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  1. Iv been a huge Tav fan and almost never slate any of our own but today he was dreadful , He gets plenty defence when he makes match losing errors that he does offer a lot going forward , But today’s forward play was awful ,got a few crosses in ,maybe saying crossing opportunity because the final ball was miles out , Don’t know what the best thing is moving forward ,even though he has a good few assists and some goals his form has been below par all season so far and I don’t think it’s a lot to do with missing Candias
  2. This is correct ,what iv been thinking though is especially with the drama associated with any tarrier offence there would be a campaign to get the game awarded to them with plenty media sympathy
  3. Cmon now when there is a motive to deflect from another story why would this be relevant today , kinda underlined what a lot of folk thought ,social justice was administered ,probably the reason the cops never took any action And I’m fully aware that pulling a boys pants down has never been right. ,but I grew up in the 80s and while it was wrong no peadophile allegations would have been raised then for that ,even today it would have been inappropriate behaviour to a minor , Now that’s not me making an excuse to deflect that’s just how it would have been ,
  4. Well he shouldnt have a problem if we walk off the pitch at the new camp then bounce it straight back to mr morality
  5. There was something happened last week with BBC down south just caught the end of the article on Radio news,The CEO made a statement regarding the importance of the BBC being impartial ,Had to have a chuckle to myself because as we all know up here BBC Scotland is anything but impartial when it comes to a story relating to us
  6. Comparing Neely to what happened at the other club is like comparing a shop lifter to the great train robbers
  7. Daly has already received awards for shite stories about us ,that’s the kind of cesspit we live in , Fair enough produce programmes about football clubs sailing close to the wind but when there has been innuendo about a football club in this country having a network of peadophiles and a cover up involving money flying out the club why look any further ,
  8. I suppose part of the problem comes from some people not being as aware as others on what has been going on over the last 3 years from the CBC ,for a lot of bears they just know a few coaches have been jailed ,while there are other bears who know almost the whole story , Maybe that’s why some comments have been controversial
  9. Just like everything else in this shitehole .all focused on making us the bad guys and the terror fanatics look good ,20m for Morelos ridiculed and the 10m figure banded about ,then the bold Ed the chin scores a couple of U21 goals and 50m tags are getting banded about without any ridicule that 50m becomes fact and within a few months the big cunt scores his 20th of the season and all of a sudden some prick like Hartson pops up and says it’s now more like 60m ,while our own ex players nod in agreement , pisses me off their overhype ,even when we last did 3 in a row we had far the better players and their guys were getting banded about for 10m plus and get unchallenged snyde comments from Lieswell about Jelavic
  10. The bheasts via their hired hand hollicom and organisation that needs made toxic due to profiting from the cover up and as such becoming part of the cover up , Very strange that we are now being alleged to have covered up ,maybe the tarriers cover up is about to have the pressure ramped up and the phrase cover up more directly used
  11. During his program he did say that we claimed to have called the police but there was no record why bring it up like it’s all new news though
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