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  1. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

  2. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    have replied to 5 posters who sent a msg with a contact number still tickets available (no contact number = no reply)
  3. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    I have replied to the 25 posters who sent a contact number ,you all have the tickets you asked for ,I will call you when I receive the tickets
  4. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    I have 24 p m for Hearts tickets and will cover all orders placed
  5. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Will have tickets available for Hearts if Rangers do receive 14,000 (despite media reports Rangers do not know allocation yet) If interested p m a contact number (preferably for a phone that can receive calls) Once I receive tickets I will contact everyone .
  6. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    So far we have cancelled 2 nights hotel at no cost , have a option of £122.13 refund on airport taxes , Waiting on Holiday Inn replying about cancelling our Saturday night at Niagara (we have a manager from a Manchester Holiday Inn acting on our behalf )heres hoping , finally we have put a dispute against the credit card transaction for match tickets , If everything go , s in our favour we will loose approx. £300
  7. ***The Official Rangers in Canada Thread***

    it was myself who told K A I that the contract has not been signed yet , apparently it is almost completed with a couple of issues to be ironed out ,however this has been going on for almost a week now.
  8. What happened to the Member KAI.

    was in Azerbaijan with him since Thursday ,he was in New York the week before , previously he was getting a Wayne Rooney hair style as he was embarrassed with his divot getting larger , he is fine although still talks loads of shite
  9. Travel club emails out

    Or I have no intention of going however I will take the ticket pass it on or lose the money so I can get the point and then deprive someone of a ticket for a future game because I am a wideo
  10. Next seasons League Fixtures?

    Our first away game should be from the following teams ,St.Johnstone ,Hamilton ,Motherwell ,Ross County or Partick Thistle. Hibs take Inverness fixtures ,who we played away twice before the split last season ,therefore had they stayed up they were due to visit Ibrox twice this season.
  11. Travel Club points

    everyone who is in Azerbaijan should get a point
  12. Hampden semi final tickets

    not all on cccs got allocated for league cup semi ,if our opponents take half the ground for the game some will miss out unless the numbers have dropped since October
  13. Info regards to football banning orders, best lawyer etc.d

    Ann Ritchie does a lot of football cases
  14. Europa League

    keeps us out the league cup sections is good ,meeting kpfishtank in some backward shithole not so good
  15. Leipzig

    Thanks to everyone from Queen Street True Blues RSC and Caderwood Rangers EK RSC for collecting almost 200 Euros in the pub for Peter