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  1. From Warburton's signings Foderingham would be the only player I'd keep. The rest are rank fucking rotten.
  2. I'll burst your BMX tyres anymore of your pish brethren.
  3. Sure he scored at Ibrox in Europe IIRC. Le Guens season.
  4. Judge him fuck all. Usual from cunts on here and even I'm one of them to an extent. This time next season is the proper time to elevate an opinion on the guy,not now when he's having to work with the worst top flight squad in living memory for fuck sake.
  5. See everytime I hear his stupid arse song getting sung I'm instantly reminded of the fact that we paid £1.8m for him. Waste of a fucking jersey considering we got this hero for nothing. Place is on its arse,fuck the SNP.
  6. Aye but he never scored against them... Roasters.
  7. First goal he should've came out and the penalty he got a hand to. Big Snipes has been an outstanding goalie for us,his distribution is piss poor but some of the saves he's pulled off have been first class.
  8. Member when King said he'd like to see us and them share titles. Oooh I member.
  9. The weans that abused him at the chippy had at a point.
  10. We won't though. Realistically they're a far better team as much as it pains me to admit it,but they are. The point of this thread was to get across the point that we can't be slaughtering Caixinha for trying different things with these players that fucking Warburton signed. The man's no Conte ffs.
  11. Geordie fat bastard wanker. Get tae fuck away from my football club pronto.
  12. Waghorn didn't deserve a start,Halliday came in for Toral who was injured. The selection gave me the fear as well,but as I've already said its the same problem we've had all season,no physical presence whatsoever in midfield and that's allowed that mongo bastard Brown total control. Sickening considering the last two games we've looked as though we've been able to deal with it,but from start to finish yesterday it was just an absolute pisstake.
  13. 1. Who else was he going to pick? 2. Tactics I'll give you that one as we gave them too much leeway. 3. I thought he got his subs spot on apart from Hyndman.
  14. Fuck up honestly