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  1. Cannot believe you are calling Steven Pressley a has- been or a never-been. He wasn’t good enough to reach the standard of has-been.
  2. Wonderful player for us in Europe, seemed to run games with everything going through him to the rest.
  3. Evidence against Soapy Salmond also seemed overwhelming.
  4. Tbh I would assume it’s all now just down to a case of how much!! To make hearts and thistle go away quietly. The 8 and 2 million is just the first shots fired in the negotiation to come.
  5. Yep - a touch of class from the Guardian. “ Social media is awash with celtic supporters – who have The Hague on speed dial for refereeing controversies – pontificating about the validity of this SPFL outcome. “.
  6. Plus lots of support from class players such as big Attila, who if he wasn’t scoring himself was setting up McCoist to score. Something Alfredo does not get much help with.
  7. He is what is known as a shitshield for the man actually running the organisation. Don’t know his name though.
  8. Agree with the McCall idea but he was helped greatly by having Ian Ferguson playing alongside him. If you got past one you knew the second one was about to get you. Bloody hell we were spoilt then.
  9. Loved Goon , with Seann William Scott. What an animal. and Moneyball. Based on a true story.
  10. So crap fitting suits and umbrellas for the badly dressed gingers amongst us.😉
  11. I’ve just realised there are actually 2 whistleblowers, not one. Rangers have the original one well hidden but I’ve managed to work out who the second one is. It’s the spfls very own George Smiley, double agent number 002 and a half who every time he opens his mouth drops his own team right in it. Step out of the shadows, Murdoch MacLennan, useless loudmouth extraordinaire and our greatest hope in the battle to come. 😜
  12. If that is true, and depending how many clubs, it could be huge. Cracks starting to appear in the usual unified front of the spfl. I suppose fear and bribes lose their effect eventually if enough pressure can be applied. I’m actually starting to believe this corrupt, self serving, arrogant and fraudulent organisation may self destruct if they carry on the way they are going. And tbh It is not something I would ever have believed I would see happen . Here’s hoping. 😎
  13. Donation made m8 by paypal. Keep up the good work in these sad times.
  14. Sorry but totally disagree. It’s all about this titles as liewell will throw the other board members under the bus without a thought or care in the world. Unless he has signed something ( which we know he won’t have as he is too cunning ) he is in no danger at all and can easily replace the ones at risk with others of a like mind. The danger is that they could sneak the title through while attention is going on other matters.
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