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  1. This is a worry for me. This is us starting to see the cover up in full flow. Not to mention the change of celtic boys club to St Patrick’s. Hopefully justice prevails and there’s too much for them to hide. Whole thing shows just how sleekit and disgusting celtic fc are!!!
  2. After reading comments from tarriers on Twitter etc. I genuinely want their club dead. 👍🏻
  3. The celtic Boys Club was founded in 1966 with permission from the late Sir Robert Kelly and Jock Stein. Mr Stein, then Manager of celtic FC, took an increasing interest in the newly-formed Club and it was decided that the Boys Club should be given full facilities at Barrowfield. It was the Club’s Chief Scout, John Higgins, who suggested that the link should be strengthened. He wanted the Boys Club to operate an under-16 side in which boys signed by celtic could be introduced to "the celtic way" and filter through the system. The future success of the Boys Club was probably secured when Frank Cairney was appointed General Manager in 1970. Cairney was about to be appointed Assistant Manager at Hamilton when Higgins suggested to Stein that he be given charge of the Boys Club under-16 side. Cairney’s brief was to develop and recruit players for celtic FC. Higgins, a member of the celtic double-winning side captained by Jock Stein in the early 1950’s, had been brought to celtic Park by Sir Robert Kelly and appointed Chief Scout by Stein. He was responsible for signing most of the "Quality Street Kids" like Dalglish, McGrain, Hay, Macari and Connelly."
  4. Sun have removed the article about the 4 year old who was abused by Torbett and celtic.
  5. I hope you’re right but I only can’t see it. The SFA are riddled with tarriers!!
  6. Can I ask? Where is this confidence coming from that the SFA will act?
  7. I honestly don’t think any sporting sanctions will happen to the scum. If they’re sued successfully it’ll be a case of they’ve served their punishment and we’ll move on and learn from it - that’ll be the narrative from the SFA and SPFL. If the rumours are true about their being hundreds of victims then the only thing I can see is celtic going into admin as doubt they could trade whilst paying off the millions to victims, paying their £60 million wage bill, running costs plus CO-OP loan. Not to mention their lecky bill for their disco lights.
  8. Seen a few people tweet that the amount of victims could be in the hundreds as well. 😳
  9. I think Kaiser Wull or another poster claimed the £100k was incorrect. Not sure there is any ceiling tbh!
  10. Wouldn’t trust the rat as far as I could throw him!