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  1. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Berra blasts Lafferty

    This all the way. You wonder how these wets would have reacted to a team like the 9 iar with Souness, Ferguson, Roberts, McCall etc All players that played for the team and were willing to face up to any team in the league.
  2. Maybe for the protection of some of the victims.
  3. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Andy Halliday

    Good on AH for grabbing the opportunity. Flanagan is a good backup player as he's actually a right back that the boss has used on the left.
  4. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Ian Durrant: What might have been.

    This^^^^^^^ Cannot think of any player I've seen that could both play the killer pass plus time his arrival in to the box the way Durrant could. Had the chance to be the greatest I've seen but that tackle ended that. So still Slim Jim by a nose.
  5. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Jim white

    The above sums up scottish football these days.
  6. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Over 50k

  7. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Over 50k

    See when you do that do your hands actually manage to hit each other.?? You need to cut back on the gear mate.
  8. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Gerrard and Katic press conference

    This is an absolute joy now to watch a Rangers manager who is polite, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about the game. Plus he takes no crap from any of the media and puts his points across firmly without bowing to pressure. Looking back on previous managers we have had some great ones in my lifetime like WS, Jock Wallace, Souness and my favourite Willie Waddell who presided over the worst episode in our history and handled it with poise, sympathy and incredible dignity as well as rebuilding the club from a poor position. Mr Gerrard though has certainly started with class and style both in the building of the team, the standards he is setting and public appearances. Lets hope he carries on the way he has started and I'm really hopeful he will become a legend. Still cannot believe this is his first managerial position.
  9. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Do you believe we’ll win the league this year?

    Would love to be wrong but think this is one season too early. Next one for sure though.
  10. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Gerrard and Middleton Press Conference

    SG will not be hurried or pressured when talking to the media. Considers every question before answering in a calm, succinct and intelligent way. Just shows all these years in the EPL as a top player and club captain has made him what he is now. This is going to be a great journey and yes there will be a few bumps on the way but we are on the up without doubt. WATP
  11. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Today's Random Tabloid Anti-Rangers article

    No I'm sorry but I cannot believe that. Fans in this country would never stoop so low. Maybe his full time real job was a banker or he drove a tanker.
  12. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Today's Random Tabloid Anti-Rangers article

    Just be thankful they stopped the camera after the actual nose picking as he was later seen wilfully flicking said snotter towards the opposition fans without care or regard to their safety.
  13. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Trouble is both the scum and Ufa had a high press going at us. The back 4 were getting harried straight away when/if the ball was played out to them
  14. Wullies_bowly_legs


    Must admit if fit I would start him. See how long he lasts then sub. If you play him as a second half sub then he breaks down you have to make another substitution and you've probably used his obvious replacement in the first half. Honest I know what I mean.
  15. Wullies_bowly_legs

    Absolute Fucking Warriors

    In over 55 years of watching this great club I have never been so nervous but so pleased at the end ( well maybe once or twice). That game and result should be a marker for the team for the rest of the season to go out and show the rest of the trash talkers and scum in Scottish football what we can do. Un - fuckingbelievable.