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  1. Should've won the lot that year bar the UEFA Cup. The 3-0 game at Ibrox against them was magic
  2. Sevco blues.
  3. Odious runt of a man. Hope he chokes on his own sick when #55 is claimed.
  4. Tartan tranny tarrier cunts.
  5. Nah fuck that,would rather burn the money than make profit off those tramp bastards. If they go out hopefully this is the beginning of the end for them as Rodgers second season syndrome should be kicking in.
  6. Fancy putting a score on Rosenborg win and btts for the next leg,odds should be tasty.
  7. You're the last cunt I'd be expecting to do this.
  8. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Heed the words of Joe Dodoo - "Follow with Pride,and no to sectarianisms".
  9. When and where did he say this?
  10. Is it not the playoffs you drop into the EL?
  11. Forza Israel.
  12. He's injured so you'd think £25-30m would do it?
  13. Remember the away record... They're out.
  14. Pena would be brought on for Dorrans. He can't defend though.
  15. If I had my way this would be the team. Foderingham New RB Alves Cardoso New LB Candeias Dorrans Jack Walker Morelos Herrera
  16. Four four fucking two
  17. Only the small band of handwringing apologists on here get offended by their blogs. Tells you all you need to know.
  18. Paranoid Protestants.
  19. Will he still be worth 70 gajillion dembele dollary doos come January when he's no European goals? Deluded tarrier bastards.
  20. Do I dare put £250 on us to win the league at 12/1?
  21. Why is Saint fix the sectarianism problem myself Rodgers on here?
  22. Neither of them.