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  1. Also the main headline on the BBC news, radio and their website. You just cannot compare the coverage this is getting south of the border to how things have been covered up here regarding the boys club. Makes your blood boil and wonder why? I know it's been said 1000 times but it's genuinely baffling why this appears to be avoided up here. I do think this is far bigger than celtic boys club.
  2. Think you mean pollock?😜
  3. Is he sitting on a swing in his garden??😂
  4. It does feel like the longer the season went on the enormity of who he was playing for seemed to get to Goldson.
  5. In my experience just another level of the same corruption you’re complaining about in the first instance. Nest of vipers the lot of them!
  6. To add insult to injury I heard he’d already thrown out all his left shoes before the operation😂
  7. We need to hope Lennon will do the same hatchet job on an inherited winning side that Ally did.......
  8. We'll probably all be saying exactly that about Morelos in a few months time...….
  9. A lot of great players mentioned here but I always thought we could have squeezed another season out of Ray Wilkins.
  10. What's your tip for the National and I'll avoid it!??
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