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  1. Has to be Wes as although Hill has been good he had a nightmare at the beginning of the season. Miller has done well but too much work for too little return.
  2. Similar to RF??
  3. Far too sensible. Get a grip.
  4. Talent is a natural aptitude or skill.- in this case for being , well you can make up your own mind. Funnily enough a talent was an old form of currency. Blue pound anyone?
  5. When I went to sea a long time ago my mother threw out all my Rangers stuff by mistake?? Signed team photos from the early 60's, programmes, scarves and worst of all a signed shirt from the 63 team. Arrrggghhhhh. Lets just say when I found out she was not popular.
  6. Jeez, make me feel old as well why don't you. But then I got to see Caldow, Slim, Wee Willie, Orjan, Kai, Jim F etc. They were players.
  7. The one good thing is the sheep were chasing the scum hard last season and then just fell apart as the finish got near. Pressure maybe?
  8. Bloody hell, how thick am I as did not realise this until your post. So Robertson got asked a couple of dodgy questions by the C1872 board. Thought "fuck this" get it to one point of contact such as a SLO. Then I can tell him just to shut up and to stay in the corner sooking jelly beans while the big boys carry on. So as Murray was the 'shit shield' for King, the SLO will do the same job for Robertson and the board.
  9. Pay CH his blue pounds in coins, fill his pockets then as an ex sailor myself and to use the correct terminology throw him over the wall. Job done. regarding the post above about the meeting what is the bet it's packed with sympathisers.
  10. AN absolute joke, 500k sitting in a non interest account for 5 years!! As soon as some fucking idiots nominated it to pay for CH's legal defence against the Easdales I knew the game was up. Wonder who thought of using the funds for that and now to build something the club ( board ) should be paying for. Just remember we all thought the RF money was locked in and could not be used/transferred/merged but look how that turned out. Be very afraid of the funds and shares in C1872.
  11. This ^^ This was the biggest stitch up in the book. What has happened since was the natural progression and I'm sorry to say maybe inevitable with a few of the folk involved. Not all as there were some honourable people there although I believe they were knowingly fighting a losing battle from the start. As you say CB they should hang their head in shame for the weasely protestations about they never said it would stay independent. I hesitate to say lies but I was never happy when the merger ( funny if it wasn't so tragic ) was proposed and voted through.
  12. So back on topic though someone has tried to deflect again. Craig Houston will not give up anything, will not be shamed into standing down and although I would say does not have the intelligence to have planned this long term, he has the rat cunning to take advantage of an opportunity. Sadly he will only be gone when this board is.
  13. Not sure if you're taking the piss or not but the other Miller I meant was Alex.
  14. Need one that is a coach, not just talks a good game. Kenny Miller would be a good junior coach to learn the ropes but another Miller that had a 15 year career with Rangers and has worked as a number 2 with epl clubs might be worth looking at.
  15. Come on guys be fair. Easyjet/Ryanair etc don't fly to SA so it costs DK a good few hundred every time he comes over. Plus taxi to/from the airport, hotel accom, hookers, blow and the train return to Liverpool on Saturdays. He's not made of money.