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  1. Sorry I can never forget JGs time as manager. Apart from 78/9 when he was living off Jock Wallaces team, the football , team and crowds were awful. Loved big Greig but not as a manager sadly. Only other bad time apart from 2012 was the team under David White when we won sod all.
  2. You don’t need the word clone mate. A brainless Hartson sums him up fine.
  3. Cannot list one but a front five of the greatest attacking team ever. Shamelessly lifted from Wikpedia. I’d never seen football like that before and sadly never since. The Brazil team of the 1970 World Cup. Even the fullbacks were lethal but...... The Brazilian front five of Jairzinho, Pelé, Gérson, Tostão and Rivelino were all Number 10s in their own right and together they created an irresistible attacking momentum, with Pelé having central role in Brazil's way to the final, playing a part in 14 of Brazil's 19 goals in the tournament
  4. Was a great keeper but suffered as understudy to Billy Ritchie for most of the 60’s. Think he only made about 70 + appearances for us but one of those was the European Cup Winners cup final finished 0-0 after 90 minutes but Bayern scored in extra time. Forgot to say that Bayern team included Sepp Maier, Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller amongst others.😧
  5. If there are any matches postponed in the Europa League this round then there is no point in playing any other matches.
  6. I can hear the insurance companies dusting off the “Act of God” defense ready for use.
  7. Commentator was saying christie putting the player under pressure.!!! You mean knocking him over. Straight out of the walker school of bias.
  8. How about Derek Johnstone, not only made his debut at 16 but scored the winner in the cup final against them still aged 16.😲 Think size and strength a big part of it if young which DJ had and this boy seems to as well.
  9. Interesting point about Euro places but think the main problem for the SPL would be the relegation places which could put a club into admin. As it is close I could not see any team accepting relegation if there are no set rules in place from the beginning of the relevant season. For once I don’t think the top of the table would be causing the Spl or sfa the problem.
  10. Things seems to have changed in the last few years as good teams always had a ball playing CB with a hard man alongside him. Every now and again you got lucky and got a player that combined the two like Gough and Butcher. You had limited CB’s that brought strength to the team like Tam Forsyth or John Brown that were not the most skilful but were all heart and guts. Thats what we need now plus a right back like Gary Stevens.
  11. Sorry cannot agree no matter how shite the team are at the minute. Been watching them for well over 50 years, through bad times and crap teams a lot worse than this when crowds were hellish. Okay some of the players are shitebags but it is still Rangers and I want them to win every game we play.
  12. That big guy Hearts have is a handful when not injured Ikpeazu. Although the last big guy we signed from Hearts....🤮.......... well enough said. Forgot to say I’ll be interested to see Defoe play with Hagi behind him as that boy can see a pass through and Defoe might be the one to anticipate the pass coming.
  13. You shouldn’t even need the manager to go spare after a loss like that. The captain and senior players should do the job for you. Imagine facing JG in the changing room after that or even Terry Butcher ( remember the dressing room door). Also if the manager is not that type his number 2 like Archie Knox should be.
  14. Have to agree with 2012 being terrible and I’m an old timer also. But also have to throw in the scums run in 60’s early 70’s. JG times as manager with really low crowds and my worst match memory has to be Berwick Rangers. Worst memory was the disaster in 1971 though which puts todays problems into perspective.
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