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  1. Seems most of the complaints are not now about Jack getting sent off but the double standard of stokes getting away with it for the second time in the match. The punishment should have been the same for each player as stokes raised his hands by grabbing Jack by the throat and Jack was perceived to have motioned forwards with his head. I would say 99% of the time in games if two players are involved like that, the same punishment is handed out to each of them. I would love to hear the refs explanation for why only one got a red.
  2. Just think Pele, 1970 and that outrageous dummy on the goalie. Never seen better just a shame he missed the goal after or it would have been one of the great goals of all time.
  3. At least they could have put up a better banner with some character like a Sports Direct one.
  4. The Goalie was never that keen to come off his line but with the 2 CB's he had in front of him why would he? The ultimate shot stopper. But quick out for through balls. Fod will relish having a good defence in front of him and not having to worry about Kiernans back passes or Wilson dreaming.
  5. When Brenda appeared on the news last night about the game, I said to the wife he won't have seen the banners. Sure enough he hadn't he was too busy watching the game.Aye right enough
  6. Easy to solve. C1872 prints out 50,000 flyers for the first home game of the season and hands them out at the game. Then repeat as necessary. The other papers will soon pick it up and print as they won't miss an opportunity to slag off a competitor.
  7. The " at this time " will be them leaving an out in case the frenzy gets too much for them.
  8. He really looked like he wanted to go so if, and its a big if, we have a good sell on percentage then its a good deal. He could have sat till Jan the negotiated his way out for nothing. We had to make the deal now to have any position of strength.
  9. So we have ? may if if again should Nothing there that confirms they will be there. I detest these gits but all seems conjecture at the minute with no confirmation or comment from them.
  10. Come on Bobby - stop fucking sitting on the fence. Say what you means or I'll need to have a stern word with you.
  11. And put the OP out a job as the business falls. Not too well thought out buddy
  12. but who did it? -
  13. Probably the main driver behind my ideas are the Morphine Sulphate, oxycontin, oxynorm and Sevredol which I take daily. Tramadols for amateurs Now did I just see Bobby Ewing come out of the shower?
  14. Yep - if he said he was off, gifting his shares to the club and leaving the 3B's in charge never to return.
  15. If he goes we must be more aware of his possible advancement away from Rangers and get a big percentage of a sell on fee in his contract. That way if it was a mistake to sell him we can plug the wound with cash.