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  1. Richard d hall.he's the man who would get below the bottom of this .outstanding exposer of media cover ups Ps don't watch his stuff if your faint hearted .the mutilation film is quite extreme
  2. Well it hasn't stopped the Edinburgh evening news having a front page headline dedicated to an Edinburgh businessman being charged with sex offences Funny how the boys club is meant to be a separate entity but still has the same stop negative Celtic stories in the media situation
  3. Been thinking about the new mantra .the separate entity nonsense If it was separate and the beggar board had no jurisdiction over the boys club .then why did stein have the power to have Torbet removed I'ts as much a separate entity as RFC were to MIH
  4. No chance .that's 4 now from the one club. This is a MASSIVE story being buried in MSM. If a similar story was to break at a club on the continent we would all be hearing about it . Lieswells tactic of deflection is working wonders with the separate entity pish .surely soon the connection will be made that the big main host club was at the heart of the cover up .as that's where the shit really hits the fan Deflecting will do nothing but cause more injustice for the dozens of kids affected .I'm sure when they were at the boys club they had no idea this was a completely separate entity and would have been led to believe that the boys club was a direct route to the first team
  5. What happened to his discipline record from his time with the beasts .when he was on an increasing ban situation with if I remember right a few matcges suspended
  6. The problem I've noticed with our youth system of the years has been the lack of consistency of the the way they ideology has been implemented No head of youth has stuck around long enough .I believe we need somebody to stick around for 8 to 10 years for the best results to be achieved By best results I mean 1 player a year to make 1st team standard .a lot of folk seem to expect us to produce half a dozen or even more players capable of holding down a first team place .this is totally impossible If we take a first team squad of say 25 players .that squad is made up of players between say 20 to 35 yrs old .using basic arithmetic that suggests 1 or 2 players of each age throughout the squad . I do feel very positive about our current group though .a couple of years ago I heard Neil warnock talking about the youth set up .he was up here on holiday and went to auchenhowie and said that our under 16s group was the best group he had ever seen in the game .not just technically but in attitude .there is point having all the ability in the world if you don't have the right attitude to use it Maybe in 2 or 3 years this batch will beat the law of averages and have 2 or 3 playing in the first team regularly
  7. Yip .ill Phil got the irish government involved too
  8. Do you think that the outrage of the famine song is an example of shoe on other foot .a song that mocked plastic paddyism .
  9. Rumour has it Delia is taking over as manager at arsenal.they have an opening at the food outlets in the south stand
  10. I'll be surprised if both are still with us after the summer .top epl scouts will be all over them after over the top media hype .with cheques of 50m each coming our way Oops sorry only one club gets this treatment 😃
  11. Is that his own boy or somebody else's. The sellic way
  12. How much will he earn.I'm 45 and I reckon I'll earn around 1m in wages before I retire . A gut this age will need 3 to 5m to set him up for life .and that's leading a normal life
  13. The cash injection that is needed is the hardest part.why would an individual with 1/5 share pull 10 out the wallet when the other 4/5 ain't putting the same level in the block of the resolution at the agm by cashley,bph and the gardener etc held us back big time I've a feeling the board are going for this guy as they will reckon he can get a squad together that can get us in to the group stages of Europe league where a cash boost of 8m plus would boost the bank balance and help take us up a level
  14. Vinnicombr came with potential but was never a 1st choice ,I would go with Mel sterland instead
  15. Nico will return from a cruciate before rossiter recovers from s sore leg