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  1. Wullies_bowly_legs

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Thought this was a draw as they only got beat 0-2 and one was offside and the ref was a cheat. Nearly as good as the victory over Bayern.
  2. Wullies_bowly_legs

    BBC making their agenda clear...

    Report them to BBC down south with proof of obvious bias like the above photos. I seem to remember they got slapped down before a few years back.
  3. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Morelos incident

    It reminds me of the Beckham one in the world cup, half-hearted flick of the leg/boot which wouldn't have caused any damage if it connected but as others have said gave the ref an opportunity to make a decision. The two of them had been at each other all game which probably didn't help. Will be interesting to see if SG does appeal.
  4. Wullies_bowly_legs


    Watching that video of Kamara and the way he tackles reminds me of Stuart McCall. If the rest of his game is as good he'll be an asset.
  5. Wullies_bowly_legs

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I'm actually shocked he was so complimentary about Alf. But he's still an utter pie.
  6. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Matt Polster's Missus

    Probably hardwood floors.
  7. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    Good thing was they were totally different the way they played. Jinky was as his name suggested able to beat a man by trickery and small, sharp movements. Willie on the other hand was probably the quickest I have ever seen at facing a left back and waiting till he moved and was past him while the defender was unbalanced. He was incredibly fast over that first 5 or 10 yards and once he was past he was gone. Fantastic striker of a ball on the move or at a standstill. Also had the ability to beat a man with skill as well as pace. Difficult to sum him up without sounding over the top but he was that good. When Slim Jim and Eusebio rate you as a great player you know you have it made.
  8. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Willie Henderson LEGEND

    My favourite player when I was a young boy ( and still is) Met him a couple of times back then and he could not have been nicer, gave me his shirt but then he went back in to the dressing room to get as many of the guys to sign it as well. Also he gave me a signed ball etc next time I met him and a wee kickabout for a couple of minutes. This guy was my hero as you could possibly guess by the name and my avatar. Legend or hero are terms overused these days but this guy has earned it due to his skill, manners and charity work.
  9. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Big Jock Knew

    Anything like this should always be sent for the attention of the Managing Director or Chief Executive as their PA's will bring it to their attention. They also can be contacted by Facebook which could cause more embarrassment for them.
  10. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Forward Line

    Need to leave Alf to do what he does best creating mayhem with the centre backs. I would then play Defoe just off him to pick up the scraps when attacking and in the box for free kicks, corners etc. As said already one wide man in Kent or Candeias dependent on the full backs and wingers we are up against. If their left back and winger are good we need Candeias to help Tav. If not then Kent can come in to play either or both sides. What a lovely problem to have for a change.
  11. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Timmy's Best Excuse Yet....

  12. Wullies_bowly_legs


    His fat pal is the spit of Terror from the Baldies gang, in the film The Wanderers. A seriously ugly bastard. Classy suit and white bowtie btw.
  13. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Fantastic video mate. Just love the bit at the end with big Goldson standing there, grinning all over his face and lapping up every second of the acclaim from the crowd. If he didn't know what it was all about playing for the most successful team in football, he certainly does now.
  14. Wullies_bowly_legs

    To absent friends.

    Was there with my old man that day. Never saw him so upset about anything else in his life similar to myself that tragic day. Still impossible to comprehend or understand why something so terrible could have happened. Still have a quiet moment every year in respect of the departed.
  15. Wullies_bowly_legs

    That drop Ball..

    That was a marker put down by Arfield not just for Lego and the scum to see, but also to his team mates. He showed how to front up and by that encouraged all the others to do the same. Bit like Kevin Thomson against Keane. Mind you I think most of our magnificent eleven were up for it anyway.