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  1. bluedylan

    Andy Gray

    tbf he did mate
  2. same over here unless you follow Rangers or celtic which the vast majority dont
  3. bluedylan

    Great result but

    welcome back Ma Soprano
  4. we are all about the peace over here now mate
  5. just banter mate I have went and watched River play a few times.
  6. cheers mate have a good day tomorrow
  7. River Plate THE club of Buenos Aires will put these fuckers back in their box in 13 days time.
  8. some change from china and playing for Shanghai Shitehawks
  9. it is McAvennie mate he still has feet on his pajamas
  10. What you always have to remember about this filth is they belong to a cult
  11. Richly deserved ,easily the better footballing side
  12. bluedylan

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    setting your stall out