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  1. Fantastic news! Looks like he could still play a bit.
  2. To be honest I hope so. Nothing better then Lemon being told to do something he doesn't want to do. His anger at the players who don't want to be there will build to a seethe and hopefully further disrupt their dressing room. He doesn't strike me as someone who will smile through clenched teeth for long
  3. NAIL ON FUCKING HEAD SIR!!! Well done!!!
  4. Probably genuinely scared he can't take the rejection, goes on a bender and they get the blame for ruining his life!
  5. Great final. Jimmy came from 4-0 down to beat Doherty 5-4 and win his second world seniors title in a row. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Well done the Whirlwind!
  6. No problem. The ticket centre email address said it could also deal with general enquiries so maybe worth a punt too. Good luck.
  7. Try these mate. Hope he recovers well. slo@Rangers.co.uk TICKETCENTRE@Rangers.CO.UK
  8. I remember Jim MacLean and Alex Ferguson were both touted for the Rangers job when Greig departed. Always kinda wondered how things would have turned out had either of them taken the job.
  9. Sad to hear that mate. I'm sure his brother Jim has it too.
  10. I hadn’t heard Tommy was unwell either. I suppose all that generation of players are getting on in years now
  11. RIP Tam. Will go down as a true Rangers legend. Chick Young did a decent tribute piece on the BBC website. They had this pic up of Tam at the Scottish Football Hall of Fame last year where he said he was inducted. Looks like he’s holding up the award for Tommy MacLean? Anyone know the story here, seemed strange not to have his own award. Maybe just a simple mistake.
  12. Congratlutions Ronnie! 6 World Championships! Not too shabby for the GOAT.
  13. Selby irritated by a couple of hit and hopes? It’s a fucking sight more irritating watching him tuck in behind the yellow again and again and again and again.
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