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  1. funny how we are the only club in world football that has had an insolvency issue to be claimed to be a new club , hatred in this shitehole of a country has caused this myth to spread
  2. we would still be on a high right now if that clown in black did what he was paid to do on Saturday and send that inbreed off in the 8th minute ,1 nil up there's no way we wouldn't have went on to win and no astana result would be stopping us , they have form for not reinvesting in the team and lieswell may be told that they have enough on the park to win the league from fritzel ,maybe Saturdays disappointment can turn out positive in the long run
  3. unless they admit to themselves it happened they won't accept it happened ,it's just another anti Catholic conspiracy
  4. must be a hard job these days being a ref who is a bear ,anything given our way and he would be hounded out a job
  5. I agree but he would have looked as much a cunt as lieswell, that postponement probably cost us the league and it increased our fixture congestion on the lead up to Manchester,who knows how much that postponement really cost us what was ridiculous was that lieswell got to hand pick the date of the reararranged game,right in the middle of a tough set of fixtures
  6. proven tarrier too,that's malkay I assume,towing the rc party line
  7. in the open world of Scotland we are labled bigots for telling the truth about him
  8. when Lennon was manager with the shower he caused mayhem in the game,not just the game but a lot of Scottish society problems can be linked to him, he caused the referees strike ,when refs were costing his team points,ironically on the day of the unbiased foreign refs his team drew at home , he was the instigator in the trouble with mcoist that caused the infamous shame game ,a situation that was blown out of all proportion by salmond,at a time where the snp was struggling pre election,he promised a clamp down on sectarianism and offensive behaviour,we saw an increase in snp support and the much flawed and anti Scottish football fan offensive behaviour at football act ,which is now being removed ,the increase in snp support has devided this country for a generation Lennons behaviour ,which seems forgotten by his media pals led him to bans from the touchline to a level never seen in Scotland before and probably the world ,think he was sitting on 8games for his next offence , the guy has serious issues as well as being a vile anti protestant ,last night i listened to that biased programme on superscoreboard ,a bear was on ,spoke well ,he was talking about Lennon actions and said that they were out of order ,he said he was a youth coach and if he had acted in the same way he would be pulled up in from of the syfa and banned,he also said that he thought Lennon was a crackpot,the action by the programme was to cut him off immediately, once the show returned one of his freinds ,kheevins said that he feared for the future of the game if people like that were running youth football , when Lennon left last time I thought ,good riddance to a twisted man who is dragging our game down to sewer level,now he's back he's upto his old tricks of instigation and running behind the bigot offended card whenever there is a reaction, also saw yesterday that he demanded a hearts security man be sacked for making the 5 1 gesture behind him in a picture ,proves he loves to dish things out but can't handle the replies , the sooner this crackpot cancer of the game gets out this country the better it is for us all
  9. it doesn't really matter what the colour was ,I think it was read because he appealed ,and the outcome was the card was upheld as he could have started a riot ,funny thing was he was in the centre circle at the time and it was no more than an arm raised ,nothing like the girfuy that tlrb did on Saturday at an increased security risk match
  10. what was the situation with his disciplinary record at the giro dome,he was constantly getting pulled up with an increasing length of ban policy,did this get wiped clean
  11. got to agree that if proved to be bears then we have handed the victim card to him on a plate , The thing that yanks my chain is it's only ever portrayed as poor wee lenny that this ever happens to,death threats are made on a daily ,probably hourly basis to all sections of the community and reading the text involved as far as I can read they are just another of the Mr angry on a keyboard ,this story was the lead news item on radio forth earlier ,no way is there justification for this when the country and the world is in the state it's in,fuelling poor wee lennys myth of it being a disgrace, a few months ago I received a death threat myself online,was told that the there were people big enough involved to make me disappear, the other people involved on the chat called to guy out for being a disgrace ,not for one minute did i feel under actual threat as these things almost never ever come to anything , I do suspect that this could be another fake account made up from Timmy,they have recent previous for this ,as you said these type of things these days you can't get away with these days ,and anybody with any genuine history of firearm offences would be seriously stupid to comment the way they did and would be aware of the consequences of even a throw away comment
  12. Lennon is a Provo cunt if he wasn't a Provo he would still be a cunt he plays the victim card to get away with being a cunt
  13. think there's a lot now agree that Jack did commit a red card offence,the problem is a lot worse was being done from the other shower and went unpunished or under punished an appeal must happen though,a dangerous precedent was set last season when Lego won his appeal for a 100pc red card offence , referees ,the compliance officer and disciplinary procedures in this country are a joke
  14. he booked the wrong guy,tav did nothing wrong but cardoso shoved the Provo cunt out the way also no booking for the cunt that chopped dorrans that kicked it all off
  15. step in the compliance officer ,I won't hold my breath this role is more bias than the media