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  1. Tom0411

    James Bond Son of William

    Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella movie had a painting of K B on a wall. Try as I might I can't find it to post it.
  2. Tom0411

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Ah but celticfootballclub give £10k to the poppy appeal fund, so that's it covered.
  3. Tom0411

    They Graced Ibrox Park

    Jim Baxter's ghost still haunts tims memories.
  4. Tom0411

    Staying onside

    The annoying thing about Sadiq is that he has pace to spare. He could have started 2 yards onside and still left those central defendets for dead.
  5. Tom0411


    Was in the north stand and in the move leading up to the corner the sheep on the far sife looked offside but again linesman wasn't up with play.
  6. Tom0411

    The referee & the Russians

    The last time we went on an unbeaten run in Europe there was some controversy over a Russian team.
  7. Tom0411

    Caption contest

    Sure it's not an upright organ?
  8. Tom0411

    Plastic pitch on Sunday

    It is noticeable Livi like to get the ball forward quickly which obviously means hump it up the park & miss out the midfield. This can only be due to the pitch not being suitable for a passing game of football which worries me as that is our game.
  9. Tom0411


    One for us older Bears. That is some size of Party 7 that guy is waving about, it looks more like a Party 77. ???
  10. Tom0411

    Fucking media at it again.

    Of course it didn't help when she said she admired the Queen in her wee video thing.
  11. Tom0411

    Rangers scarf in the coffin

    My brother in law who lived in Toronto was cremated wearing a Rangers Premier Club tie that I sent him. Everytime a new club tie was issued I would send him out the previous seasons. I was quite chuffed when I found out.
  12. Tom0411

    Fernando's new computer

    Superb. He epitomises the No Surrender ethic. Keep fighting Fernando.
  13. Tom0411

    When timothy says to you that we are a new club

    Wee catholic bhoy's arses?
  14. Tom0411

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Another thing that got me was everyone back at corners. What good is the wee lad Middleton in the penalty box. Stick him on the half way line and they have to put 2 players back. Also half decent ball over the top and with his pace it immediately gives them problems.
  15. Tom0411

    When timothy says to you that we are a new club

    All you need to do is ask them where did Celtc Football and Athletic Club go.