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  1. I haven't read all the thread so don't know if it's already been mentioned As you say there was no tax liability at the time as there was a dispute over it .Also I'm pretty sure when this issue first came up it was revealed the SFA knew the situation .we all did as the small tax case was public knowledge for some time as this was the reason Whyte claimed took so long over his takeover to go through .If anybody should be punished ,which they shouldn't anyway it should be the SFA not us . For me this is just another case of money in the game being wasted at the request of Lieswell in order to to keep the hordes off his back at his own club .
  2. Daniel Prodan.what a player he was .it wasn't just me that never saw him play for us though
  3. We all know that they are not the impeccably run club they claim to be .the free run at titles and CL cash they should be out of sight .but they ain't . I assume any story that either was there or not would be about where has all there money went and with the media grip of threats they have it's no surprise something like that would be pulled
  4. At this present time almost every set of fans in this country hate us .Even fans from clubs that are traditionally unionist and had a soft spot for us like Hearts and Falkirk despise us now . Media and SFA attacks on things like EBTs and Boozegate (where there were a lot more than 2 Rangers players involved ) have ramped up the hate on us . Fuck them all anyway .
  5. Lucky you .getting the grass dry enough to cut it more than once every 3 weeks just now 😂
  6. Paying 3m for him which is probably a fair price . There are bound to be plenty other teams willing to pay that and will give a salary matching the level of a 3m pound player .10k minimum . From what I heard Hastie knocked back our offer because his agent was convinced he could get better elsewhere but never materialised
  7. They are quick on the mark suggesting we cut our grass to look like a sash . If the shoe fits wear it
  8. I would give that about 3seconds before the point scorer bigot card gets played . Absolutely love the idea though .
  9. The authorities will need forced to act on them .They have far too many of their own people in office and the rest are only there on their approval . Scotland must be the most corrupt country in Europe .rife with nepotism and cronyism. I'm pretty sure a few years back the holyrood assembly was either fined or had a grant of 300m held back frim the EU for the level of cronyism involved .they can't cry indyref2 or blame Westminster for that one
  10. Maybe he left something in his flat that needs picked up 😁
  11. There are 2 huge differences .they had a full ring going unchallenged and protected . They also knew there was wrong doing and Di nothing and for me they now know this is the big difference .Hence Kelly's claim he didn't know about Torbetts activity .trying to avoid potential punishment The fact certain clubs knew they had peadophiles and others it's just coming to light that things were going on . You can't punish a club for not knowing But you should be able to hammer a club that knew and didn't act the appropriate way .Not informing the police allows many other victims to be abused .
  12. Those games suited him .a bit more space plus he was not scared of them . In fact he tightens the life out of them and he thrives on it
  13. Ryan Kent . When signed and after his first few games it was a case of who the fucks this guy . After a few months he just got better n better n better
  14. Given the other players signed around that time and the fees paid he was definitely not an exciting signing at the time
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