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  1. Least I'm no tempting weans with your ice cream picture ya creeepy el 20 recipe sandal wearing dick.
  2. Wasn't me officer a big scary man in a celtic top made me do it.
  3. Disagree, Bartleys done it for years in the Championship, people forgot Goldson isn't this senior pro they think he is for the age.
  4. Rarely had a discussion with you mate so I'll lay it it now. Would you spend £4m for Bartley or use it on Goldson back in 2018. The answers depressing.
  5. Course he is, honestly can't understand why people can't see it. Good in the air, scores goals, might be a bit suspect at times with the ball at his feet times but fuck me all his good points far out weigh the rest of them. Even Helander has left a lot to be desired considering his international experience.
  6. Your criticism of Jack is spot on btw, an ok battler but at the end of the day where he is as a player it's still not good enough.
  7. Soul destroying the way fans latch onto these cunts. Ryan cried with Gerrard, as much as I don't don't like him now a guy like Barry a proper captain and a proper Rangers player at the time would've never shown those cunts an inch of weakness.
  8. A guy playing for the youth side of the World Cup finalists isn't good enough. Yet Ryan Porteous is the up and coming Craig Moore. Fuck right off.
  9. Katic gives us more than any other centre backs at the club, give me aerial presence over tidy on the ball every day of the week.
  10. Somebody made a fantastic point the other day that Gerrard as a player was one of the golden generation of English midfielders at the time who any club in Europe would've paid the Earth for, yet he's came here built a side and its by far and away the weakest area of his best 11.
  11. Replace Goldson with Jack and I 100% agree with you.
  12. Honestly can't say he's any better than we have the now. A younger Ryan Jack is all he's got going for him and is that what we need going forward? Not in my eyes.
  13. Don't get that argument at all.
  14. Problem is that player will be continually sent off.
  15. Thomson was an absolute gem of a player who was widely tipped to be a future captain before injuries done him in, could've been a special player for us.
  16. Problem with him is the same as Ferguson. We need more players like Hagi, actual game changers. People will say aye he's no done much despite the fact the boys only 21 whilst Jack, Shinnie and and Ferguson are far too similar to what we already have.
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