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  1. If it had have been Brendan David Brent Rodgers the Scottish press would having been creaming themselves how unique and inclusive his press conference was.
  2. Crues bring about 1000 so do Glentoran,maybe more
  3. About 50 of them came in towards kick off ...chant of the season from the Linfield end....Ballysally DLA Ballysally DLA...even the Coleraine fans laughed There was a bit of handbags outside Patsys Bar,but they are pavement dancers and wanabees...20 years late ffs
  4. Still limited to only 800 fans for security reasons....yet all other clubs can bring as many as they want
  5. I go home and away to watch LInfield cannot believe we are in the driving seat after being 10 points behind Atmosphere up at Coleraine on Saturday was what you would call old school
  6. Another nonsense post
  7. my favourite player in the world outside a Ger
  8. Led my father who is 75 and has watched Rangers for a long long time say it was most embarrassing thing he has ever saw.....I missed the game through work commitments and when I phoned him that was the first thing he described
  9. he is the greatest
  10. ffs sergio
  11. tragic news
  12. he should maybe wear a Napoli shirt under the stripes
  13. he goes through purple patches in his career then disappears,,did the fucker to be top goalscorer in the world cup a few years back...did fuck all
  14. could not resist mate
  15. who was the and shame
  16. Didnt see the game tbf saw the last goal which was clearly offside
  17. anybody know who got the assist for Ronaldos goal?
  18. i can remember a game maybe around 75 season when Rangers scored I ended up about 50 yards from my dad....his mate lost his wig!
  19. been in both before they were both done up so to thing they did have in common was they were both deathtraps
  20. and we would be showered with dust and soot when we scored
  21. I hate Juventus but have great admiration for Buffon...can see where Jamie is coming from
  22. O Hara lives his life out on social crash of a man..he married some golddigger who has had more footballers climb her than the Wembley steps.
  23. I would pencil him unto my team sheet before Ronaldo
  24. Shameless fucking outfit they are deluded if they think they are respected around the world