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  1. Very attacking lineup. Will likely allow Dumbarton to counter attack. 5-2 Rangers with that lineup.
  2. Telfer can't even get a game with scumdee, he's had about 10 minutes total. Not good enough.
  3. I guess I'll have to try Rangers TV then, unless fsi.net works well this time.
  4. Everyone's losing confidence; players and supporters. It'll take a good game and a win to rectify that. If we lose on Friday it'll make the next game ever harder - confidence will be in the cellar.
  5. Is that online? If so, do you have to pay to watch?Cheers.
  6. Don't worry lads, the team is just getting used to a new level of fitba. They'll learn from their mistakes and come good soon.
  7. 6-0 for Rangers. They'll be really fired up for this one. Hatrick for Miller.
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