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  1. magic8ball

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Good interview for me .in an ideal world we would all like it to be more aggressive but going in and shouting .BBC are aw tarrier fucks and use sportscene as a vehicle to attack us and the compliance officer is a taig boot who ignores tarrier wrong doing coz sportscene tarriers don't show any .just wouldn't do any good . Just look at the reaction that SG received after his comments after the first game at pittodrie .The reaction today from Pacific Quay shows what we are up against .how they can claim they are unbiased is beyond me . In Morelos incidents they have covered they have no opinion at all on what has been done to Morelos whatsoever. that would show balance .but no it's all about Morelos Robertson is also correct imho to include as many other clubs as possible to take the fight to the authorities .I know they are part of the cartel who sunk the boot into us when we had our troubles but we do need them to make our fight credible .Otherwise it just gets dismissed and laughed off like anything else we react to .
  2. magic8ball

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    wee Nicola is urgently preparing a campaign against anti Scottish protestant racism
  3. magic8ball

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    we have dropped silly points this season and last .that's always going to happen .always has happened and will happen for evermore .that's sport for you .if the best side on paper won every time we would all have our coupons up every week . but one thing I'm struggling to accept now is the massive lack in parity between the way our club is officiated from others especially that shower of peado harbouring cunts. Broonaldo escapes punishment yet again .If he gets the same exposure to his recklessness as Morelos does then maybe he is spending half the season in the sin bin . Don't know if its the paranoia kicking in but if he scores that goal 15 to 20 mins earlier he doesn't get his "token" 2nd yellow today
  4. magic8ball

    Big Jock Knew

    don't trust the SFA to conduct a full and proper investigation. they have been guilty of their own cover ups too
  5. magic8ball

    12,000 on Season Ticket Waiting List

    fantastic numbers .unbelievable in fact . back in the souness era we had a waiting list don't know for a fact the numbers but would be nowhere near this level . and considering the changes since then including the stadium being over 30pc bigger and the fact tv dominates football now and there are fewer Saturday 3pm games .the significance of these huge numbers is really hard to quantify and appreciate well done to all
  6. trying to demean the situation is so wrong . fair enough what this lad was subject to may not be as bad as some of the victims who were actually raped .but any form of sexual contact with a child is all kinds of wrong . it can expose them to adult lives long before they need to .and that's the very thin edge of the wedge .opens a while can on worms for children emotionally . for somebody to try and down play this whole scenario which is it's intent is disgusting and aimed at once again protecting a vile organisation and shareholders pockets .
  7. magic8ball

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    A wee shade sexist and racist
  8. magic8ball

    Big Jock Knew

    Things is Dermot Desmond is not a decent person .london dockyards .Care home scandal .Panama papers .he just loves money
  9. magic8ball

    No further action against Power

    Let's all sit and wait and see what he gets a red card for against the tarriers
  10. magic8ball

    The Media Agenda

    A bit like the sky viewing figures when we were down the leagues .getting almost twice as many viewers as the taigs .but a tiny fraction of the tv cash . All tuning in for the Gers
  11. magic8ball

    The Media Agenda

    not much hope of positivity in Rangers stories anytime soon then Dig the dirt on Gers and it's ching ching
  12. magic8ball

    The Media Agenda

    I suppose this will be the future of journalism now .Controversial as fuck .more clicks .more wages. while back in the day when it was a written hard copy all stories were in one publication and there was no way of ever knowing how many folk read what articles
  13. magic8ball

    First Rangers game you attended?

    any compliance officer involvement?
  14. there's only a small minority of the cases can be sued over there. plus you would be shocked how low can be for this kind of thing. I know a woman who was raped as a 4yr old ended up with less than 5k .