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  1. might get a wee fine
  2. for fucksake fuck off to Kerrydale street with your pish
  3. Just three for me Italy The Netherlands and France looking forward to KAIs list
  4. If I had to mix with that lot I would drink it
  5. Amazing..absolute respect..
  6. bad bastards,,must have of had some upbringing mate
  7. Did they get battered for doing so?
  8. If he is then he is a faster cheat than the rest of them
  9. Every photo of their small band of fans in Norway put up on football sites on twitter have been replied to with utter venom from fans all over the UK and beyond
  10. Also ramping it up with Germany (EU) demands on Poland over migrants possibly
  11. Nobody is terrified of those bastards mate it is just they have supporters masquerading as journalists
  12. She should ask her mate Jeanette Findlay
  13. Steg of the Dump.....
  14. After years of cultivating the myth of a tolerant club open to all the Linfield and Sunderland games have opened the worlds eyes to what they really are all about .
  15. Having watched the G...nBrigade in action I can say with all confidence the Union is safe
  16. they ducked out of Belfast...until the last rebel
  17. Until the last rebel
  18. The truth has been viewed on social media by more than the Sun's Scottish circulation
  19. nah probably in Easter Road
  20. seems a Liam OHare has since deleted the tweet he made about Robinson being in town..but it was screenshot
  21. Some people on twitter suggesting that a Scottish journalist tweeted about Robinson being in Sunderland at the time of the match which alerted the GB