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  1. Probably the latter... When looking for him and Bearnadettes dinner!
  2. Tell the H*** we are on our way.... Tough draw but believe we can cause an upset here !
  3. Think last night will have restored a lot of the confidence the team seemed to have lost since the last OF game. We came back from 2 down against a very decent looking team in good form. If we play with that spirit and desire we can beat anyone in this league easily. Hopefully we can kick on. Beat the scum at Ibrox and the title race will be back on big time! Let's go... 55!!!!
  4. Was that not about Darren McGregor? Remember laughing at that myself...
  5. Met him once. Absolute gent! Rest easy Bobby
  6. We better not hibs this 2nd half... Massive 45 coming up!
  7. Just seen that on SSN... So sad!!
  8. We went away to Aberdeen and dominated whole first half. Disappointingly gave away a 2 goal lead but still could have won the game. People worrying now about confidence etc before Sunday however they needed an injury time winner at home to Hamilton hardly going to inspire them either... We have had a bad half of football there but I still believe we will win on Sunday. And if I was offered a point tonight and win the LC Final I'd take it all day long
  9. We need some composure and spirit here... Very poor start to second half. Still feel we are good enough to collect the 3 points.
  10. What's the world record for most fouls in a game? This is shocking...
  11. Is that not who they are linked with?
  12. Half time can't come quick enough here...
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