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  1. B1872

    Defoe confirmed

    Talking about him just now on the Debate on Sky Sports!
  2. B1872

    Is there a waiting list for STs next year?

    Definitely! However according to Mark Dingwall on FF we won’t be able to expand Ibrox (in our lifetimes) because the current board never blocked plans made by the council to build housing and roads around the stadium. Still would love to see the corners filled in either side of the main stand! 🙏🏻
  3. B1872

    Beaton calls in the police

    Tarriers are fucking wired to the moon man, honestly! 😂
  4. B1872

    Beaton calls in the police

    The guy is scum!!!!
  5. B1872

    Beaton calls in the police

    The pressure these cunts are putting on refs and authorities it will be impossible to give a decision against them and worryingly can’t see us getting much in our favour. Tarriers have ruined football in this game!
  6. B1872

    Beaton calls in the police

    Tom English is posting pictures of a Rangers fan throwing the coin at Livingston and also an article from 2012 of a story saying Rangers fans threatened Turbull Hutton. This is his reply to celtic fans sending death threats to a referee. Guy is absolute fucking scum!!
  7. Massive game! McGregor Tav McCauley Goldson Barisic McCrorie Jack Arfield Candeias Morelos Middleton 2-1 to the famous!
  8. B1872

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    I’d take them over the next 20 odd tbh!
  9. B1872

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Hamilton were happy just to get beat 1-0. Their keeper was wasting time in the 90th minute.
  10. Keep the wee flasher quiet and they struggle. That mongo Lego eating cunt is lucky to be on the park as well.
  11. B1872

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Not particularly fond of him myself. However that team should be good enough to get 3 points and then pretty much use our best team for the next 2 weeks. 👍🏻
  12. B1872

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    No chance! Seen sugar puff teeth’s interview on Sky and he’s already dismissing their chances and focusing on Wednesday.
  13. B1872

    The Boxing News Thread

    Got a feeling we’ll see Canelo v Smith at Anfield next year.
  14. https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/17300563.victim-of-celtic-boys-club-paedophile-calls-for-club-to-take-responsibility-following-conviction/