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  1. magic8ball

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    correct .a poor last couple of months stopped him being probably the most effective player in the league. and blinded people's opinions of the guy . el buffalo was an early season hero for most fans
  2. magic8ball

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    not a coincidence. they are all tarriers anyway
  3. magic8ball

    Hummel Training Centre?

    at least you can spell auckenhoarey
  4. magic8ball

    Nikola Katic

    think a lot of folk are desperate for a hero or could be a by product of the mhedia hype that as soon as a taig passes the ball in a straight line Man city are scouting him for 20m
  5. magic8ball

    Nikola Katic

    cast our minds to some of the early games cardoso played .a lot on here were raving about him .a potential 15m player was claimed by quite an few and rubbished by very few . goes to show what the power of football forums and social media does overhyped to begin with and over criticised when form slips happens with all players for me we should still get shot of him as he just doesn't fit our club or league . sold with a sell on clause as he could potentially be good in a better environment
  6. magic8ball

    Nikola Katic

    these guys seem to be "old fashioned " in a era where good defenders worldwide are pretty thin on the ground. maybe this is a thing the modern game has got wrong . a team needs defenders who can defend and strikers who can score goals ps this guy Katic sounds a bit like a guy who we let slip our our fingers and go to Hamburg
  7. magic8ball

    Umar Sadiq

    you forgot the best bit .dear Deirdre .
  8. magic8ball

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    all those guys have either great knowledge or great personality or a mix of both . the fact that collyflower has neither gets lost on him .he should probably highlight since there is already a Mr controversy (Sutton) who is white there should also be room for a wanker who happens to be black
  9. well lieswell has Harper McLeod ready to pounce on anything .but wi the way the guy I was talking to was talking it's sounds like paedophiles are involved with the sfa and that's what will get it's lid blown off .could drag the taigs into it too though .no doubt we will get dragged into it as some peado would have had an uncle that went to ibrox once in the 60s or some other tenuous linkb the different entity mantra will likely be true .in the same way that the taigs club is separate from the stadium and training grounds etc .but all part of the one large company .all of course is for tax purposes. i
  10. good shout . was talking to a guy through work the other day .he was telling me about a football academy his son attends .it has no connection to any club but the coach runs it privately and has 600 kids in his coaching set up . there's currently an on going case just now where the coach is claiming damages against the sfa .the coach was wanting to blow the whistle on a paedophile ring in the game and the sfa tried to sweep sweep and made it difficult to carry on coaching . the guy who spoke to me reckons when the case is over the coach is going to the papers to expose the whole lot . if true it shows the level of institutional paedophilia in this countries game .and hopefully brings the whole lot of them down and we can cleanse the game once and for all
  11. as big as the yellow pages used to be
  12. that is my thinking .reckon the board have a list they are getting through one by one
  13. magic8ball

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I can't hear either .but it's a safe bet they were arguing about us
  14. magic8ball

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    talking about Rangers again 😂
  15. magic8ball

    Liam Lindsay (Barnsley)

    in see what you did 😎