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  1. Thats actually a pretty logical statement as some of the best goalies in the world don’t save any shots or headers and some of the best golfers in the world don’t even have to use clubs or balls.
  2. Was so much fun betting where his free kicks at goal would go. The big guy was a rock in defense though.
  3. Would love to see SG take on the sheep with like for like. Play guys like Edmunson, Katic etc that are not worried about a physical game.
  4. But it might make them replay the game to look for said singing.
  5. That ball from Davis to Kent for the first goal was outstanding. In the papers tomorrow it will be nearly as good as scott allans.
  6. Highlight of the movie were Dizzy’s looks and breasts. Outstanding👍
  7. They don’t even need that. Liewell and his minions just send down the actual articles they are to print. Cuts out the middleman.
  8. Sorry mate, you’re far too late. If you turned up when you were 10-15 years younger then 😜
  9. Thought for a minute you meant the beaten record for another year as my Redskins were up for it but sadly we beat the Dolphins this season so now 1-8. Jeez how bad must they be. 😂😂
  10. Sorry for the delay for this year, just need the paypal link again please as my memory is mince.
  11. Not scared to take a defender on with just pace and very direct. Look forward to getting him back as a different style to the others named apart from Kent.
  12. Sorry but I’ll have to go back quite a bit to our most talented centre forward (IMO) which was Jim Forrest who got frozen out by the manager Scot Symon as a scapegoat for the Infamous Berwick Rangers defeat. He scored his first 50 goals in 45 games and finished with stats of 145 goals in only 163 games. Can only imagine how many he would have scored if he’d not been frozen out by the club.
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