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  1. did Boliva not beat them 6 -1 the last time they played in La Paz? Talk about hometown advantage
  2. How low have Scotland dropped as a football nation when a cunt like Brown is calling the shots.Souness was a genuine world class player and wouldn't have got away with that shite.
  3. Should be booing all the team then by that logic
  4. you have no chance of qualifying even with the team made up of what the Scottish Press would have us believe is the 1970 Brazil team reincarnated.
  5. Point? I am hoping you get fuck all
  6. they have been staunch as fuck showing everybody to their correct seats
  7. 1 nil after 1 minute
  8. Best wee bar in the world...many a happy day in there before Linfield matches
  9. correct,people were not exactly knocking down the doors to take us on and any that tipped their toes in the water were greeted with banners like Yanks No Thanks
  10. And he knew it
  11. James Richardson was a brilliant presenter
  12. Its a suprise for my missus....believe me
  13. they are playing Empoli ,but are sitting 2nd so should be a big crowd...I will be in Rome for five days,tbh I prefer Lazio