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  1. ForeverBlue92

    Men against boys

    Aye, shame he had to miss this one eh? 😁
  2. ForeverBlue92


    Cried like a little kid, can't put into words how good that feels. A huge psychological victory too!!
  3. Ffs, i'm actually shocked by that...
  4. ForeverBlue92

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    This is so painful to watch, not we have played badly at all but just that our final ball or bit of cutting edge doesn't seem to be coming. It honestly feels at times like we just lack a ruthless streak in terms of making the most of good positions.
  5. ForeverBlue92

    Rangers Vs Rapid Vienna - Video

    Great video mate - what a night!
  6. ForeverBlue92

    The Atmosphere

    Goosebumps, absolutely fucking fantastic. Shut they cunts up big time too!
  7. Still buzzing, what a night, I honestly did not expect us to come away with three points tonight and yet to be honest we fully deserved it. Can't explain how fucking happy I am just now.
  8. ForeverBlue92

    Go home you boys in green

    I know. On the basis of tonight they may as well be the same lot though, probably were a few in with them too.
  9. ForeverBlue92

    Go home you boys in green

    Remove this thread please don't want to think about them on a fucking fantastic night like this, nothing against yourself but even the thought of them brings on an awful stench!
  10. ForeverBlue92

    Rangers TV

    I've watched a fair few games while being abroad over the last couple of years and have experienced the same issue on a few totally different connections. Would have to make an educated guess that it is something on their end since it isn't just the one connection it happened on, I found refreshing seems to fix the issue for a little while then it goes back to being pixelated af.
  11. ForeverBlue92

    Chances this ever made it to a taig game?

    I appreciate people who tell it like it is.
  12. ForeverBlue92


    Fucking ridiculous man, how are you going to stop yourself from reacting to that?
  13. ForeverBlue92

    Who do we play as striker?

    Pretty strange situation considering there was a fair bit of hype around this guy when we were still trying to get him... Then he joins and just falls of the radar completely.
  14. ForeverBlue92

    Who do we play as striker?

  15. ForeverBlue92

    Who do we play as striker?

    Bring back the Dalcio, that man was born to score goals, if people would play him in the right position he would be banging in 40 a season!