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  1. I don't think he's lost the dressing room at all I just think we've got zero confidence. The weight of playing for us and the expectation is too much for some.
  2. Can't believe the love for that fat fenian pikey mess! Hope he gets leathered tbh!
  3. B1872


    No I actually think it'll suit us. This mob will come thinking we are there for the taking but I can see us causing them problems on the break. More confident about this than I was going to Kilmarnock.
  4. Can you imagine if Tav retweeted something about Fenian Bastards? He'd be inthe jail.
  5. This! You can just imagine being refereed by that banger Madden and getting fuck all then they go to the video refs who are Collum and Clancy.
  6. Tbh there's no way John Beaton can referee us fairly when the guy has been getting death threats from tarriers. However this is something the club need to push the SFA on as it's pretty clear we are being treated to a different standard. Last night alone off the top of my head we had: Their player dived no booking, Alfie dived and is booked Kilmarnock handball for their goal Perfectly good goal chopped off Some no mark Killie player wrapping his arms round Tav's neck and pulling him back when we are on a counterattack- no booking
  7. If we don't win anything this season which is a strong possibility then I reckon he'll walk as you can see the strain on his face the last few weeks. He'll go down to say a Derby and be a hero for getting them into the playoffs!
  8. Seen a few folk saying Hearts are playing a weakend team tonight - hopefully they junkie cunts get relegated!
  9. Worried about tonight as can see it being a struggle. Any kind of win will do me!
  10. B1872


    Managed to get a ticket yeserday! Going to be some amount of us over there - send it!
  11. B1872


    Went to buy tickets there on the Braga website and it's saying it's sold out - fucking murder man!
  12. I noticed that the narrative has changed already and we are now getting slaughtered for releasing the statement off the back of the 12 year old boy being charged. These bastards are intentionally missing the point and tbh the club will never win. With the above being said I would just go full pelt and ban Provan, Stewart and that fat mess Leckie for starters.
  13. Only way it will stop is: Harsher sentences as in jail time for those who are throwing bottles, bovrils etc Serious action and accountability on what is posted on social media The club sticking up for the fans and players and going after those in the media who spread lies and untruths
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