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  1. is this a two leg affair mate
  2. Mate my own club Linfield reached the quarter final that year
  3. will they follow it up in September,,when Dynamo Kiev knocked them out in the first round in 67...I believe they are the only holders to be knocked out in the 1st round defending the cup
  4. good manager Leeds are like us a fucking carcrash at boardroom level
  5. One of the worst finals ever
  6. In 1967 they also got knocked out in the first round by Dynamo Kiev...strong grip on the trophy
  7. aye and it wasnt for a dodgy ref we would have went on and won it
  8. nothing that I know of today...just his past history
  9. Mourinho what a classless cunt
  10. spotted that flag as well down the front
  11. want Atletico to win but love Ramos...bit like the Buffon situation
  12. how long would a journalist have lasted if he tweeted UP THE UVF...and it is not just one is it? Spiers English Spence Cosgrove want me to go on.
  13. have you seen Darren Cooneys tweets....too late he has deleted them
  14. Linfield references mate. Though same sentiment .glad you enjoyed the video