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  1. It's not just about them not winning it, it's about the indisputable fact that right now we're living in exceptional times, sport, not just football, pales into insignificance right now. You've cited August for completion, that's a long way off, is it not better to make this season null and void and begin again when we know where we are as regards this crisis.
  2. Ashley is a scumbag, despite the country and indeed the world going through this crisis that lowlife is ignoring every guideline and rule to pull in more money from all his outlets, the Government should take him to task for the despair and hardship he is causing. Every Newcastle fan should cancel all direct debits to the club.
  3. Baxter was a record Scottish signing at the time, £17500 from Raith Rovers
  4. Russell was never at any time underrated by anyone at Rangers, either amongst the coaching staff or support. He was continuously overlooked by Scotland though mainly because it was thought that Scotland was well off for midfield players, Scotland's loss though because Russell was a superb midfield playmaker, very similar in style to Ian MacMillan from our early 60s team and also John White who played for Spurs and Scotland in the early 60s also. Russell, like Cooper, suffered by the lack of quality at the club under Greig but make no mistake Russell was a class act, Jock Walllace signed him from Shettleston for the princely sum of £250 in 1977.
  5. I don't think people are revelling in individuals succumbing to this virus, however when Rangers fans hear the likes of Aberdeen F.C. in financial trouble do you honestly think that there should be any degree of sympathy extolled to that club or support given their undoubted hatred to Rangers F.C. Not a chance, imo.
  6. You'll need to point out where i stated at any time that people losing their job was my sense of 'light relief'. Nice deflection though.
  7. Aye, very good, this crisis is hitting everyone's ability to make a living, both inside football and outside, it's not all about you, you know. Get a bit of perspective and understand that people want a bit of light relief away from it all at times.
  8. Oh ffs, do you know what, i came on here to read a bit of banter about a club and their fans who wanted us finished but once again you have to come across as this sanctimonious prick who has a know all attitude as regards RFC but guess what we all know the crisis that will hit most clubs, that's a given with this global crisis so ffs loosen up and try and have a night of light relief away from the hardship of Covid-19. Aberdeen are in crisis, good to see as far as i'm concerned so fuck them and do us all a favour, get a sense of humour, ffs.
  9. Eric Caldow, never the same player after Bobby Smith broke his leg in 1963 England- Scotland game. Iain McDonald never fully recovered from his injury after Chris Shevlane of Hibs done him, McDonald was 18/ or19 years old with potentially a great career ahead of him
  10. Willie Mathieson, 16 years at Rangers, but was never really appreciated by many of the support, however he played under 4 managers, Symon, White, Waddell and Wallace who all rated him.
  11. Souness tried to sign him.
  12. George Best, he was without a doubt the greatest in his era and is at the equal of any player since. The first superstar.
  13. They may well have spoken to people in various office who have given opinion, nothing else.
  14. If the league season does not complete all it's fixtures then all league placings would be null and void, common sense would tell you that, you can't give trophies to clubs when the season is incomplete, whether it's looked upon as tainted or not they would not have mathematically won the title, same applies to Liverpool and every other club.
  15. The BBC, Daily Record and the Daily Mail's chief football writer are speculating, just like everyone on here.
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