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  1. The apathy

    Damned if we do, damned if we don't. Any type of action such as boycotts are quite rightly frowned upon as it would hurt the club financially. We need to embarrass the board in to taking action or fucking off. Walkouts would make the media, demonstrations outside the main door, a man with a van,, get in touch with our SLO to make things happen ( sorry could not resist). And before folk jump in telling me to do it, 20 years ago I would have but as I'm basically housebound now there is not much chance. Something has to happen.
  2. midfield

    Seems all our midfielders are very similar in type and skill level. You look back to previous teams where we had 1or 2 destroyers winning ball and breaking up play like McCall and Ian Ferguson, creative players like Gazza, Souness etc and a midfielder that could take on and beat a man like Laudrup. We also had wild card type players that could do something different like Albertz, Gio etc. When you go back through Rangers teams since I started going in the early 60's we always had a good mix of players bringing something different to the game not like todays carbon copies in midefield. I know we don't have the cash but at least try to sign different types of players who can be brought on as required. Everyone talks about getting a creative player in first but I would prefer a ball winner, hard man type of player as he can set the tone for the whole team. Oh what I would give for the two mentioned earlier - Ian Ferguson and McCall. If the one didn't get you the second one would. Fantastic!!
  3. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    Go on, give it your best shot. There'll probably be a queue later.
  4. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    The batting has been excrutiatingly poor for England. The Aussies batsmen have not had to be more than average apart from Smith who made me think of Tendulkar in his prime when the bowlers were beaten before they started their run up. The difference between fast and medium pace could not have been any more obvious when you look at the two bowling attacks and you know the England batting is hellish when they can't even take advantage of Nathan Lyons. Thank god Warne has retired. Agreed that Stokes would have made a difference but would not have covered for the other 10 players being so poor although Bairstow did well this test. You have to list every positive no matter how small.
  5. The Good the Bad and the Ugly

    I'll bet that dressing room was absolutely buzzing after the Hivs game. The sheep results were good but against hivs to not play well, dodge a penalty decision, come from a goal down away from home must have been fantastic for the team. The more results that we get like that, the greater the confidence will grow within the team. In the 9IAR days even if the team were playing crap, or behind you just knew they were going to sneak it or blow the other team away with a late goal. We have a few players that survive on confidence like Windass and the more nights like that one the better they will play. Not only that but it will do damage to the other teams confidence over the long run. I bet you could hear a rosary bead drop in the hivs dressing room after the game. WATP
  6. Walter behind the scenes?

    Thats how you deal with the media.
  7. Junkies vs Rangers

    Yep - the "Walter " school of football.
  8. Who Should Be Our Next Manager?

    Possible to be both??
  9. DOF signing the players from now on?

    Big Sam and 'Arry' would not be happy with a DOF. They might have to share the brown envelopes..
  10. Midfield diamond

    Kenny takes the credit but I heard it was his neighbour. Murty needs to try and keep the system so swap people directly into the existing positions.
  11. Club Statement

    The last lot before DK did not do half the lying and bullshit that DK has done. The ones before that certainly did but folk forget DK has had a free run at this without fans on his back with every action, rat masks, sack the board, oor Craig and SOS gobbing off all the time. Now we are in deeper shit than we have been since the takeover and I'm sure I don't need to list all the promises broken and lies told. Actually think they have gone too far now to recover the situation and DK at least should resign as chairman to at least let us see if anyone is out there willing to invest without DK there. I've been against him since his takeover strategy which was pretty poor for the club. As regards a new manager, plenty are looking for a job but probably none of them are what we want. Won't stop DK employing another fly by night and his supporters trumpeting the new dawn. Although a couple have disappeared recently.
  12. Why is this an embarrassment?

    A lot of folk seem to have fallen for all the stories in the media which surprises me as we all know they do us no favours. Lets be honest scummy papers like the daily record go out if their way to damage our club. So they all say he was the boards preferred and only choice for the job. Has anyone from the club commented on targets and timescales for appointing a manager? If he was the only target why take 6 weeks to invite and vet job applications then approach the sheep. If they are any sort of businessmen ( and at least the 3Bs are) then there will be a shortlist of managers whose clubs have to be approached and DM was only one of them. The above procedure is what any normal business would follow. There lies the flaw in my reasoning though when DK and Robertson are involved. Please tell me they have not behaved like total amateurs.
  13. Our Board

    Would love to know the answer to this. Is it because of something at Rangers, or is he just happy at the sheep.
  14. Chief executive

    He's never made a strong statement in defence of the club about anything. Seems to be just a wage thief that appears to do nothing, achieve nothing but adds another layer between DK and the support.
  15. Club Statement

    Same to you. You'll find I'm one of the boards biggest critics usually. In this instance they've followed the rules. However using a loudmouth twat as a gif..