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  1. drewgardiner88

    Sad state for scottish fooball

    Shite club aye bit still one of biggest in Scotland...
  2. Aberdeen have lost striker Rooney to Salford city... a non league outfit! Is this the way football here is going to be?
  3. drewgardiner88

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Was Glenavon beat them
  4. drewgardiner88

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I often wonder where they would have been if we hadn't have taken them in though...
  5. drewgardiner88

    9 in a row sky review

    Remember when I was wee my da bought me a 9IAR video... haven't a clue where it is now but it was class!
  6. drewgardiner88

    Morelos and windass

    Neither are good enough and hopefully after the first competitive game Stevie G can see that and get rid the pair of them...
  7. drewgardiner88

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    He needs to worry about improving his finishing rather than acting the prick! I wouldn't have him about the place to be honest. Never good enough!
  8. drewgardiner88

    England related thread

    Smart kit to be fair 😂
  9. drewgardiner88

    England related thread

    A bloke just got onto my bus this morning wearing a Croatia hat. Fucking pathetic...
  10. drewgardiner88

    Wee boys and football tops

    Haha fair one mate...
  11. drewgardiner88

    Wee boys and football tops

    Ibrox or shamrock park? 😂
  12. drewgardiner88

    Wee boys and football tops

    Took my boy last season for the first time. Was brilliant!! Bring plenty of sweets etc so they don't get bored. My wean loved it all... Seeing his wee eyes light up when he walked up the steps was pure class. WATP
  13. drewgardiner88

    SFA to Block Rangers Cutting celtic Allocation

    Cup was never mentioned...
  14. drewgardiner88

    The Time For Change Has Never Been Better

    Great read...
  15. drewgardiner88

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Sat here in the airport hundreds of the mhanky bastards floating about. Confused though as to who was playing this weekend, septic or the free state as there are nearly as many Republic tops...