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  1. How much is RTV a year/season?
  2. They've been fined every single season they've been in European competition.
  3. How does an each way bet on golf work?
  4. Half 12 kick offs at home are a pisstake.
  5. He will get to the end of this term,who else we going to bring in? The one thing he's got going for him is that he's signed a far better caliber of player than Warburton ever did.
  6. 1st two games were Warburton's teams and the Euro game was his own doing admittedly. Right time to judge him will be the end of this season.
  7. Who voted yes? Quote me with your reasons,go for it. He's had had an absolute nightmare start to this season but I'd love to hear the reasons why he's worse than that baldy tadger.
  8. He's a yes voting bawhum that's why.
  9. Where do you even start with this
  10. Praising that mob for not singing any of their rebel songs and being on their best behaviour They deserve all the scheme bootings they get the rats.
  12. Anybody else get the feeling that after the embarrassment in Luxembourg that's us done until January?
  13. I don't watch a lot of boxing or UFC so my knowledge on the sports isn't the greatest, but even I know that a gypo cunt going up against one of the best boxers of all time will only end one way. Mayweather will win easily.