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  1. Messi's right foot.
  2. He either is just saying it to keep in with the scum and his buddy Mutton or He really believes it, in which case it is confirmed he has the mental competence of a fucking baked bean.
  3. So basically we keep the net profit from the club store and website, but the position of sales through SD stay the same with the net profit split. The club has to ensure by getting the message out to fans that everything is bought through the megastore and online to maximise profit.
  4. Probably most of my generation despised lispin' Billy Mcneill. Seemed to start the tradition of always cheated never defeated. Dirty git in a nasty way on the field and never had a good word for any other team. "House" How can anyone despise Anton - worth a goal a game to us. Remember the handball from a cross with no-one within 10 yards of him. What a twat.
  5. Still remember as a kid heading a full blooded cross with a wet leather tube and getting the laces smack in the forehead. Never had a spot or blackhead for weeks after - just a fancy criss/cross pattern on my napper.
  6. It was a different language as well as a different game then. Keeper Right Back Left Back Right Half Centre Half Left Half Right Wing Inside Right Centre Forward Inside Left Left Wing
  7. Just thinking the nightmares fullbacks would have facing that team with Willie Henderson, Davie Wilson and Bud coming at them.
  8. SNPeeeeeee funds for damage limitation kidding on wee krankie does secretly support the Union.
  9. Cheersfor the info on Alex W. What might have been if we'd played him against Franz. Read about the Mr Symon sacking in a book and that was certainly not the standard expected from a Rangers chairman and a disgraceful way to treat an honorable man. Would not be surprised if the team reacted badly to that sacking as there were some seriously strong characters in that team. Oh for those days and players again.
  10. Didn't know that at all. Think like most supporters I always thought it was Mr Symon who wielded the axe. So tell us, why was big Roger picked in front of Alex??
  11. Thats a hard one to take. Playing a centre half up front as striker against Beckenbauer because Mr Symon threw a wobbly because of Berwick Rangers. Still cannot believe he did that.
  12. What position does this guy Hind Sight play? Striker who hopefully has his eye in.
  13. He must have had a good few choices of other clubs but he chose us. Maybe he has more confidence in Pedro as a manager than a lot of our own fans and here's hoping he inspires more signings of this quality. Must admit as Pedros first signing could not have asked for a lot more. A hard man DM or CM, another CB with pace and a quality striker will go a long way to getting success next season.
  14. Only other suitable one would have been with Hivs as scumdee are going bust. i always thought he came across as a fair, well balanced, honest and neutral host. Must lay off the gear as think I'm taking too much recently.
  15. It was a joke mate.