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  1. Imagine roaming the streets with skirt wearing bearded man children singing the same two songs over and over again
  2. Is that TMB's house they're playing on?
  3. Hope they get gubbed.
  4. A tour guide? You're no well man.
  5. Hill and Burt. Hyndman shouldn't be on the list as he isn't our player.
  6. Fair enough I always thought the front of a stand was dearer for some reason.
  7. That's not too bad btw the front is usually always more expensive isn't it?
  8. How much was the Govan Rear this season? Think that's the best place to sit imo.
  9. Aye it's no too shabby,although I'm expecting it to be around £400-£450 next season with the lure of European football hopefully coming back.
  10. IIRC for BR this season it was £315 without games v them,£375 for.
  11. See if you're lucky in the ballot can you buy an extra ticket with your Rangers number or is it only the one you're allowed?
  12. Could be their year.
  13. Where's the janny with the sawdust? Gee that leg two minutes it'll be right as rain.