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  1. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Big gab amato?

  2. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Big gab amato?

    Great close control in the penalty area - sometimes...... Bit like Jelavic as was a favourite at times. What was his name again??
  3. Wullies_bowly_legs

    The Sleeping Giant

  4. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Training pictures

    Still trying to take in the first pic of SG in Rangers gear.
  5. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Jim Baxter

    He was an absolute pleasure to watch. Trouble was that he could see a pass his team mates were unable to make never mind come up with. We were spoiled then with players like Baxter, Wee Wullie, Davey Wilson, Brand running games a level above everyone else. Those were the days.
  6. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Boss arrives at Auchenhowie

    Senderos should have been taken away in a transit van also.
  7. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Surely not linked to PM being away.
  8. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Basile Boli - Video

    Used to give me the fear trying to play the ball out from defence until he must have been told if tight situations lump it up the park. Big hard git in the tackle with a nifty headbutt.
  9. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Feel good factor coming back?

    And there it is. A risk for the season ahead but I'll bet the season ticket sales will be filled again which is what the board needed.
  10. Wullies_bowly_legs

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

  11. Wullies_bowly_legs

    A long club statement coming according to SLO

    No problem with the club reacting to this and releasing a statement informing the fans of the plans and how they can object. Why does the SLO need to release a statement, informing us there is another statement being released. Just put the thing on the club website and job done. If neccessary it could have been anounced at our last home game.
  12. Wullies_bowly_legs

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    How is Andy Carroll these days.
  13. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Planned Incompetence

    Two words that prove referees are more lenient to some teams. Lego Eater.
  14. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Planned Incompetence

    This 100%. Even if there is/isn't a bias against us, what is wrong with using every honest means at our disposal to get fair treatment. Any ref that knows they might be called out to the SFA or the media for poor decision making or incompetence, will be trying harder to ensure they perform fairly and correctly. In any walk of life if you know your boss or company will be on your case for incompetence you'll take more care in your job. All the refs know that lemmon and brenda will bitch about everything, deserved or not to the media, so I'm pretty sure although not maybe biased, they will make the decision that causes them least grief.
  15. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Reckon David Bates might be regretting his exit?

    While Bates did the basics of CH work pretty well he was never going to turn into a ball playing centre half which we need badly. This gives SG the chance to bring in a defender that can play out from defence. Remember Butcher pinging 50 yard passes from his own 18yard line? Always works best with a no nonsense tackling CH alongside a skilled passer such as Butcher with Roberts. Unless you had a player like Amoruso who could tackle hard, pass like Beckenbauer and shoot like Bobby Charlton - in his own mind anyway. Loved the big guy but some of these shots