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  1. Surely to Christ they'll do them all? The rear panels will be shorter in length so hopefully not so much work involved.
  2. Ntcham starting to work his ticket. Rats leaving the sinking ship under Lemmon🤞🏼
  3. Yeah, same here. It was the early goal and the way we played that came as a bit of a surprise. One of the many highs in my time supporting the club!
  4. Have to be honest and say Leeds away.
  5. If you're ok for time head out to the ground. Bound to snap up a single ticket somewhere outside the stadium?
  6. Oooofffttt! December is a shocker!
  7. How much would Gazza, Laudrup and McCoist fetch in today’s market?
  8. AJ should maybe consider getting Klitschko in his corner. That would be box office! Like Rocky an Apollo Creed!😂
  9. Feargal Sharkey’s fair let himself go a bit.................
  10. Think you mean pollock?😜
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