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  1. Lieswell and fritzel will have a complete set of wax works of the Lisbon lions to trot out at functions and the 73rd anniversary season to sell more tat
  2. We can only dream
  3. They did offer 12m,but it was dembelle dollars
  4. So roberts has left,facebook was full of them a couple of weeks ago with taigs predicting he was signing permanent Another one that sneaked out the back door
  5. Well we will have terror fc away and the sheep away at least,assuming the sheep make top 6
  6. The meltdown will start long before 55,a good start to the season and beating them at ibrox on 23rd sept will see the venom flow,the masonic referee conspiracy will be back in full flow
  7. Good stuff ,he must have an idea where the shares are going that MASH are sellong
  8. Like or not the club needs the media,sponsors want exposure ,on the other side of the coin they too need us for stories to fill their paper,king is quite right to ban them ,and only allow them back when they apologise and start giving balanced coverage Then ban should be reinstated each time they cross the line ,maybe then can we take a foot hold in regaining good brand exposure
  9. Tend to agree with you,wearing a football top on holiday is something I havent done since I was in my late 20s,always knew it but finally realised it's too bloody hot to wear one Always pish myself at the amount of sweaty tarriers cutting about abroad with the green and grey,maybe they can't afford a tattoo that says,look at me I'm a fud, though I work a lot at airports and never fail to see at least one of them strutting about with the rag on Nearly pissed myself at Glasgow airport one day a guy of about 40 was with his 2 boys and all 3 had full kit on,was dying to take a pic but unfortunately for security reasons taking pics is banned ,woulda made a crack in meme
  10. Make sure he doesn't take penaties
  11. More of a rugby town 😂
  12. So much for invincibles They are shitting it in all depts Linfield They are trying to offload the 40m superstar whos value was rising every time he passed the ball to everton for 25m,everton could get better for less ,and the reason they want shot now is they are shitting it that one of our new guys gets off to a flyer which in turn makes dembellend a very ordinary player and brings him back down to the single figure millions figure
  13. For being so loved they dont half have a list of places they are scared to go Belfast Amsterdam Warsaw Isreal
  14. The story has no substance apart from a bookmaker offering odds We have signed a few Portuguese so far and we are probably the most active club in europe just now so our names bern thrown in the hat