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  1. Tavs needs dropped... 3 goals he has cost us in 2 games now 😫
  2. Brought my 4 year old boy last year to his first game and sat in family stand he loved it... Bring plenty of snacks etc and I brought an iPad just in case but soon as game started he wanted to watch. Ended up leaving 10 mins early as wee man was getting cold and had a few toilet breaks but small price to pay to see his face when Rangers scored 🇬🇧
  3. Great article... Even reading it makes me angry! Fuck the SFA and every other club who sit idly by and do nothing yet were on too happy to stick the boot in to us for our "crimes".
  4. Met a few Ajax boys couple year ago when there were out in town after their scum game. Proper sound lads. They despised celtic!!! Since then have a wee soft spot for Ajax.
  5. Thanks for the memories fernando! A true warrior on and off the pitch!
  6. Ref wasn't great today but had absolutely nothing to do with us getting beaten. McGregor was a yellow. Prob agree Jack's was a yellow and sorry but Jones was 100% a red. If we had of played like we can this year and had a bit of the fight we showed on Thurs night then Madden wouldn't even be getting mentioned!
  7. Ojo looked lost and uninterested when he came on... Worst player for me by a mile!! Anyone can have a poor game but fuck me at least look like the trying!
  8. Thought Ojo was very poor today when he came on... Now more than ever we need Kent!!
  9. I think is quite tough tbh... Porto be big favourites. Prob not much between us and the other 2.
  10. Once fair enough... twice something's up. 3 times now is a fucking disgrace. Anyone who can't see an agenda against us here must be blind.
  11. To be fair looking at the pots there ain't too many teams to fear...
  12. Who do you want to see out of hat? Personally I would love a draw that gives us a good chance rather than a couple of glamour ties. Sporting Apoel Rosenborg The Famous Glasgow Rangers
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