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  1. MDYT2

    ***Rumours thread***

    Not sure if serious 🤔
  2. MDYT2

    The Dalcio Gomes

    Seriously though how bad must he, Herrera and MOH be not to get a chance in the fucking shambles we have watched all season. How the fuck do theses guys ever get pro contacts.
  3. MDYT2

    Conspiracy anyone?

    The only thing that might make Them perform is the fact it's cup day.
  4. MDYT2

    Ref v Killie

    Yep ref ruined a shite first half. Done his best to ruin second half to.
  5. MDYT2

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    It's got to be linked. It's to left field not to plus the timing of recent board departures.
  6. MDYT2

    Ste Gerrard Gerrard

    That made me laugh way to much. Fuck sake
  7. MDYT2

    King wants new investors on the board

    Cmon what do you know mate.
  8. MDYT2

    Scott Artfield

    Very happy with this. Good start to summer transfers.
  9. MDYT2


    Sounds about right tbf.
  10. MDYT2

    Grand National Tips

    The gun emoji swung it 😂
  11. MDYT2

    Grand National Tips

    I stuck on tiger roll on the basis of reading this post and nothing else For some reason 🤑 £112 nice one bud 👍
  12. MDYT2


    It scares me how fucking thick people are walking about in society.
  13. MDYT2

    Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    I agree Garner deserved more of a chance and I think could have done well for us. Waghorn you can't fault his effort but he had plenty of chance and was not good enough. I expect him to dip again next season after a good start at his current club seems to be his problem. oh and I'd take Moult as long as its for less than what they paid Motherwell.
  14. MDYT2

    Niko is gone

    Might have saved a few quid. Few others hopefully take the hint and move on. Wish Niko luck.
  15. MDYT2

    Lee Wallace Interview

    I think lee had been carrying injury for longer than we all realised. A fully fit Lee playing at his best will be a major asset to the club. Some of his performances in the lower leagues where top drawer it's just unfortunate that we where in that position and he didn't get the chance to prove he could play that way against better opponents and surrounded buy better team mates. I hope he has a part to play yet.