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  1. Joey Barton Podcast

    Will give it a listen...he is being heavily tipped to be the next England coach after Jones leaves next year.
  2. Joey Barton Podcast

    Saracens head coach Mark McCall went to the same school as me.
  3. I could never quite get the Zidane hype certainly an excellent player but I do not think he should be mentioned alongside the truly greats like Maradona Messi The Ronaldos Baggio Best Cruyff etc
  4. They are not fans just lowlife fucking scumbags
  5. In all my years I have never witnessed a more self centred reaction from a group of players towards one of their own teamates...classless I am glad they lost now
  6. Some Liverpool team bonding eh
  7. The Liverpool goalie has got over his performance quicker than I thought he would
  8. Not one Liverpool player went down to console their goalie...pitiful
  9. Hopefully the lad can....feel so sorry for him
  10. Robertson what a great spot by our staff
  11. Deserves to be the winner
  12. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Rangers need to grow a backbone here and sue him...at the very least his lies are damaging the club brand worldwide
  13. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Collymore who was arrested in Australia for arguing with backpackers in a bar one of which stated Collymore had racially abused him
  14. Prince Charles married Diana in 1981