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  1. Hope he gets his pikey fenian face punched in!
  2. Didn't the head of referees phone St Brendan personally to apologise after the drew with Ross County?
  3. At the game! The referee is a tarrier mess - gave us fuck all. Neil Lennon giving the Enclosure dogs abuse. Can't wait for the fat albino Cunt to die.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/McBookie/status/896107930696564737/video/1
  5. The Provos version is better and actually rhymes. However (and I'll probably get slaughtered for this) the days of singing FTP and about the IRA at Rangers games is cringy as fuck tbh. Every song these days is hijacked with this pish. Rather sing about Rangers. 👍🏻
  6. Get that stupid cow tae fuck off the commentary. Fucking brain damage!
  7. Buzzing for this! Wee Paisley Road West session before hand as well as me and the boys are patching the Louden from now on. Reckon it'll be a tough game and it'll show where we are at but fancy us to win by a couple for some reason. Atmosphere will be like an Old Firm. WATP
  8. Must've dreamt Kenny Miller missing an open goal then! 🙈
  9. Love that one! However I've not heard the UBs singing that in a couple of years. 👎🏻
  10. Maybe more, depending on the striker. Just reckon the money for Waghorn is a bonus and will go towards bringing in a striker. Might be 100% wrong but honestly believe there's still a bit of business going to happen. If we can see we need a striker then surely Pedro can also. We are still short of challenging but Walker and a striker would close the gap. A similar class to Dorrans would be amazing. 👍🏻