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  1. Recreativo De Huelva are the oldest Spanish club and was founded by a Dr McKay from Greenock. He worked for the Rio Tinto Mining Company and in Huelva there is an area of housing which would not look out if place in the leafy suburbs of London.
  2. Mine has a picture of the Ibrox frontage with a Saltire and a Union Flag above it.
  3. Considering Bloody Sunday was almost 50 years ago and considering WW2 finished 70 years ago we don't see any Jerries moaning about it these days.
  4. Ah but wait a minute he issued a letter of apology this morning. So that's everything fine and dandy now.
  5. In the book The Numbers Game the stats proved that Ibrahimovic was the best striker in the world. He scored the goals that mattered, the equaliser or the winner and very rarely hat tricks when his team was 2 or 3 up.
  6. But we are currently on GMT at the moment. Another fail and again blame the schools.
  7. Any proper ref would have told Alf to get up off his butt and stop playing the fool as it was so late in the game. But then again we don't have proper refs in SScotland.
  8. They kept going on about giving us a battering in the first game but I didn't and still don't see it that way. A stray pass and a last minute breakaway and the rest was eachy peachy and looked like it would end 0 - 0.
  9. I did see slim Jim in all his pomp and he is still the greatest Scottish footballer ever. But that night in Rome on a one off Souness was immense, everything went through him and he dictated the whole game.
  10. His EC Final against Roma in Rome was probably the best midfield display by a Scot ever.
  11. Born and bred in Sunny Govan that's why. Mind you think Benburb might just have been closer.
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