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  1. They haven’t got the cash themselves ,maybe we should give them a soft loan 😂
  2. We are all learning the lingo ,clearly we are ahead of the taigs in our knowledge
  3. Champions league football as we know it unlikely , Thought they had stacks of cash
  4. Spain voided last week I’m sure ,plus there is no guarantee of European football next year ,would be very surprised if they didn’t have to change the formats if there were any tournaments,the whole of Europe will need to be virus free for normal competition to start
  5. Cunts like this will regret their words once the world starts mourning ,classless prick
  6. You know what the cunts are like they can spin anything ,mainly because they get away with it ,2 year secret investigation etc
  7. Yes ,part of the food industry,A mate of mine works in a Bond and he still has to work despite none of the whisky being ready for sale for at least 3 years
  8. If they eventually did cave in and allow void as a mark of respect ,Watch them milk the mr good guy
  9. If somebody is paying him I’m sure he would be first in the queue , Compare him to some of the players of his stature from other clubs and he’s a fucking embarrassment
  10. His big brother is exactly the same
  11. The cunts just ignoring UEFAs statement that leagues to conclude on June 30th too blinded by bitterness
  12. TLB will ,he will kick plenty things in anger when he doesn’t get his tainted trophy
  13. All countries will be different and all regions within each country will be different again ,going to be a while before travel goes back to what it was
  14. Imagine they did do this and we went into win both titles For them to restart the league European club competition would need to be cancelled or radically changed starting later in the season . For what it’s worth I don’t see anybody leaving this country till at least October even then places to travel to will be limited so European football might not even be possible next year at all , Restarting the league late summer will be the benefit of only a few clubs and many are facing financial ruin ,so I really can’t see it that the majority of clubs won’t vote to void the season and split the prize money soon
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