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  1. Morelos

    Yes drop a striker that doesn’t score!
  2. Morelos

    I’d play Windass upfront in the semi and drop Morelos.
  3. Nah Brendan Rodgers made Gerrard the player he was. Same with Suarez, Sterling, Coutinho and Kenny Dalglish.
  4. Sheep going out the cup. 👍🏻
  5. You joking? Gerrard owed his Champions League medal to Rodgers.
  6. Mourinho would get football stopped.
  7. Scottish cup semi

    Reckon we’ll find out this week for both?
  8. No it’s no!! That’s the guy from the Goonies. 👍🏻
  9. We need a manager

    Apparently King wants a big name in as manager.
  10. Scottish Cup.

    Roberts and Sinclair are fit but just can’t get a game.
  11. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    Clyde sponsor celtic so they’ll obviously report anything that benefits them.
  12. Wonder if the tranny shagging cunt would’ve been on if they got beat.
  13. Fuck him, fenian mess spitting on a 14 year old girl. Creepy scouser cunt!
  14. Scottish Cup.

    I honestly don’t think our team or our management believe they can beat the scum. It’s purely psychological IMO!
  15. Was his tactics perfect at Parkhead though? If they were perfect we’d have won and that would’ve probably been the case if Niko didn’t play 80 odd minutes.
  16. One less tarrier to look at on the tv. 👍🏻
  17. Patience needed

    Surely it’s the managers job to counteract that, no?
  18. Patience needed

    Rogic is there best player against us. He bullies our midfielders every time we play against them. We should’ve made special arrangements for him.
  19. Patience needed

    John McGinns goal was the exact same as Rogics.
  20. Patience needed

    Thing is he’s making mistakes and he’s not fucking learning from them.
  21. Murty's league record is it good enough

    He’s not the man to lead us and challenge they cunts.
  22. Still no leader.

    Need someone in the middle of the park that won’t get brushed aside by that cunt Rogic, we’ll never fucking learn!
  23. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Patsy time!! 🇬🇧