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  1. ***Official Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Thread***

    So they're green, thick skinned, bitter, they go rotten easily, have no spine and don't belong. Now who does that remind me of??
  2. Thats the way it should be. Walk away without taking more money from the club when we don't have much to spare. The way a real Rangers man would behave just like Super Al........ Oh wait a minute. As others said about AM at the time, he was due the money so he held out for it. Niko has just done the same. Sticks in the throat though.
  3. Dundee United

    I'd agree with this to start with. Why let them off with a quick death when they could get worse every year, get relegated down to the bottom league. Lose all their players, ground gets worse as no cash for repairs then finally when rock bottom - admin followed by liquidation. Yep - that should cover it.
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Can we sell him Pena??
  5. Our defence

    Must admit I was really looking forward to seeing Alves in the team but was disappointed In the main when he did play. However I actually think now the guy has been struggling with injuries both minor and major since he joined so we have not seen him anywhere near his best. If he has cleared his injuries, gets a partner he has confidence in beside him and with the weather heating up a bit I'm really hopeful he'll start to play to the standard we know he can. I've been watching some of his old club and country performances and he is one seriously hard, tough and skilful player and we can only hope Lego and the Thumb find that out first hand for themselves. Come on Bruno - time to step up and show us what you can really do.
  6. Guess who's back back again

    Fixed that for you.
  7. Murty press conference

    I disagree on that I'm afraid, just by going on the games I watch. Corners, free kicks, crosses will be based on the strengths of your own team as in no point in floating a ball to the back post when your strikers are 5' 2" tall. Most teams however bring up the central defenders for corners and free kicks, plus if they have a tall centre forward like Crouch, Kane, Giroud etc, why would they put it in low for them. A taller striker like Harry Kane wants higher cross balls as he is taller and can outjump smaller defenders like full backs which is why over 20% of his goals are headers. If Rangers could get a player like Duncan Ferguson, Colin Stein, DJ or big Mark you could be sure the game would be played to their strengths. BTW I appreciate not all big strikers are strong in the air - Kevin Kyle???
  8. Murty press conference

    Agreed Morelos is stronger and more physical but going down that line I'd prefer a number 9 that not only is strong and can hold the ball up, but is a handful in the air like a big Mark. Although Morelos is strong he's not a threat when challenging for a header. If you have a big target man he needs to be part of a front 2, with the other feeding off him. When you think of it we were spoiled with big Mark leading the line and either Ally or MJ feeding off him. Those were the days.
  9. Murty press conference

    As soon as we got Cummings in I was worried Morelos may be for the off. Murty seems to prefer one up front and Cummings can do the same job as Morelos, maybe even a better finisher. Would have loved to have seen the two up front together but never really expected it.
  10. King at BBC today

    Sometimes we all lose sight of the fact that the only folk willing to fund/support the club without getting a penny of their cash back are the supporters. So please don't ask me to praise any board or directors for lending the club cash which they will get back when they sell their shares whilst the support buy tickets, season tickets, merchandising, food, drink, programmes etc and are only looking for success at the end of the day.
  11. The real Ally

    Still cannot believe Walter believed AM could be a fit and proper manager of the club. Surely has to be one of the few occasions Walter made a serious misjudgement as a manager. That is of course if it actually was his decision
  12. Rangers Vs Aberdeen - Video

    Cheers buddy.
  13. Candeias

  14. Tonight’s Goals

    Difference in the 2 halves was not down to tactics etc. It was all down to their keeper as he was one seriously evil looking bastard ( family tree Escobar maybe?) and our forwards were scared to go near him. Second half they change keepers and we run riot.
  15. Atlético Mineiro Vs Rangers - Video

    Cheers Jules, most enjoyable especially the well worked goal. Also thought the backheel to stop an og. was class.