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  1. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    I think we as a support can be a bit smarter with some of the songs we sing at times. IMO our brand is getting harmed by it. I think a lot of people shy away from supporting our club because of this or encourage their children to do so because of the same. We are a proud British club and we should celebrate that and we are an amazing club with great history and we should be celebrating that as well. However the FTP stuff needs to go. Like it or not the tarriers are miles ahead of us with these things and I honestly believe we are losing a massive amount of kids supporting us.
  2. Big Eck gets the Scotland gig

    Might give Scotland another chance with this appointment.
  3. Rather keep him until the summer as he'll improve our chances on winning the cup.
  4. Pretty sure the scum have a stand sponsored by BT.
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    I like Groves but Eubank jr owned him at the press conference. Groves was flapping like fuck with the suit comments. ?
  6. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    I'm on CCCS but they should definitely look at priority for the semi final for the Bears that go to this. Plus if we get to the semi it should be on the Saturday as we've been on 3 Sundays in a row in the cup. ??
  7. With both us and the tarriers boycotting it then the Record will be gone in 2 years, probably quicker!
  8. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    When's the semi final dates again? Is it the 21st of April?
  9. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    Place is fucking riddled wae the cunts!
  10. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    Was just saying that to my missus. Would love us to get Dundee United and destroy the cunts.
  11. Murty bigging up TLB.

    Another thread started by a tarrier on here FS! Can't wait for next season with Lennon being our new manager and our cracking Admiral kits.
  12. Retail Deal

    This thread should be deleted!