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  1. SteveEarle

    The Great Dane

    Your nuts?
  2. SteveEarle

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    Hey, I agree they're pricks! I'm just stating that if they had any moral integrity they would be more considerate of how they piss away their money.
  3. SteveEarle

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    We do take care of our own academy. The SFA should be spending their money more wisely than chasing lost causes against us. They would rather piss it up against the wall in the vain hope of hurting us than spend it for the good of the Scottish game regardless of who benefits.
  4. SteveEarle

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    You bet it will! Money that would be far better spent on grass roots football than fucking chasing lost causes after us. Pricks.
  5. SteveEarle

    ***Rumours thread***

    £5 million and his cut of it?
  6. SteveEarle

    Rangers related picture thread

    Used to get one of these every Christmas without fail.
  7. SteveEarle

    Rangers vs Shkupi - Sold out!

    The new Home Games ticketing page on the website is annoying! You scroll down and the fucking games disappear
  8. SteveEarle

    Wes - "We'll be fitter"

    Can't see Wes hanging about if McGregor gets the jersey.
  9. SteveEarle

    What's up with the site?

  10. SteveEarle

    League fixtures out this Friday

    I see celtic start and finish the set of fixtures before the split at home to Livi. We're away both games to Aberdeen and Motherwell....
  11. SteveEarle

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Could we not both be at home assuming one games on a Saturday and one on a Sunday?
  12. SteveEarle

    Neale Cooper

    RIP Neale. Seemed like a decent big guy.
  13. SteveEarle

    Herbie Kane

    .....rides again!!!
  14. SteveEarle


  15. SteveEarle

    BBC Scotland/Sportsound Bias

    What happened to BBC Scotland’s Richard Wilson? He seemed pretty fair and reasonable towards us for most of the time. I wonder if they’ve binned him for not towing the party line??