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  1. Same last year when we beat them at Ibrox before the winter break a 3 week shit fest don’t worry in May when Tav lifts that championship trophy these grating tarrier tears will taste so fucking sweet ,the more they try off the field stuff the sweeter those tears will taste fucking disgraceful behaviour from their SFA
  2. Clancys shocking one sided performance during the match is getting swept to the side with this complete fuck up
  3. Just came back on ,this may have been already mentioned ,that’s 4 disciplinary charges we have been hit with today game against the taigs and Hibs game too no mention of Hibs getting any for the aggression from the bench
  4. Well he was booked for that ,that’s what that wank Clancy seems to think
  5. Share price still dropping value dropped almost 20pc in 5 days there has to be more behind this than somebody offloading a few shares and the taigs scraping about picking them up on the cheap
  6. Just as well the carpet is metaphoric ,cleaning that carpet would bankrupt the cunts
  7. It was bad enough when Christie got his token ban for a valid charge
  8. Excellent point ,if he was booked after it the SFA could have ended the nonsense thata been going on for almost 3 weeks instead of all the pish we have had banded about seems to me that they never done it so that other things that went wrong got ignored while the taigs lost their shit over Morelos now we have a situation where the taigs actually feel hard done to ffs this Lieswell infected SFA needs completely cleansed out the corruption is getting ridiculous
  9. Fuck the charges it’s getting beyond a joke Go after them with a list of other offences from other teams and players ,ffs even ask why Kent wasn’t booked for his celebration at the piggery which was a lot worse than Morelos , If we get charged again hit them with even more whataboutery TLB gets away with murder and so does the rest of his club Now that the gesture the taigs found offensive has been dealt with surely the fat jap can investigate the racism against Morelos ,he was quick enough to deflect the allegation using the gesture as priority or has that been swept under his carpet like every single other disgusting act his club has carried out over the years
  10. Time for SG to get tough with media now rather than cow towing to them regarding Morelos discipline ,it’s he only thing that pisses me off about our manager , Time he came out and questioned why he’s booked for absolutely every discretion ,while others get away with things every single time
  11. Yes ,confirmation has just been reported ,a 3rd yellow for the gesture 1,how many players have recieved a 3rd yellow ever 2.how many players have been booked this season for gestures to the crowd ,Morelos has 2
  12. Any booking ,or was the ref too worried about poor wee thumbs mental state difference between the players is ,one loves Columbia the other loves Columbian
  13. 2 bookings for gestures to fans ,who else has been booked this season for this underlines the complete witch-hunt against him ,not since Gazza has a player been targeted by officials disgusting
  14. Don’t think there’s any need to have a tin hat on for that ,most of the guys on here reckon Lego was booked ,the only difference of opinion would be the recording of it or that he shat it when he realised who he had booked
  15. 2 different directions ,no way was Katic shown it twice
  16. Just the same as the blowing kisses shite from last year ,a convenient cover story for a fuck up
  17. They do it for the coin ,Negative Rangers stories far more interesting to the public than pro Rangers stories Still shouldn’t be doing it ,these cunts have made a lot more money from us than a few quid years later from the media
  18. It was said that the ref didn’t think Katic saw it the first time ,so it was 1card for Katic ,🤪 Compliance officer should then have been citing Lego for his punch on Tav ,Another thing the media have obviously known about but chose to ignore it , Also at the time of the punch somebody in the Sky sports studio would have noticed this and if it had happened at the other end you can bet your last penny that it would have been replayed to death
  19. Leave now and the player makes 1m extra in wages at a maximum , Stay on and they can still move on in the summer with an enhanced reputation and also be a legend
  20. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was due another for giving out those Christmas presents at home 5 days after Christmas
  21. Wanyama has no chance whatsoever Being a Kenyan and Kenya ranked outside the top 75 he had no chance but still got one , I wonder if we would have got a permit for him ,remember he was offered to us 6months before the tarriers wonderful scouting system “found” him
  22. Maybe it’s only ever been a case of further red cards been issued in the past because further serious offences have been committed , Possibly yellows can be issued also but I don’t remember any ,Could just be another act of Morelos hate from Clancy ,petty at best malicious at worst
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