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  1. Thank fuck we have proper football back this weekend!!!
  2. Politicians and members of the public are demanding that the Scottish Government takes action over the scandal of historic child sex abuse in football. Politicians from all parties have been flooded with letters from constituents angry at their lack of action and “silence”. The revelation comes after a string of high-profile court cases where paedophile football coaches linked to top-flight Scots football were jailed. The public's letters, revealed under Freedom of Information, have been sent to MSPs and then passed on to the Government. One letter to Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf was apparently written by a friend of someone allegedly abused at a top-flight football club. It said: “Following the recent criminal convictions it is paramount the victims get answers and closure to these horrific events – silence is deafening.” Last week, it emerged a report into child abuse in football will demand clubs apologise to victims. Three perverts who worked for celtic Boys’ Club – Jim Torbett, Gerald King and Frank Cairney – and former celtic youth coach Jim McCafferty were convicted of child abuse. Last month, victims of Motherwell FC youth coach Bob Allan attacked his 18-month sentence as a “disgrace”. celtic have insisted the boys’ club was a separate organisation but are being sued by victims who say the two are “inextricably linked”. In 2017, Harry Dunn, 84, a former scout for Rangers, died before he could face justice for historical child sex abuse charges. Tory MSP Adam Tomkins said: “These letters show that there have been very serious concerns about this for some time.” A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The final report commissioned by the SFA will be published when ongoing legal cases are concluded and we will carefully consider its findings.”
  3. To be fair they did manage to stand in a fairly straight line for the national anthem.........
  4. To be honest Ben I was completely surprised to see Arbroath are 4th in the Championship!? Still, glad Utd were pumped oot!!
  5. Knocked out of the Challenge Cup today on penalties to ARBROATH!!!!
  6. 47 seconds in! "It's just bizhaaaar!!"
  7. I remember genuine excitement of him coming back and taking over from Greig as manager. I think we all thought he'd sort us out! Sadly it didn't work out but we have two League Cups to remember from his second spell. I would have loved for him to lift another league title but it wasn't to be. Still a Rangers legend though!
  8. You can only imagine why the pricks have stopped short of naming celtic but that last part is damning and exactly what many on here have been stating for a long, long time.
  9. Most of the threads on RM are dream world to be fair. Who should we sign? If we’d made substitutions earlier, we all pick different players for every game. This is just another scenario to debate. There have been posters on here who have genuinely said celtic going out of Europe could harm our chances of winning the league. Christ bud, I clearly want the best for us all the time but I’m just flipping that theory and asking if it will be seen as positively if we fail to go through. For the record, I want us in every competition for as long as possible BUT going out of Europe, with them going through, MIGHT not be the biggest disaster. As a rule this would never normally even be a consideration but this is a crucial season for us to stop 9 in a row. I would probably like to achieve that at whatever the cost!
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