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  1. Now that was a top whoosh moment.πŸ˜ƒ
  2. While I agree they should all be hunted down we have one club that have had employees jailed, plain examples of cover ups and managers who admitted to knowing. It will be a lot easier to go after this one club that are a clear and obvious target first than diluting an investigation to all clubs and sport and maybe lose the focus of the main known offender. Once that investigation is complete the threads will lead to any other clubs/offenders that can be investigated.
  3. Actually reaching a crucial stage now where the sfa have to shit or get off the pot. They have to decide if the scum are going to ride this out or get ripped to shreds. Be under no illusions, if it looks like court proceedings could be on the horizon the sfa will throw the scum board under the bus as soon as give Alf a red card. They will only be concerned with protecting their own backs no matter what liewell has on them.
  4. VB should send him their excellent articles and facts they have gathered.
  5. How someone who sits in judgement over all the teams in the league, can be a season ticket holder of one specific club is both astonishing as well as totally wrong. The CO must be seen to be fair and above reproach. Yeh right..😑
  6. Also the Flanagan forearm colliding with Lego by accident was shown 7 times but the scum centre back hitting Defoe in the face, I think it was, got mentioned once and then as expected came the most obvious β€˜ carry on, nothing to see here β€˜.
  7. They used to say Ray (Square Ball) Wilkins only passed sideway and backwards. If Rossiter comes anywhere near Rays standard he’ll do for me. πŸ‘
  8. Said it before he’s a throwback to Stuart McCall without the siding tackles all the time. Sees a pass, looks unhurried and energy to spare.
  9. Impressed with the smart (sneaky) play by our number 6 at the second goal. Good jump to lay the ball back but then he unfortunately never managed to get out the way of their goalie or centre half. Shame really as they might have been able to help.
  10. The 40 yard diagonals to the left winger by our right back were superb. Every one straight to feet. Going to be some player.πŸ‘
  11. The more songs sung about it, the more they complain, the more it is mentioned in the media. As far as I can see the chickens might just be coming home to roost and the more it is out there then the better chance of their victims finally getting some kind of justice.
  12. Same here but after a really bad day I missed as sliced it.
  13. So in amongst all the Mo, Lego, Kent ,Halliday etc crap going on the sfa seem to have ignored the pitch invasion by the scum but SG said something wrong??? Liewell working overtime these days.
  14. Very much in the mould of a Stuart McCall with his work ethic although unlike SM he stays on his feet when he tackles.😜 I’d like to see him used as a man marker to take an influential opponent out the game when needed as although he can create its not his strongest area but when used to play directly against Lego at Ibrox and the Villareal CM when we went down to 10 men he was outstanding. Seemed to me that scumbag Lego was avoiding him at the piggery. As already said when fully fit he is a great player for the team.
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