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  1. Just keep getting this online Unfortunately we aren't able to load this information at the moment. Please try again later
  2. Proud to have met Laudrup in Foot Locker on Argyle St about 12 years ago. He was buying trainers for his son and chatted away. Lovely man.
  3. I loved Jim Bett! Seemed to recall him scoring a cracker in the League Cup Final we lost to them in 83? Also remember when he left he appeared to be complaining about struggling in the Old Firm goldfish bowl which is Glasgow. I was gutted when he left. Great player and could have easily stayed a few more seasons and won things.
  4. They could start next season in August and play the remaining fixtures for this season midweeks!?
  5. Could somebody cut and paste the bottle middle mask onto these cunts??😂
  6. SteveEarle


    I also fear he has another red card in him this season. Still has those petty after the ball challenges and shoves in him. One of these overzealous refs will delight in red carding him for his going away present.
  7. I agree with this. I can't remember a bigger capitulation than this. Something is not right.
  8. Another tough watch. Nobody should be in any doubt of the horrific pain each of these victims have suffered. If by highlighting it as best we can it helps the victims get justice and closure that can only be a positive. The SFA’s Martin Henry doesn’t instil any confidence in me.......
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