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  1. Totally agree, we need an upgrade on him. He would still be a very useful squad player though, just not first team quality for me.
  2. Hahahaha walker keep crying you wank, the pain is beautiful.
  3. Abslolutely, every week I wait for him to have a " dip " in form for a few games like a lot of our other midfielders, but I can't say I remember him having and poor games. Looks a great signing now!
  4. For me personally it's just frustrating that we don't try something different, put a few balls into the box even from midfield, just give them something else to think about or take a few shots. We are going to have countless opportunities to do this considering how much space they are giving us and yet all we do is the same thing short passes side to side infront their box. Maybe it's just me and i'm wrong but i honestly just think we are doing the same fucking things over and over and it honestly drives me mad.
  5. So many of us in the same boat, understand your frustration mate.
  6. This is literally the scottish league cup game all over again, exact same tactics against us too, fucking depressing.
  7. Aye, shame he had to miss this one eh? ­čśü
  8. Cried like a little kid, can't put into words how good that feels. A huge psychological victory too!!
  9. This is so painful to watch, not we have played badly at all but just that our final ball or bit of cutting edge doesn't seem to be coming. It honestly feels at times like we just lack a ruthless streak in terms of making the most of good positions.
  10. Goosebumps, absolutely fucking fantastic. Shut they cunts up big time too!
  11. Still buzzing, what a night, I honestly did not expect us to come away with three points tonight and yet to be honest we fully deserved it. Can't explain how fucking happy I am just now.
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