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  1. Ah so it's Forters fault then? Nothing to do with the scum struggling financially due to unsustainable expenses, overheads and only selling 17,000 season tickets. Not to mention the hundreds of court cases they are facing for the abuse of children!! Typical from they cunts tbh!
  2. Troops, Anyone got the link to add the Rangers fixtures to their Iphone?
  3. B1872

    Kit Launch

    Talk about over reacting FS!
  4. Fucking buzzing already for it mate!
  5. Is our game against the sheep half 5 kick off on the Saturday evening?
  6. No chance! It’ll be £250k and Jack Hendry on loan.
  7. Which would coincide with celtic wanting it pushed back so they can get their fans in for the old firm game.
  8. Apparently Rod Petrie has posted his medical certificate online to prove he's ill. Was signed off by a Dr. P.Lawwell
  9. Go fund me page below for the boy that done the Podcast about celtic and the abuse the victims and families are still getting. Going to produce a documentary in order to get answers from the government and authorities up here. 👍🏻 https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-celtic-boys-club-scandal
  10. I watched the recent one because Halliday was on it and that big mongo was slaughtering Halliday any chance he got calling him "a celtic legend" and shit!
  11. Hopefully with a nice round gold medal round his neck at the end of May.
  12. That Kevin Kyle is a big fenian mongo man. Fucking stuttering and slabbering all over the camera with his lisp - hate the cunt!
  13. Hopefully a one season loan at a SPFL side then next season he can battle it out with McGregor for the number 1 jersey.
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