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  1. Messi might miss world cup

    If you seriously believe your first paragraph watch any footage of teams such as Uruguay in the 60's, 70's and 80's. The fouls committed nowadays are, in the main, powder puff compared to back then. Maradonna, like any skilled ball player then had to avoid or ride tackles that were made with the intent of serious injury, not winning the ball. As said earlier in the thread you cannot compare such talented players with such different eras but having seen all three play (Pele, Maradonna and Messi) I can only say in all honesty I would have had Maradonna and Pele in my team before Messi.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Best would be John Greig or the quiet assasin 'Tam Forsyth - Jaws'.
  3. SPFL statement

    Wait for the scum meltdown. It's a pyoor conspiracy so it is.
  4. Gascoigne

    Every time I see something about Gazza I've got to find and play the video of "that" Sheep game and his 3 goals. What a man.
  5. Barnsley owner's letter to fans

    Now getting them back is a worthy cause for the use of the RFFF cash. Not a stand at Auchenhowie. A terrible disease that must now be the main killer of folks. Lost all the female members of my family to the disease, not easy for them and not easy to watch.
  6. Bheast FC: Statement

    The scum are in a really strong position over this. All 42 clubs back them - oops its only 2 so they lied. Even hivs disagree. The top 2 legislators in Scottish football agree with them - oops only one does and he has an agenda and he lied. They have the cream of the honest, moralistic and truthful media backing them - oops they don't, they have Spiers, English, Thomson, ill Phil, Nuremberg Shug and Jum Spence. What a cesspool of bitter twisted liars. Their best buddy at the BBC backed them up - oops Gollum discovered they had no backing and announced it. BT covering up for them at games as usual - oops BT admitted they turned the sound down when the singing went to its usual terrorist songbook. This has been a massive miscalculation by Liewell which could get worse even if we do nothing. Its not over by a long way.
  7. Bheast FC: Statement

    And don't forget Dungcaster.
  8. Bheast FC: Statement

    This could be a really important moment in the way Scottish football goes from here. Over the last few years it has been run by and exclusively for the dhims with them over-riding every club and organisation including refs for their own benefit. The fact that their main allies have openly come out against them with that statement from hivs must be a real shock for them. With Milne at the sheep also going against them with a few other clubs it makes you wonder what they know or think might be about to happen. Lets not forget Rhegan was Liewells man from the start as they worked together before etc and for him to all of a sudden go against the grain is really interesting. There is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes than we realise and hopefully this is the start of the dhims power losing ground. Lets be honest other clubs were pulled into our relegation and other punishments 5 years ago with promises of how well football would do without us. Now they must look at how much the scum have coined it (£100mill+) with CL etc and look at what their own small clubs have gained financially - nothing.
  9. this is what we need

    The Wilkins volley.
  10. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    Seems most of the complaints are not now about Jack getting sent off but the double standard of stokes getting away with it for the second time in the match. The punishment should have been the same for each player as stokes raised his hands by grabbing Jack by the throat and Jack was perceived to have motioned forwards with his head. I would say 99% of the time in games if two players are involved like that, the same punishment is handed out to each of them. I would love to hear the refs explanation for why only one got a red.
  11. Kenny Miller - I've had enough of him.

    Just think Pele, 1970 and that outrageous dummy on the goalie. Never seen better just a shame he missed the goal after or it would have been one of the great goals of all time.
  12. New banners at Ibrox

    At least they could have put up a better banner with some character like a Sports Direct one.
  13. Foderingham

    The Goalie was never that keen to come off his line but with the 2 CB's he had in front of him why would he? The ultimate shot stopper. But quick out for through balls. Fod will relish having a good defence in front of him and not having to worry about Kiernans back passes or Wilson dreaming.
  14. A new low even for the daily record

    When Brenda appeared on the news last night about the game, I said to the wife he won't have seen the banners. Sure enough he hadn't he was too busy watching the game.Aye right enough
  15. Club 1872 statement on rhecord

    Easy to solve. C1872 prints out 50,000 flyers for the first home game of the season and hands them out at the game. Then repeat as necessary. The other papers will soon pick it up and print as they won't miss an opportunity to slag off a competitor.