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  1. Yawn. Nobody's interested in this pish,get a team on the park that's deserving of the jersey to start with then worry about this guff.
  2. Cheerio.
  3. For the older bears would our 55th title win eclipse Barca in 72?
  4. Cunts will moan at anything.
  5. Fuck up.
  6. Fuck off.
  7. Christ..
  8. First class as always. The comments though 😂
  9. Out of contract.
  10. Really hope they don't win the Champions League next season. I couldn't bear that.
  11. So when's the draw?
  12. I'm seething with rage!
  13. I can't get a link working anywhere.
  14. If Aberdeen are a big club why are they letting their captain move to a team who finished below them?