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  1. Any proper ref would have told Alf to get up off his butt and stop playing the fool as it was so late in the game. But then again we don't have proper refs in SScotland.
  2. They kept going on about giving us a battering in the first game but I didn't and still don't see it that way. A stray pass and a last minute breakaway and the rest was eachy peachy and looked like it would end 0 - 0.
  3. I did see slim Jim in all his pomp and he is still the greatest Scottish footballer ever. But that night in Rome on a one off Souness was immense, everything went through him and he dictated the whole game.
  4. His EC Final against Roma in Rome was probably the best midfield display by a Scot ever.
  5. Born and bred in Sunny Govan that's why. Mind you think Benburb might just have been closer.
  6. Yeah he said they were too tired after fighting fascists in Rome to make it to their game on time. 😀😀
  7. Stats prove that teams of roughly equal ability will only score one goal from a corner every 10 games. Quote from the book The Numbers Game - How Everything You Know About Football Is Wrong.
  8. Obviously the guy with the banger hasn't seen the picture of the guy's hand when one went of in his hand.
  9. Tom0411

    Kenny burns

    What made it for me is that the defensive wall had their arms round the player each side of them. So when the ref turned around he couldn't figure out what had happened and had to just let it go.
  10. Tom0411


    And don't forget Alf being headlocked and thrown to the ground off the ball.
  11. Dohhhhhhhh. Too much whisky & lager now. I suppose a I could say we haven't lost 1 goal.
  12. And this time if I remember correctly we haven't lost a goal.
  13. Is it just me but Liewell joins UEFA, tims employ a PR company, things getting worrying for them re press starting to at last get a grip about the abuse (not necessarily in that order), then out of left field comes all this?
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