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  1. magic8ball

    Progres v fc UFA

    Progres must be better than we thought they had to win 2 ties to get this far
  2. magic8ball

    Progres vs Ufa

    bawhair away from getting a chance to put a few demons to bed . need to make sure we get through tonight
  3. independent inquiry needed to find the process.,the reason and who proposed the idea wonder if any inquiry will happen before or after the inquiry that was requested to for the racist abuse Shay Logan received and why Brenda thought it was ok to say he brings it on himself . Our football authorities really are a disgusting mess
  4. think iv misplaced my point . while the duty of care is the law. I'm sure that the sfa removed the rule where they could sanction a club for any breaches of the law. . the sfa are up to their hole in it with this child abuse thing too .they have at least 1 case against them in court just now
  5. magic8ball

    F$$k your coefficient

    big money comes from big countries who will only benefit if their teams are actually playing anomaly is .assuming throughout UK where we all share the same broadcaster and pay the same subscription the Scottish fan is being ripped off again the same way we are with Sky were a pittance is paid back into our league for the games compared to the premiership
  6. magic8ball

    Kyle Lafferty

    morelos at the time was more of a one for the future .let's see if he works out type of signing It was a surprise to most how quickly he became a first pick . in real terms lafferty really isn't worth much more than 500k with a year left on his deal at 30 ,it will depend how much SG really wants him if they pay the asking fee .we do need at least one more striker .appears Lafferty is top of the list
  7. magic8ball

    Kyle Lafferty

    just got messaged from a jambo I know who isn't wrong on these kind of things often talks are on going but Hearts won't budge on the 750k asking price . hearts seem to be doing the same as they did last year with Jamie Walker .a decision that cost them a few quid last time ,bitterness stopping them learning a lesson
  8. wasn't the law they changed .it was their own rules .
  9. magic8ball

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    getting better in isn't as easy as it sounds .unfortunatley due to our league getting left behind because of short sighted fuckwits at other clubs and arseholes like Doncaster ,paying the rate for guaranteed better players is outwith our reach now, just have a wee think .how many strikers better than morelos have we had recently ,arguably none , like a few in our squad he's probably the best we can realistically attract these days
  10. magic8ball

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    wonder what other nonsense is drummed into him .answers on a postcard
  11. magic8ball

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    totally agree wi Morelos .after a close season of comments on here most folk agreed that his end of season slump was down to needing a break .first couple of games where he wasn't quite on the ball the knives were out for him again. I love the wee guy .he's not the greatest player iv ever saw in a Rangers jersey ,but he's one of the best we have had in a while
  12. magic8ball

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    might be an age thing .when I was in my 20s I was fickle as fuck with some players .Ironically the 2 I was most fickle were Mcoist and Gough ,I must have wrote Gough off as past it about 6 times .now I rate him as the best we had in that era ,glad iv matured a wee bit
  13. your right .a lot of institutions have had this issue ,the vast majority have admitted the issue .most apologised and made attempts to make up for it . 1 institution has remained in denial and did everything to distance itself from the problem back in Steins time its widely known that the cover up was to protect the good name of the club . Since fritzel and lawell have been involved they have been totally focused in using the club to make money .not for the club but for the shareholders .As the support is now seeing for itself with lack of team investment .They are avoiding the subject like a disease as they know it will hit them in the pocket . For me that's even worse than what Stein did 40 odd years ago
  14. did the SFA not remove this responsibility a couple of years ago .
  15. magic8ball

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    interesting to see that the majority of the forum reject this bid a month ago most would be if the opinion .take the money sell the cunt he's a miserable fucker and shite I urge all of the support to remember what you think of this offer and how much you actually value the player next time he plays a couple of below par games . for me as long as we have morelos he will be a key player for us ,I'm old enough to remember when mcoist and even Gough were wanted our because a lot of folk thought they were not good enough