents who stayed silent as well. What did the paedo club do to keep them quiet?
  13. The sheep are long overdue a good pumping from us.
  14. It's sad for Fernando. He is at a place he is happy to be, but not for his wife and girl They should be there. Is compassionate grounds not good enough to let them get the passport issue sorted sooner rather than later. OK for his girl to visit but not to be hanging around too much watching her father like this. Just the extra comfort of knowing his wife can be there to comfort and support him.
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