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  1. MDYT2

    Coulibaly is a good prospect

    That’s good news. Hope a fee was agreed also.
  2. MDYT2

    Coulibaly is a good prospect

    See I’ve read a lot of people saying that Gerrard confirmed it but did he really. I’m sure when asked he said can we not just enjoy the player just now ?
  3. MDYT2

    Kyle Lafferty

    😂😂😂 oh well. Done deal merchants crack me up. I'd take him for 500k decent option to have provided we are looking at another striker.
  4. MDYT2


    This big time. I was gob smacked to hear that fact last night. Not something the MSM will report.
  5. MDYT2

    Another wee positive ...

    I was thinking the exact same. Tbf when you look back David Healy and Ross Perry came on as subs.
  6. MDYT2

    Fan Engagement Survey

    The food is great quality and choice and real value for money. said no cunt
  7. MDYT2

    Fan Engagement Survey

    Ha ha aye me to. Waste of fucking time. It’s pretty fucking obvious most of the questions. But hay if it’s acted apon by the club fair play.
  8. MDYT2

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    Yeah agree it’s not a great business model but I suppose the chance of keeping loans that do well another season is there. Who was it the Filth brought on an 18 month loan recently ?
  9. MDYT2

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    That’s not great did Dundee not have quite a decent youth academy not so long ago. Games fucked here
  10. MDYT2

    Welcome aboard Ryan Kent

    Absolutely bang on. Something has to change and fast. But it won't. The only way forward is home grown and that's not proved to be easy to do. For such a big footballing country it's a joke we don't produce any talent. When was the last top Scottish player ? Edit.oh aye welcome to Rangers hope you do well.
  11. MDYT2

    ***Rumours thread***

    YouTube video I know but the boy has technical ability well worth a punt. Standard of goalkeepers in morocco looks horrendous tbf might move over and give it a bash as a career
  12. MDYT2

    ***Rumours thread***

    Not sure if serious 🤔
  13. MDYT2

    The Dalcio Gomes

    Seriously though how bad must he, Herrera and MOH be not to get a chance in the fucking shambles we have watched all season. How the fuck do theses guys ever get pro contacts.
  14. MDYT2

    Conspiracy anyone?

    The only thing that might make Them perform is the fact it's cup day.
  15. MDYT2

    Ref v Killie

    Yep ref ruined a shite first half. Done his best to ruin second half to.