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  1. Could not agree more but the longer the silence goes on it got me wondering if there was possibly a less sinister theory. The whole episode is fucking shocking!
  2. Genuine question here for some of our more legal minded Bears. When the news of Savile broke it was utterly open season on him from all outlets of the media, and rightly so. It was the biggest story around. Now that the news is breaking and slowly creeping out of Parkhead, with little or no coverage from some of the biggest news providers, could the difference be Savile was dead and most of the accused in the celtic case are still alive? How big a difference, if any, does that make to the reporting of this scandal?
  3. SteveEarle

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Goalkeepers taking free kicks in their own half. The players push up to the half way line, the goalie stands where the referee signals the kick to be taken from and then the fuckers casually throw the ball ten yards in front of them before booting it up the field!?
  4. Did anybody accuse ITV of point scoring when their documentary highlighted Savile’s heinous activities at the BBC??
  5. SteveEarle

    Sir Bradley Wiggins

    100%. The cunts will all turn again when we’re back on top. You can see it creeping in a bit already.
  6. SteveEarle

    ***Official Nations League Thread****

    What’s the story with Keith Andrews hair😂
  7. SteveEarle

    Gollum Gone ?

    First class mate! Well done, these fuckers need chased down. You can see how they try to flannel and deflect the issue and no doubt you'll need to send quite a few emails before getting anywhere remotely like an honest answer. I'm impressed with your efforts here so far👍
  8. SteveEarle

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Billy Urqhart
  9. SteveEarle


    David Francey was usually quality!!
  10. SteveEarle

    Rangers Cult Heroes

    Surely Weiss was a cult figure with the mentions he used to get on here. Wilkins time was short and sweet too and he’s fondly revered.
  11. Sorry DAD, he was sadly nowhere near even reaching mediocrity.
  12. SteveEarle

    Dundee United

    Knocked out of the Challenge Cup today by Alloa
  13. SteveEarle

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    That is how it sounds in fairness. Poor show all round.