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  1. Agreed.
  2. This, take turns having a pop at him starting with Holt as he is smaller. Should avoid early yellows then Legos head will start to explode ( the same way Ian Ferguson and Stuart McCall used to).
  3. Would like to see him given a chance with a class CB playing alongside him. Someone that will shout, bully him and keep him in the right place when defending. If he was still mince then punt him.
  4. Wonder how the sheep supporters are feeling now.
  5. Oooft. To use local terminology - " and there's your dinner".
  6. You forgot the ability to deny that something is happening - as it is happening. Expert on semantics. Merge not join together.
  7. Well just read comments about the meeting on here and from a link to FF (not a member). The support for CH on there is quite startling and I was wondering why. Negative posts about him seem to get deleted and the posters banned. Could it be a case of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours as come the next elections for 1872 backing from CH might just get someone over the line. I was really surprised this person did not apply last time but there was a lot of negative stuff about him then. Surely the bastions of truth would not stoop to getting a glowing run on FF in return for getting on 1872 's board. Nah I'm too suspicious. On another note nothing like self promotion when discussing the 1872 meeting. I quote ' always make The Louden available to any Rangers fans group. We always offer a pie and usually a free drink as well'
  8. Sorry to hear this. You must be so disappointed after all the support you have shown them and the work you have done. Must be a serious let- down.
  9. Or the hotel refused to pay the kickback to the person booking the function as numbers were too low.
  10. Maybe seems like Joey Barton felt the same as Pedro. And maybe the players and MW didn't like hearing the truth. Lucky for the players none of them knew Jock Wallace. Unlucky for us though.
  11. Tell John Brown the deeds are hidden behind a wall in there. Be ripped apart in hours.
  12. Maybe unlike MW, Pedro realises he doesn't have the players for the system he prefers so is just using the games to find out what he has, who is capable and who is worth keeping.
  13. A lot of people will never forgive the 'merger' with RST. Sorry I mean 1872. The excuses and reasoning given were pretty thin and as things have progressed a lot of folk believe now it was all pre-planned. The brazen denials were strident but were really just semantics. Some of the older bears may remember we tried to sign a player from a Scottish Club only to be told they would never sell to Rangers. Next thing you know said player signed for a team down south and surprise, surprise only stayed a season then came back to us. Was that a merger too?
  14. The most important issue is to somehow now get control of the cash away from the board of 1872. Whether it gets put into something as simple as a savings account, trust or simple interest paying account which can earn cash until what to do with it is decided. What a pity RF cannot be resurrected to what it was before. I still cannot believe the shenanigans and manouvering that led to the brazen stitch up of the "merger". How some folk got away with that is beyond belief and it just goes to show misplaced confidence and a well placed dodgy question enabled the blue pound collectors to take over power when they should have been run out of town. I'm sure we could find a group of responsible people to be the trustees of the cash such as Walter Smith, Gordon Smith, JG etc. Once the cash is out of the control of the usual suspects I would not be surprised if they moved on. Then the support could assume their rightful place in charge of the cash that they raised themselves and how it should be spent - a clue here - shares, shares and shares.
  15. Sounds like the sort of story that could be made into a film. Wonder if he knows anyone with shares in a film company.