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  1. Hope your keeping well my friend.

  2. Actually disgusted by that sick twisted post...that's me finished with the forum,fuck that
  3. up in the air as I can see ,they have made an absolute clusterfuck of this mate Tbh whoever wins it now will have the gloss taken off it because of fucking eejits targeting players
  4. He is a dismal fucker,if he won the lottery he would complain about having to take a half day off to collect the cheque
  5. Absolutely mate especially after a defeat
  6. He has deleted his account...shitebag
  7. Masonic officials won Rangers the game apparently...like logging unto Kerrydale St
  8. fucksake give it a rest and enjoy the moment
  9. badly very badly 😁unless you are in remote regions you will get by with a smattering,my travel companion was fluent in Portuguese and Spanish though.
  10. travelled but been all over Brazil Argentina Chile and Uruquay literally from top to bottom in those countries ,others as well
  11. been to games in various countries down that way just have to keep your wits about you ,mostly pickpockets though
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