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  1. Hope Van Persie has the best game ever tonight
  2. Done a double, Wolfsburg and Monchengladbach. Easy way to win money - Bet against English teams in the CL
  3. had a fiver on Waggy fgs and 4-0!, that's me up 180 quid !!
  4. I'd go for : Foderingham Tavernier Ball kiernan Wallace Shiels Halliday Zelalem Mckay Waghorn Walsh
  5. That Martial has been brilliant so far!, I'm putting him in ma dream team
  6. They will set up like Hibs and St Mirren did when they came to Ibrox, try not to lose the game first and foremost and try and get a goal on the counter, however if we do to them what we did to St mirren, got a goal in the first 4 minutes, then a second before half time if we do that and don't concede straight away and just keep the pressure on them, they will have no chance, it will just be a matter of how many goals we win by.
  7. Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Wilson Wallace Shiels Halliday Zelalem Oduwa Waghorn McKay 3-1 Rangers! Waghorn double and Halliday
  8. Sign of a good team is scraping out a win when things are going tough!, Let's keep in mind they have beaten St Mirren and Hibs this season, so I'm happy with the 3 points!
  9. one last time- WE WON'T FUCK EVERY TEAM WE PLAY 5-0 FFS, I can't be fucked arguing with you anymore
  10. Are you fucking Ally?, do you think that if we'd had 24% possesion against fucking Dumbarton, but had managed to score a goal, that wouldn't also be dreadful?
  11. How we supposed to break them down?, we should have had a penalty, we've hit the post, we've dominated possesion. so fuck up, if this was last season, we'd be happy with that first half and saying, all that's missing is a goal
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