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  1. Its the look on his auld man's face that gets me. Sorry son. I was told you would get champions league football. Fuck off da. Am finished wi you
  2. Its totally understandable when bears are getting over excited. We have been through a lot. The hardest time in a footballing sense in our history Murty when he took over last time got us that draw at the piggery after we got a few humping. He seemed to have something about him, Even guys that I know who are fans of other clubs saw he was doing a good job and reckoned we had found a decent manager. I reckon the problem with Murty he got a bit over excited himself and that's where it went wrong for him. And for me he gets it far too tight from a lot of bears. After all he is a decent coach at the job he is meant to do.
  3. In tarrier brain land then. When we wrap up the league this year our squad is worth over 100m
  4. You must admit. Totally different feel about this team to Murtys.
  5. I'm the same. Sherbert or no sherbet, we look a far sharper team. We have a manager with a team behind him that are so focused on success, we now have a solid squad where our best 11 is a fluid mix of 15 or 16 players, a fanbase totally behind the management. Meanwhile the team that was meant to be 5 years in front and funded by a cash rich club is faltering under a manager that is several levels below the manager they had on opening day last season. If we don't win the league this year we will possibly never win it again. In 2 weeks time we have a massive game against these fuckers. The bookies will have the game as us favourites but the odds will be tight between us. Despite me myself going into this game as confident as I have ever been going into a Derby. Last year's games at Ibrox they were so far behind us. They just can't handle the new atmosphere of the away Derby match. If we click on the day we could absolutely destroy them with a 4 5 or 6 scoreline. Then set a mark in the sand that under Lennon and more importantly their current board will find it very difficult to recover from. Not just for this season but for a good few years to come. It is coming home.
  6. Well that's it all down in black and white from the SFA, don't expect them to act on their on behalf but at least the courts have the evidence down for when the questions do get asked
  7. It won't be. Not yet anyway. This is because this guy was abused while at the youth club by Mcafferty who was employed by the club. not because of abuse at the boys club, where they are still claiming seperate entity.
  8. This will be the guy that was abused at the boys club and abused while a youth player by Mcafferty. They have no option but to admit liability on this one. They will still maintain seperate entity crap though. They could be 2 reasons for not disclosing the amount paid though. 1 its sets a precedent for future claims when the seperate entity nonsense is disproved and or it could be a really low amount and terrible PR, 2k is still thousands as well at 100k is thousands Still lowlife scumbags whatever
  9. Not far away with that only debatable bit for me would be Arfield and or Kamara in there
  10. 😂 Was thinking that. Reckon even Barasic would destroy him at left back. Even Halliday is more impressive at left back than that wee fanny McGregor
  11. Them aw. Maybe an exaggeration. But I don't think many of them would get in our team at all now. Maybe McGregor but certainly not that wee poof Christie
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