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  1. Very attacking lineup. Will likely allow Dumbarton to counter attack. 5-2 Rangers with that lineup.
  2. Telfer can't even get a game with scumdee, he's had about 10 minutes total. Not good enough.
  3. I guess I'll have to try Rangers TV then, unless fsi.net works well this time.
  4. Everyone's losing confidence; players and supporters. It'll take a good game and a win to rectify that. If we lose on Friday it'll make the next game ever harder - confidence will be in the cellar.
  5. Is that online? If so, do you have to pay to watch?Cheers.
  6. Don't worry lads, the team is just getting used to a new level of fitba. They'll learn from their mistakes and come good soon.
  7. 6-0 for Rangers. They'll be really fired up for this one. Hatrick for Miller.
  8. I know, they didn't need to do anything exceptional, as we kept passing the ball to them all the time.
  9. I was impressed with Stubbs in an earlier interview. Seemed a very humble bloke with tons of respect for Rangers. I thought he did really well with his players - good discipline, getting them to pass the ball about - much better than we could, and the guy that was sent off accepted his punishment without arguing and yelling at the ref. Showed respect. I wish them luck this year, just not against us. Just because there are some folk at every club who like to throw their hatred about, doesn't mean they're all like that. I respect the respectful and can give stick back to the doughballs when necessary.
  10. I guess you didn't see some of the North American games, then?
  11. Although we've been shite, Hives have been shiter.
  12. Prodigy98 disnae make his own stuff up; he just copies what others say.
  13. I was at the game and thought overall the team did well. Still lacking match fitness, but that's what these games are all about. Miller seems very fit, Boydy still has a wee bit to go. By the time we face Hives and the jam farts the team will be stronger. I'll think we'll have a much better season this year.
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