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  1. Meanwhile in Turkey

    Fuck my exact thoughts as well..That Babel was still playing was the most suprising thing in that article
  2. The thumb

    He apparently shit himself in the tunnel when he was confronted by a player at Windsor after the scarve incident.Ran like fuck into the changing room so I was told
  3. Are celtic really that good?

    celtic are a good team in one of the worst professional leagues in Europe.The days of a Scottish team reaching a European final are over.The fact a club like Bournemouth with gates of 10000 have more buying power than us and probably celtic says it all ..Fuck Sky Fuck BT Fuck modern football
  4. Them celebrating

    The guy is classless vermin ..fucking dragged up on a fish finger diet
  5. Them celebrating

    Just read the celtic Players had urged Griffiths to a tie a scarve on the crossbar didnt do it ..but these cunts should be hauled up for incitement .
  6. Them celebrating

    We have to suck it up I have been to their dump plenty of times when we ripped the piss out of them.
  7. Fans locked out

    Lucky bastards
  8. Dave King

    Mate you have more money than that fucking charlatan
  9. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Says a lot about our team that no one ended that fuckers career in the second half ..oh for the days of Souness Hurlock and Roberts
  10. scum 'Best fans in the world'

    Get this to fuck
  11. Jim from coronation street

    That is not the one I watched
  12. Jim from coronation street

    I dont know about that mate
  13. Jim from coronation street

    Do not know mate
  14. Morelos Article

    If the article was about an Irish player and was full of lazy paddywhackery references he would be suspended at the very least