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  1. Really need to start looking at expanding Ibrox with the way things are going!
  2. You always read the word below the other word? 😂
  3. Aye?
  4. I'm just posting what I got sent to me there. Either way would be an upgrade to what we have. 👍🏻
  5. Hopefully mate! I looked at our 16 against St Johnstone and we are still so weak and lack quality in midfield. Been the same since Warburton took over.
  6. The boy has been pretty spot on with stuff but I'm not in the know. He told me this morning about Mclean and I put it on the rumours thread as soon as I got the chance to post it.
  7. Hope so! He told me about Francis and I put it on here in September 2015 and got fucking slaughtered because of it. 😂
  8. Just been told it's a done deal. Although it won't be announced until after the first leg. Believe or not I don't really care tbh! But I got told about this earlier this morning. Also he isn't a replacement for Dorrans. We still want the 3 of them Dorrans, Walker and Mclean.
  9. I like Tiffany as much as the next person.
  10. I want Dorrans, Walker and Mclean - fuck it!
  11. Anyone got the tweets that shows the difference of reporting between Jack and that handsome boy Hayes?
  12. Puddle drinkers!😂😂😂😂😂
  13. Cunt on my group chat says we've made a bid for Kenny Maclean.