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  1. and no mention of the attacks outside the bars at Windsor.....there are no bars in any streets surrounding Windsor,you have to go down to Sandy Row or over to the Lisburn Road...lying sleekit cunt, I will know better tomorrow but I am hearing Linfield are going after him in the courts
  2. supporters targeting him in a training game which was never played...fucking pitiful..if he thinks Linfield will accept that shite he is deluded....from cradle to grave
  3. twatter account mate
  4. Is Glentoran still a thing
  5. Hearing LInfield are going after Joe Miller an apology will be not enough
  6. I would have loved that back in the day when I drank
  7. Newspapers yesterday's news tomorrow!
  8. Please let him try and wrap a celtic scarve round our goalposts
  9. IRA songs in Perth January IRA songs Belfast July
  10. Please Linfield do not fuck this up in the 1st round(I do not think we will)I have waited over 50 years for this I have witnessed some outstanding atmospheres there ,beating Man city in a euro tie springs to mind..but this will be a fucking cauldron compared even to that
  11. It would have been bedlam if they had come...guys who I know and have not watched LInfield in years were going to I said previously glad they are not getting tickets because I honestly believe the fall out would damage my club
  12. Some slabbering on twitter they will go into Linfield endTBH I am glad they refused it would be carnage,
  13. If Celtic meet Linfield they are refusing tickets for Windsor because of fears of their fans safety..this is the latest news. Some Celtic fans saying on twitter they will go into Linfield stands..aye dead on
  14. Celtic not taking tickets for Windsor game is the latest..we are taking ours for Celtic Park
  15. we still have to get past the 1st round mate..we better not fuck this up,we have been waiting for this game for over 100 years
  16. by being dismissive of why I wanted him banned and the snide comment about Linfield and THE OO at the end of your post. Listen i really have nothing more to say to you on the matter
  17. Here is the thing its not up to you how I should react,is it really?
  18. oh an another thing I am not a member of the OO .i am an atheist
  19. No to be constantly called a knuckledragger by a faceless gutless cunt would do the trick. Let me tell you pal anybody called me that to my face because of my background would be dealt with in no uncertain terms. I have never used a racist or derogatory term on this board in all the time I have been on here and in fact looking back on it I did call for the banning of another poster ,that being Christchurch for his anti semitic anti muslim posts..were you happy to see him banned?
  20. I challenged him I asked him what he knew about my club
  21. Existing
  22. If it sits alright with you him demonising a large section of our support and the PUL community as a whole then it must say something about you..goodnight and put me on ignore
  23. On the thread I stated I didnt want trouble or anybody to get hurt at a football game...he then calls Linfield fans knuckledraggers...why?
  24. BTW this is a Rangers forum not a Celtic one were his posts wouldnt seem out of place.....fucksake have a word with yourself