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  1. Rangers probably wouldn't take any tickets for it ,similar to the taigs at Linfield last season .however in Ivan we trust
  2. Conor has been robbing bears for years lads ,Send the money to him he lives Aviemore and the tickets always get lost in the post ,I know of lots of lads who have been bumped on various Rangers sites by this lowlife , needs slashed or grassed
  3. Thanks to everyone from Queen Street True Blues RSC and Caderwood Rangers EK RSC for collecting almost 200 Euros in the pub for Peter
  4. you got 2 tickets for sale mate?

    1. southdown 1916

      southdown 1916

      pm a contact number and I will call you



    2. StrongbowLoyal
    3. StrongbowLoyal
  5. Do you still have any tickets for Thistle game mate? Looking for 3 if possible

    1. The Mongoose

      The Mongoose

      Oops 07963180858 is my number cheers

  6. Hi bud

    im wondering if you have any seats on your bus going to Aberdeen . I'm looking for 2 

    thanks rab

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