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  1. So they are doing this against UEFA’s wishes?!?! This could potentially ban us from Europe for a season, no?
  2. Think I believe David Edgar! 👍🏻
  3. Tony McGlennan is a dirty fenian bastard.
  4. Looking at the reporting of all of this it’s like our game in hand has just disappeared!
  5. Done Feyenoord and Braga away this season both were class trips. Porto the day before the Braga game topped it though!
  6. Best game I’ve ever been to as it my first season I had my season ticket. Fucking cracking day and remember loads of bears with a Police hats on because of the Bill. Our midfield 3 of Ferguson, de Boer and Arteta were up there with the best we’ve had in a single season. Pretty sure they scored about 50 goals between them - unreal! Was buzzing like fuck on Sunday night after the cup final, will be the same after Sunday no doubt! 🇬🇧
  7. B1872


    Seen that mate! However unfortunately it looks like it’ll be Macron for the foreseeable until we can get this fat mess to fuck. 👎🏻
  8. Another puff piece in the Daily Record today saying the scum will reluctantly accept the title for the good of Scottish football 😂😂😂
  9. B1872


    After watching the 2002 cup final last night I’d love Nike to be our kit manufacturers once again. However knowing our luck we’ll end up with Gola or some shit.
  10. Article out today in the Daily Record trying to bring us into this. Basically saying 25 charges against teams from Scottish football amounting to £12 million to be paid out. It isn’t until you read through the article that it explains 21 are against celtic boys club and 4 against Rangers. It also tells more lies later in the article by stating that celtic boys club is now ‘defunct’!!!!!!!! No I think you’ll find celtic paid £50k for celtic boys club to change its name to St Patrick’s. Not sure if this is Hollicom or just a rabid tim loving journalist - probably both!
  11. Apparently the scum are about to ask their players to take wage cuts.
  12. Yeah I’ve said it myself numerous times on here. The thing is we all know it’s going to happen. I just don’t know where we as a club go from here in this country as it’s pretty clear we’ll never get a fair crack of the whip by the governing bodies. You only have to look at 2012, referees, state aid and of course the biggest elephant in the room of all the cover up of rape of hundreds of young boys over a 40 year period by celtic F.C.
  13. Is that the fat cunt from the Tall Craines? 😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Read an article on FF penned by Skeletor basically saying the SPFL have come to terms with the league season being finished and are taking legal advice with regards to the next steps. If it’s Harper Macleod then we all know the advice they’ll be given FS!
  15. Wimbledon about to be cancelled and I’d expect the Open to follow. Absolutely zero chance the season will be finished unless the money takes over and they play behind closed doors for a month. But then what happens if one of the players get it? Do we just exclude one team from playing it’s games and carry on? The football authorities aren’t living in reality and are purely driven be finances.
  16. Surely to fuck they’ll have probably the best and most exciting cup final on at some point from 2002, no?
  17. ErzaSpearschildren
  18. Harry Kane saying season should be cancelled if season can’t be completed by June. Amazing the difference in reporting down south than up here.
  19. So no relegation and give the paedophiles the title? Or null and void?
  20. He’s a horrible wee ugly cunt. Wee ginger nonce!
  21. Rangers should offer them that because everyone will loves us eh fat chops!
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