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  1. There is no legitimate reason for it. Never in my life have I walked up to Ibrox and thought to myself,"I'll buy some stickers and plant them all over our stadium because reasons". It's alright seeing them on road signs etc but when you clock them around the outside of Ibrox it's a fucking eyesore.
  2. Why plant daft stickers all over our stadium? I honestly don't get it. No wonder they get called the Union Bairns.
  3. Your republican comrades at the SNPIRA will find you repulsive.
  4. 30 gazillion dembele dollars or fuck off.
  5. They weren't the first British team to win the EC though were they..
  6. What's your opinion on crack cocaine and double decker buses covered in shite?
  7. JJB died mate. Wait a minute..
  8. John Brown ffs
  9. Rivaldo never won the CL.
  10. They'll all be out of the woodwork now that that murdering bastard is deed.
  11. Fuck up.
  12. Oh ffs wait till Houston and the louden snake sees this. The end of humanity is upon us
  13. Hamish McAlpine.
  14. Too slow.
  15. Ohhhh What a feeling,when you're dancing on a fenian.......
  16. Just remembered this there. Should have stuck it on,bastard
  17. Heard him shouting from the Broomloan Rear yesterday
  18. I'll only sing it if the UB allow it.
  19. Watch the video the UB uploaded on FB of yesterday's game,can't post it on here as I'm on mobile atm. The fuck are the stewards all about at the end?
  20. Aye I buy season tickets just for the novelty of it...
  21. How are we not getting behind the team and backing them? 9000 went over to Germany for a friendly,we've filled every single ground we've visited in this country since 2012 and Ibrox has regularly had 40k+ for the majority of the last few years,when people thought the crowds would disappear when we got punted to the lower tiers. The atmosphere has been shite at Ibrox for as long as I can remember and the decibel levels only rise for certain games,it's nothing new. And on the other hand we have arguably the best travelling support in Britain. Bit laughable to say we don't back the team
  22. They do it all the time. I remember a couple of years ago there was a lad from the UB on here taking the piss out of TBO saying they were better etc.. Gay as fuck.
  23. 4-2 v Hibs The two games against Hertz and the sheep. They games were the loudest I've heard Ibrox in years and the atmosphere had nothing to do with the UB..
  24. Never heard that in my life before this season.