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  1. Jim from coronation street

    Remember a documentary where he crossed the peace line and when he came back first thing he did was head for a Rangers supporters club for a pint.
  2. Our Historic Signing Policy

    Another wee story re Fartson was that he had a couple of drinks on the plane up. Arrived at Ibrox and wee Dick being wee Dick smelt the alcohol and decided not to sign him.
  3. Mccoist on BT

    Forget BT you should have heard him on Talksport this morning. He & Brasil discussing the Arsenal v Cologne game re the lack of trouble with Cologne fans sitting in the Arsenal end. Quote super "now if it had been my teams fans" or words to that affect. Also the abused one mentioned Manchester with the classic "we won't mention Manchester" cue Super saying definitely. What a total disgrace of an ex player & no matter what you say legend.
  4. Is any one going to get sent off against us

    Ref sends guy off in first half then no kicking us off the park in the 2nd half
  5. Friendly Fire

    Red card every day of the week
  6. Wonderful article. Where the heck do you find the time to find these wonderful stories. Well done again.
  7. John Motson

    "Up go the heads"
  8. this is what we need

    Also remember if Forrester had passed to Dodoo it could have been so different. Also Waghorn heading an absolute sitter past the post late on in another game.
  9. Fannies with flares

  10. France V Holland

    France are relentless, I was exhausted just watching them.
  11. Bayern Munich v Rangers 1972

    Possibly the best atmosphere at Ibrox ever. Also remember Der Kaiser kicking the ball into the enclosure in frustration as he had nobody to pass to.
  12. A Bear friendly munchie box

    Do they do it without the eggs? Also what's in tbe plastic tub?
  13. Getting out Albion Car Park

    Nope. Not even warm.
  14. Getting out Albion Car Park

    I park 15 mins away and get offski after the game no bother. Mind you I know the area very well and yes no way am I telling you where I park.