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  1. Cheers lads, went with that site. Will be emailing FM Scout for a refund!! Weekend is sorted now lol.
  2. After you guys ordered it, how long did it take for the code to get emailed? Cancelled my zavvi order and went with the FM Scout pre-order but still no email!! Dying to get it downloaded any help?
  3. I preordered from zavvi so I could play the beta and they haven't sent me the code... Bastards!!
  4. How bad is it gonna get?? Fucking gutted but can't say im surprised.
  5. TerryHurlock

    FIFA 13

    Anybody got any idea when g-force will have it in?
  6. Aye, Neil MacFarlane and co are definitely up there with the Cruyffs and Peles of the world.
  7. Anybody got a link to the latest transfer update?
  8. McCabe pulling the strings! Quality stuff from the wee man.
  9. Just started 2nd season with Rangers on the new update. Got took over quite early on in the game but the chariman's been a tighter than a ducks arse!! Finished 3rd in the first season due to the points deduction. 9 points behind the scum. Signings in the first season were mostly loans because the wage budget was quite high, Holosko was dynamite though scoring 30-odd goals! Managed to re-build the squad in the summer, with the sale of Whittaker raising some much needed funds. Bertolacci, Montoya and De Las Cuevas are looking quality already! Also signed this youngster from the youth candidates: Anyone that has the Spanish leagues loaded should also take a look at Moises. A free agent in September and my assistant says he has the potential to be better than Davis.
  10. One of my best seasons ever in fm... Now for the Prem.
  11. Ano its fun proving him wrong but you do know he will try keep this argument going anyway that he can, does it in every thread its as though he just likes being totally opposite.
  12. Udinese v Juve just about to start ! should be good.
  13. Probably just me but I liked the fact they never really impressed in the groups and never done there usual drubbing of teams at the Emirates and just got the job done ! for some reason I fancy them to go quite far.
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