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  1. This just proves how absolutely bizzare that lot are, can't even bring myself to understand the thought process these weird cunts go through.
  2. Looking much more like how we have been in the league, disappointing, i know they are a good side but extremely poor first half at any level that.
  3. Our fans absolutely outstanding as usual in fine voice.
  4. Just go out and have any sort of organised game plan and you have a chance against us atm. So frustrating that nothing changes from match to match mate.
  5. For the last few weeks I've been saying despite our poor form that only one bad game from them will swing this round in our favour, but now the pressure is well and truly off. I just can't see them dropping many points. Fucking sickening.
  6. " proud dad of 4 " they sure as hell ain't proud of you ya waste of air.
  7. Kamara been really frustrating recently, doesn't offer that much for me.
  8. Everytime you are thinking, this time it we will do it, difference is today the performance was actually there for the vast majority of the match - unlike some of the games we just haven't turned up in. Our time is coming mate, sooner rather than later.
  9. Feel absolutely sick to my stomach right now, come on Rangers this is still there for the taking.
  10. Not happy, just saying it isn't that much ground to make up if this is turns out to be just a blip.
  11. We're all feeling a bit shit after the night and rightly so, but at the end of the day the reality is there are still only two points in it. Winning on sunday would be an absoutely massive boost for us and give them something to think about, pish night but it's not like we are ten points behind or anything.
  12. Feel sick after that, plenty of football left to play but it was more how the game went in the second half that has me feeling shit, never felt we were going to score at any point.
  13. I still think he will come good this season, maybe just needs rested for a couple of games.
  14. This, not one to remember but we were always gonna have a few games like this!
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