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  1. Could be their year.
  2. Where's the janny with the sawdust? Gee that leg two minutes it'll be right as rain.
  3. That tweet is fake.
  4. 36 dembele dollary doos
  5. There is no legitimate reason for it. Never in my life have I walked up to Ibrox and thought to myself,"I'll buy some stickers and plant them all over our stadium because reasons". It's alright seeing them on road signs etc but when you clock them around the outside of Ibrox it's a fucking eyesore.
  6. Why plant daft stickers all over our stadium? I honestly don't get it. No wonder they get called the Union Bairns.
  7. Your republican comrades at the SNPIRA will find you repulsive.
  8. 30 gazillion dembele dollars or fuck off.
  9. They weren't the first British team to win the EC though were they..
  10. What's your opinion on crack cocaine and double decker buses covered in shite?
  11. JJB died mate. Wait a minute..
  12. John Brown ffs