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  1. Almost Lunchtime on Tuesday and still no follow up statement from the club . Possibly a case of the SFA backing down behind closed doors ,if that’s the case it’s just not good enough ,If it’s good enough to throw shite in public then it should be cleaned up in public
  2. Tim to get in the mind of a tarrier ,this is the what I think they will be thinking , Hartsons case is cut and dried ,he booted a cunt square in the face ,the guy didn’t die and they went onto be team mates ,pretty simple Wheras Morelos ,well since the gesture it’s been interpreted as something completely different to what it meant and as such the damage is incalculable 😂😂
  3. This is why this 3rd yellow was “found” almost 3 weeks later ,if this card wasn’t issued correctly at the time If it’s true that we didn’t know about the card after the game we need to use this blatant attempt to get Morelos and the Club to get rid of as many of the current SFA as possible ,corrupt
  4. The guy was class ,better all round game than lewadowski ,carried Poland to the semi of 82 World Cup
  5. Anybody else does that there is no bother ,it’s coz It’s Morelos
  6. Modern day irony regarding technology ,autocorrect has changed the fag to a tag , players these days like a tag
  7. I thought at the time he meant it’s over as in he is sick of the over zealous one sided officials how anybody can interpretate it as a threat is beyond me ,but the again sneaky Pete said it was a threat so it must be ,used it deflect from the real issues ,his shite team and his racist supporters
  8. Government conviently turning a blind eye ,it ain’t a vote winner ,and SFA ain’t going to do fuck all either ,taig infested and already changed their rules to make sure they couldn’t punish the club
  9. For us older cunts it’s good old Zigi Bonyeck , Poland’s greatest ever player ,played for Poland in 80s and mr corruption Platinis strike partner at Juventus
  10. So more excellent work from their scouting network ,finding a player nobody else thought was a superstar including the club he was at , Funny that the same club released Andy Roberstson and fudged about on John McGinn
  11. I don't think our board members are completely spineless, Part of our tradition has always been playing the game on the park, no matter what the adversity, It is getting to breaking point though, we can't sit back and let the lies we'll controlled authorities fuck us over any longer, Milne on his departure had a pop at lieswell and his influence in the game, Maybe it will be King who comes out now and gives them both barrels, he like Milne is on his way out so has nothing to lose, Any charges should be appealed all the way to the CAS, get the whole cabal exposed, get them forced out, You can cast your mind back to the days adter the game, we alleged racism against Morelos, all we have had since us a mealy mouthed comment from Nil By Mouth about the clubs making a joint statement, been very quiet since, The fact the SFA have not citied the taigs yet charge us for trivial shite needs exposed in any further statements, The whole governing body needs cleansed, Lieswell needs all influence removed., For that we do need other clubs to back us up otherwise the complaints get lost in allegations of whataboutery, aided by the hollicom affected media
  12. They absolutely thought 10 was in the bag, they ain't dealing well with things at all, It was the same last season after we beat them at Ibrox the 3 week break allowed the media to go after Morelos. This year they have the media and SFA to gloss over a defeat, I would love us to draw them in Europe with a fair ref and watch the excuses flow
  13. Better off watching the updates here ,that’s what I’m doing
  14. They actually think that they are on the receiving end of the SFA bullshit , Amazing what 3 weeks can do ,they score a goal from a handball a few weeks after getting an offside goal to win a final ,they are allowed their full team to stay on the park when a fair ref would have sent off 3 for them indoctrination by the cult fairly pickles the brain
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