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  1. Songs that remind of you a Rangers memory

    The BBC played the instrumental part of That's Just the Way It is by Bruce Hornsby & the Range as the sort of talk over tune when giving the sports headlines on Grandstand during the 86/87 season. It came on with the comments Rangers have won the Scottish Championship then cut to scenes of the bears celebrating at Aberdeen. Every time I hear that tune I am back standing in the kitchen in Herne Bay Kent on the 2nd of May 1987 around 5ish watching/listening to the telly.
  2. Clyde Superscoreboard

    And to think that I used to find it a pile of poo back in the days of "Caller were you at the game?" That now feels like Shakespeare compared to now.
  3. Players' Autobiographies

    Bob McPhail's is a great read.
  4. Helicopter Sunday celebrations

    Was in an absolutely jammed Rumours in Barrhead obviously just a show of defiance when a wee lad sitting with his feet on the edge of a table with earphones on right at back of the pub started shouting & table went over with pints going everywhere. Everyone looked at him trying to figure what the hell he was doing. TV screen then switched over to their game to show 1st goal cue place going mental. Wee lad shouted again & everyone thought it was full time, TV changes again then it was bedlam/madness/craziness. On drive down to Ibrox never seen so many people giving us thumbs up and smiling. That's when I realised we really are a huge silent majority.
  5. Who would you rather have running us?

    Errrrrr not much choice and also remember the type of humour in here, hence high votes for DM & MA
  6. Boy there are some crap strips on display there. The Fluminese one reminds me of the packaging round an old sweet called a rhubarb stick. Also notice Adidas is a sponsor so a chance to have a chat with them re a new sponsorship deal?
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hope someone has passed this to plod as it is obviously anti semitic
  8. What a nice change

    If you a fem defo if a guy no thanks
  9. The amazing Rangers supporters

    It's funny put 50k in Ibrox and you can hardly hear us but pick ANY 7500 for that game and we give it laldy
  10. Willie Vass Pictures.

    Reminds me of wee Bud everyone thought he was smoking a fag when he was waiting to come on then threw it away. Turned out he had sinusitis and it was a nasal spray.
  11. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Noticed wee Alf was off up the tunnel at the final whistle looked really pissed off probably because he felt he should have scored.
  12. Full backs

    Just thinking when was the last time one of our fullbacks "tucked in" behind our centre backs to clear a ball. Honestly can't remember it happening very often.
  13. Parkhead for Scotland

    Hey dump Hampden & we have inly 5☆ stadium in Scotland so we get European finals. Oh wait the SFA/SPFL won't apply for any.
  14. Dorrans' injury

    And the barsteward who did him got off Scot free.
  15. Shortest ever player?

    I believe from the club deck they all look like Subbuteo players.