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  1. Same here but after a really bad day I missed as sliced it.
  2. So in amongst all the Mo, Lego, Kent ,Halliday etc crap going on the sfa seem to have ignored the pitch invasion by the scum but SG said something wrong??? Liewell working overtime these days.
  3. Very much in the mould of a Stuart McCall with his work ethic although unlike SM he stays on his feet when he tackles.😜 I’d like to see him used as a man marker to take an influential opponent out the game when needed as although he can create its not his strongest area but when used to play directly against Lego at Ibrox and the Villareal CM when we went down to 10 men he was outstanding. Seemed to me that scumbag Lego was avoiding him at the piggery. As already said when fully fit he is a great player for the team.
  4. You would get a more sensible, more informed and more intelligent answer than you would get from that numptie Beattie.
  5. A lot of areas need to improve for next season but the link man (no 10) is the main one for breaking down defences that sit in. Lets be honest the Davis of old was the perfect signing to fill that position so I could see the reasoning behind why SG signed him. However I have to question the sense of signing a player that only played 6 games for Southampton last season so how could you judge how he was playing or how fit he was especially as he is 34? I really hope he can come onto a game and do a job for us but at the moment its looking like a poor call by SG or MA.
  6. Nasty player up front. Quite a few centre halfs probably still got the scars from his elbows......... Fantastic
  7. I ran a snooker club in London for a couple of years and had most of the names guest at some point. Most talented was easily Higgins followed by Jimmy White. Nobody could beat those two in a money game but the pressure got to them in tournaments. Davis was an absolute robot - could play all night and never lose a game.
  8. Never tire of watching Willie Henderson taking the piss out of the left back. He never knew whether Willie would push it past him and beat him for pace or drop the shoulder like he did for the penalty. Slim Jim always looked as though he actually slowed the timing of the game down as he was so comfortable and confident on the ball. cheers for that clip mate - great memories apart from that horrific challenge.
  9. A big advantage with Morelos to buyers is the fact he has improved with us each season and is still very young for an established striker. You could understand a manager like Pep seeing the improvement SG has made in Mo's game and seeing the further improvement his team could make to him. He is really unusual being so tough, strong over the ball, his ability to turn and ragdoll defenders at his age. Imagine what he could be like when he matures and fills out more. Pretty sure he'll be getting watched closely by quite a few teams.
  10. Best timer in the tackle I've seen. A real legend for the club.
  11. Remember Milne and Donald cleared their debt a couple of years back. Thought it was about 15 million at the time.
  12. WTF is going on when their tame journo is coming out with criticism of his favourite club and fans. Well just the fans. 'GIMME PEACE' Tom English slams celtic fans who belted out pro-IRA lyrics at Tynecastle We told earlier how Hoops supporters were being probed by cops over claims of offensive chanting and coin throwing at last night’s game against Hearts By David Fowler 28th February 2019, 4:23 pm Updated: 28th February 2019, 4:24 pm TOM ENGLISH has slammed the celtic fans who belted out pro-IRA lyrics during the club’s match with Hearts at Tynecastle.
  13. So Brenda is the 4th manager in 3 years at Leicester. Job security maybe not the best there.🤣
  14. Mark Guidi is never worth that money.
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