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  1. I disliked those running the game before our issues, I fecking hate the bastar.ds now, and wish them all a slow and painful death! And how a club like the bheasts can stand on moral grounds considering their shameful history and still made to look innocent is beyond words. We took our points deductions and started from the bottom, we plodded along, and we are back, looking down on the scum followers of carpet sweepers. My hate may wain in time, but I will always relish every inch of any of their downfalls.
  2. I cancelled mine and using a relatives who doesn't go to games anymore but still keeps his ticket going. Why pay when I can use his. I just give him money for what cost of ticket will be for games I use it for. Cant always get to all the games with job I got now. Anyway, Got an e mail from the TO today asking for second payment, they have not taken first payment. I did tell them I was cancelling my ST in May. Guess they forgot to input it into the system for this month?
  3. I suppose you could look at us "squabbling" amongst ourselves as a good thing, as it shows we have our own minds. Unlike the unwashed who follow a party line whether they agree or not. Too afraid to stand up and say it is wrong. Then again, too many of them are halfwits to have a mind of their own.
  4. To think how happy we all were prior to last night and today..... What the heck went wrong? Tactically, we went about it the wrong way IMO. If this is Pedro's way of playing the game, we are fooked.
  5. Ask a silly question eh! :)
  6. There are traffic cones outside Ibrox stadium today? Is there a youth team game on?
  7. We should do enough to get through. Progres will play a bit more openly as they did defend a lot at Ibrox. Which could help us if they do play a more open game.
  8. Wishing all goes well with the radiotherapy and I am sure the letter from Pedro's cheered her up no end. Hope she gets her day out to meet all at the club very soon.
  9. Auctioneers and Horsehoe bar have it.
  10. Decent enough display but stop the constant chanting of the new ultra crap chants and more of the traditional Rangers songs.
  11. Prima Donnas wanting to be noticed wearing those awful green boots. Thank goodness for a manager who is not afraid to say what he means. I was happy to see the keeper was not wearing that almost green top too on Thursday.
  12. Was in today and asked about new stock They had a delivery in today, but no new home tops in the delivery.
  13. Horseshoe bar, Drury lane. Cheaper to get a Carlsberg than Tennants. Don't know what you drink. Just thought I would throw that info in.....
  14. Should look good on our walls too and the players. Just a wee reminder of what they need to do. Stop them getting the title this season or next.
  15. I did. Excuse the faux pas.