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  1. It’s the same with everything ,they what they like then moralise over anybody that does anything remotely similar a complete shower of cunts
  2. He has it, just needs to believe in himself a bit more
  3. This seasons Ryan Kent, improves by the week, thank fuck he's ours and not on loan
  4. Just a shame his hips ain't fucked or we would be sitting on a goldmine
  5. You need to be in it to win it, cam on
  6. The guy is a complete embarresment ,cast your mind back to when he done the Scottish Cup draw ,blotto again With a bit of luck his liver will be failing soon ,complete waste of oxygen
  7. They are calling her out for being offensive ,but not daring to say she is sectarian ,reason being she hasn’t officially been educated and what they are saying as long as the peado harbourers avoid the education they won’t bust them typical modern taig snp controlled Scotland ,if we don’t see it or want to see it it will go away
  8. Almost not worth winning the amount of backlash that would follow ,the backlash when we done them twice at Ibrox was bad enough ,and that was for debatable decisions not a cut and dried bona fide offside
  9. I suppose when they claim the hokey kokey is sectarian then that proves it 100pc
  10. That cunt Stewart is right up there with the most shameless of them all , I reckon he’s milking the taigs too ,not directly from the club but the prick has been at that hydro more than any cunt in recent years Tears from this prick when we win 55 will taste really really sweet
  11. H. Word is a derogatory name for a protestant. Hence hearts being labeled diet H*** These cunts pick and when it's acceptible to use the word Fenian , they can't get away with picking and choosing what's acceptible
  12. For me the equivalent of the H word is Taig Wasnt so long ago Limmy got a stretch for having the hag as his taig of the week , Goes to show you this is not a level playing field when things like this happen , Note that the taigs themselves think they are above the sectarian situation by ignoring the government scheme ,or maybe this government scheme is only interested in one side of the sectarian divide
  13. That’s what happens when you get fouled in the box though ,unless they cunts want a rule that after 2 penalties your allowed to kick fuck out of the opponent , Media coverage of that day was a complete disgrace
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