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  1. Playing weekend league , on 14 wins with 5 to go . Coming up against some scarily good teams although finding apart from one or two the players are pretty much on same level as myself even though I don’t have the greatest of teams . Hoping a do well from the rewards .
  2. After 3 seasons with Rangers I left for man city . Won 2 leagues , 2 Scottish cups , 1 betfred cup & 1 Europa league , got beat off bayern in super cup final 4-2 . Was getting bored going into 4th season because I’d took them far as I could . City sitting 5th in my game in November but squad is frightening
  3. Ah shit that was meant to say arsenal haha . Talking about Aberdeen game on Sunday must have stuck in my head as a was writing it lol
  4. Just won the league at parkhead 2 games to spare , got Scottish cup final against Dunfermline & Europa league final against Aberdeen . Only 3rd season so happy with how it’s going . Been gave good money to spend by board but not used even half
  5. Halliday disnae have the mindset to play for Rangers ? No even you believe that .
  6. Same vogue that put the shutters down every old firm & every time the walk goes by lol , they are well outnumbered in rutherglen 😊
  7. 😂😂😂 a missed a trick there .
  8. Doesn’t have the chestnuts tae be Rangers manager . Couldn’t handle the pressure of having to win every game, getting 2nd was job done for him , it still isn’t acceptable for the club and never will be .
  9. Just too many cards now it’s ridiculous .
  10. What a team man . Well played mate
  11. 😂😂 fair enough mate a can see yer mind won’t be changed on this one .
  12. Atmosphere the day was brilliant . Fans on form as per .
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