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  1. One of those ones for me I can't even believe he is gone, an absolute warrior. RIP Brother.
  2. It was the same for me bud, tried it two or three times and it eventually worked, hope it works for you soon mate.
  3. To be quite honest it was easy to see this coming from about five minutes into the second half where we just looked like we thought 1-0 was enough, no fucking urgency at all.
  4. Thought it was 1-1 fucking hell man we need to get a grip here.
  5. Not really created enough for me so far, early days right enough but hope for more in second half. I know people will say we are playing against 10 men behind the ball and it's tough but that will be the case season long.
  6. Frustrating to watch this, early days but concerning since this is pretty much the style of play we will come up against every week in the league.
  7. Has how this season has went put us in a better position to challenge for silverware next season? I think that is now the important question. Personally I think if we do well in the next transfer window then this season will have been a huge building block towards success. I feel we have a very decent core squad now.
  8. Brilliant to see him get on at the end, still feel a bit gutted things haven't really worked out for him as they could have though.
  9. Probably get plaudits for it ffs. So sick of the cunt, sometimes just turn off the volume.
  10. Totally agree, we need an upgrade on him. He would still be a very useful squad player though, just not first team quality for me.
  11. Hahahaha walker keep crying you wank, the pain is beautiful.
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