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  1. Also with the likes of Brighton, Leeds and Crystal Palace watching Kamara and the reported figure being between £8 million - £10 million it makes me think that Andy King will start getting some more game time from January onwards if Kamara goes. Personally I think Kamara will be soldin January if we get anything near the reported figure for him.
  2. In a perfect world we'd get rid of the likes of Docherty, King, Grezda, Firth, Halliday, Foderingham and bring in some of the youths that are playing well at under 18 level or give guys like Robbie McCrorie a chance. I was reading that Billy Gilmour basically set his family up for life when he signed for Chelsea so we need to start showing that there is a pathway available to the first team for youths. This would be an extra bargaining chip as we can't compete with the likes of City, Chelsea and Liverpool etc for wages.
  3. Every time I see that cunts face on the telly I want to put my foot through it!
  4. Seen the boys face that got slashed - lucky not to lose his eye man!
  5. Tbh mate I was done with him after the tarriers game last March. Would’ve taken £15 million for him in the summer. However I was wrong. 👍🏻
  6. What’s the Man U chat about? Were they talking about him going there after Uniteds game? Seen a few folk mentioning it on FF.
  7. Was talking about this on the way home tonight. Would you take £40 million in January for him?
  8. Can’t wait to go to church in Amsterdam on the 28th man!
  9. Thing is they cunts can’t help themselves. They’ll be jumping about with their green and grey hoops on trying to take over a square thinking everyone loves them. Hopefully they get what they deserve the smelly bastards. 👍🏻
  10. Aye even the cunts suit was barking. Like one of they shiny ones out of Burtons for £50.
  11. It’s fucking pish that our game is tomorrow. Have we had any explanation re the rationale behind the decision?
  12. Very rarely do we stroll a semi final. I’d take a 1-0 last minute own goal winner as long as we make the final. In fact I’d take that in every league game as well.
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