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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/NaeBull/status/1113535839395389440
  2. PC gone mad... I was always taught stick and stones when I was a kid! Anyway someone calling me orange doesn't offend me in the slightest. Proud of it 🇬🇧
  3. Classy move from Gerrard and El Bufalo. Even if he does move on now should fetch a lot more cash for him...
  4. Cheers mate... Really had high hopes they would get beat tonight!!
  5. Our 15s would beat their first team 😂😂
  6. It's like a game v the reserves in training where they all try like fuck to get noticed by the proper team!!
  7. I can see them getting 8 points... We need all 12 which should be very doable, as long as we can put a shift in at the sheep!
  8. That first one is a monstrosity, even more so than their usual shite!! Think must be designed by a collaboration with Lego Eater and The Thumb!
  9. I still remember the game where there was a letter left on every seat written by ally mccoist. He said that he know the fans would follow the club to hell and back well he was 100% correct! Great post. No surrender.
  10. Your right they would have had the option but fuck them. Shows them up for what they are... Hopefully gives our players another wee bit of extra reason to get about the bastards on the pitch!!
  11. Happy New Year bears. Glad we don't support a deviant religion fuelled, paedophile harbouring bastard team! WATP
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