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  1. that cunt thumb thought all incloosuv meant free bevy too
  2. hes dangerous alright . thanks to his play acting at tynecastle where he got hit with a sectarian coin wee boot face started an anti irish investigation. whether she goes through with it is a differemt story .but she jumped on it right away . Just the same as her predecessor jumped on the shite he started with Mcoist . As a result of that we ended up with the OBFA .not only that .it happened at a time where the SNP were struggling. Since the fat perv was taking a haed line on sectarianism his party took a boost in the polls and helped get us where we are today a country devided by a constant promise of yes2 and all the shite that goes with it
  3. Im torn .half of me wants him to get the gig coz he will more than likely make a cunt of himself . the other half wants him out of Scottish football for good .Hes a dangerous little prick off the field n
  4. so it didnt happen .these pesky twitteters manipulating stuff again then 😂
  5. thank fuck thumb signed for the tarriers then
  6. think its the faux personality hes credited with having
  7. Robertson could be the best value . Iv got a nibble on Selby .9/1 for him was huge value .Needs to get his finger out his arse though
  8. Osullivan hot favourite with the bookies . Does he have the stamina to go all the way though with a half dozen others in with a great shout
  9. try and avoid that taig suck fest . did mr stewart try and defend it
  10. This season has been a huge learning curve for Gerrard .We have all criticised him throughout the season like early like when he threw Wallace on at a late corner and we conceded a late goal .It looks like he has learned and through adversity recently he has learned a system to play without Morelos that can win games . Next year im convinced he has learned enough to get enough out of the squad availible to him to get us winning the trophies we all want again
  11. We do seem to be getring it right at unders levels . For years and years iv witnessed plenty of stories of Scottish sides doing well at unders tournaments . But i dont think iv ever saw an era where so many were from the same club Saw Craig Mulholland interviewed recently and he was talking about the work being done to get players progressing from the youths to first team level as traditionally this has been a problem .This has been their focus on getting a system in place to get the best out of players around the 16 to 18 age group and pushing them onto 1st team level This stage is massive and if we can get it right the future of our great club is going to be very exciting indeed . I would love it in 20 years our club had a reputation like Ajax for youth development almost as much as im proud of our club being the most successful in world football at senior level
  12. what have they got to spend and what will they actually spend . 2 huge questions . also due to needing a few players they will be buying from the same market as we are .they cant afford to be paying more transfer cash and wage cash than us as they have no guarantees that they have the future revenue to keep funding their far larger wage bill . this transfer window is MASSIVE Im a glass half full guy and reckon they will struggle like fuck to start the season stronger than us . We have management stability and as proved in the last 2 or 3 games we can more than cope with the loss of our most valuable asset . Sell Morelos and we have a nice wee kitty . or Keep him and we have a squad with one or 2 key additions a side easily capable of winning the league next year . I know the consensus is 4 players but apart from needing a better option on the right i believe this squad has the makings of winning the league easily
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