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  1. Actually disgusted by that sick twisted post...that's me finished with the forum,fuck that
  2. up in the air as I can see ,they have made an absolute clusterfuck of this mate Tbh whoever wins it now will have the gloss taken off it because of fucking eejits targeting players
  3. Masonic officials won Rangers the game apparently...like logging unto Kerrydale St
  4. badly very badly ๐Ÿ˜unless you are in remote regions you will get by with a smattering,my travel companion was fluent in Portuguese and Spanish though.
  5. travelled but been all over Brazil Argentina Chile and Uruquay literally from top to bottom in those countries ,others as well
  6. been to games in various countries down that way just have to keep your wits about you ,mostly pickpockets though
  7. always has been over 300 fans have been murdered at the games,many shot.I have seen some major trouble at Rangers v celtic and Linfield down in Dundalk spring to mind nothing like I witnessed after River were beat in the semi final against Vasco...fucking bedlam at the train station at Belgrano
  8. no real problems re Kidnapping in Argentina compared to Brazil.Unlike Rangers and celtic many many players have played for both River and Boca,over 70 infact with no real problems
  9. 150 k in cash and 300 fake tickets found on a raid of one of the River Plate Barras Bravas leaders
  10. To be fair he was resting players for THEIR cup final against us
  11. Clarke of Leeds looks about 9...good wee player though
  12. Apparently they are suing Oscar Hammersteins family for claiming he wrote You Will Never Walk Alone
  13. Four Northern Ireland international players on show today at Sheff United V Leeds...good to see
  14. cost us a few games especially against Bosnia he was fucking awful
  15. Sheff United V Leeds big local Derby empty seats everywhere ,no wonder our lad was able to get a ticket at the last minute for ยฃ20.
  16. Hopefully this is the mini revival over.
  17. if I was not going to Vienna in two weeks I would have went to the game,but I agree it should be played on South American soil.
  18. Worrall was ok as for the other two...not at the races
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