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  1. Gutted to hear this! He'll be up there with so many Rangers greats - RIP
  2. Doesn’t help when you’ve got an ex Rangers captain bigging up Edouard saying he’ll go for more than Dembele yet he when it comes to one of his own he says we’ll take £10 million for Alfie. 👎🏻
  3. See tbh! If I was going to draw a picture of a paedophile it wouldn’t be far off looking like that wee goblin in the photo.
  4. Also it’s being said on Twitter he’s been leaking stories with regards to the celtic paedophile cover up. He’s a dangerous wee mutant bastard who is playing a massive part of the cover up. Every one involved in all of this support celtic be it judges, journalists or MSP’s. You can see why fuck all will happen to them!!!!
  5. I get that! But at least the club need to know who they are up against - hopefully if I send the below it might at least jolt them in to doing something.
  6. What's the best contact details for the club in order to contact them about this? Probably won;t matter but every little helps I guess.
  7. I’m on 2 points so hopefully get a ticket. If not hopefully the gas cookers has WiFi.
  8. We were about £220 for direct flights including return.
  9. 8 of us booked flying from Glasgow to Amsterdam. Thursday morning and coming back on Friday night. HWFG 🇬🇧
  10. Aye meant to be a £111. However they’ve only taken £37.
  11. I’ve got £37 from Rangers pending on my account. They only taking 1 at a time or something? 😂
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