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  1. Lee Wallace Interview

    I think lee had been carrying injury for longer than we all realised. A fully fit Lee playing at his best will be a major asset to the club. Some of his performances in the lower leagues where top drawer it's just unfortunate that we where in that position and he didn't get the chance to prove he could play that way against better opponents and surrounded buy better team mates. I hope he has a part to play yet.
  2. ST renewals (zebra)

    Ffs got way to far into this thread before I noticed the dates 😂 folk saying dead line tomorrow I was like how the fuck did I miss this 😂🤦‍♂️
  3. Hope they have convinced him to see out 1 more year then cash in both club and player.
  4. jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    Goss so far seems a level above and Docherty has great potential and I feel has offered more than jack and dorrans. Dorrans if I remember correctly averages about 20 ish games a season so will struggle to hold down a jersey in my opinion. Mcorrie hopefully will keep up the form he had before injury. Great to have so many midfielders of that standard.
  5. The Road to Manchester Revisited

    Going to watch this later with a beer 👍 I remember thinking about giving up my season ticket after that year thinking I’m never going to seen anything more from Rangers , trebles 9iar uefa cup final. Little did I know 😂. Fucking glad I changed my mind 👍
  6. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    Not sure if serious.
  7. I've quit watching most football

    Read this earlier and agreed as I never watch live games that don't involve us these days. With this in mind I stuck the Spurs game on thinking I will give it a bash. Couldn't have picked a better game to watch. Might even watch Madrid PSG the morra.
  8. Ayr Utd - Rangers Highlights

    That finish by JC is class.
  9. Goss

    Loan again next season would be the best we would get it seems. I would take that and hope one of our players can preform enough to keep him out the team.
  10. Retail Deal

    Admiral have a seriously strange Americas centric client base for a company that's HQ is in Manchester. As mentioned the best deal on the table has to be taken.
  11. Chances of a decent stream tonight ?
  12. Replacement for Alfredo ?
  13. Offft good question! I hope not .
  14. Tav

    Great get a new deal signed Tav ?