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  1. It is after midnight here in Perth Australia where I live. I have stayed up to hear what the outcome of Ally and the Board's meeting was. If, as seems likely he is staying on as manager then I am stunned, disappointed and outraged beyond belief. We are fucked, probably another season in this league, probably humped in the Celtic game and definitely the laughing stock of Scottish, British, European and World football. This is my worst ever day as a Rangers fan.
  2. It is time for Ally, Kenny McD and the others to go but unless our club has the money available to pay out their contracts then we are stuck with them. I cannot see them walking away for nothing as that is not how things work in the real world. I don't see us winning the league if they stay but how can they be made to leave if they demand there contracts be paid out? This is a nightmare for our club and I cannot see a way out.
  3. Neither too much sun or too many beers. It's my honest opinion that he has done the best he could have amongst all the upheaval, uncertainty and garbage that has gone on. I don't think he is the best Rangers manager ever and don't see him as a long term manager but for honest endeavor and effort over the last few years I will always respect him.
  4. I think that Ally is doing the best that he can.We have to get back into the top league as priority one and in order to do that we need to sign players such as Miller and hopefully Boyd to do so at the first time of asking and possibly be paying a bit too much out in wages etc but the aim of returning to the top justifies the cost at this time.There is just not enough money available to do everything at the same time, but feel we should have addressed scouting and youth development 2 years ago and got things started, as other teams have shown that good money can be generated for a club in onward transfer fees of players identified and signed up for relatively small sums or developed in house. Rangers have done really well to keep moving forward, given the obstacles and barriers they have faced and continue to do on a daily basis. I have nothing but respect for what Ally McCoist has achieved and honestly feel that we will look back in 10 years time and realise that he was the right man, a RANGERS man, who gave 100% for our club when it was needed.
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