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  1. Wullies_bowly_legs

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Has their Co-op loan been repaid yet or was it 2019. Think around £16 million.
  2. Wullies_bowly_legs

    How to celebrate a goal against the bheasts

    On the bbc football site they have a pic of the goal. Worth looking at just to see the concentration on twathead Legos face as he tries to stop it. Pity the shot is already past him
  3. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    This in a nutshell, not just the team or the board. The manager plus backroom staff along with the incredible support from the fans since day one will ensure we will soon be back at the top where we belong.
  4. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    I won't say my wife spends a lot on that Clinique crap but she's on first name terms on the girls that work there and gets a Christmas card and birthday present from the Clinique counter. She made it worse by telling me, all chuffed that the stuff they sent her last birthday was worth over £50. WTF!! How much must she be spending there to get that.
  5. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Rangers v Maribor Live

    Don't know if its really worth it paying £6 to watch some of the rubbish we've played. Would be better off spending it on a fish supper even though its not Friday yet. only kidding - Come on the Gers!!!!
  6. Wullies_bowly_legs


    That was only a rumour, honest I'm a vegetarian.
  7. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Morelos red rescinded

    So we're not sure if the refs are incompetent, biased or corrupt. But I do have to question the honesty or bias of their masters at the SFA when a player who used to play for a specific team gets to referee a match with that team playing. DK kicked off about mclennan being predjudiced or biased because of allegiances, why not the same for the ref.
  8. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Gerrard “it’s been happening for seasons”

    Was all set to start shouting at the tv when mccinnes said Windass goes to ground too easily, but then was shocked when he said his player should have been sent off. He's still a tosser though.
  9. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Will Gerrard be given the time?

    For all the talk about signings, tactics etc etc the thing that has most impressed me is the way he has got this team fighting for each other and the fans. First time I've seen that since Walter left. Plus we need to remember a large number of these guys have only played a few games together so the understandings that get built take some time, especially in defence.
  10. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Can Gerrard Stop Bheast FC?

    People need to remember if you put the scum under pressure they are likely to fold eg Inverness. If we can stay close and beat them at Ibrox then they will start to unravel. Beginning with their twat of a manager that showed down south he could not handle the pressure at times.
  11. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Referee Conspiracy

    Agreed its all suspicious but players like Morelos need to become wiser. Always remember players complaining about dalglish as when they used to push/ barge him from the back they ended up with studs down the shin and foot as he stepped back into them Every time till they used to not do it and pretty difficult thing to spot as opposed to a kick. Need an old, wiser centre forward ( I'm old school ) to teach him some tricks. Colin Stein would be my choice.
  12. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Gerrard “it’s been happening for seasons”

    Felt the problem was caused by Jack going off really and Coulibaly having to move back. Weakened central midfield straight away.
  13. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Big Coulibaly

    Yep - he's an ugly, mutant, arrogant bastard who plays for the scum.
  14. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Big Coulibaly

    Yes his touch sometimes lets him down but that'll come. He gives the impression (backed up in a few tackles ) that this is not a guy to mess with which is what we have been needing for the last 3 years. I don't mean a lunatic that rumbles around the pitch causing trouble but a guy the other team has second thoughts about messing with. We've had some great ones in midfield that I've seen from JG to Ian Ferguson and Souness himself and although the big man maybe doesn't have that level of skill it looks like he has the dig and drive which will do for me.
  15. Wullies_bowly_legs


    Never known a swine like Pedro.