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  1. fuck .someone on twitter had claimed £300....brilliant..
  2. Gofundme@stripthetitles apparently a hoax by a Bear and he got £300
  3. For sheer moonhowling puddledrinking fuckery nobody comes close to the Celtic support,if some fiction writer made them up you would read of their antics and think ..nah I ain't buying that.
  4. Not simplistic at all mate just good old fashioned common sense. I know a guy who was left close to 3 million and a house he has been prudent but still has a great lifestyle
  5. Is there actually a more socially unaware group than the Groin Brigade?
  6. just about to post that article..I fully support the feud
  7. Saw that on Twitter..conducter gets me everytime
  8. One simple question should be put to them..are you football supporters or a political movement?
  9. Has that harridan Jeanette Findlay released a statement yet
  10. Linfield fans turning their backs during the Liverpool tribute song
  11. He will go Rebel like O'Neill and Lennon....never go full Rebel
  12. Nobody and I mean nobody can rewrite history like an Irish Republican
  13. there you go mate looks like inside the ground
  14. Mate they are made in the fucking ground apparently Celtic have gave them a place to make their displays
  15. If I read it correctly it seems the match commander at the game when they had the Bobby Sands William Wallace banners was stood down after for taking no action this one will be interesting