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  1. Authorised by the clubs ?
  2. I think so too ,but who’s paying for it
  3. Even simplified its complicated,maybe it is a coincidence this time don’t think they have the brains to work that out Starting to think the season end vote was cleverly thought out ,they knew a corrupt vote for bottom leagues would get challenged but having the premiership as a seperate “clean” vote weeks later would be unaffected by the corrupt vote if exposed Maybe I’m thinking to much but that’s modern Scotland ,corrupt in every instance
  4. That’s tarriers for you ,tenuous links and excuses for everything to deflect Its like a tarrier up on a murder charge standing standing in court saying ,aye but that prof stole a pencil at school
  5. Don’t know if it’s been picked up and mentioned somewhere else ,This “random” fixture list has given us 2 away ties against the top 6 from last season. And the tarriers have 2 home ties against the bottom 6 ,
  6. I’m including season tickets ,they ain’t shifting them like they need to ,the minute they can get folk in then they will get a boost in numbers , They will eventually get a decent number of season tickets sold but the longer without fans the price of that ticket goes down Each home game without fans will be at least 1/2M less in the biscuit tin
  7. Used to watch Font and Crest when a was a wee guy 😀
  8. Rumoured to be a few other journalist waiting to run with stories not just in the UK
  9. Bear in mind Thomson shat it from the penalty spot ,nowt like a bit of tarrier deflection
  10. These clubs shouldn’t be greetin and begging ,they were warned there was problems with the vote they benefited from ,they were warned that clubs took legal action plus they were given a gift they were not expecting that would cover the costs of their legal defence fuck them
  11. Each home game for Peado Fc will be at least 1m at the gate ,they are desperate to try and get as many in as soon as possible , Luckily our fans have backed the club knowing they won’t be seeing many games anytime soon
  12. They ain’t trying to punt season tickets though are they ,a few autumn internationals is all they have this year ,taigs are looking for 500 of thousands for something they can’t watch
  13. SPFL ridiculed that document and clubs paying the price
  14. What social distancing will happen when we go 3 nil up against them at Ibrox 😂
  15. They conveniently ain’t staring till October
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