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  1. The other camera angle from the first replay made it look as though it was in. This one shows it didn't. Thought Davis had a great second half. Didn't see much of the first half so cant comment on that
  2. Why is the picture in squinty mode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOZyzwlQoA0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3shTSmCzMxzYw7msvo1RhkEiMLsnDNVtzZ1U83dxhvPDlIMU4r3SZSGEs
  3. Time to rest Fernando. You battled valiantly.
  4. Na, you would have been hugging and kissing them.
  5. Got to be worth 5 million more than Morelos 🙂
  6. I think you are talking pish pal. LOL
  7. I guess I am not up to speed on what this picture is about. I assume its a tv show that I have not seen?
  8. Do players not get allocated 6 tickets for family?
  9. Take care of yourself first as you cant look after your wife if you are run down. Same with my step father who has cancer and by the looks of things wont see the year out. I know how hard it is to look after someone not going through the best of health.
  10. He has looked good ,and a good replacement for Kent. Not saying either is better than the other but we have a player who is a good replacement.
  11. I don't know exactly what he, and others, have said about building bridges. What "bridges" exactly do they mean? Only thing that annoyed me about Sandy when talking was his long "ehhhh's" Absolute gentleman and sad loss 🙂
  12. I will like the v neck as it sits better than the round neck. Wont be buying the red top. Too sheepish looking. Like the home and the black one. If these indeed are the real mccoy?
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