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  1. Guardiola

    Getting a good keeper in has helped
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    One of the first games I attended
  3. Germany have not lost an away WC qualifying tie since 1934..yep 19 fucking 34. On a positive note I believe we are the only country to beat them home and away in EC qualifying 1982 1 nil Windsor 1 nil in Hamburg
  4. Northern Ireland v Germany

  5. Milan Derby.

    Far better than watching that EPL shite and genuine passionate fans..doubt there are many half and half scarves there
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Loyalist Ulster fully supports the SNP GB feud
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    One shirt covers all it would seem in their world mate
  8. Butcher

    Why do RSC still book the fucker?
  9. Strachan

    Good shout
  10. Are you looking for a bite here
  11. Strachan

    So Malky gets it in the short term he should blend in well with a racist forward and a racist support
  12. Messi might miss world cup

    Messi is an incredible player and would be in any era. I used to think Maradonna was the greatest but I now believe Messi is the finest player to ever kick a ball.
  13. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Moyes will get it
  14. Strachan

    I would love Redknapp to get it for two reasons 1 He is a shite manager 2 Full blown Englishman would send the Tartan Army into a tailspin
  15. Linfield fans not happy

    My town is probably the most Unionist town in Northern Ireland..no nationalist has ever won a seat here even at council level when I was growing up all you saw were Rangers scarves and jerseys very few now about town. I work as a community worker in one of the biggest loyalist estates over here plenty still wore there though it is a working class loyalist thing here
  16. Linfield fans not happy

    For every Rangers or celtic fan over here now there are 20 Man United or Liverpool fans.Old firm has lost a few generations over here. My nephew is the only one of his football mad mates who supports us..our lad just follows local football no interest in Scottish football.My father formed the 1st Rangers supporters club here in my hometown in 1970 at one point there was 4 now back to one .
  17. Messi might miss world cup

    Thought it was last week mate Check out an album called Wallflower by a guy called Jordan Rakei.. Really good
  18. Linfield fans not happy

    There was a massive fight in Belfast between Poles and us a few years ago they took liberties before the game with scarfers and van loads were waiting for them after the game.Barnes visited Polish hooligans in Poland before the away game and basically was stating that their firms were waiting to take revenge..pictures of them with weapons etc.(he supports ROI).it was done to basically scare the shit out of Northern Ireland fans travelling and he seemed to revel in it..it didnt work we travelled in our thousands although we were bussed in and out. Ironic at Euros the Poles were attacked by Lyon Ultras and the Northern Ireland fans came to their aid. .
  19. Linfield fans not happy

    To be honest I know a lot of professional types from both sides who will not let their kids support Rangers or celtic..say their is a stigma attached to the clubs.Outside of polarised communities there is little or no support now for either sides
  20. Linfield fans not happy

    Piece of shit who put Northern Ireland fans in harms way before our away game in Poland with a shitstirring piece.
  21. Wales v ROI

    Bollocks shite manager left Aston Villa and Sunderland a mess with the teams he assembled. Sleekit fucker walked before getting sacked. He got lucky at celtic their good players like Moravcik and Larsson were already there. In hindsight I hope Scotland do get him
  22. Wales v ROI

    Cmon Wales ..incredible voice for their national anthem
  23. Forum activity.

    There was one guy on their admin who is a sleekit bastard ,never failed to have a wee dig at Ulster Bears ,I told him I would be over the next week if he wanted to discuss the issues he had with us...I was banned 10 minutes later . Tbf there are a lot of good guys on the forum
  24. Linfield fans not happy

    If these Linfield" fans" were offended they better not travel to Coleraine on saturday,the songbook will be in full flow..the article is pish btw and Linfield thanked Rangers fans for supporting them on twitter.